I'd like to explain my absence in two ways: First, in rap form.

Ill willin' tigre, gettin yellow ill villain
nothin too thick and nothin too fillin

sicka than a squirrel, my pain is plural
starvin in the city while you suckas be rural

soy la mera mera, pass da aloe vera
stickin needles in my arms, like nurse, whatsa matta?

puke splatter, mad fatter, sicker from liquor
yo, pizza man, why you fuckin with my ticker?


I might get perforated soon. Surgically. I'LL BE OKAY.


5.15.13 Pawtucket loses to Gwinnett and we all learn a little something about truth.

I slept really late and then I had to finish watching SwimFan because... It was on...

Braves win 6-4. Kameron Loe gets the win. Shoot, I forgot he existed. Was he on the Orioles? He's tall, if you're going to reduce his identity to his height, but he also likes hip hop and NPR.

Steven Wright started, knuckleball, innings, four walks.

Tim Corcoran, Gwinnett hottie, probably a real person. Pitched 5 2/3, seven hits, four runs.

The PawSox scored four runs in the first inning, and then died on my doorstep. Like that movie where the little kids make a French pet cemetery during the war? And the little girl crying, "Michel, Michel!" at the end and it was like SHANE COME BACK and I totally cried.

The Braves pretty much just got to work and started scoring runs and all Pawtucket could do was watch the horror unfold. Ernesto Mejia went HAM. Wasn't he in the Yankees org? Why can't I remember anything? Know who else I forgot about? Luis Exposito. I saw his name somewhere and I was all... Oh yeah... Exposito, the catcher.

1. Kameron Loe was never on the Orioles.

2. Ernesto Mejia has been with the Braves forever, and would never touch the Yankees because they're dirt.

Let's hear it for the umpires: Will Little, David Soucy, and Max Guyll.

Little Jon Diaz hit a home run, his first of the year and possibly his only HR of the year. There's video of it, according to Ryan Rowland-Smith. I guess it's notable because the bullpen does some kind of dance? Whenever baseball breaks out of its rigid, outdated, hoary tradition, it's either delightful or fucking embarrassing.

I'm outta here. Season/series finale tonight and it's going to be emotionally magnificent.


5.14.13 Heyward, Vanessa, and Our Pastor

Pawtucket WINS! 5-3. I was there, Jason Heyward was there, Vee was there, Ben Crockett, Fleece Vest, Paws and Sox, and maybe 30 other people. It got pretty cold. And yet there was some weird heat between the teams. I felt a brawl fomenting.

Allen Webster started, was good not great, pitched five innings and gave up a solo home run to left fielder Brandon Boggs. He was up to 92 pitches so it was time for him to go. Pedro Beato pitched a bunch, three innings. Beato gave up three runs. I should mention that me and Beato are kind of together now, because I have attended a few games where he's pitched.

Starter for the Gwinnett Braves was a lefty, Sean Gilmartin, who says crap like "I cannot wait for the great incite Tim McCarver has to offer tonight....". Gilmartin pitched four innings and was charged with three runs. It wasn't really that interesting.

Justin Henry is terrific. He led off the first inning with a solid double down the first base line. He then stole third and made it home on a sac fly by Drew Sutton. Seriously, Drew Sutton has practically doubled in size. He is not the same guy who was on the PawSox in 2011. What the hell. 1-0 Pawtucket.

Second inning, first baseman Brandon Snyder led off with a single. Gilmartin then walked catcher Dan Butler and struck out Hazelbaker. Two men on for the very, very light-hitting Jonathan Diaz, who pulled a double out of his ass that scored Snyder. Butler later crossed the plate when Brock Holt grounded out. 3-0 Red Sox.

The Braves picked up their first run in the fourth inning, which was the Boggs HR. Roman Colon came in to pitch the fifth inning for Gwinnett. After Justin Henry singled, Jose Iglesias sac bunted him over so Bryce Brentz could bat him in. So easy. Like suffocating yourself with a dry-cleaning bag. 4-1.

The Braves scored a pair of runs in the seventh inning, with help from the rehabbing Jason Heyward. Heyward's a big star, yet the crowd at McCoy Stadium did not seem to recognize this, the ungrateful whores. Braves reliever Juan Cedeno took over for the bottom of the seventh and allowed some walks and singles that led to Pawtucket's fifth run.

