Mike Rabelo has no quit in him.

An IL repeat offender is a guy who comes to McCoy a few seasons in a row, often with a different triple-A team. You know who I'm talking about.

Catcher Mike Rabelo was one of those guys, but it looks like he's put some major league time in with the Tigers and the Marlins. Rabelo has been to Mccoy probably one hundred times, but I wouldn't know him if he threw beer in my face!

Rabelo has been signed to a minor league contract by the Tigers.

The Tigers have been busy! They also have some remarkable bloggers. Let's take a look at some other future Mud Hens they've signed:
1. Right handed pitchers: Ruddy Lugo, Josh Rainwater, and former F.O.C. Enrique Gonzalez
2. Lefties: Ryan Ketchner (who is deaf, if you like that stuff), Macay McBride (a long-time Braves sweetie), former PawSox jerk Phil Dumatrait, formers Cubs bad boy Jason Waddell, and Sam Narron (Jerry Narron's nephew).
3. Catchers Max St Pierre (who had the thankless task of catching big-league big mouth Dontrelle Willis during his rehab), hottish hottie Andy Bouchie, and Rabelo.
4. Infielders Kory Casto (the dope from the Nationals), Santo De Leon (great fucking name), Cesar Nicolas, and Jason Stokes. Stokes was a Marlins second-round draft pick, but he hasn't played pro ball for a few years. DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK!
5. Outfielder Ryan Patterson, who sounds kinda familiar. That's probably because search results turned up a hundred different Ryan Pattersons.

Mud Hens come to Pawtucket July 19th. God, I could be dead by then! I'm sure it'd be nice, because that's right about when I'm getting sick of going to the park. In fact, I'm already kind of dreading it... not good. At all.

Please enjoy this fireside chat with Craig Breslow and some college guy. Breslow's girlfriend... or is it fiance?... is just out of the shot. PSYCH.

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