why don't you just

Here you have some Sea Dogs. The Man of APartness who appears to be looking at the camera is Barry Hertzler. Also visible: Tewks, a guy who looks like Lester, and a guy who looks like Cla Meredith.

I am obviously not awesome at taking pictures.

I did go to the PawSox game tonight and it was somewhat eventful. Tomorrow when I am in a better frame of mind I'll tell you all about it.

In Vanessa's Words: The Mike Cubbage Incident

"It was kind of a strange day to begin with. I had called in sick to go to the make up game for the rained out opening day game with Alicia. That game also got rained out so we decided to buy tickets from a scalper for the regularly scheduled night game. We bought them from some old guy who gave us a pretty good deal, maybe he thought Alicia and I were cute, we were wearing matching outfits. Anyway, we had to waste the day until the night game so we wandered around Boston (with our matching outfits) eventually deciding to go see a movie, "Habla con ella" I think it was called. It was in Spanish about a female matador, good movie but strange and a bit of a downer. We also bought cookies and could barely finish them but we forced ourselves to eat them anyway. I don't know why, it was just one of those things, we were like "we can't throw them away, we must eat them, even if we puke!!!"

So anyway, we go to the game, Pedro's blowing it all over the field and then between innings "it" happened. I was mostly paying attention to that girl who dresses up in an old time costume of some sort and she sweeps the bases. But all of a sudden the mood around us changed and then I saw Mike Cubbage on the ground shaking and doing weird shit, our seats were right on the 3rd baseline so he was right in front of us. It was so freaky and players ran out to him to see what the hell was wrong but the whole time that girl was still sweeping the bases. I think that made it even more freaky and I don't really know why but it did. They took Cubbage away but it was kind of hard to get back into the game, he could've be dead for we'd known. I think eventually they made an announcement stating that he was ok or something to that effect and we went on watching the game but it was a horrible loss. The only good thing was when that guy yelled "Go ahead, leave! You'll see!"


The Adam Miller Story

"Miller is the crème de la crème as far as prospects go in the Indians system. Last year, Miller was 100% healthy and put up a great season at Akron, going 15-6 with a 2.75 ERA as well as tallying up 161 strikeouts in 158.1 IP. And, in spring training this year, he impressed by throwing 14 shutout innings. Even though his velocity was down a little last year, he still consistently cranks his fastball up to 96 MPH late into games, and this spring he hit 100 MPH in a minor league game. In addition to that, he has developed his secondary pitches and has become more of a pitcher rather than thrower. Miller is the prize of the organization, and with that he likely will be in Buffalo most of the year. Indians General Manager Mark Shapiro has a penchant to coddle his prized-prospects, and when you consider that Miller is not on the Indians 40-man roster it is safe to say that barring a major rash of injuries, Miller won't be in Cleveland until at the earliest as a September call-up."

I found this uncredited on a Red Sox message board.

Chris Smith the other day

This is the frequently seen mildly annoyed look baseball players get when fans point giant cameras in their direction.


4.27.05 Pawtucket RED SOX v. Buffalo Bisons (CLE) - BTS Land Comp Shout-Out

Pawtucket WINS! 5-1

I was going to do a completely visceral, breathless game summary. I had a good time, is all.

J. Lester started for Pawtucket (rehabbing). He pitched five innings, striking out 6 batters and giving up three hits and no runs. He was changing speeds like whoa. Like, dropping down to 72 from 95, if the McCoy radar gun is to be believed. Very good showing.

However. Buffalo's starter was 22-year-old Adam Miller. This kid was crazy, also throwing heat and setting down the PawSox hitters. Yup. Two hits, eight Ks over seven innings. I don't know anything about Miller, don't know if he's a prospect or if his performance was one of those flukey AAA things, but he was really good. Unfortunately...well, really sadly, his reliever Sikorski blew it all over the place. All that hard work. That's always hard for me to take, even if it is the opposition. I must try not to get too emotionally committed to a pitching performance.

The game was scoreless until the eight, when Edgar Martinez gave up a solo HR to DH Ryan Mulhern. Perfect Gentleman Joe McEwing responded in kind in the bottom of that inning. Solo shot! The sold-out crowd of 42,000 goes wild! All the Bisons were very angry with Sikorski!

Craig Hansen pitched the ninth with that sweet, sweet 5-1 lead. No presh.

Two. Things.
1. I was sure that with Lester pitching, the park would be well filled. It wasn't. I'm sure the weather didn't help.
2. Trent Durrington (Buffalo) was not in the lineup, but we did spot him hanging out in the dugout. Trent big-timed us and did not even say hello.
3. Please be careful when moving about the park, as the concourses become slippery when wet.
4. Poster night feat. Delcarmen, Hansen, Moss, Murphy.
5. Hansack and Pauley were in the stands, doing the radar/chart thing.

Good night, everybody!


4.25.07 Darlington Purple Team v. Fairlawn Orange Team - REAL ULTIMATE POWER

Purple Team WINS! by many, many runs.

My loaner kid was on the orange team and man, she is small. Little League sort of freaks me out because sometimes the kids are like shrunken ballplayers and, let's face it, play better than I do. Like the purple team had this lean, lanky kid throwing sidearm out there and holy crap.

