Take a hike, son!

Last game of the season, Hansen gave away his gloves and shoes and jersey and ability to find the strike zone and control and reliability.

At least I don't have to worry about him rehabbing or something in Pawtucket. See ya later! Escribeme pronto!

Brandon Moss was wicked nice.

Moss must have had an interesting day at work. Must have been hard for him to say goodbye to RJ, Bailey, Kottaras, Pauley, Zink, Paws and Sox.

It will be weird without him.

Michael Bowden is talented.

Mike Bowden looks like Ewan MacGregor. I'm sure he gets that a lot. Is it Ewan or Ewen? He was in Trainspotting, which I've never seen. I think he may be dead now.

In a related story, I got my playoff tickets. Some may consider them excellent seats, since I am in the first row above the home dugout. Unfortunately, I do not like the first row and I prefer the third base side. But I'm not complaining at all. I'll strike up a brief but fascinating conversation with Devern Hansack.


7.30.08 The Rochester Red Wings Have Had Enough.

Rochester WINS! 8-3

David Pauley seemed to tire quickly. The first inning was 1-2-3, the second he gave up a double to Randy Ruiz but allowed no runs. The third inning he walked Machado and then hit McDonald with a pitch. And how often does Pauley hit anyone?

In the fourth inning, we saw a double and a home run and a walk and many, many pitches. Pauley went on to give up a couple more runs in the fifth and that was it. Ninety-three pitches, 54 for strikes. YOU SUCK PAULEY!!

Vaquedano pitched the sixth inning and did it quickly and cleanly. For once. Michael Tejera followed... I love Tejera but he's got this dirty, dirty moustache... he started pitching rather angrily and gave up a two-run homer to Velvet Jones.

Eric Hull waved the white flag in the ninth inning. It was a disaster. I kind of knew the Red Sox had conceded at that point because they left him out there forever. Hit after hit, like Foreigner. Except it didn't seem 'Urgent' to RJ to yank Hull.

My favorite part of the game was Anthony Swarzak's triple-A debut! Swarzak allowed five base-runners in the first inning and a pair of runs but chilled out and pitched pretty well the rest of the way. Except for the Jeff Natale homer in the fifth. But it was awesome.

The Rochester relief corps did a terrific job and the PawSox could not get guys across home plate. They only allowed one hit and one walk in four innings. And they got five strikeouts! That's Depaula and Korecky, if you care.

And the man who got that one hit was Keith Ginter. Ginter got more hits than anyone!

god stuff:
1. Darnell McDonald left the game a few innings in. Cliburn made a few weird defensive changes.
2. Garrett Jones had homered in every IL park except McCoy. Until yesterday. So congratulations?
3. Randy Ruiz has been absolutely killing us. Maybe it's time for us to start killing HIM. If you know what I mean.
5. Machado's also been a pain, chipping the shit out of the pitchers with singles and stolen bases and crap like that. I ain't too mad.
6. Jason Pridie is IL batter of the week!
7. Okay, what is this? I noticed that whenever Pauley was in the stretch with runners on, he'd glance back at SS Velazquez. And Velazquez would rap on his cup. Like maybe three times, or twice, or whatever. Is that code? I never noticed this before. At first I thought, maybe Gil is just reminding him to pitch from his nuts or something. I have no idea what kind of slang pro jocks use. Someone help me out, or I may have to personally ask Gilbert. And I don't want to do that.
8. Oh, see, Darnell McD left the game after being hit on the hand by Pauley. He may miss the rest of the season. That's awful.
9. I think Pauley signs autographs after every game. No matter what. I always see him signing for the fans. And he's one of the few guys that does that. I wonder why?

Tonight! The magnificent Carmen Cali in a showdown against rookie Mike Bowden. Drinks will flow and blood will spill. And if those boys wanna fight, you'd better let 'em.


save my life i'm going down for the last time

Chad Spann has been released. FINALLY. I think they were just waiting for Natale to come back.

Looks like Natale also swiped Spann's old number right away.

Good riddance.


7.29.08 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Rochester Red Wings - I like to be here when I can.

Pawtucket WINS! 5-3

Charlie Zink is the first pitcher in the IL to win 13 games. Tonight Zink allowed nine Rochester hits while striking out two. Rochester scored all three runs off Zink in the third inning. CZ finished off the game with 95 pitches.

Lefty Jon Switzer (it'll say that on his tombstone: HERE LIES LEFTY JON SWITZER) had a pretty sweet 1-2-3 eighth. The lovely and talented Chris Smith tackled inning nine. Smith also nabbed the uno-dos-tres with one strikeout.

Youngster Kevin Mulvey started for Rochester! Mulvey just couldn't get through the seventh inning... he went 6 1/3, six hits, three runs. Lefty Ricky Barrett stepped in to face the righty Gil Velazquez. Wait, what? Yeah, seems Velazquez is about even-steven with his lefty-righty split. Barrett gave up a double to Velazquez and then a triple to Van Every. So his outing was cut short!

Big Worcester hottie Tim Lahey finished the seventh inning, but not before giving up an RBI single to Bailey. It was Lahey who finished the damn thing, too.

