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Righty Devern Hansack has somewhat miraculously been resigned by Boston. Hansack is great. I can't wait to see what he's up to in 2010.

I'm still stymied by my virus-detroyed home computer, so please enjoy these trade test transmissions from OPC's. I really want to do more work here, but I suppose it will have to wait.

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so i will have this stuck in my head for the rest of my life

This chant is for Val Pascucci, who I loved on the Iron Pigs.

I also have a wicked bad computer virus! It killed my computer. Watch out for those malware programs,ladies!


Mets Fans React to Chris Carter

How's that for a snappy post title?

Let's hear how Mets fans really feel about Tha Carter (all items, sic):

1. From Mack's Mets: "In a mini-camp report for Mack’s Mets, Mack Ade writes of his time watching and talking with Carter, who, he says, ‘really, really wants to make it with the Mets.’ According to Rubin, 'Carter does have a minor-league option remaining, so there’s also a pretty good chance he’s with Triple-A Buffalo.' In regards to Carter’s swing, Ade writes, 'I haven’t seen a minor leaguer with a sweeter power swing since Ryan Zimmerman came to Savannah.'"

2. "But this is what frustrates me about Omar and the Mets is the fact that here we have Chris Carter, who has been a proven power threat his entire minor league career, and should be allowed to compete for the platoon spot at first base or as a reserve outfielder, and what do they do? The sign Fernado Tatis !...I feel that if given a chance, Carter could prove to be a pleasant surprise in a lineup that sans Beltran is starved for power... plus he would be that home run threat coming off the bench that we are looking for. I feel that if Carter shows that he can play in the big leagues he can be flipped next off-season for a pitcher, or whatever hole that needs to be filled since Ike Davis is expected to be penciled in at first in ‘11. But as usual the Mets in my opinion didn’t try to work outside of the box and Carter’s will languish yet another season in the minors . Give the kid a chance !!!" (The Real Dirty Mets Blog)

3. "The Mets in the meantime, have signed Fernando Tatis which ensures that 27 year old Chris Carter will spend his fifth season in a row mired in AAA." (Mets Merized Online)

4. "I believe that Carter still falls into the "potentially useful major leaguer" category. His bat is not the problem; the fact that his best defensive position is to the right of the water cooler is what's holding him back." (Oooh, what a burn, Productive Outs and Crackerjack!)

5. "Carter sat for a week in late August at Pawtucket while in limbo, before asking to re-enter the PawSox’s lineup—knowing he couldn’t get to the Mets by the season’s end thanks the Yankees’ maneuver. In his final two Triple-A games with Boston, he went 7-for-8." (You might as well read the whole article.)

6. "Instead of keeping Billy Wagner, offering arbitration, and getting two first round picks when Wagner goes to chase the closer's job he wasn't getting in New York, the Mets trade him to the Red Sox for Chris Carter ... a AAAA power hitting first baseman ... and in the process save over two million bucks. Then, the Mets take most of that two million dollars and give it to Tatis to play first base. With Ike Davis most likely hitting Queens in 2011, they've basically insured that Carter, their big haul from the Wagner trade, will never spend any significant time with the New York Mets. They've also proven that their main concern with the Wagner trade was to save money ... and they didn't even do that right."
(The Musings and Prophecies of Metstradamus)

7. "So far in the Venezuela Winter League Carter is putting up an OPS of .814 OPS with 3 homers and 10 RBI. These types of numbers don’t make Carter a future star, but are just as good as Jeff Francoeur and only behind David Wright, Carlos Beltran, and Gary Sheffield on full time 2009 Mets production." (Mike Silva's NY Baseball Digest)

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