This all went down at Pawtucket's Slater Park, where illicit marijuana use has been taking place for decades.

The kids do get sunflower seeds. I guess they start you off early.

PawSox rained out yesterday, off day today, John Lester tomorrow. And rain.

Boston won last night. That's cool, but I also love Daniel Cabrera and it would have been nice for him to get the win. Poor guy.

Frank Difficult

Abar Imaging: Where you have to go to develop 35mm film when you can't go to CVS, Brooks, Walgreens, Kmart, Target, Wal-Mart, or anywhere that uses Kodak stuff.

That being said, I'll be picking up my AA pictures today. I got a letter from the Connecticut Defenders yesterday which did NOT include my AA All-Star Game tickets. Damn!

Here're some nice upcoming Defenders promo events:

May 11: XtraMart Friday Fireworks Series/Charter Oak Poncho Giveaway/Christopher Potvin LL Day

May 26: Dunkin Donuts Towel Giveaway (got one last year!)

May 31: Allstate Chapstick Giveaway/ Sam Adams Pint Glass Giveaway

June 24: Waterford/East Lyme Day (Pawtucket should have Central Falls Day)

July 1: NY Giants Cap Giveaway

July 20: Borders Presents Harry Potter Night

August 30: Fan Appreciation Day

Also, if you'd like to see the Portland SeaDogs in a charming industrial park setting, you might wanna get to Norwich May 29-31 or June 19-21. May 31 would be worth it for the Chapstick alone.


disappeared among the shady blades

I am a lot like David Pauley, inasmuch as I, too, am a baseball player.

I just found out that the field we've managed to get costs $50 dollars an hour. This has caused some negativity and dissent amongst the team, but come on. That's only a few bucks per person.

I'm going to my first little league game today in Pawtucket. I might die of a cuteness OD. Li'l sluggers!

they hate us, we hate them

Pawtucket lost last night to Rochester 5-2. That kid Slowey pitched for Rochester and the whole world is in love with him. Rochester is leading the IL. Devern Hansack gave up ten hits and five runs in six innings.

Brandon Moss is quite the little hitter. I am not alone in thinking he will end up in Notsob at some point this year. Either him or David Murphy, but probably Moss. To play in the outfield. Instead of...

Trent Durrington has been activated off the DL so he should be out and about in Pawtucket Friday night. I was getting worried when I wasn't seeing his name in the Bisons' lineups.

Have you ever played Pit? I have only ever played it with my family. We have always had Pit, as long as I can remember, and I'm rather old. It is supposed to be stock market-related but it's really a tenuous connection. It's mostly a lot of screaming and yelling and cards with Wheat and Barley on them and it gets pretty frantic and then you find yourself saying things like, "Who had all the FLAX!!?"

There's nothing like a good round of Pit. Have you ever played Pit?


The Bingo Long Travelling All-Stars and Motor Kings

I loved that movie.

Anyway, I read today that Dennis Boyd has created a barnstorming Negro League-style team called the Travelling All-Stars that'll be playing about 40 exhibition games throughout New England. They'll be playing the Brockton Rox and the Nashua Pride and the New Haven Cutters et al.

I am so excited about this. You can already buy tickets. Oil Can is one crazy dude.

I am so excited.

Pawtucket. Buffalo. 4.22.07. It is on.

Pawtucket WINS! 6-1

If I were a graphic artist or something and the Bisons had defeated the Red Sox, I might draw a picture of a red-eyed, snorting Bison with a tattered Red Sock hanging from its horn. For a PawSox win, what could you do? Show a terrified Bison laying on its back, legs splayed out, being smothered by a jumbo, expressionless sock? This is why I'm neither a graphic artist nor a bronzed, drunken yacht owner.

Your starting pitcher and game winner is Abe Alvarez. Your opposing SP and loserboy is Brian Slocum, a righty.

Edgar Martinez pitched the ninth and did not give up a run or a walk but he did give up a hit. It appears to me that he is being groomed as a power reliever but I am wrong about nearly everything.

David Murphy and Luis Jimenez were both 2-4 with a home run apiece. Brandon Moss also homered and doubled.

Alvarez pitched five innings and gave up the only Buffalo run. He hit DH Shin-Soo Choo with a pitch because Choo owed him some money and this one time he scuffed Abe's paint in the parking lot as he was backing out and promised to take care of it and then blew him off.

One more game in Buffalo, then a pair in Rochester. YES!

gut reaction

Last night during the late innings they showed a crowd shot where everyone was on their feet and clapping and such. And there was one guy up front with his arms crossed and restrained panic on his face. You might assume he was a Yankees fan, but I know the truth. That guy's a lot like me. Games like last night, especially innings 8 and 9, are almost unbearable for me. The anxiety and shortness of breath. I was horrified to see Okajima AGAIN, then Papelbon AGAIN, even though I have a feeling Francona did not want to use Papelbon. I feel like Papelbon insisted he take the ninth. I am telling you.

I wonder if Tim Wakefield with his years in the AL East has a good understanding of the nuances of Torre's management? How many times have they sat across from each other at Fenway or Yankee Stadium? Wake can probably anticipate almost every move Torre makes.