Is Anthony Carter the closer? Maybe. Carter pitched the ninth inning and got the save with a little help from a 6-4-3. FIN.

pastor nicky, will today's sermon be available as a podcast?
1. Vanessa won the Tweet Your Seat thing! Congratulations! So glad we got together to plan a baby shower and talk about opening day/spring training/Kevin Millar/lager v. IPA/Jeff Levering/Washington DC/books and cookies.

2. Allen Webster hit the rather tall Ernesto Mejia with a pitch. Pedro Beato hit Italian catcher Matt Pagnozzi with a pitch. The umpire issued a warning to Beato, Gary DiSarcina feigned outrage. That's what happened, right?

3. Captain Obvious Jose Iglesias comes out to bat, "Hustlin" by Rick Ross plays. Every Day I'm Hustling. Okay, thanks Jose, we get it. You're trying really hard now.

4. Mark Hamilton did not play, had a thing on his wrist.

TONIGHT! Steven Wright v Tom Corcoran. Tim Corcoran, sorry. Who am I thinking of? Am I thinking of a cold soup, because that's consomme.

I love you.


5.13.13 Red Sox @ Knights - Zach Stewart Will Make You Eat It

Yuck! Terry Doyle loses, 6-1. Everyone else performed fairly well. Combination of Doyle not pitching well and Zach Stewart pitching a little... too well.

Starter for Pawtucket was Franklin Morales, Boston rehabber. Morales has been on the PawSox before, back in 2011 for six games. But there's no one left from that team, so he has to make new friends all over again. Morales pitched three innings and gave up a home run to the catcher, Josh Phegley.

You know Zach Stewart? Easy going? Stewart pitched seven innings, gave up one run on five hits, and struck out seven. There were two walks doled out while he was pitching, but they happened organically and I can't say whether Stewart overballed some hitters. I wasn't there. I'm not an expert. The walks are in his column, but do we know who put them there? Who's the official scorer? There were 1,453 people in attendance, but was anyone really paying attention? Ask the Pope, he knows everything!

The Red Sox scored their only run in the first inning. Bryce Brentz hit an RBI single, not foreseeing the desolation of the remaining innings. Or maybe he did. Maybe he said, "There it is. Our only run."

Doyle's brother had a crazy fourth inning, didn't he? Got the first out. Gave up a single, threw a wild pitch. Walked Jordan Danks. Then square-jawed American catcher Josh Phegley doubled. Was Doyle rattled? He faced Lars Anderson and hit him with a pitch. And then Seth Loman was next and he doubled. Still just one out. Sac fly. Wild pitch. Single. Double. Carlos Sanchez struck out looking with delicious Knight meat dangling on the bases. Mmmm... Blake Tekotte. Short and stout.

And then no one scored for the rest of the game! Ryan Rowland-Smith pitched for three innings, was probably daydreaming the whole time about kangaroo meat and coral reefs. New kid Chris Martin pitched ninth like ringing a bell. Daniel Moskos and Jeff Gray came out of the bullpen after Stewart hit the showers. The game was like two hours and twenty minutes long. Not very profitable for the org.

two things:
1. How the fuck did I miss this yesterday? "The Knights had just six hits off a trio of PawSox hurlers, but it was John’s younger brother Jordan who provided a third of them plus drove in three of the team’s six runs. He has eight on the season to go with a .322 average." Ted Fleming, I think I love you.

2. Brandon Snyder had an off night. He struck out four times. I still love him.

3. Jesus Christ. The Charlotte Knights have such horseshit coverage. I have nothing to link to! MAKES ME SO ANGRY AND YET I SHOULD LEARN NOT TO RELY ON THE CRUTCH OF LINKS.

Tonight! Jason Heyward. I'll be there! Gwinnett Braves!!


5.12.13 Pawtucket @ Fort Mill, NC - Danks for the Memories?

Sorry. That was terrible. Pawtucket's winning streak ends at last, with the Knights of Charlotte winning 6-4. Big 'W' for John Danks.

Alfredo Aceves got the start for Pawtucket. He pitched five innings and gave up five runs. Aceves left the mound having thrown 97 pitches and with his team down 5-3. Boo hoo. DLiPB.