Pawtucket offense: Gil Velazquez is still hot! Velazquez went 3-3 with two doubles and a home run. Carter and Bailey each went 2-4, Bailey with a leadoff double. Jeff Corsaletti hit a double as well, in the run-stuffed seventh inning.

Red Wings Randy Ruiz went 2-4 with two doubles.

1. Jeff Natale has returned from the DL with a titanium plate and a couple of screws in his arm. You have no idea how glad I am about his return. More on that later.
2. Jeff Corsaletti continues to swing at everything. I am a fan in spite of his struggles. He does, however, have a serious case of Asshole Face.
3. Van Every hit a triple! I love when the runner figures he's going for a triple and he really starts hauling ass around second base. And they look like they're going to die of exertion. It's not at all graceful but it's exciting as anything. As far as baseball plays go, it is my Favourite.
4. Alejandro Machado is alive and well and perhaps DH'ing for the time being. He's still exceedingly sweet and friendly. In public.
5. Tim McCarver says hitting a knuckleball is like "trying to catch a falling star". DOUCHE. So, Tim... how do you talk to an angel?
6. I saw Lee Gronkiewicz in the dugout, talking to new kid Mike Bowden. It was very special.
7. Joe Thurston has hurt himself. He's on crutches but I am not sure if he's on the DL right now.

Day game tomorrow. I will be there. It's gonna be so great. David Pauley v. triple-A new kid Anthony Swarzak. Tout-l'heur!


7.28.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Toledo Mud Hens - BLOWN

5-4 Toledo in 12 innings.

You can click the link if you care to. All you probably need to know is that Lincoln Holdzkom was pitching in the twelfth inning and he threw a wild pitch with a runner on third, Freddy Guzman. Guzman ran for home and crossed the plate for the winning run.

Lincoln Holdzkom is pretty much this year's Barry Hertzler.

PawSox are back tomorrow and so am I.

Still in first place!

I have ordered Pawtucket playoff tickets. I got a letter in the mail with an order form. So that was good.

Notice my composure?

7.27.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Toledo Mud Hens - HESSMANIA!

Pawtucket WINS! 8-5

El Guapo started and went six innings deep for Pawtucket. Martinez walked two batters and struck out six. He gave up two runs in the second inning, when relentless hit machine Mike Hessman hit a two-run homer.

Jon Switzer entered the seventh inning, probably unprepared for the ensuing wackiness. He gets the first two outs pretty easily. Then Mike Hessman gets in the box and cranks out another god damn home run like he's tying his shoes. Okay. The next two batters both single and Dane Sardinha is up. He hits the ball! Way back! Home run! AY! And so it goes from 8-2 to 8-6 and Switzer's probably starting to sweat.

Except. Except it wasn't a home run because a fan reached down and caught it in his hat. It was a ground rule double and only one runner crosses the plate. And the next batter, Hollimon, strikes out to end the inning. Terrific! There must have been a PawSox fan out there! I mean, it's not like a Toledo fan could be THAT stupid!

Jose Vaquedano pitched the eighth inning and gave up the fifth run. Chris Smith gave up a single to the pesky Clete Thomas, but got the last three outs without allowing another run.

Chris Carter update: Another long ball for Carter, who was tonight's DH. George Kottaras also homered. Brandon Moss went yard twice! Thurston and Van Every each doubled. Everyone but Sean Danielson got a hit, but it's okay. He walked twice. It was breathtaking. As was his outfield assist!

Oh, hang on. The Toledo pitching summary. Virgil Vasquez started but could not escape the third inning, where he gave up five runs (including hot, naked back-to-back home runs from Brandon Moss and Chris Carter). Jeremy Johnson, Brian Rogers, and Clay Rapada finished the innings with varying degrees of success. There, is that sufficient?

PawSox to become Appleton Red Wolves?
1. Big Hessman's off to Beijing with fellow Hen Blaine Neal, who pretty much blew the IL's shot at winning the All-Star Game. Good luck, lads. And please enjoy my kick-off snapshot of Neal with Carl Pavano, Brad Penney, and Maureen Almeida.
2. Van Every's back in the nine hole. He may not care, but he also may be pissed.
3. You may watch tomorrow's day game on the cable sports network, but only if you live in Rhode Island.

Pawtucket returns day after tomorrow. Good.


Portland Sea Gods

The reason I saw Bubba Bell in Pawtucket is because he was getting checked out/worked on by Pawtucket's trainer. Maybe Greg Barajas. And now he is in Florida, getting low.

Aaron Bates could be the next group that you rob. Yes he will come to Pawtucket.

I haven't been to a PawSox game in weeks, it seems. Michigan seems like a dream to me now.


7.25.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Toledo Mud Hens - one more hit ought to do it

3-2 Pawtucket in a Very Exciting Game. In many ways it was the perfect baseball game.

David Pauley got into the eighth inning. The Mud Hens had not scored a run. But with one out, Dusty Wathan tripled, bringing home Max St Pierre. Pauley then got the next batter, Freddy Guzman, to pop out. Michael Tejera stepped in to face the lefty and got the final out.

