4.19.07 PawSox v. Rochester Red Wings (game 2) - FBDO

Pawtucket WINS! 4-0

Okay, so I didn't go to school. Was there ever any doubt?

Mike Burns pitched the first two for Pawtucket, but Breslow got the win. Or something. I don't know how these shorty double-header games work. Edgar Martinez pitched 6 and 7 and cannot really throw strikes. How can you be a catcher for so long and then, whoops, you're a pitcher? And then just zip up to AAA? I'm sorry, but put Martinez back in the oven. He's not finished yet.

Matt Garza. Superstar. Friend to animals. Lover of life. Pitched five innings for the Red Wings and gave up three runs. Don't cry, baby. Even the losers get lucky sometimes. Matt Garza is awesome.

Luis Jimenez is a man of substantial substance. And, so, he gets a hit in the fourth and there's an error and he hauls ass to second (which is very funny to watch) and you'd think he'd be out but then everything goes wacky and he bumbles into third base and then the throw infield is off and he gets home. They talked to Brandon Moss after the game and pointed out that Jimenez' run must have been the subject of some clubhouse hilarity but Moss, being a humorless, god-fearing country boy, says, "No, it was a very important run" or something along those lines. Okay, thanks.

The Professor and Mary Ann:
1. The sunshine was somewhat short-lived. Thanks for the tease.
2. There was no admission charged to this game. There may have been 100 fans, tops. But free poster!
3. Kevin Cash was the C in this game. He's player number two with an on-deck Led Zeppelin song. His is 'Kashmir'. GET IT?!
4. ?!
5. I also enjoy the Erasure song they play during a pitching change. It makes me want to tuck my pants into my socks.
6. I like how on the minor league website they refer to Jimenez as "Luis Antonio Jimenez". Luis Antonio Jimenez got a weird infield hit v. Carmen Cali when he tapped the ball right between the pitcher and first and they both ran up to the ball, stopped, and waited for the other to get it. D'oh!
7. The day game uniforms are pretty weak. Is that whole deal really necessary?
8. What is Rochester without Terry Tiffee and Lew Ford? At least they have Matthew LeCroy. My favorite.

I'm just having a little fun with you, Brandon Moss. I cannot argue with your prolific bat.

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