John Danks. Son. Father. Husband. Baseball player. Deep thinker. Lover of animals. Texan. Danks pitched six innings and gave up three runs on seven hits. Only two runs were earned, because OH MY GOD BRANDON SHORT DO WE HAVE TO START CALLING YOU 'CLANK'? Danks struck out five and he makes really good omelets. And he's sooooo handsome and athletic.

Pawtucket was looking pretty fly in the first inning. Justin Henry led off with a single, advanced to second on an error and then third on a sac bunt, thankyouverymuch Gary DiSarcina. And then Brandon Snyder and Mark Hamilton hit back-to-back singles that scored Henry. Dan Butler followed that little flurry up with a ground ball double to left that scored Snyder. And it was 2-0 PawSox for Aceves.

But everything's good 'til it turns bad. Aceves walked the first two batters he faced. And then center fielder Jordan Danks hit a two-run single to tie the game.

Bottom of the fourth, Charlotte scored their third run when first baseman Seth Loman hit a solo home run to right center. Top of the fifth, Justin Henry doubled and then later scored on an error.

Bottom of the fifth, Knights single double single, two runs. I'll spare you the details.

Ninth inning, Pawtucket down 6-3. Last clear chance. Ramon Troncoso pitching. Second baseman Jonathan Diaz leads off with a single. Then Ryan Dent singled. YEAH! Okay, here we go! Something's happening! Hazelbaker grounded into a force and got himself to first base, but Dent was out at second. Hazelbaker decided to grab second base, and the catcher, Bryan Anderson, made a throwing error that allowed Diaz to score.

But then Justin Henry and Iglesias grounded out to extinguish that little spark. Troncoso gets the save. It hurts when it don't last.

Fuck you. Bunt.
1.  Chris Carpenter pitched 2 2/3 innings and gave up zero hits.

2. Jim Margalus: "Danks got 11 swings and misses, and if their pitch identification is accurate, it sounded like he was using his curve more often." This and other game miscellany from South Side Sox.

3. Oh, hey. Look. It's Tony Pena and Lars Anderson.

It's gotten more and more difficult to find good links regarding the games. Maybe it's just the regional coverage? The Bisons always had decent stories, blogs. The Knights were second to last in attendance last year, kind of near the bottom so far this year. I should write about their new ballpark.

Tonight! Rehabbing Franklin Morales will pitch like the first inning and then Doyle's brother. Zach Stewart opposes. Oh, hey. Look. It's Zach Stewart.

Mom, I finished the puzzle...


5.10.13 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Charlotte Knights - Chris Hernandez Has a Ball

Hernandez WINS! 4-0. Little Red Machine keeps rolling in this exquisitely symmetrical game.

Starter for the Pawtucket Red Sox was Rubby De La Rosa. De La Rosa pitched four innings, gave up one hit. Got seven strikeouts. Chris Hernandez pitched the remaining five innings and it was pretty killer. He only gave up one hit and got the well-deserved win.

Former Norfolk Tides guy Jason Berken started for the Charlotte Knights, who are the White Sox. I told you that because I doubt you remembered. Evidently, one day I was super bored and decided to do some pretty intense research on Berken, which you can read here. Berken pitched six innings and gave up all the runs. Old shoes Donnie Veal and David Purcey finished the game off, my god with those two guys. I always liked Purcey and I thought his career would be more... Memorable. And Donnie Veal! I am shocked to discover that he's only 28. Am I the only one aging anymore?

Pawtucket scored their first run in the fourth inning. Mark Hamilton hit a solo home run. So solid. I like this guy. Fifth inning, Drew Sutton and Brock Holt hit back-to-back singles to get things started. A sac bunt and a sac fly scored Sutton, and then center fielder Justin Henry hit a line drive double to center to score Holty.

Hamilton hit another home run in the sixth for Pawtucket's fourth run. I'll just leave this here...

Gary DiSarcina is doing some unprecedented minor league shit this season and I loooooove it! He made some defensive changes in the ninth, because he loves baseball with his real, big beating heart. Thank you for caring, Gary D.

So that's the game in a nutshell. Wish I could have been there, but I'll just wait until they get their new ballpark.

two things:
1. Mike McDade is on the Knights now. Just saw him with the Clippers. I have a feeling this won't be his last IL team, which is not a burn because I happen to like him very much.