So Pauley went 7 2/3 and got it done in 99 pitches. He walked a guy and struck out nine batters. What a great start. What a great athlete. One run on five hits. YES.

Chris Smith came into the ninth to close the game out, but bingo-bango there were runners at the corners with no outs. And SMASH MACHINE Mike Hessman at the plate. Yikes. The outfield was deep. Holdzkom (!) was warming in the pen (!!). The crowd was singing 'Who Let the Dogs Out?". Suddenly, the maid screamed. And Smith got Hessman to ground into a double play, which brought a run home. But who cares? The bases were empty and it was 3-2 and a guy named Clete as standing there with a bat in his puny hands. But Clete Thomas singled so Smith had to face Mike Hollimon but it was cool because Hollimon flew out to left.

Toledo's Yorman Bazardo also ad a pretty good night, but chances are his teammates didn't high-five him in the clubhouse. Bazardo was responsible for all three runs in his seven innings of work. He walked three batters and struck out six. Left-handed Ian Ostlund pitched innings 8 & 9.

Chris Carter continues to mash the shit out of the ball. Carter hit a two-run homer in the sixth inning, which proved to be crucial. Joe Thurston also hit a home run right out of the box in the first inning.

Keith Ginter made a serious error in the ninth, when he fucked up a double play ball that left runners on first and third. David Pauley made a throwing error in the fourth as he was trying to pick off Timo Perez, but come on. We've all done that.

Derek Wathan, who seriously has to be Dusty Wathan's brother, hit a triple. I said that already. But it bears repeating, since triples are like four-leaf clovers and like hitting all green lights on the way to work and like a NL pitcher hitting a home run. Beautiful, precious and rare.

toe the line or blow. and that was all she wrote:
1. Keith Ginter has 8 errors this year in 67 games as a third baseman. He has ZERO errors in 22 games at second base. So maybe in important games have Gil Velazquez over there? Then Chris Carter can jump in at short! OMG!!!
2. Keith Ginter had six errors all year for Buffalo in '07. Ginter spent 2006 in the PCL, where he ended the year with 15 errors. Maybe he'll end the year here with 10-12. This is important for the thousands of people on message boards who give a crap about Keith Ginter and his fielding. I'll post this under a thread titled "Wily Mo Pena: What Went Wrong?"
3. Brandon Moss is back in town. I'll bet he has quite a few new gold chains. That's a major league parting gift!
4. The Mud Hens pretty much just left McCoy. You know, when Ortiz was there. I heard it was nutso.
5. Mike Hollimon is Grade-A. He's been called up once already. Detroit's probably pretty sweet compared to Toledo.

Mike Bowden tomorrow night. Check the radiocast. YES.

7.24.08 Pawtucket AT Columbus Clippers - High in the Middle

11-6 Red Sox.

Before I mention Charlie Zink's start, I should point out that Chad Spann started at third in this game and went 2-5 with an RBI double and a three-run homer. That's producing about 36% of the game's run total! Way to go, Spann!

Zink gave up five runs in six innings. The Clippers piled up eight hits against him and struck out five times. No walks were issued by Zink. Pawtucket kicked off the seventh inning by breaking the 5-5 tie, scoring two runs off Ryan Wagner. Wagner gets the loss, Charlie Zink gets the win. California is better than Texas. Syrup is better than jelly.

Lefty Jon Switzer pitched the seventh and eighth innings, giving up the sixth run in the eighth inning. By that time, however, Pawtucket had ten runs so it wasn't a federal case. The very mysterious Eric Hull pitched a scoreless ninth, giving up a double to IL repeat offender William Bergolla.

Okay, let's talk about Clippers starter Marco Estrada. Estrada gave up five runs on six hits. He walked three batters and struck out six. The slowly-simmering Gil Velazquez cranked a homer off him... Estrada remained stoic as Velazquez rounded the bases with barely-suppressed euphoria.

So yeah, Ryan Wagner followed with the game-losing inning. Wagner started to pitch the eighth... it didn't go well. Dusty Brown kicked off the inning with a single, then Velazquez singled, then Chad Spann's home run. You'd think they'd yank the kid, but they left him in to face the mighty, mighty Sean Danielson. But Wagner walked him! He walked Danielson!

Finally, Wagner was replaced by SLC Punk Josh Perrault. Perrault immediately walked the next batter, Jeff Bailey. Thurston up, he reaches on a fielder's choice. Etc.... Perrault had to IBB Chris Carter but he did eventually get out of the inning alive and suppressed the scoring. It was a very serious inning. Corsaletti even came in to pinch run. That's some aggressive management!

Zechry Zinicola gave up the eleventh run in the ninth inning.

Further Pawtucket offense includes Chris Carter tearing it up, going 3-4 with a double and a triple. He also singled, right? So he was a home run shy. Velazquez, Danielson, and Brown all hit home runs.