I was at work when The Grand Occurance went down. It was funny. People's phones started ringing, people called loved ones, I called Sister One and she'd already talked to Sister Two and then I called Sister Two and everyone was so happy. I managed to catch the last few innings later as I sucked the poly-fill out of a comforter. Happy ending, though. Nice work, everyone. My love for Mike Lowell is renewed.


4.21.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @Buffalo Bisons (CLE) - Dos Reyes

Pawtucket WINS! 5-3

Your starting pitcher for the day was Runelvys Hernandez, who pitched but two innings and then strained his hamstring. Bryan Corey followed and gave up two runs in two innings, followed by Javier Lopez who got the win. Craig Hansen finished the game off.

SP for Buffalo... Cliff Lee! Did you know CLiff Lee's middle name was 'Phifer'? This may have been Lee's last rehab start. The pitching was split in half for this game, with Lee going four and Rafael Perez doing the last five and also losing the game for Cliff Phifer Lee. Thanks a lot, Perez!

Bobby Scales and Jeff Bailey both homered in Dunn Tire Park. Bailey had been DH'ing in Pawtucket but played left in this game.

Abe Alvarez (0-2) gets the start today at 1pm. Brian Slocum starts for Buffalo. Pawtucket is 7-8 thus far.

4.21.07 New Hampshire Fisher Cats (TOR) v. Portland Sea Dogs - A Little Something to Make Me Sweeter

Portland WINS! 4-2

RHP Kyle Yates started for NH and got the loss.

RHP Matthew Goodson started for Portland, left after 4 while the game was still tied. RHP Lincoln Holdzkom (?) came in and got the win.

Also pitching for Portland in subsequent innings: Bryce Cox and Beau Vaughn.

When it's such a rich, creamy Saturday afternoon and you're going to a nice minor league ballgame to kick back, enjoy some baseball, have a beer and maybe bring your glove, you'd think you'd have a peaceful, easy feeling. Unfortunately, while I was standing in the will-call line, several people were loudly complaining about the wait. One chap started yelling "This organization is BULLSHIT!" because he'd been told to wait in the wrong line. And so I wonder... what the hell is wrong with people? Why do people get uptight about stupid shit? SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK OR DO OTHER THINGS AND ARE NOT SO LUCKY AS YOU TO HAVE AN AFTERNOON FREE TO WATCH A BALLGAME! SO SHUT UP!

That really bothered me.

I was going to suggest Jeff Natale as the big fat star of the game, but I'll go with Jeff Corsaletti. Natale walked thrice and also singled from the three-hole and played a nice first base, I guess, but JC made a balls-out play in left that resulted in a frayed rotatator quad sprainage in his ankle or groin and he had to be removed from the game. Way to be, Corsaletti.

The Bolshevik goat of the game would be 3B A. Pinckney, who never got on base once.

Fisher Cats Fat Bat goes to catcher Robinzon Diaz, who got the team's only XBH. Can I say XBH and not sound like a jerk? I am saving time, after all.

NH also had a nice new pitcher, lefty sidearm guy Jo Matumoto. He is from Brazil and also played pro ball in Japan. He's 36. It must be strange to be in AA at age 36. I guess they put you in charge of buying beer and fireworks. At any rate, watch for this weird pitcher!

1. F. Cats 3B Ryan Klosterman busted out into a line dance between innings when they played 'Cotton Eyed Joe'. How unprofessional and unusual and uncalled for! And also, how wonderful! Can you imagine a major league infielder doing that? Tejada or Konerko or Cantu or Scutaro?
2. They have 'Baseball Bingo' at the park. It is the greatest thing. You get a free bingo card when you walk in and each play is listed on a sheet and so... if the CF comes up to the plate and grounds out, you look at your sheet under 'CF' and find the ground out play and that might be, say, I-29.
3. Update: Chris Smith and Barry Hertzler and Erik Crozier are indeed in Portland. I love Chris Smith. He helpfully returned a wayward beach ball to the stands this aft.
4. Saw Bob Tewksberry in uni with Portland. I know he does sports psych but I think for now he's a bench coach or something.
5. I do so like it when the Yankees lose.

Have a good night. And remember: Jo Matumoto!


those who don't can go to hell

The following dudes are featured in the 2007 Official PawSox Souvenir Program but do not appear to actually be on the team:

1. LHP Randy Beam (probably in Portland)
2. RHP Clay Buchholz (pitched for Portland LAST NIGHT)
3. C Alberto Castillo (gone. can't remember where.)
4. RHP Bryce Cox (at age 22, is probably in Lowell or Portland)
5. OF Eric Crozier (I had no idea he was EVER Boston property. I also do not really know who he is.)
6. OF Jacoby Ellsbury (AA)
7. LHP Rob Henkel (deceased)
8. RHP Barry Hertzler (Portland would be a long shot)
9. RHP Kyle Jackson (probably AA)
10. OF Tike Redman (wow! I think he may have been on the team for one week)
11. RHP Scott Shoemaker (JUST got traded for someone I've never heard of... I think he went to San Diego)
12. RHP Chris Smith (Portland?)
13. OF Jamal Strong (?)
14. 1B Jeremy West (AA)
15. RHP Charlie Zink (Portland?)