2. "I've got some hobbies, but really can’t do too much of them out here. I used to work on my truck a lot back at home and that’s something I can’t do around here." - What? Why not? Why can't you work on your truck, Hernandez? I DON'T UNDERSTAND?!

3. Rick Swanson talks about Hernandez and college baseball in general: "If you asked Hernandez, don’t you think he would have rather been the leading pitcher for the 15th ranked team in the country than pitching for a last place team in the Carolina League?" Good point, I'll ask him that next time I see him at the laundromat.

4. Bryce Brentz and Brock Holt got two hits apiece.

This afternoon! More Charlotte Knights. Alfredo Aceves v John Danks who's going to play with his brother Jordan and this will make Mom so happy. Also they are giving away a washer and dryer at the game today, because it's Mother's Day and mothers love household appliances! I've seen those detergent commercials and I know how happy and proud women are when their laundry is fresh and clean!

And... Recently I scoffed at the idea of Allen Webster being called up. Well, once again I am embarrassed about how dumb I can be. I must try harder.

I love you, Mom.


5.9.13 Red Sox @ Braves - No One Slept at All

Pawtucket wins 14-9 in a game that started a little too early for a pro athlete. And yet, it was a reasonable three hours and fifteen minutes long. I've been to 4-3 games that lasted that long, so not too shabby.

There, I said something good about the game.

Starter for Pawtucket was Steven Wright. Wright wound up getting the win. He wasn't terrible, but... Gwinnett got six hits, four runs off him. Wright pitched five innings.

Enormous righty Roman Colon started for the Braves. Colon lasted three innings, gave up five runs, got the loss. And then there were the relievers, who also underperformed. Except some righty named Andrew Russell, who pitched two scoreless innings. Classic Andrew Russell!

Runs... We got some. Pawtucket scored their initial run in the first inning. Mark Hamilton hit a sac fly that scored Jose Iglesias. In the second inning, catcher Dan Butler hit a double with one out. And then Ron Bermudez singled and Jeremy Hazelbaker doubled. Hazelbaker then stole third and scored on an error by the pitcher. HAZELBAKER MORE LIKE HAZELBA-SESTEALER. 4-0 'tucket.

The Braves picked up two runs in the bottom of the second when catcher Matt Kennelly hit a two-run homer. But in the third inning, first baseman Mark Hamilton hit a solo home run to make it 5-2.

New pitcher for Gwinnett in the fourth inning and the PawSox just loved him! His name was Cole McCurry, and he's a lefty from Long Island!

No, of course not. No one named "Cole" lives north of DC. Fact. Anyway, Ronald Bermudez was the first to face him and he singled, just to make a jerk of me. Mister Small Ball Hazelbaker sac bunted Bermudez over for Jonathan Diaz, who walked because he does not hit.

HOLD UP!!!! Go back a little! This happened in the third inning: Wright walked Tyler Pastornicky, who then made it to third on a passed ball and a groundout. He then hit left fielder Alden Carrithers with a pitch. Terdoslavich reached on a fielder's choice, which erased Pastornicky. And then! Brandon Boggs turned around to bat righty, was hit by pitch. Then Todd Cunningham ALSO switched to batting right-handed. What the hell? And the inning was resolved by Alden Carrithers being out at home, probably trying to steal. So that was weird.

Okay, back to McCurry. Diaz walked, Iglesias singled, Lavarnway doubled, Hamilton doubled, Bryce Brentz singled, Brandon Snyder doubled. 10-2 Red Sox.

Gwinnett scored a run in the bottom of the fourth, bless their hearts. And then again in the bottom of the fifth. Brandon Snyder hit a two-run homer in the sixth, though, widening the gulf between the two teams. Chris Carpenter pitched the bottom of the sixth, gave up four runs. Doesn't surprise me, Carpenter's been all over the place since the get-go. He has proven to both unreliable and a bad father. And also fat.

Ninth inning and you remember Wirfin Obispo. So much face time for that guy! Bryce Brentz led the inning off and homered. Bryce Brentz is so strong. And then a walk and a couple of singles later... 14-8.