Jeff Bailey went 0-4 with two strikeouts. Chad Spann and Sandy Madera each made an error. Oops!

it's nice to be nice:
1. Van Every still batting third. When I type this it reminds me of typing "Jeff Bailey still batting leadoff". Maybe I'll start saying "Keith Ginter, still batting 6th".
2. It's nice to see the weirdos in the lower part of the order getting all the goodies in this game. Except Chris Carter, who probably had three bowls of Quarry before the game.
3. Hey, Daniel-San's first home run!
4. Gil Velazquez has been cranking up the hits lately. Which is swell, because Velazquez is really nice.
5. Looks like Ryan Wagner is recovering from a labrum tear.
6. Lastings Milledge completed his rehab assignment with Columbus after this game. Thank you, LM!

No game tomorrow. Friday night the PawSox feat. Paul-E Fresh drop in on Toledo for four games against the Mud Hens. What, those guys again? I don't normally advocate violence toward animals but I hope Pauley wrings the Hens' necks.

See you tomorrow!


7.23.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Columbus Clippers (WAS)

3-2 Red Sox OH HELL YES.

Devern Hansack had a wicked strong start but didn't get the win since Hunter Jones allowed the tying run... but we'll get to that. Hansack gave up an RBI double to Luis A. Jiminez in the first inning after he'd walked Roger Bernadina and that was it. Hansack pitched the next six innings with scoreless aplomb, striking out 11 batters! A season high strikeout total for Pawtucket!

On the radiocast, Hoard and Hyder were talking about Hunter Jones struggles with getting lefties out (split: .386 lefties/.289 righties). And in the eighth, his first slew of batters were all left-handed. And so it went, a double for Bernadina followed by a bunt single for left fielder Leonard Davis. Lastings Milledge grounded out and Bernadina dashed home, tying it all up.

Jones went on to pitch a scoreless ninth. Pawtucket managed to score a run at the top of the tenth. Chris Smith came in to face Columbus in the tenth and it didn't look good at first. Smith immediately gave up two singles in a row. Lastings Milledge then flied out to advance the runner on second (Bernadina again) to third.

Everyone was all tense but Smith got the next batter, Jimenez, to ground into a double play. Whew!

Clippers! Columbus sent former Yankee skinny boy Tyler Clippard out to mow down the PawSox. Clippard matched Hansack's seven innings, giving up a pair of runs to Pawtucket in the first inning. He also had a quartet of strikeouts.

Lefty Mike Hinckley got the first couple of outs in the eighth inning before being replaced by Levale Speigner to face the righty, Keith Ginter. Ginter obligingly grounded out and Speigner returned to pitch the ninth inning, holding Pawtucket scoreless.

Chris Schroder took the mound for the tenth inning. After a Joe Thurston double led the inning off, Schroder got Van Every to fly out and Carter to line out. George Kottaras then singled in Joe Thurston. How heroic of the boy. No, really, good job Kottaras!

And so the Pawtucket offense boiled down to a couple of doubles by Super Joe and George Kottaras (Favorite Musical Artist: Snoop Dogg) bringing Thurston home TWICE. Do they get gifts for that?

1. Could this be the last visit forever to Columbus' Cooper Stadium for the Red Sox? Well, new park next year and a likely affiliation with the Cleveland Indians. But will the fans still bring their cowbells?
2. Congratulations to Clippers third baseman Yurendell DeCaster for being elected to the Olympic baseball team!
3. Hansack had a tough start to the season and many people thought he wouldn't get back on the horse. "Many people" being me. It's great to see his return to form and here's hoping he pitches like this in the postseason.
4. Yeah, I said it! BRICKTOWN!!!!
5. Van Every batting third? What's next, a talking banana?
6. Chad Spann's playing time has been greatly reduced. I'm not sure what's going on. Wouldn't mind seeing him Pinckney'd.
7. Here's a video of Spann skeet shooting with Brandon Moss and Jed Lowrie in Mapleville. Good ol' Mapleville, RI! I think that's a made-up town.

Tomorrow's the last game of the series and it starts at noon. Charlie Zink will face Marco Estrada. I can't wait!


playing baseball is not easy

Nice shirt, by the way. Is that real velour?

Richie Lentz needs your help.

Seems the kid would love a "host family situation", as opposed to the hotel he currently resides in.

You can read his desperate plea here.

God Bless.

Eastern League All-Star Game: A Look Back

First and foremost, I'd like to point out that the Reading Phillies' World's Largest Bobblehead, Phil Lee, was the best thing I saw on the field. Hand to God. READING 2009!!!

Congratulations to Manchester's Travis Snider for winning the HRD. Second year in a row that the winner was on the Fisher Cats.

Other than that, nothing much. Many, many, many binder geeks. I ate a baked potato on a very hot day, possibly because I am an unstoppable eating machine.

Oh yeah, there weren't any pay phones in the park or in the adjacent hotel. I had to walk into an office building and the receptionist let me use the phone. Maybe it's time I got a mobile?

AND! If you go to that park, take exit 4 and park on Elm St, near a cheap-o meter if you have to. Then you can cut through the Firestone tire garage parking lot, walk along the fence, and cross the train tracks to get to the park. Look at how much money I saved you for parking!

later on many different things are going to happen

I have a great Chris Carter Polaroid that I got from Bob. I am going to post it later on and you will laugh and laugh. Almost as hard as you do when he's lummoxing around in left field!

Please enjoy this Jeff Lebowski interview in which he discusses batting lead-off, RJ, Manny's 500th, and his lucky Led Zeppelin t-shirt.

