In Vanessa's Words: The Mike Cubbage Incident

"It was kind of a strange day to begin with. I had called in sick to go to the make up game for the rained out opening day game with Alicia. That game also got rained out so we decided to buy tickets from a scalper for the regularly scheduled night game. We bought them from some old guy who gave us a pretty good deal, maybe he thought Alicia and I were cute, we were wearing matching outfits. Anyway, we had to waste the day until the night game so we wandered around Boston (with our matching outfits) eventually deciding to go see a movie, "Habla con ella" I think it was called. It was in Spanish about a female matador, good movie but strange and a bit of a downer. We also bought cookies and could barely finish them but we forced ourselves to eat them anyway. I don't know why, it was just one of those things, we were like "we can't throw them away, we must eat them, even if we puke!!!"

So anyway, we go to the game, Pedro's blowing it all over the field and then between innings "it" happened. I was mostly paying attention to that girl who dresses up in an old time costume of some sort and she sweeps the bases. But all of a sudden the mood around us changed and then I saw Mike Cubbage on the ground shaking and doing weird shit, our seats were right on the 3rd baseline so he was right in front of us. It was so freaky and players ran out to him to see what the hell was wrong but the whole time that girl was still sweeping the bases. I think that made it even more freaky and I don't really know why but it did. They took Cubbage away but it was kind of hard to get back into the game, he could've be dead for we'd known. I think eventually they made an announcement stating that he was ok or something to that effect and we went on watching the game but it was a horrible loss. The only good thing was when that guy yelled "Go ahead, leave! You'll see!"

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