Ryan Rowland-Smith closed the game out, gave up an RBI double to the catcher again. Kennelly. And there's now a guy on the PawSox named Nick Natoli who played second base. Yeah, sure, "Nick Natoli." WHY DON'T YOU TELL US WHO YOU REALLY ARE AS I RIP OFF YOUR FAKE MUSTACHE, JEFF NATALE?!

louder than they:
1. This game started at 10:30. I'm sure no one got more than about 4-5 hours of sleep, not that I'm excusing such slop. But I am familiar with that saltwater swimming pool effect when you're outside in warm weather and you haven't slept and everything is soft and slow and the crowd noises are like a lullaby you can barely hear because you're floating on your back with your ears just below the surface of the water.

2. I guess Jose Iglesias was a bad boy and got disciplined. Not running out grounders and such. I have to say I am very disappointed with this young man. They must be super pissed at him, because usually they create some fake ailment when a player gets benched.

3. Nick Natoli is another Salem guy. Jeff Natale could not be reached for comment.

4. Jason Heyward played in this game, which I'm sure he was thrilled about. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when they told him what time the game started. Also, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they had the post-game spread. So I could fly over to the food and spit on it and rub my legs all over it and eat it. Heyward was hitless, struck out three times.

Work's important, have to cut this short.

I love you.


5.8.13 Pawtucket @ Gwinnett - Matty Johnson Wears a PawSox Uniform

I'm sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I sincerely feel bad. I had every intention... Something happened where I woke up in a lot of pain and so I decided to just rest as much as possible. All better now. Maybe as an apologetic gesture I'll reveal some secret in the comments.

I'm interested in finding out who Matty Johnson is. In fact, I have a few questions about some of these people. Alden Carrithers? Wirfin?! Joey Terdoslavich? Yohan Flande? Okay, I know Flande.

Pawtucket wins, 4-1. Everybody on the Braves got a chance to pitch!

Starter for Pawtucket was Doyle's brother. Doyle pitched six innings, teetered on the edge of 100 tosses, gave up four hits and no runs. He walked two and struck out five. He walks the loneliest mile. He smiles without any style.

Yohan Flande is a lefty pitcher, not a figure skater or a famous French scientist. Flande had a rough go of it, working for five innings and giving up eight hits. He threw 106 pitches, got seven strikeouts, was all sweaty and musky and miserable in the swampy Georgia heat. Pawtucket probably could have scored more than four runs off him, like, I'm looking at you Lavarnway, you hitless freak.

The Red Sox scored their first run in the first inning. Mark Hamilton hit an RBI single. Alright, Hamilton!

In the fourth inning, Ronald Bermudez hit a ground ball double to left with one out. Okay, can we talk about this? Ronald Bermudez? I've seen better players come and go, but Ronald Bermudez is a slab of granite that glaciers cannot wear down. Okay, I'm done. Bermudez scored after a balk and an error got him across the plate. 2-0.

Fifth inning. Mark Hamilton led off with a double. Bryce Brentz struck out, and then Flande intentionally walked Brandon Snyder for a real WTF moment. But I kind of get what he was going for. Jeremy Hazelbaker batted next and grounded into a force. Runners at the corners until Hazelbaker stole second base. Then Bermudez hit a two-run single. Zany!

Mighty Viking reliever Oscar Villareal gave up a run to the Braves in the seventh. Left fielder Alden Carrithers figured prominently.

Anthony Carter got the save. Yeah, okay Carter. You're hot shit. I guess he spends as much time working on his pitching as he does looking in a mirror. BOOM! Roasted.

two things:
1. Luis Ayala, Dusty Hughes, Wirfin Obispo, and Cory Rasmus also pitched for Gwinnett.

2. Don Borman, alright! "First up we got to take care of business down in Georgia tonight and then in Charlotte over the weekend before we come home,” said Wanless." This appears to be the only PawSox post in the history of the RI NPR website. So cute they're getting after it. They should totally let me do it!

3.  Recently I confessed to liking Rick Medeiros' blog quite a bit. Here he writes about Boston Strong night in his own inimitable fashion. Holy hell, Rodney Harrison can get it.

4. Matty Johnson comes from Single-A Salem. All of those reminds me how unqualified I am to write about baseball. I am the Michael Scott of baseball blogging. YET I CANNOT BE STOPPED. I am relentless. Jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable.

