Daisuke Matsuzaka

I am a patient woman. When the whole Matsuzaka thing was going on, I was unmoved and almost uninterested. I like to wait and see what happens when it comes to trades and signings and waiver claims and so forth. Because you (Ortiz) never (Millar) know (Renteria) what (Josh Bard) will (Mendoza) happen.

When I was at the Pawtucket home opener, a group of kids about 11 years old came and sat in the front row in the late innings of the game. I could hear them talking, but it sounded like Pig Latin or something. After a few minutes I realized it was Japanese. And, whoa. I suddenly realized the massive impact an MLB pitcher is going to have on this region. Like an earthquake with Boston at the epicenter. Like sake sales spiking, like kindergarten kids saying, "ohayo", like ninja-style.

I foresee studies done and papers written and research undertaken. I'm suddenly amazed by it all. I am the last person in New England to get it. Go, team, go!

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