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Can I just point you in the direction of this entertaining blog? It's about the Red Sox and the Bruins, of both Boston and Rhode Island varieties.

It's on the, uh, literary side. That's for sure. But I certainly enjoyed the PawSox material.

Us Rhode Island kidz gotta stick together, is what I say. Hope!

7.29.11 Split

Okay, I will take it. Pawtucket wins, 4-3, splitting the series with Lehigh Valley and now the standings are... the same? Yes, Red Sox two games out of first in their division and a half game ahead of Durham for the wild card.

Starting pitcher for Pawtucket was Brandon Pawtuckworth.

I am so tired and I don't really feel like doing this.

Alright, onward. Duckworth pitched five innings, gave up three runs. But you really have to give it up for the relievers, who held that one-run lead for the rest of the game. Go ahead and buy yourself a new purse, Ring, Royce, Hottovy, and Atchison. I read it in a magazine that you should give yourself little rewards. And also how to get sexy beach hair.

Starting pitcher for Lehigh Valley was Brian Bass, who you may remember from the Red Wings or the Indians (IL). Or maybe you don't remember him. Bass' line is nearly identical to Duckworth's, what with the five innings and three runs. Unfortunately for Bass, Les Walrond kind of blew it in the sixth.

Why don't we start at a very good place to start? In the first inning, Anderson hit an RBI single to give Pawtucket a 1-0 lead. In the bottom of the second, right fielder Delwyn Young doubled off Duckworth and was batted in by Josh Barfield, who I truly thought was going to be a force in the big leagues. A small force, but a force just the same. Sorry, I was really into the Padres for a while.

In the top of the fourth, with Hector Luna on first, Nate Spears and Luis Exposito hit back-to-back doubles. 3-1 Red Sox, but only for a moment and then the moment was gone. Bottom half of the fourth, the IronPigs went single single single to load the bases with no outs. GET EMBREE IN! A groundout and a sac fly brought home a couple of runners. Tie game, 4-4.

In the top of the sixth inning, Luis Exposito doubled and Jose Iglesias hit an RBI single to give the Red Sox the 4-3 lead, which they gripped tightly until the final out. Which was recorded by Atchison, probably very quickly, so bravo, sir.

And now the PawSox come home, so please spread your wings and let them come inside.

Two things:
1. I get the impression that Phillies fans really dug Duckworth.
2. HA! I was right about Atchison: He retired the side in the ninth with four pitches. EL MERO MERO.
3. "Pawtucket took a 1-0 lead in the first inning when Lin Chen-Hsuan led off with an infield single and two outs later scored when Lars Anderson smashed a single down the right field line." Darling little story, Tom Hinkel, but CHEN-Hsuan?
4. "Pawtucket pitcher Brandon Duckworth tested Polanco's back at one point, throwing one up and in, forcing him to twist and duck out of the way." WHAT?! That was intentional!!!
5. Ryan Lavarnway did not get a hit and he struck out twice. Luis Exposito went 2-4 with two doubles. I'll bet Exposito's feeling smug.
6. Lin stole a couple of bases. He does not lead the team in SB as you might think. That would be Tony Thomas, who is evidently kicking it with Brent Dlugach on Zach Daeges' yacht.
7. IronPigs manager Ryne Sandberg sez: ""Overback took a great swing on the ball that I thought had a chance to be a double or a home run or something [but] came up short of the wall. If you look at all the woulda-coulda's, we hit some balls hard to the outfield right down to Frandsen's at the end to right for the final out."

Wait, isn't it Overbeck and not Overback?

Are you fucking kidding me? HOW DO YOU NOT SPELL THE PLAYERS' NAMES CORRECTLY? Isn't this your JOB? Are you not being PAID? And I see this all the time! How stupid can you be? It's not like you have to spell hockey players' names, either. I'm so disgusted by this half-assery. Is it really too much to ask? SEAN MCADAM ALWAYS GOT IT RIGHT.

TONIGHT!!! It's Heather versus Lacey with their parents in town! Also, Pawtucket's back at McCoy and they're sooooo mad at the Louisville Bats. It'll be Millwood and Travis Wood. No sign of Sandy Madera, unfortunately.