TONIGHT! Well... Today's game is over already. I keep weird hours, what can I say? Steven Wright v the ancient Roman Colon. Heard the Braves got clobbered, but enough about that.

TONIGHT! Blackstone Valley Media Club meeting in Pawtucket. There will be snacks.


5.6.13 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Gwinnett Braves - Terd

Pawtucket wins, 5-1. Chris Hernandez pitched four innings of relief and got the win for the Red Sox.

Starting pitcher for Pawtucket was Rubby De La Rosa. De La Rosa had a good outing: Four scoreless innings, three hits, six K's.

Starter for the Gwinnett Braves was Omar Poveda. Poveda gave up three runs on seven hits through six innings.

The PawSox scored their first two runs in the first inning. Mark Hamilton hit a two-run homer. They scored a third run in the fourth by way of an RBI single by Brock Holt. Braves reliever Wirfin Obispo pitched the seventh inning, gave up the last two runs when Pawtucket hit a few singles and Brock Holt scored on a wild pitch.

Gwinnett scored their only run in the fifth, when left fielder Jordan Parraz hit a solo home run off Hernandez.

Anthony Carter pitched the ninth inning.

two things:
1. Ninth loss in a row for the Braves.

TONIGHT! It's Boston Strong night at the Braves ballpark. Jason Varitek, Rodney Harrison, Matt Ryan, and Dee Brown will be there. Alfredo Aceves starts for Pawtucket, Daniel Rodriguez for the Braves.


5.5.13 Durham Bulls Defeat Pawtucket Red Sox 2-1, and Now I Will Never Forget Jake Odorizzi.

Steven Wright pitched two innings and gets the loss. Graham Godfrey rolled up on his motorcycle after that and pitched five innings, so thanks for this.

The Bulls scored one run in the first, one in the second, and Pawtucket nabbed their one and only in the ninth inning. It was walk walk sac bunt, sac fly, so yeah, no-hitter. More here from Watching Durham Bulls Baseball.

Odorizzi pitched seven innings, struck out three and walked four. He was relieved by such noted pitchers as FRANK! De Los Santos and Kirby "Kirbs" Yates and Jeff  "Frenchy" Beliveau. Beliveau lives here in Johnston, RI, and is still not as famous as Pauly D. Do you know how small Johnston is?

It's small.

Since we're talking about The Kid, let's talk about The Kid. No, this is not 2003 and we are not talking about Bronson Arroyo before he thought it was a good idea to pick up a guitar in public.

Jake Odorizzi:
1. "Cast aside the tired, lower-tiered starters with their low-5.00 ERA and grab yourself something young; something fresh and exciting.  Get yourself some Jake Odorizzi." - Howard Bender. No, seriously, it's a good article.

2. “Everything was going my way,’’ Odorizzi said from the Providence, R.I., airport. “The defense was good behind me. It seemed everything was hit right at someone. Just kind of one of those days where everything goes your way." Especially helpful was a ninth-inning catch at the wall by CF Rich Thompson. "That was that play you see in every no-hitter," Odorizzi said. - Marc Topkin. THERE'S NO AIRPORT IN PROVIDENCE! THE CINCINNATI AIRPORT IS IN KENTUCKY! And since when do players comment from the airport? What is going on here?

3. Scott Grauer craps all over everything, refers to no-hitter as an "eight-walker": " Jake Odorizzi started the game and pitched seven scoreless innings, but with four walks and six strikeouts, it's clear he wasn't at his best."

4. So "lizzieray" comments: " Seems to me that walks speak to a pitcher’s skill as much (at times more?) than hits, so why all the love only for the no hitter? In terms of the fan experience, walks can be deadly; surely baseball has an interest in supporting pitchers who can keep the game moving. So I’d like to see more respect for the “no-walker!”

5. "His fastball command is still a work in progress and his secondary pitches have never been really strikeout offerings, but now he has as much time as he needs to rectify those issues and become the best pitcher he can possibly be... Odorizzi isn’t a potential ace for the Rays and he will probably slot in best as a mid-rotation starter. But doesn’t mean that Odorizzi can’t be an impact pitcher in the major leagues as soon as later this season, and even amidst all the Rays’ impressive pitchers, he deserves recognition." - Robbie Knopf, Rays Colored Glasses

6. Odorizzi answers six questions about fielding his position. "You just have to be comfortable and not freak out when the ball is hit back to you and step make a throw." 