Do you see how sloppy and poorly researched this is? I should not be allowed near a keyboard.

I like how they just throw in a bunch of players from Portland, just in case they get called up. It's a good program. I especially enjoyed the little story about Jeff Suppan, which I'll tell you about another time.


4.19.07 PawSox v. Rochester Red Wings (game 2) - FBDO

Pawtucket WINS! 4-0

Okay, so I didn't go to school. Was there ever any doubt?

Mike Burns pitched the first two for Pawtucket, but Breslow got the win. Or something. I don't know how these shorty double-header games work. Edgar Martinez pitched 6 and 7 and cannot really throw strikes. How can you be a catcher for so long and then, whoops, you're a pitcher? And then just zip up to AAA? I'm sorry, but put Martinez back in the oven. He's not finished yet.

Matt Garza. Superstar. Friend to animals. Lover of life. Pitched five innings for the Red Wings and gave up three runs. Don't cry, baby. Even the losers get lucky sometimes. Matt Garza is awesome.

Luis Jimenez is a man of substantial substance. And, so, he gets a hit in the fourth and there's an error and he hauls ass to second (which is very funny to watch) and you'd think he'd be out but then everything goes wacky and he bumbles into third base and then the throw infield is off and he gets home. They talked to Brandon Moss after the game and pointed out that Jimenez' run must have been the subject of some clubhouse hilarity but Moss, being a humorless, god-fearing country boy, says, "No, it was a very important run" or something along those lines. Okay, thanks.

The Professor and Mary Ann:
1. The sunshine was somewhat short-lived. Thanks for the tease.
2. There was no admission charged to this game. There may have been 100 fans, tops. But free poster!
3. Kevin Cash was the C in this game. He's player number two with an on-deck Led Zeppelin song. His is 'Kashmir'. GET IT?!
4. ?!
5. I also enjoy the Erasure song they play during a pitching change. It makes me want to tuck my pants into my socks.
6. I like how on the minor league website they refer to Jimenez as "Luis Antonio Jimenez". Luis Antonio Jimenez got a weird infield hit v. Carmen Cali when he tapped the ball right between the pitcher and first and they both ran up to the ball, stopped, and waited for the other to get it. D'oh!
7. The day game uniforms are pretty weak. Is that whole deal really necessary?
8. What is Rochester without Terry Tiffee and Lew Ford? At least they have Matthew LeCroy. My favorite.

I'm just having a little fun with you, Brandon Moss. I cannot argue with your prolific bat.

tell me, Ma, what's it gonna be?

I have class tonight.

But the Red Wings are playing. Right now. A double header.

But I have to go to class.

Or do I?

I do. I have to go to class.

Even though the sun's out. And game. Right now. So easy...

K, bye.

Tim Wakefield

I think Tim Wakefield lives at Fenway park. I think they toss a Globe onto the warning track every morning and Wake shuffles out in his robe and slippers from behind the monster to get it. I think he's got green paint chips in his bloodstream.

Even though he is a starting pitcher, he's out there on the bench for pretty much every game. Big coat on, hands in the pockets, watching. He's in the background of every player's return-to-the-dugout-after-making-an-out TV shot. Total baseball.

When most people go to Fenway, there is a one-in-five chance that Tim Wakefield is pitching. In my case, it seems to be fifty-fifty. In the past I may have been bored with it all but de hoy en adelante I will be happy about it. I can't take it for granted anymore. What a great manager he will be.

I just wrote a song about Tim Wakefield.

Daisuke Matsuzaka

I am a patient woman. When the whole Matsuzaka thing was going on, I was unmoved and almost uninterested. I like to wait and see what happens when it comes to trades and signings and waiver claims and so forth. Because you (Ortiz) never (Millar) know (Renteria) what (Josh Bard) will (Mendoza) happen.

When I was at the Pawtucket home opener, a group of kids about 11 years old came and sat in the front row in the late innings of the game. I could hear them talking, but it sounded like Pig Latin or something. After a few minutes I realized it was Japanese. And, whoa. I suddenly realized the massive impact an MLB pitcher is going to have on this region. Like an earthquake with Boston at the epicenter. Like sake sales spiking, like kindergarten kids saying, "ohayo", like ninja-style.

I foresee studies done and papers written and research undertaken. I'm suddenly amazed by it all. I am the last person in New England to get it. Go, team, go!

the sun came out today

As of 4.19.07 at approx. 1300 hrs it has stopped raining in the Blackstone Valley area. The PawSox are duking it out with the cherry-flavored Rochester Red Wings (RIP my beloved Red Wings hoodie) and I am not present. So little to do, so much time.

It's good to be out from under this wet mess. It brings to mind last May and then that other grey, grey month in 2005. Was it October? Spring has its seasons and this is the autumn of spring. Not exactly the crisp joy of October. More like the dull shitheap of November. Thanks.

