I don't want a baby that looks like that!

So Syracuse wasn't that great. I had a mediocre time and it all ended in utter catastrophe.

But I'm okay. I would like to share one thing I saw that made me irrationally angry. As the PawSox were boarding the bus home after the game, I noticed that Clay Buchholz and Hunter Jones had both whipped out acoustic guitars on the bus.

If I were, say, Joe Thurston, I would have walked off that fucking bus. I have to ride all the way home to Rhode Island with two meatheads who think they're John Mayer or some shit? And I'll bet they played the WORST contemporary country crap imaginable. Clay Buchholz and his fucking ostrich cowboy boots. I don't care how many perfect games he pitches. I hate him and I hate him and I hate him.

Hunter Jones... I forgive. But you should have some consideration for your hard working teammates who may not have their headphones handy to block out your incompetent noodlings.


Wow, I feel much better. Congratulations to Bailey for his annual All-Star callup.

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