5.15.13 Pawtucket loses to Gwinnett and we all learn a little something about truth.

I slept really late and then I had to finish watching SwimFan because... It was on...

Braves win 6-4. Kameron Loe gets the win. Shoot, I forgot he existed. Was he on the Orioles? He's tall, if you're going to reduce his identity to his height, but he also likes hip hop and NPR.

Steven Wright started, knuckleball, innings, four walks.

Tim Corcoran, Gwinnett hottie, probably a real person. Pitched 5 2/3, seven hits, four runs.

The PawSox scored four runs in the first inning, and then died on my doorstep. Like that movie where the little kids make a French pet cemetery during the war? And the little girl crying, "Michel, Michel!" at the end and it was like SHANE COME BACK and I totally cried.

The Braves pretty much just got to work and started scoring runs and all Pawtucket could do was watch the horror unfold. Ernesto Mejia went HAM. Wasn't he in the Yankees org? Why can't I remember anything? Know who else I forgot about? Luis Exposito. I saw his name somewhere and I was all... Oh yeah... Exposito, the catcher.

1. Kameron Loe was never on the Orioles.

2. Ernesto Mejia has been with the Braves forever, and would never touch the Yankees because they're dirt.

Let's hear it for the umpires: Will Little, David Soucy, and Max Guyll.

Little Jon Diaz hit a home run, his first of the year and possibly his only HR of the year. There's video of it, according to Ryan Rowland-Smith. I guess it's notable because the bullpen does some kind of dance? Whenever baseball breaks out of its rigid, outdated, hoary tradition, it's either delightful or fucking embarrassing.

I'm outta here. Season/series finale tonight and it's going to be emotionally magnificent.

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