PS Please enjoy this picture of Royce Ring and a baby. The look on the baby's face kind of says it all.


7.27.2011 Roy Oswalt? Okay, now that's just cheating!

Ryan Edell WINS! 4-1 last night over the Pawtucket Red Sox. Consarn it! Now they're four games up!

Starting pitcher for the Red Sox was Kyle Weiland, back from the void. Weiland doled out five walks in four innings, throwing 82 pitches. He gave up three earned runs, including a home run by Delwyn Young. Weiland took the loss because his teammates evidently didn't feel like hitting the ball or getting runners over. Oh, and also, Weiland hit Rich Thompson with a pitch with the bases loaded and then walked in another run in the third. Ugly.

And then over there for the home team was Roy Oswalt and his folk wisdom. They tried to make him to go to rehab and he said, why, yes, that certainly seems sensible. Perhaps Boston could spare us a little John Lackey?

On second thought, you can keep Lackey. Roy Oswalt only gave up one run through four innings, which was a solo home run by Anderson. Reliever and MILF Ryan Edell had his work cut out for him, but he pitched 3 2/3 innings and got five strikeouts. And then enormous Canadian Phillippe Aumont kept the scoreless run alive and finished the game, getting the save for Lehigh Valley. Good job, IronPigs relief.

Clevelan Santeliz and Michael Bowden also pitched, but...

two things:
1. Oswalt was behind Anderson 2-0 when he threw a change-up in for a strike and "He he put the barrel on it."
2. Lady Gaga is certainly full of surprises! She comments "Oswalt to Houston with D Brown for Pence" on Jeff Schuler's Hog Blog.
3. Tom Hinkel says there was a pitcher's duel between Santeliz and Edell. Okay.
4. I'm sure you're familiar with Charley Kerfeld, Steve Noworyta, and Mike Ondo? None of them commented on Oswalt's performance. (With video!)
5. A comment from 'The Horn and Bell': "Poor Provence… so busy with Os and Polly, he doesn’t notice Aumont came in… thought he was DeFratus!" Yeah! I know!
6. "I think my pitches looked a little different to them than Roy's," Edell said with a grin. "I'm left-handed and a little bit slower." Yes, but was it a sexy grin? And do you want a man with a slow hand?
7. I also love in the above article that there's a picture of, I think, Delwyn Young but the caption talks about Oswalt.

This morning in Allentown! Matt Fox opposed by Scott Mathieson. There had better be bloodshed. I wanna see Hector Luna show some muscle, I wanna see Ronald Bermudez get after it, I want Lin to get on base at an alarming clip. I want heavenly relief and I want Scott Mathieson to rue the day he was born a Frankenstein.

If I were playing ball this early, I wouldn't get to sleep at a reasonable hour. I would just go out and get wasted the night before. Fuck it.


7.27.11 Lehigh Valley IronPigs did not lose.

Why is 'IronPigs' one word? I hate it! I hate it!

Tony Pena gave up five runs, Pawtucket got more hits, but LV got more runs.

Nate Spears hit his seventh home run of the season. Brandon Moss went 3-5 with three RBI. Brandon Moss is very cute.

Pawtucket was in the lead until the eighth inning, when LV scored a run to tie it. Scott Atchison was The Reliever Who Blew It.

Game goes to extras, Jason Rice gets the job. Rice blows it even harder, takes home the L. 8-7 Pigs. Josh Barfield walks it off, wins for all Pennsylvanians in attendance.

Left fielder Daniel Nava went 4-5. Ryan Lavarnway batted in four runs, because he is the Red Sox God of Smash. Everybody in the PawSox lineup got a hit. (woohoo)

Luis Exposito was caught stealing, picked off, and twice came up to bat with RISP, two outs and failed to deliver.

Che-Hsuan Lin went 2-6 and made his third error of the season.

LV DH Tagg Bozied went 0-4 with three K's.