7. "Jake Odorizzi was the 32nd overall draft choice by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2008 draft. Very early in his career he drew some comparisons to Zack Greinke, due to his high school pitching numbers, his athleticism, and the fact that he may have been a decent prospect as a shortstop as well. Just a couple years later, Odorizzi would find himself heading to Kansas City in a trade that would send Zack Greinke to Milwaukee." - Damion Mandalas, Royal Revival.

8. Damn, this headline just draws you right in! "Re-evaluating the Zack Greinke trades for the Brewers and Royals".

9. Odorizzi likes his special soda.

TONIGHT. Gwinnett Braves. Rubby De La Rosa v Omar Poveda. WHO?! Omar Poveda, look it up.


5.4.13 Durham 4, Pawtucket 1

Terry Doyle was the losing pitcher for this game. JD Martin got the win.

The Durham Bulls scored three runs in the first inning, then everyone had to wait until the ninth inning for their fourth run.

Brandon Snyder hit a solo home run in the second inning.

See you tomorrow.


5.3.2013 How does Allen Webster define a strikeout?

4-1 Pawtucket and I didn't go to the game today.

Allen Webster started for Pawtucket, threw 94 pitches, got nine strikeouts, dropped the mike and hit the showers. Alex Colome started for the Tampa Bulls, pitched four innings, got the loss.

Ryan Lavarnway hit a home run. I'm having a significant emotional reaction to this. I would ride on the back of his motorcycle down the Merritt Parkway, is what I'm saying. Not in a Hollywood romantic sunset way, just two human beings who love baseball enjoying the great New England outdoors and maybe getting a little high by the lakeshore.

Will Inman pitched for three innings, but he's on another team now so... I don't know, I have no further information on that guy.

Neither Bryce Brentz nor Jose Iglesias got a hit. Justin Henry walked three times, one floor below me he don't even know me.

Jose De La Torre and Anthony Carter provided stellar relief and stapled down a win for the PawSox.

two things:
1. Eric Benevides has a more thorough game story.

2. And now everyone wants to kill Felix Doubront and call up Webster. Oh, okay. This is what happens every single time the Boston starter has a bad game and someone in Pawtucket has a great game.

3. Headlines: "How Long Before Allen Webster Joins the Rotation?"

4. "We're talking, of course, about the weak link in the Red Sox rotation, Felix Doubront, and his inevitable replacement, Allen Webster."

5. "What they could do is up in the air, although expect chatter to have Allen Webster replace him in the rotation only to increase."

6. "As Felix Doubront Falters, Allen Webster Dominates"

7. " Last night Webster threw six dominant innings of two-hit ball, striking out nine batters and walking none as the PawSox beat Durham 4-1. Webster has shown he's ready to help the big club if and when he's needed." OH MY GOD, SHUT UP ABOUT... Oh, never mind, this is a perfectly reasoned and rational statement. Carry on, Red Sox Life.

8. "The Herald's John Tomase sees a pretty simple solution: Replace Doubront in the rotation with rookie Allen Webster, whom he declares the “inevitable replacement..."

9. "It’s too early to give up on a promising 25 year old lefty, but if his struggles continue and Allen Webster (who, perhaps not coincidentally pitches on the same day as Doubront in AAA) keeps dominating AAA, they might not have a choice but to make the move."

10. Check out PawSox Blog. It contains information, facts.

Tonight! A celebration! Tomorrow! Today's Terry Doyle game! And then! Pawtucket hits the road, goes to Georgia. I have been there twice. Do you want to hear about it?


May 2nd, 2013 - Durham Bulls Visit McCoy Stadium

Good morning! Pawtucket defeated the Durham Bulls (TB) last night 10-1. I'm sure you're wondering what happened. I am here to take you through that journey, and also to take myself through that same journey because I haven't read about it yet.

You all know Alfredo Aceves, right? Teddy bear? Aceves is in Pawtucket, which I am sure he is thrilled about. He started last night's game and it was baby stuff for him, as he pitched six scoreless innings and struck out six. Aceves did give up a couple of hits, but none for extra bases. Thanks, Ace.