Bailey, I mean.

7.21.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Columbus - here we go, here we go, here we go!

4-1 Columbus! Yeah! What bus crossed the ocean now, BEEOTCH?!

I'm not doing a lineup because I hate doing it and it's boring. Imagine the usual suspects, starting with Bailey but not ending in Jonathan. Picture Sean Danielson in his place, playing center field. Same guy except shorter. And a switch hitter. And he looks like he's from California but he's really from Texas. And you love him!

Michael Bowden made his Pawtucket debut. He gave up three runs on seven hits in four innings. The Clippers pretty much got to him right away, kicking off their game with leadoff guy Jorge Padilla singling. The next batter, Roger Bernadina (?), batted in Padilla. It's probably Sean Danielson's fault, since he made some kind of fielding error which put Bernadina on second. Then LAJ stepped up and danced! And doubled.

A visit from Sauveur must have hitched up Bowden's britches well enough for him to knock down the next three batters. Bowden went on to surrender five doubles, all told, one coming off the bat of Calvin Reese. Meaning former Red Sox great Pokey! Remember how much we loved him? He was really country.

Mike Tejera and Eric Hull pitched two innings apiece. Eric who? Hull gave up the fourth run in the seventh inning, when he issued a walk with the bases loaded. Right after a IBB with only one out. That's one hell of a gamble.

Thicky-thick Garrett Mock had a very effective start for Columbus. Mock pitched seven innings and only gave up one run. He struck out five five batters and only walked one. And so he got to select the post-game clubhouse music.

Long-dead composers Wagner and Schroeder pitched some merry relief and allowed no further scoring nonsense from Pawtucket. Three losses in a row! Guys, put yer boots on!

Joe Thurston is responsible for the Red Sox sole RBI. He sac flied Danielson home in the third inning. Sandy Madera and Keith Ginter both went 0-4 with two K's. Sandy, not you, too!

tonight, we rock Portland!:
1. Garrett Mock: "In case you can't tell, I'm a talker. I mean, I'll talk to that wall, and if I've got a way for him to be a better wall, I'll tell him." Yeah, everything's bigger in Texas!
2. Recently I mentioned that Edgar Martinez might be the most handsome man on the PawSox. The truth is... seriously.... pitching coach Rich Sauveur is by far the most handsome. That is my shameful admission. But it's the truth. He is a good-looking man and I dare you to disagree with me.
3. Who the hell is Roger Bernadina? Thanks for asking. He's from Curacao and was inspired to play baseball by his Ma. She played softball for the Netherlands national team. Anyhoo, Bernadina did play in Washington recently but did not fare well. His real first name is 'Rogearvin'. YES.
4. I forgot to mention that Michael Bowden was called up to Rhode Island. Up until, say, two days ago, I was not interested in this kid. And now that I know he grew up poor or something... I'm interested. He looks like he comes from a broken home. And I apologize for calling him a huffer.
5. Sean Danielson is The Man. Hands down.
6. I saw Bubba Bell in Pawtucket. Not in uniform. Don't know what's up, sorry.

This post is officially awesome enough. Talk soon!


please don't bother trying to find her

Player Moves:

Bryan Pritz - Back to Portland and in a very bad mood about it.

Miguel Asencio - Back to Portland and not sure what he did wrong.

Jeff Corsaletti - Called up to Pawtucket!

Tony Gonzalez - Fired by the Brockton Rox. The ladies are very disappointed.

Buchholz up, Masterson down and relieving people like Edgar Martinez.

Sandy Madera - Back in Pawtucket. Maybe for keeps.

In a related story, Abe Alvarez is still gone. I feel his departure was rather sudden and I suspect there was some sort of conflict. Perhaps he was being difficult or something. It's strange that lesser players are still hanging around.

Very strange.


7.17.08 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Toledo Mud Hens - if you break my heart, i'll go

15-6 Pawtucket! Yes! No? YES.

Your very educated starting pitcher was Edgar Martinez. Martinez punched in for 6 1/3 innings, giving up three runs on four hits and striking out five batters. He also walked a pair of Mud Hens.

Masterson jumped into the seventh inning after El Guapo and surrendered a couple more runs, one a homer. Chris Smith finished off the cake, but not before allowing a third home run, courtesy of Brent Clevlen. Clevlen had also taken Martinez deep in the seventh. And that is why he's HOT. It's definitely not because he is fly.

Virgil Vasquez was pitching rather nicely until the fourth inning, when he gave up seven earned runs on seven hits, three of the quad variety. Jeremy Johnson wasn't much of a reliever, giving up another seven runs in his two innings of work.

Right-handed birthday boy Brian Rogers gave up run number 15 in the sixth. Lefty Clay Rapada and Francis Beltran pitched the seventh and eighth innings, respectfully, and allowed no further scoring. FRANCIS!

Offense like crazy and I will start with the home runs. David Ortiz hit a solo shot. Kottaras, Bailey, and Carter each hit two-run homers. Jonathan Van Every's shot scored three runs. Chris Carter also doubled - he went 4-5 all told. Jeff Bailey went 3-6.