Reliever Michael Schwimer got the win for L. Valley.

here, read this:
1. Kevin Pereira, Examiner.
2. Michael LoRe, Express-Times. Aggression.
3. "I can not overstate the atmosphere at the park tonight. It was playoff baseball. The first and second place teams duking it out late in the season. The fans roared for every positive moment and it felt like The Coke was shaking when Frandsen scored the winning run. Incredible!" - Terrific stuff from The Horn and Bell blog.
4. Matt from 'Bacon and Biscuits' is equally excited.

Now I must go get ready.


7.25.11 In Buffalo

Buffalo finally wins, 8-7. This game was like, a 2002 matchup between the Marlins and the Astros.

Let's start with Kevin Millwood, who really dug in and tried. He threw 102 pitches! Millwood gave up five runs on seven hits through five innings.

Starter for Buffalo was Miguel Batista. Batista went six and gave up two runs, including a solo home run by Nate Spears. He also racked up nine strikeouts.

Here's what happened, exactly, and I'm gonna break it down to avoid confusion. I'll start with Nate Spears hitting a solo home run in the top of the first. That put the Red Sox up 1-0 until the bottom of the first, when left fielder Jason Botts hit a two-run double to give Buffalo the lead.

Batista got everyone out in the second inning, but in the third Lars Anderson hit an RBI double to tie the game.

Bottom of the fourth, Millwood still in. Third baseman Joshua Satin hit a one-out single. Millwood threw four balls to Feliciano. Two on, one out. And then Satin to third on a fly out. Catcher Mike Nickeas took a walk to load the bases with two outs. And then Luis Figueroa hit a two-run single. Are you kidding me with this guy? 4-2 Buffalo!

The Bisons added another run to their score in the fifth, courtesy of a Satin RBI single.

And now we approach the later innings. Bisons up 5-2. Top of the seventh. Gustavo Chacin takes over for Batista and really, where did the Mets dig him up? Chacin immediately got the first two PawSox out, but then Jose Iglesias decided it would be a good time to hit his fifth double of the season. And Ronald Bermudez, playing center for Che-Hsuan Lin, batted him in with a line drive to center. 5-3!

Bottom of the seventh. Tommy Hottovy is providing thus far adequate relief. I'm sure he was dreading the appearance of Val Pascucci, and for good reason: Scooch hit a two-run homer! OH YEAH CUE THE VAL PASCUCCI SONG!!!!!

So Pawtucket's down 7-3. And it's the eighth inning. Doesn't look good. But Pawtucket led off with back-to-back singles and then Anderson reached on an error. Bases loaded, no outs. And Gustavo Chacin on the hill. Chacin's response to the mayhem was to throw a wild pitch, scoring Nava from third. And Hector Luna said 'fuck it' and swung at the next pitch, HARD. HOME RUN!!!! Three runs! Tie game! HECTOR LUNA!

So Chacin did not, in fact, get the next three outs. He was replaced by Brian Sweeney, who wound up getting the win because of Royce Ring. Royce Ring is on the PawSox now, and I'm sure he wanted to make a good impression. It did not really work, because he gave up the game winning hit for Buffalo.

Ronald Bermudez got on base to lead off the ninth and it would have been cute if, say, Daniel Nava homered, but nothing happened. That's okay. Leave the Bisons with a little dignity. It's really fun, too, to avoid the sweep and get a win in the last game of the series.

Dale Thayer pitched the ninth and got the save. FIN.

two things:
1. I don't know who Keith McShea is, but he's got a dope leadoff: "If major league veterans Miguel Batista and Kevin Millwood ever meet up and trade stories about the night they pitched against each other in Triple-A in Buffalo, they'll have plenty to talk about.

It'll be the game which started with a helicopter landing and taking off in center field, the one in which Batista outdueled his fellow veteran by striking out nine before leaving with a three-run lead after six innings, and the one that was ultimately decided in a zany last two frames."

