5.13.13 Red Sox @ Knights - Zach Stewart Will Make You Eat It

Yuck! Terry Doyle loses, 6-1. Everyone else performed fairly well. Combination of Doyle not pitching well and Zach Stewart pitching a little... too well.

Starter for Pawtucket was Franklin Morales, Boston rehabber. Morales has been on the PawSox before, back in 2011 for six games. But there's no one left from that team, so he has to make new friends all over again. Morales pitched three innings and gave up a home run to the catcher, Josh Phegley.

You know Zach Stewart? Easy going? Stewart pitched seven innings, gave up one run on five hits, and struck out seven. There were two walks doled out while he was pitching, but they happened organically and I can't say whether Stewart overballed some hitters. I wasn't there. I'm not an expert. The walks are in his column, but do we know who put them there? Who's the official scorer? There were 1,453 people in attendance, but was anyone really paying attention? Ask the Pope, he knows everything!

The Red Sox scored their only run in the first inning. Bryce Brentz hit an RBI single, not foreseeing the desolation of the remaining innings. Or maybe he did. Maybe he said, "There it is. Our only run."

Doyle's brother had a crazy fourth inning, didn't he? Got the first out. Gave up a single, threw a wild pitch. Walked Jordan Danks. Then square-jawed American catcher Josh Phegley doubled. Was Doyle rattled? He faced Lars Anderson and hit him with a pitch. And then Seth Loman was next and he doubled. Still just one out. Sac fly. Wild pitch. Single. Double. Carlos Sanchez struck out looking with delicious Knight meat dangling on the bases. Mmmm... Blake Tekotte. Short and stout.

And then no one scored for the rest of the game! Ryan Rowland-Smith pitched for three innings, was probably daydreaming the whole time about kangaroo meat and coral reefs. New kid Chris Martin pitched ninth like ringing a bell. Daniel Moskos and Jeff Gray came out of the bullpen after Stewart hit the showers. The game was like two hours and twenty minutes long. Not very profitable for the org.

two things:
1. How the fuck did I miss this yesterday? "The Knights had just six hits off a trio of PawSox hurlers, but it was John’s younger brother Jordan who provided a third of them plus drove in three of the team’s six runs. He has eight on the season to go with a .322 average." Ted Fleming, I think I love you.

2. Brandon Snyder had an off night. He struck out four times. I still love him.

3. Jesus Christ. The Charlotte Knights have such horseshit coverage. I have nothing to link to! MAKES ME SO ANGRY AND YET I SHOULD LEARN NOT TO RELY ON THE CRUTCH OF LINKS.

Tonight! Jason Heyward. I'll be there! Gwinnett Braves!!

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