And you all know Alex Torres, right? Easy going? Prospecty Venezuelan lefty, kind of needs to prove himself this year? Torres started for Durham, pitched five mediocre innings and gave up four runs, three earned. Jackie Bradley Jr got a couple of hits off him. The real crapfest started when reliever Jim Paduch came in and the PawSox used him as a chew toy.

The game was moving along at a decent clip until the bottom of the third, when the Red Sox started scoring. Shortstop Brock Holt (not "Holtz") walked with one out. Bradley followed that with a single, and then Mark Hamilton came in to pinch hit for Drew Sutton. Who knows why? Hamilton grounded into a force out, eliminating Bradley. Catcher Ryan Lavarnway entered, singled, Holt scored. But the real money shot was Bryce Brentz' line drive double to left that scored two runs. I wonder how much he benches?

Bradley led off the fifth inning with a single, and then made it to third on a wild pitch and a passed ball. Bradley scored on a sac fly, making it 4-0 Pawtucket.

Bottom of the sixth, Jim Paduch makes an appearance. Paduch struck out Bryce Brentz, but Brandon Snyder got him for a good double. Left fielder Jeremy Hazelbaker followed with a single and then stole second base. And then Snyder and Hazelbaker scored when little Brock Holt hit a line drive single to right. 6-0 Pawtucket.

Hey, didn't the Durham Bulls score a run? Yes, in the eighth inning. Chris Hernandez was pitching in relief, which is unusual but I think it's fair to say he needs to work some stuff out. Catcher Chris Gimenez hit an RBI single. It wasn't that exciting. Even Mrs. Giminez was all, IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?

Bottom of the eighth. Brandon Snyder leads off, gets a base on balls. Hazelbaker and Jonathan Diaz ht back-to-back singles, scoring Snyder. Hazelbaker then scored on a single by Brock Eckstein. And then Bradely Jr walked to load the bases afresh. Paduch got Hamilton out, but that was the final batter he would face. Lefty chunkster Adam Liberatore stepped into the game, gave up an RBI single to Justin Henry and then Lavarnway hit a sac fly, but Liberatore struck out Bryce Brentz to end the inning. Who strikes out more than Brentz? Hazelbaker only.

Chris Hernandez went on to pitch the ninth inning. He gave up a single but everyone else grounded out. Paz afuera.

two things:
1. Brock Holt had himself a time, with three RBI for the night. Everybody on the PawSox got a hit, except Sutton/Hamilton.

2. Obviously, if you want a more intelligent, nuanced look at the Durham Bulls, you must read Watching Durham Bulls Baseball: "What isn’t guesswork is that the last four games [Paduch's] appeared in the Bulls have lost. That implies that (1) his luck is really awful or (2) he’s going into games that the management thinks are marginal." So yes, you should definitely worry about Jim Paduch.

3. Also: "Paduch looks to have fallen into the “veteran AAA relief pitcher” category for the rest of his days.  While a string of good outings may lead to a promotion to the big club, don’t expect him to stay up there too long.  His career 4.58 ERA and 6.6 K/9 is really nothing to write home about.  As a 30 year old pitcher who has experienced some wear and tear, his career, unfortunately, is on it’s decline." - from wlbbjps (?)

4. Drew Sutton had some oblique thing, is why he left the game. Here's to a speedy return to the lineup, because suddenly I appreciate his contributions.

5. “Hopefully God will keep us alive to see another game,” said Aceves when asked to look ahead to his next start. OMG TERRORIST SLEEPER CELL HOLY WAR. (Pawtucket newspaper)

6. "But now, 20 years later, the stadium is a movie star who has aged quickly and is in want of expensive cosmetic surgery. The original debt, with refinancings, was paid off last October. But DBAP is no longer a new ballpark and, after more recent borrowing, it's far from debt-free. It's the sixth-oldest in the 14-team International League, and 12th-oldest of the 30 U.S.-based Triple-A teams. The new lease will see the team to the cusp of the stadium's 40th birthday." - David Fellerath, Indy Week. You should read it!

7. Craig Breslow also pitched. It wasn't bad.

TONIGHT! It's Allen Webster v Alex Colome. Could be good. You should go, because it's the Bulls and it's only once a year.