Joe Thurston went 0-5 with two strikeouts. Maybe he had a cold.

For Toledo, we had Brent Clevlen's two home runs. Second baseman Dusty Wathan also homered, off Masterson in the seventh. Freddy Guzman doubled and was picked off by Edgar Martinez. Those two things happened separately.

my coke for gin:
1. Sandy Madera jumped in for David Ortiz in the sixth inning. They know each other somehow, I'm hazy on the details. But, yeah, Madera's back and I'm excited!
2. Sean Danielson pinch ran for the weary Chris Carter in the seventh. He didn't have to walk far - he was coaching first base at the time. They're still using players as first base coaches, which is interesting. Chad Spann does it a lot, since he isn't always in the lineup.
3. I turned down a ticket to this game. I feel bad about it because I did not know that Corsaletti had been called up.
4. Okay, go back and every time I typed 'Dusty' Wathan, please substitute 'Derek' for 'Dusty'. I THOUGHT I remembered him being a catcher! Damn it.

If you're enduring spastic curiosity about Ortiz's appearance, feel free to check every single other Red Sox-style blog for that. I am stubborn and I'm not talking about it.

I'm watching the AAA All-Star Game tomorrow night! Jeff Bailey chopped off his biker mop! Chris Carter is macho and heroic! YEAH BASEBALL!!!


THE END... Of High Prices!!

I started this blog almost three years ago. At the time, there was nearly zero Pawtucket Red Sox coverage. I thought, what the heck. I like talking about baseball even though I'm stupid about it. I also like talking about myself. And to myself.

And so I started to go to the ballpark as often as possible, even when I REALLY didn't want to. I referred to this practice as 'my other job'. Then I'd write about the games and my observations, which was a real baseball education. Along the way I figured a lot of stuff out that most baseball fans already knew. Because there was a long period of time where I didn't follow baseball at all.

At this point, there's plenty of information available about the Pawtucket Red Sox. You have Sox Prospects, Keith's PawSox Blog, um... a few others. It's so much better than what I do, which is essentially using a free, generic blog template and writing about baseball games without providing much inside information. It's sloppy and the pictures don't make sense and I use too many exclamation points and I take personal shots at the baseball players and I'm unfocused and I don't edit enough.

Yesterday at work I thought, well, isn't my work done? Do I need to do this any more? It's a real pain in the ass at times. There are other people doing it and doing it right. Like I always said, I sincerely hope no one is reading this to get front-line PawSox coverage. That would be tragic.

But then as I thought of quitting, I felt really sad about it. And I remembered why I started in the first place. I did it for myself. I never cared if anyone read the blog... half my family doesn't even read it. (TOM. ALICIA. MOM.) I love it! I think it's interesting and funny and lively! I never wanted it to be a box score or a compilation of stats. I could give a shit about the arithmetic. It's baseball. It's not science. And I still love it. So I'm gonna keep going! YEAH PEDRO!!!!!

I don't normally do shout-outs, but I gotta give thanks for inspiration (it guides my mind along the way): Thanks to RSF-PST and Gib. for long-time presence; the blog kids who linked me; Bob and his Two Things; my heavenly baseball team; PawSox Keith; the "Bored" kids; and the Pawtucket Red Sox organization for not messing with me. Wow, this is really making me wish I had liner notes.

Special thanks to my brother Phil, who's been a great friend, fan, and manager. ('IT'S NOT REAL GOLD!!') The baby in the photo is his daughter, who regularly drinks us under the table. YAY.

See you guys later!


July 13th Tides v. Red Sox

10-3 in a Pawtucket offensive blast-off!

Charlie Zink pitched seven innings. You'd think he'd get pulled early due to the All-Star Game, but officials have told him they won't need him there. Geez. So he went deep. It was terrific. Zink gave up one earned run on six hits. He walked two and struck out five.

Lincoln Holdzkom got some work in the eighth. Holdzkom gave up a run on two hits and managed not to walk anybody. Jon Switzer pitched the ninth and gave up a solo HR to little Mike McCoy. Observationally, it looks like Switzer's been less-than-sharp, but my eyes deceive me because he's actually at 1.48 thus far in July as opposed to 1.51 for June and 2 and change for May. Switzer's ERA currently stands at 5.11...7.02 over the last ten games.

That information is for Mrs. Switzer, I guess. Who else cares?

Left-handed Australian Craig Anderson went four innings for Norfolk and got whupped but good, giving up six runs on eight hits before recording an out in the fifth. Four other guys pitched, one of them being the immortal, eternal Esteban Yan. Seriously!

The Pawtucket offense was plentiful. Fifteen hits, though none more than a double. Jeff Bailey went 4-6 with a double. Thurston went 3-4 with a double and a pair of RBI. Chris Carter, who's taken over Lowrie's slot in the three hole, went 2-5.