Word on the street is that Saturday should be somewhat spring-like. I just bought tickets to a FisherCats game up there in Manchester, NH. BITCHIN'! They're playing the Portland Sea Dogs, ever heard of them? Yes. Looking forward to a sunny, tax-free Saturday watching the kids play ball. Plus, free hat!

Later this month, Team T.R.E.N.T. returns in full force. Unfortunately, Mister T.R. decided he no longer needed his shirt. Please do not think that gets you out of your duties, sir.

Let's get this shit rolling already.


baseball players' biographies or "auto" biographies I have read

In the order in which I remember them:

Sammy Sosa
Sandy Koufax
David Cone
Rickey Henderson
David Wells
Johnny Damon
Joe Dimaggio (in progress)
Dave Dravecky
Lou Piniella
Ted Williams
Cal Ripken Jr
Mickey Mantle (inc.)
Don Baylor

There might be a couple more, but not many, I don't think. I have a Jackie Robinson book that I just can't read. It is textbook-dry and tough going.

Don Baylor's book is very good. Sammy Sosa's was not.

There's a big fat Ty Cobb book at the library that I should take a stab at.


Bought several PawSox tickets today BECAUSE my mother got a postcard from them in the mail today that encouraged her to log on to her personal web page to win a chance to throw out a first pitch. So let's say that Wendall Wilkie got a postcard... he would log onto www.wendallwilkie.com/pawsox. But then you have to buy tickets at a discounted price and in order to get that price you need to buy at least ten box seats and when you add the service charge, your $100 tickets cost a paltry $98. But whatever, I am going to buy those tickets anyway. I may as well save the deuce. And I'm locked in for those games. YES.

I was going to attend the game tomorrow night but looks like that is not going to happen. I know everyone's mad about the rain and the baseball schedule getting all kinds of messed up but isn't it the greatest? Like when you get a foot of snow dumped on you. There are still some things that cannot be stalled, intercepted, rerouted, altered, or manipulated. Learn to love the monkey wrench.

Giant Jim Rice jersey


4.13.07 PawSox v. Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees - Twos Across the Board

Scranton Wilkes-Barre WINS! 6-2

Pawtucket SP Runelvys Hernandez
Yankees SP Ross Ohlendorf
WP TJ Beam

Full house tonight! Most people I've ever seen for the home opener.

Pre-game ceremonies included cops and bagpipes and Blackhawk helicopters and a giant Jim Rice jersey in the outfield. The giant jersey was at the exit after the game so people could line up and sign it before they send it to Cooperstown. Oh, Jim Rice was there, too, throwing out the first pitch. He is quite the gadabout.

R. Hernandez seemed to be pitching great until the fourth, when he seemed to lose control. But in the first and third it was three up, three down. Ohlendorf did not pitch well. He only gave up a couple of runs but he walked half the park.

Jeff Bailey, you disappoint me. I think he struck out three times... runners on base. Bad.

Veteran Joe McEwing (2B) made an error when the ball hopped right up through his legs in the infield. He fell to the ground and was visibly upset.

For what it's worth, Travis Hughes pitched a very nice ninth. Not sure what he was throwing, but it worked.

Oh yeah, it was cold.

Two things:
1. Ron Villone! Or should I say, Ray Villone, since that was how he was introduced.
2. New in Pawtucket: at-bat music. The usual mix of reggaeton/twang/Creedcore/Jay-Z. Except Jeff Bailey who decided to get the Led out. Do you think the team elected a rep to go to management and request this change? "Uh, me and the guys have been talking... we know y'all like to keep things real around here, but we just think our at-bats could be so much more productive if we could hear 10 seconds of a Daddy Yankee song on the way to the box."
3. Luis Jimenez is immense.
4. I'll say it again: If you pay for parking when you go to McCoy, then you are lame.
5. The little bats they gave the kids tonight were cool. I hate to admit it, but there's always a part of me that really, really wants the crap they give to kids 14 and under.
6. The next three games are day games, so I doubt I'll be able to make any of them. April 17th'll be the first game of the Rochester series. So Tuesday then.
7. Even though there is no shower hot enough to make me stop shivering tonight, Javier Lopez was out there in his short sleeves pitching. Tough guy.

8. TJ Beam is 6'7", 215lbs. You really should see him. He looks like he's 14.
9. David Murphy is at the plate. He is number 22. The count is 2-2. There're 2 outs. His batting average at that exact moment? .222 ! I'm not a lottery numerology superstitionist, but I had to take a picture. And I am so slow that by the time I got my camera aligned, Murph received ball 3 and fucking ruined everything. I am completely blameless for the destruction of a zippy little snapshot. Murph could have had the decency to foul one off for a fan!

In spite of tonight's loss, I am optimistic. Good night!

we have a remedy

Finally, PawSox. Tomorrow. Okay, today. Much like The Thomas Crown Affair (the McQueen version), there will be people scattered throughout the stands that I may be able to give the nod to. My people.

I will be bundled beyhond recognition, as my circulation is sub-par and I tend to get cold. It is not a skinny-girly thing, trust me. I am French-Canadienne and I am rugged and outdoorsy and peasanty. If you are going, please dress warmly and possibly bring a blanket, as it may get below 40.