2. Kool Kid Kevin P breaks it down Rhody-style right here.
3. Luis Exposito was ejected from the game. He was later seen sobbing in the shower, clutching himself and sliding down the wall.
4. Royce Ring, IL Repeat offender: The Tides, the Braves, the Yankees. And now the Red Sox. Next stop: the Chiefs!
5. Gustavo Chacin is new to the org. He was released by the Astros a couple of weeks ago.
6. A fan's reaction to Royce Ring being released: "Noooo Royce Ring got released, das not cool as i got bunch of photo’s that i wanted him to signed, waited yesterday after the game but didn’t see him come out of the lockeroom." I don't normally do this, but LOL.
7. "We wanted to create that environment. A lot of young guys don’t understand that winning is a habit. It is an attitude that you need to take out there. You just don’t go out there to play. You go out there to win," Batista bench-coached after the game. (from Bisons Blog)
8. Peter Duffy from The Real Dirty: "Kevin Millwood! Miguel Bautista! It’s the marquee matchup of 2001! As an added bonus, the Herd brought in Gustavo Chacin out of the bullpen while the Paw Sox countered with former Met great Royce Ring. Runelvys Hernandez wanted to know if he could play. Rueben Tejada still only had one hit." That absolutely could have been something I wrote, except I would have spelled the players' names correctly. I mean, come on.

Okay, I gotta roll out. TONIGHT IN OMG THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERGALACTIC GAME! Tony Pena. Oh. Plus IronPigs and Ryan Feierabend. Hey, wait, I saw this game already! The PawSox lose even though Lavarnway homers! Screw that, I'm gonna watch a Bret Michaels reality show!


It was July 24th when it all came down.

Pawtucket Red Sox/Buffalo Bisons. Result: 7-6 Red Sox. Everybody was so happy.

Jeremy Kehrt, an Indiana farm boy, got the start in the Felix Hole. Kehrt threw 65 pitches through four innings, giving up three runs on three hits. Mysterious righty Clevelan Santeliz jumped into the fray in the fifth inning and pitched a pair, giving up a fourth run. Hideki Okajima also wrangled a couple of innings, but it wasn't especially clean. Okajima gave up a two-run homer to third baseman Joshua Satin in the eighth.

Buffalo has precious little success against Pawtucket, and yesterday was no exception. Dylan Owen got the start. You remember Owen, right? He's the sexy one. Owen worked and worked with his 97 pitches, getting all the way into the seventh inning. He left the game with a 4-3 lead and then they brought in the lefty for Daniel Nava. A switch hitter. Nava hit an RBI single to tie the game. Blown save for reliever Michael O'Connor!

But wait! How did everything get so effed up for the Bisons? You wanna talk about home runs? Our good friend Tony Thomas hit a two-run homer in the second to put Pawtucket on the board 2-0. In the bottom of the third, though, center fielder Fernando Perez singled and stole second. Then DH and leadoff hitter and erstwhile Pawtucket scoundrel Luis Figueroa drew a walk with two outs. Right fielder Jesus Feliciano was up next and... Not sure what happened except Anderson made an error and Feliciano reached safely. Perez scored! 2-1!

But wait, more stuff happens! Val Pascucci, massive slugger, took it upon himself to hit a two run double to give Buffalo the 3-2 lead!

Luis Exposito hit a solo home run in the top of the fourth to tie the game. It was his sixth of the season. Sister Ectoplasma, she's incredulous.

Then the home run that Okajima gave up made it 6-4 with the Red Sox on the losing end.

Dale Thayer came in to close the game out in the ninth. You remember Dale Thayer? Thayer did not do his job. He did not give the other fellas hell. Ronald Bermudez led the inning off with a double. Bermudez advanced to third on a Che-Hsuan Lin fly out and scored on a sac fly by Nava. Tie game! Poor Dale Thayer.

And then things went right down the toilet for Thayer. He walked Lavarnway. Maybe on purpose, who can say? It didn't end up working out because Lars Anderson came from out of nowhere and hit a two-run homer, effectively winning the game for Pawtucket. I can never tell what Anderson is going to do during any given game. I mean, Ronald Bermudez is not too thrilling, but he is consistent. You know what you're gonna get with Ronnie. Anderson is a wild card.

Jason Rice pitched the ninth inning, keeping it scoreless and beautiful and cute.

cry me a river but just take me home:
1. The Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame inducted Tony Pena. His son, Pena Jr, accepted the honor on behalf of his dad yesterday. Okay, that's really cool.
2. Che-Hsuan Lin went 0-5. I'm sure some porn will make him feel better.