Only Jonathan Van Every did not have a hit. Even Gil Velazquez went 2-5 with a double! Bryan Pritz also doubled.

i am out of my league:
1. Charlie Zink leads the IL in innings pitched. Number two is Charlie Haeger who's also... named Charlie? A Rastafarian? A bad driver? NO! He's also a knuckleballer!
2. Zink's got a sick WHIP at 1.02. He's number two in the International League! Number one is Richmond's Charlie Morton who's also... a knuckleballer? Bad with numbers? Sick of hearing that Hannah Montana song at ball games? NO! He's also named Charlie!
3. Yeah, but Morton's only started 12 games as opposed to Zink's 20. So let's see where Charlie M. is after 20 starts!
4. The Virginian-Pilot has very nice coverage of the Tides. You cannot take for granted that kind of triple-A attention. Try finding articles on some of these other teams and you'll see what I mean.

The All-Star break is here! Now would be the perfect time for me to post some philosophical and self-indulgent bullshit that I'll regret halfway through August. Meantime, I'm watching the Jeffersons.

7.12.08 Red Sox @ Tides - one more game before ASB

2-1 Pawtucket in 10 innings.

DAVID PAULEY KILL YOU DEVIL CHILD. Seven innings and only one run on five hits. Pauley struck out seven batters. It was pretty cool. He is only a little bit mad that he's not going to the all-star game in Kentucky.

So DP left the game in a tie, not getting the W. Justin Masterson pitched a 1-2-3 eighth inning, how boring. Hunter Jones gave up a hit but otherwise zip in the ninth. Grillmaster Mike Tejera pitched the tenth inning even though he was so hungry he could barely stand it. Mike Tejera is my Favourite.

On the other end of the game, Hayden Penn struck out six batters in 3 1/3 innings. He only gave up the one run, there, when Chris Carter sac'd in Van Every. Big Butt Bucvich jumped in to finish off the fourth inning. Ryan went on to pitch two more innings of scoreless relief. Then came giant, towering righty Kameron Kraig Mickolio. For real, look this guy up. I think he drives to the games in a spaceship or something.

Jim Miller pitched the tenth inning and gave up the game winning home run. Who hit that ball? I am so glad you asked.

Jonathan Van Every heroically hit the home run that gave the Red Sox the 2-1 lead. In a related story, Kottaras went 0-4 with two K's. Joe Thurston had a couple of singles. I could feel it all over!

Red hot Luis Terrero tripled off Pauley and was responsible for Norfolk's sole RBI.

music is a world within itself:
1. Ron Johnson was ejected from the game in the third. See, JV hit a ball that was ruled a home run. Then that call was overturned and RJ flipped out.
2. Jed Lowrie did not play because he's been called up. FOREVER.
3. Bobby Kielty: released!
4. Yes it's true: David Ortiz'll be at McCoy Thursday. Game is sold out. Will I be there? Come on. You know I hate being surrounded by baseball weirdos!
5. Chris Smith is back, too. He blew a save the other night, the first time Pawtucket's lost after leading in the eighth! Good to know.


7.11.08 Pawtucket @ Norfolk (BAL) - the albatross and the whales, they are my brothers

4-0 Tides! I'm so hungry!

Oh, GIRL, I just found a pkg of micro-popcorn! Problem solved! At any rate, Mister Devern "Snake" Hansack started for the Red Sox and gave up three runs on four hits and six innings. Not bad, I guess. He also struck out six batters. Are K's overrated? I think so, sometimes.

Jose Vaquedano, tall, lean, pitcher from Honduras, pitched the seventh inning and gave up the fourth run. I don't know that I've seen this kid pitch a clean inning. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just saying.

Eric Hull pitched the eighth and the Tides could not add to their lead. I'm like the world's biggest Eric Hull fan!! YEAH!!! E.H.!!! He's a west coast glutton, one bad mother. Got a rattlesnake suitcase under his arm.

Lefty Chris Waters started for Tidewater. Waters struck out eight PawSox batters in his six innings of work. His teammates must have been very proud. Randy "Hot Rod" Keisler and Jim Miller Slim Killer finished off the game for the immaculate and lethal Tides.

No Pawtucket offense to speak of. Okay, fine: Kottaras had two singles. Van Every was 0-4 with two strikeouts. For Norf, Luis Terrero and Tike Redman each homered. I can say 'Norf', can't I? I'm saving time!

i never learn:
1. Tike Redman will never die.
2. Keith Ginter made an error in this game (much like the computer who said I failed that test). Has he traditionally been a bad fielder or is it an off year? Because, guys. Come on.
3. This may have been Bailey's first game back. I guess he was all pissed about his lack of playing time in Boston AND the fact that when he returned to the PawSox, he hadn't been activated yet and couldn't play.
4. Norf wore their away jerseys for this home game. What? Why? For luck, of course! The Tides have been successful on the road, so what the heck. That's CRAZY!!!

Enjoy your weekend.


7.1.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Syracuse Chiefs - Canada Day!

5-3 Pawtucket! Oui!

David Pauley pitched seven innings and gave up two runs on four hits. He also walked a pair and struck out four. He left the game with a 3-2 lead. Lincoln Holdzkom came in and it damn near killed me. Talk about the worst possible choice for a tight game! And, yeah, he didn't disappoint. Holdzkom gave up two hits and a walk in 2/3 of the Reighth. The Chiefs managed to tie the game, thus depriving Pauley of the deserved win. Nice job, Sheldon. And you know what? Maybe I should have been a little mad at RJ for putting him out there.