I Dew not think we Dew.


strength in numbers

I just found out that Ken Macha is going to be doing commentary for NESN! That is such exciting news! I ell you vee Ken Macha!

I think that if he teamed up with Eck, they could overpower Tom Caron and then maybe kill him.

Good game in Boston today. I didn't want to go, really. It got kind of cold and I hear Robert Goulet was there and the food sucks, honestly. I'm glad I worked. I feel so much more fulfilled.

Tomorrow night's game. I can't wait.

Durham Bulls

PawSox got shut out 5-0 yesterday by Durham Bulls RHP Mitch Talbot. Abe Alvarez started for Pawtucket and topped out at 66.6 MPH. Mostly. It was a very Alvarezy start and the only reason the score wasn't higher was that the Bulls helpfully swung at a lot of pitches. I'm sorry, I just think it's weird to have a starting pitcher who's like 23 years old and has no fastball. And no knuckleball.

They got a smidgen of revenge this evening, getting a 2-1 win. Kason Crappard is now 2-0. That is great. David Murphy batted in Brandon Moss... wait... D-Murph batted in B-Moss in the first. Moss is leading the team in batting average, followed by Jeff Bailey. And Ed Rogers homered in the seventh. There're your two runs.

Bobby Scales doesn't seem to play much. Why is that? Is it because he's nerdy? Does he recommend the piña colada Jelly Belly jellybean?

Dustan Mohr plays centerfield for the Bulls. Just think about that for a minute.

The Holy Trinity of Elijah Dukes, BJ Upton, and Delmon Young has flown up and out of Durham. They are appearing as a flame/dove in the Trop lately. And so maybe the Bulls are not so interesting this year. WRONG!!! This year it's all about their pitching! Like Jeff Neimann!

The Durham Bulls' hitting coach is Gary Gaetti. He'll be in Pawtucket May 15-18. Do not miss that series.


if you go to Seattle, everyone you see is cool

Pawtucket didn't sweep. They came close, though. Runelvys Hernandez pitched well, but Gavin Floyd was the winning pitcher.

They're also currently losing to the Durham Bulls. No shame. They're a wicked tough team.

Worse news: Yankees killing the Twins.

I just ate an entire pizza. I think I might die.


Endy Chavez' post-season catch

No matter how many times I watch this, it never gets less awesome.

4.7.08 Red Sox @ Knights - Tres Marias

Pawtucket WINS! 5-4 in ten innings

Wow! My favorite fake team is the only one in the IL who's 3-0!

Your starters for the evening were David Pauley and Lance Broadway, although Mike Timlin pitched the first for Pawtucket. Timlin gave up a run and got three groundouts and he is all done with Pawtucket. We hope. Pauley did well, pitching six and giving up a run. Broadway pitched five innings and gave up three runs.

Of special interest: Edgar Martinez debuts for Pawtucket! As a pitcher! And blows the save! Oh no! That's alright, son. Travis Hughes came in and everything turned out okay. At the top o' the tenth, former catcher Jeff Bailey doubled offa skinny-boy Boone Logan. Alex Ochoa came up to the plate and knocked him in. Yay!

Pawtucket goes for the sweep today. Few are expected to attend the game, since it's been pretty cold. And their park sucks, too. And no one wants to go to Fort Mill, SC to see the "Charlotte" Knights. I feel bad. Just listen to these games on the radio... you hear solitary fan voices in the background.

PS Here's the Charlotte Knights logo... I dig the sword. They should run with that.

Some Guy At Work

Some Guy At Work went to a Phillies game last year. He was at a bar in Philly talking to his friend about how much he hates Buck/McCarver. Another gent in the establishment overheard the conversation and said, Hey, I used to work with them. The guy went on to say that the reason for the unceasing Yankees fellatio is a sponsorship thing and that to malign New York would anger the sponsors. And that would be bad.

I know that whenever you hear someone tell a story and it begins with "I heard it from..." your bullshit detector automatically goes on. So is this a credible person in my opinion? Yes. And this story is not totally far-fetched. There you go.


someone like you

Okay, there's another PawSox blogger now. His name is Gary Arruda and his blog's called "Talkin' Paw Sox".

I think that if you wanted actual, accurate information, that'd be the place to go. But don't you think that kind of thing's overrated?

Anyway, the choice is yours. Just know that if you read that blog instead of this one, we're no longer friends.

Last night's starting lineup

Just to give myself and others an idea of what's going on down there, here's your early season Pawtucket lineup.

Ed Rogers SS (This is the speed/defense guy)

David Murphy CF (The tall prospecty guy from Texas with a decent bat, played in Boston like Septemberish.)

Jeff Bailey 1B (Minor league slugger; probably stuck in AAA forever)

Luis Jiminez DH (Big guy in Portland last year)

Alex Ochoa LF (Veteran guy who spent the last few years in Japan)

Brandon Moss RF (Top prospect)

Chad Spann 3B (some kid)

Joe McEwing 2B (Veteran guy who everyone loves. Often described as 'special'.)

Kevin Cash C (backup catcher type)

No time for pitching today. Have fun cramming chocolate in your face tomorrow, yon Catholics!

