gut reaction

Last night during the late innings they showed a crowd shot where everyone was on their feet and clapping and such. And there was one guy up front with his arms crossed and restrained panic on his face. You might assume he was a Yankees fan, but I know the truth. That guy's a lot like me. Games like last night, especially innings 8 and 9, are almost unbearable for me. The anxiety and shortness of breath. I was horrified to see Okajima AGAIN, then Papelbon AGAIN, even though I have a feeling Francona did not want to use Papelbon. I feel like Papelbon insisted he take the ninth. I am telling you.

I wonder if Tim Wakefield with his years in the AL East has a good understanding of the nuances of Torre's management? How many times have they sat across from each other at Fenway or Yankee Stadium? Wake can probably anticipate almost every move Torre makes.

I was at work when The Grand Occurance went down. It was funny. People's phones started ringing, people called loved ones, I called Sister One and she'd already talked to Sister Two and then I called Sister Two and everyone was so happy. I managed to catch the last few innings later as I sucked the poly-fill out of a comforter. Happy ending, though. Nice work, everyone. My love for Mike Lowell is renewed.

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