Anyway, Jon Switzer jumped in with two runners on base and bailed out Holdzkom. Pawtucket picked up a pair of runs in the ninth to take the lead. Hunter Jones pitched the ninth for the save and we all went home happy. Or back to our rundown motel, whatever. SYRACUTICA!!!!

I was really excited to see David Purcey pitch. He's terrific! Like a big, strong, left-handed hillbilly. Purcey pitched six 1/3, giving up three runs on five hits (one was Kottaras' home run in the seventh). He struck out five Pawtucket batters. He was not very happy about being lifted, either. Everybody heard... twas the talk of the town.

Chiefs reliever Chris George came tumbling after... then Mike Gosling, who blew it in the ninth.

1. There's a nice hole in the fence out behind the park which enables you to get behind the scoreboard, if that's your fancy. Like if you wanted to collect home run/foul balls.
2. The park's in a weird old industrial area, right next to some generic mall. It's a big park with a big parking lot but I had a hard time finding it. The city planners or whoever could really stand to put some signs up. Not that I care, because I'm in no hurry to return.

I guess that's it.

7.8.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Richmond Braves - Holiday Routine

Pawtucket LOSES! LOSES!!!! 7-6 in seven innings. Game one of a double header. I don't much like it but it seems to be your style.

If you notice who pitched for Pawtucket, you'd say, Yup, typical double header. Jon Switzer started, for crying out loud! Switzer, who's usually very good in a quiet, overlooked way, allowed four runs on seven hits. He lasted three innings.

Mike Tejera followed with a couple of innings or so and a couple of runs. Then Jose Vaquedano, who's from Honduras. Vaquedano held tight for a couple of outs. Holdzkom polished it all off by giving up the last run. He does that a lot.

Francisley Bueno started for the Braves. Never heard of him? Here's what the fans had to say. So ask around, check lost and found... put your ear down to the ground! Bueno pitched malo, I suppose, giving up four runs in four innings and walking three PawSox. Two home runs, I should add.

Other pitchers who appeared were Ridgway and Roewenhorst. Neither pitched their innings cleanly but who cares? Richmond won and there were riots in the street.

Chris Carter, Dusty Brown, and Van Every all hit home runs. When asked later how awesome that must have been, they all said it didn't matter because the team lost. Except Dusty Brown, who said, "Yeah, did you see that? Pretty sweet, huh?" He then added that he believed the snack bar was.... THAT way.

Van Every and Jed Lowrie also had a double apiece. Sean Danielson was both picked off and caught stealing. After a long period of doubt and dismay, I have experienced Danielson conversion. I love that boy. I think he's doing a great job.

For the R-Braves, Barbaro Canizares and Carl Loadenthal each doubled.

when I think back two years before, I can't even picture you:
1. Barbaro Canizares made the AAA All-Star team!
2. The radio guys, Hoard and Hyder, pointed out that 'Loadenthal' sounds like a cold medicine. And they call Carl 'Extra Strength Loadenthal'. I strongly recommend PawSox radio broadcasts, if only for 'Stump Steve'.
3. Carl Loadenthal was signed after an open tryout. YES. Miracles can happen.
4. It's unfortunate that Bailey's call-up means more playing time for the non-hitting defensive basket case. Jeez.
5. Although I find it amazing that a baseball player could be from Honduras, I have to remember that they're playing baseball in Belgium and Ireland and Italy and China. And last night when we played baseball, a kid from Lebanon joined us for his second ever time playing. Not that we really played. No one shows up anymore so we just have endless fielding/batting practice. I'm putting it out there: all the formers should come play. Don't make me put an ad up on the internet.

I feel much better. I'm going to do a game summary of Pauley's Syracuse appearance.. later on. Smoke if you got 'em!

I don't want a baby that looks like that!

So Syracuse wasn't that great. I had a mediocre time and it all ended in utter catastrophe.

But I'm okay. I would like to share one thing I saw that made me irrationally angry. As the PawSox were boarding the bus home after the game, I noticed that Clay Buchholz and Hunter Jones had both whipped out acoustic guitars on the bus.

If I were, say, Joe Thurston, I would have walked off that fucking bus. I have to ride all the way home to Rhode Island with two meatheads who think they're John Mayer or some shit? And I'll bet they played the WORST contemporary country crap imaginable. Clay Buchholz and his fucking ostrich cowboy boots. I don't care how many perfect games he pitches. I hate him and I hate him and I hate him.

Hunter Jones... I forgive. But you should have some consideration for your hard working teammates who may not have their headphones handy to block out your incompetent noodlings.


Wow, I feel much better. Congratulations to Bailey for his annual All-Star callup.

July 8: Charlie Zink - Brian Lawrence RICHMOND!!

Charlie Zink knew he was going to win. Final score 6-1 in seven innings.

Zink pitched the whole game. Five hits, one walk, four strikeouts.

Brian Lawrence gave up two runs in six innings. Jorge Julio allowed four runs in the seventh inning.

Kottaras and Kielty each doubled and had 2 RBI apiece.

Julien Taverez! (We're gonna do it!)

This is really boring.