AAA pitcher Shaun Babula's letter to Ron Wolford's Texas Baseball Ranch

"Dear Ron, Reese, Coach Strom, Coach Prigmore, Scotti and Staff,

Sorry I didn't contact you sooner... Just wanted to say thanks again for "all yall's" time and effort getting me back to normal... As soon as I signed with Newark I felt great and was throwing harder than I had in 2 yrs... Consistently 87-91mph... Big jump from 78mph... The first game I was activated happened to be against the team that released me, Camden... To make a long story short, after I threw in 2 of the 3 games against them, Camden tried to reaquire me via trade... Didn't happen... I put up O.K. #'s with Newark mostly because I struggled with my control in the 20+ innings pitched... The pitching coach kept telling me "take some off and work the zone"... I told him "not gonna happen, I haven't thrown this hard in a long time and I refuse to take some off now. If anything I'm trying to throw it harder". He understood... With all that went on though, the highlight of my time in Newark was starting the 3rd to last game of the year... You'll be happy to know, I went 6inn. - 4runs - 7k's - 1bb - 5hits... #'s are deceiving, however, because I allowed only one hitter to reach second... It just happened to be an RBI double... The other hits were a solo HR a 2 run HR and 2 singles... Only going 6inn makes me think I must have been slacking off on that 7th inning of hell... LOL... Truth is, I could of went 9 with no problem... I haven't even gone 6 since college 7yrs ago and never topped 3 and 2/3 in pro ball... It's amazing where I ended up from where I started...I can't tell you how many people accused me of taking steroids... I try to tell them, but nobody believes you guys exist... Anyway, the point of my blubbering is gratitude... I'm grateful for many things but mostly for the way "yall" treated me... Everyone really seemed to care that I got healthy and played again... Well I did, and to thank everyone, I will continue to work hard and spread the news about (you) and the top-notch staff... A million thanks to all... I can't wait to see "yous guys" next year.
All the way from Jersey
Your friend,


4.6.07 PawSox @ Charlotte Knights (CWS) - Hans is Rejected,Gets Revenge

Pawtucket WINS! 5-1

Very nice work by both the pitching and the bats tonight. Wow. It's been so long since I've said that. Devern Hansack started, pitched five and 2/3, got 10 K's. Breslow finished off the sixth and nailed down the seventh. Hansen pitched the last two, one hit, one walk, no runs, 2 K's.

Hansack gave up the only run in the 5th, a solo homer by right fielder Luis Terrero.

Three home runs by Pawtucket: Ed Rogers, Joe McEwing, and Kevin Cash. Cash's was sort of cheap. The fence over in right center is only ten feet high. Imagine! They do say that's a crappy park.

Hansack is the first pitcher since Bronson Arroyo in 2003 to get 10 or more strikeouts in his Pawtucket debut.

Charlie Haeger was the Charlotte loserhead, giving up seven hits and four runs in six innings.

By the way, Craig Hansen is listed at 185 lbs. Yeah, RIGHT! More like 210-220 these days... yikes. I got a good look at him in Lincoln and he looks a lot heftier than last year. His noggin alone must weigh 40 lbs.

Two games left in South Carolina. Then Durham. Then ME!

4.5.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Charlotte Knights: I Have a Present

Pawtucket WINS! 7-4

I listened to this game on my little 15 dollar Benny's radio. I wish they could bottle early season crowd noise. Not a huge capacity crowd roar, but just the mellow murmurings of a half-empty stadium.

Brandon Moss sent a very loud message from The Lord with his first inning grand slam. The Knights SP, Heath Phillips, had a shaky first. To say the least.

Lefty Kason Gabbard did a very nice job indeed through five. Three hits, two runs. He did walk three guys, but I'll let that slide. Mike Timlin's one-inning performance was okay. He gave up a couple of hits but didn't allow any runs. He was not sharp.

One of the Charlotte relievers is a guy named Shaun "Scott" Babula. Last year he was pitching for the New Jersey Jackals. He's been all over the place, but never higher than the Astro's AAA team. I like it when someone gets hired out of an independent league. Babula went to Philidelphia Textile College, which I have never heard of and neither have you.

Ed Rogers batted leadoff and I think he's gonna be better at getting on base than Adam Stern was.

Did it snow where you live? It snowed here, a little. What!



This is all I'll say and then I swear I'll avoid talking about my fantasy baseball team.

I managed to get both Jose Reyes and David Wright. My catcher's Ramon Hernandez, who I think I'll keep. Julio Lugo's my 2B, but I hope not for long. In the outfield? Matt Holliday, Vladimir, and Ichiro.

For pitching, I have Brandon Webb, Aaron Harang, Mike Mussina, Cole Hamels, and Jose Valverde. All I know about Valverde is that he's very young. I have Papelbon and Bobby Jenks as relievers.

I think I need to mess with the pitching a little.

Pawtucket's winning in the 7th, 5-2.

saying goodbye: why is it sad?

It's really too bad that Mike Lowell's career is over. I think we should start looking for a new third baseman. Didn't Hinske play third? At this point, anything's better than Mike Lowell. What a bum. And what a shame: a former Golden Glove winner now completely washed up defensively.

But seriously. You know how every year there's that one guy... when there're men on base and he comes up to the plate and you just go, "Oh, well, inning over." Because you know he's not batting anyone in. This year that guy might be Varitek.

Pawsox kick it off at 7 tonight. I might have to skip out of class early. To listen to it on the radio. Geez, someone's gotta do it.

Rice comes up twice

If I may work backward, after the PawSox banquet I went out for lunch and my dish incorporated rice. But didn't they serve food at the banquet? YES.

I was surprised to find out this afternoon that Jim Rice's comments were so controversial. There didn't seem to be a ton of media there yesterday so I don't know who told who or how it all got out.

I had written about his speech last night but I had technical difficulties and my computer might have a virus. A very nice gent named Don sat at our table yesterday and he does the PawSox' computers and we talked about Linux a little bit. At some point I am going to switch over. When he asked us what company we were with, I said, "None... we're freelance. Ha ha." At that point I realized that made us sound like hookers.

Rice started off talking about the benefits of old school hard work. Okay, nothing too exciting there. And then it seemed he was kind of addressing the Pawtucket kids... telling them that the Red Sox weren't the only team, to just put up numbers and another MLB team can sign them. "You don't want a cup of coffee or a donut. You want that gold card!" Telling them to be businessmen and go for the cash. I think he may have even said, "Who cares about the Red Sox?" Beautiful.

He briefly addressed his bad guy image, saying he intentionally snubbed the media to get the focus on the team. You could have heard a pin drop.

He then said, hey, sometimes you gotta cheat. Put some pine tar in your pants, put some Vaseline on your hip. It was pretty surprising.

I think Big Jim can absolutely get away with this. He may, if questioned, say he wasn't being serious or that his context was misunderstood. But I was there and I do not doubt the intent of his words. I believe he was being serious and sincere. I do NOT think his words should affect his HOF chances.

Additionally, Jim Rice is much larger in person and much more handsome than I thought he would be. And Johnny Pesky was there!

Aside from Jim Rice, the whole thing was pretty boring. The only other highlight was Ron Johnson up on the dais and the introduction of the '07 team. RJ is the mayonnaise.


After talking to a couple of people last night who read my blog, I feel as though I need to clear something up about the photos I use in my posts.

They are not usually my pictures. I don't know those people. They are purely decorative and usually only tenuously related to the post.

It is not like MySpace, where comments and posts are accompanied by a picture of the person posting.

Hope that helps!


This is your life... Todd Walker!

Todd Walker shitcanned by San Diego, signed to minor league deal by Athletics. Good luck, Uncle Todd!

Speaking of '03 Red Sox members. This is old news but Scott Sauerback is wicked pissed about the way he was treated in Boston. He says they made him pitch through pain and injury. This is where most people would say, 'Well, he is getting paid millions of dollars and this is the big leagues, guy.' This is where I say I am not surprised. I know it happens all the time but that does not make it okay. I didn't like Sauerback either but that kind of explains why he was so ineffective.

It's slightly alarming how the members of the '04 are slowly starting to retire. In a Hollywood movie, you'd see the guys on the field and in the bullpen and dugout become slo-mo transparent one by one. And there'd be some crappy Counting Crows song playing in the background.


The people who make the ice cream for Newport Creamery have created a Pawtucket Red Sox ice cream flavor called Paw's Tracks. It is a nice cherry vanilla with a cherry swirl. They went crazy with the cherries, I hear. I do not eat a lot of ice cream (I like cookies, remember?) but hey, this might be good. I haven't seen the inside of a Newport Creamery in years, though. Not since they closed most of them down.

I also heard Manny Delcarmen on the radio discussing his upcoming days in the minors. He's been encouraged to throw first pitch strikes and to pound the strike zone. I believe I will see him tomorrow at the 2007 PawSox Official Amazing Colossal Welcome Back Banquet Featuring Cult Jam And Jim Rice. Which is tomorrow. And I'm going. Because I'll be there. Because I heard they have a nice chicken Cordon Bleu. And then maybe I'll check out the club facilities in case I ever want to join. So I can use the pool. And the banquet hall for all my charitable functions, of which I have many because I am rich and I think it's important to give something back.

My sources... okay, source... told me that they are calling down a pitcher to start Pawtucket's home opener. WHAT?! I have never heard of anything so stupid. Thanks a lot, source.

Wow, I hope it's Matsuzaka!

I plan on introducing myself to Runelvys Hernandez tomorrow. I'll wait til he goes up to the bar.


I am not too upset about Boston's loss yesterday. I really wanted Gil Meche to get the win because I wildly predicted 20 wins for him this year and if I am right, I look genius.

Keep it up, Meche!

In other news, Javier Lopez pitched well, no?

I thought the real money game last night was MIN v. BAL, what with lefty-lefty and the multiple award-winning Twins and such. My best friend T. Hunter homered which was nice. And what the hell was Joe Nathan on, black beauties? Geez, if he'd been pulled over by the cops, they'd have asked him if he'd been smoking a little crack.

Now I'm even more excited about my trip to HHH! And by the way... the Twins look good. They are going to be tough on Boston.