Tonight! More Buffalo meat in a Battle of the Olds! Beatnik righty Miguel Batista will get after it v Kevin Millwood. Should be wily and crafty and veterany. I say that, but how bad do I wanna go to this game? BAD.


7.23.2011 Buffaloco

PawSox win, 4-1.

Brandon Duckworth started for Pawtucket, pitched 6 2/3, and gave up zero runs on six hits. Duckworth gets the win! Tommy Hottovy came in to relieve Duckworth, gave up the only Buffalo run. Shoot, it happens.

Starting pitcher for Buffalo was lefty Mark Cohoon. Cohoon was handling his shit, keeping the Red Sox scoreless until the sixth inning, when his empire started crumbling. Cohoon loaded the bases up with no outs for Jose Iglesias, who hit a two-run single. Jose? OUR Jose? Good job, Concussion Boy.

Iglesias scored later in the inning on a sac fly by Nate Spears. By that time, Jose De La Torre was pitching and Cohoon was likely steaming in the dugout.

Pawtucket scored their fourth run in the seventh, when Tony Thomas led off with a single and scooted around the bases on a wild pitch, an error, and a force out.

And the Buffalo run? Catcher Mike Nickeas hit a solo home run to left center. But was it majestic? I doubt it.

hot summer night, storm clouds in the air:
1. Mike Bowden closed the game out. Thanks, Elvis.
2. This game story uses the word 'multi-bounced'.
3. Jose Iglesias batted second and Lavarnway took the night off. So did Lars Anderson, except Lars Anderson was probably benched for being willful and insubordinate and annoying.
4. Why not read PawSox Blog? This guy gets up at dawn and works very hard and is very methodical and accurate and professional. He thinks he's so illustrious, he calls himself intense.
5. "...[Cohoon's]looking better and better in Triple-A but progress is moving at a snail's pace as he figures out how to make his low velocity approach work for him against more advanced hitters." Says you, Rob Castellano of 'Amazin' Avenue!'

Jeremy Kehrt's pitching today. I haven't seen his delivery, so I'm waiting for that splendid day. Buffalo will throw Dylan Owen out there, if he can tear himself away from the Aloha Pussycats.

Me? I'm going to a Fisher Cats game! Why don't you come with me? Will Middlebrooks is gonna be there...


Gary Chen is a suspicious character.

I am not sure what to make of this, but it seemed interesting so here you go.

I am quoting from the blog 'Baseball Fly'.

Frank's Field of Dreams 提到...

Gary Chen is someone who I knew through my time as an interpreter for the four Boston Red Sox' minor leaguers they signed in 2006, he's a very suspicious character, mostly being a jerk who likes to boss people around and act like they work under him.

There are plenty of stories I could say about him, but let's just go with a couple right now, I am not someone who is putting up wrong information.

#1, Gary first contacted me through my website, www.franksfieldofdreams.com, all he asked was my AIM screen name, and said he is just a fan wanted to talk about baseball. After talking to him for an hour online, he told me the reason why he contacted me, wanted to see if I would be interested of working as an interpreter. During our first contact, he also told me he is good friend with Tsao, which I seriously doubts now after reading the above.

#2, My University student newspaper and the town's local paper interviewed me after I told one of my former professor of my new job at the time, he found out, and got very upset at me, must have yelled at me on the telephone for about 30 minutes over it, and I was working at the time with players on the field, games going on etc.

#3, Gary called just about everyday to check players' status wants to know every detail that goes on in their life, such as 1 pm, what did they do, 3 pm, what did they do, what kind of food they ate for dinner, how much weights they lifted today, or what kind of conditioning they did after practice today etc., acting like he's their agent, more than just a friend or the scout who discovered them, after I mention it to my real boss, Craig Shipley, he promised that Gary will back off and stop bothering me because Gary, as a scout, is not with the player development.

#3, The highest paid player, Chiang, sort of get special treatment from Gary, he received a PSP from Gary during his time scouting him, when he brought it over to Fort Myers, it wasn't working and needs to be fixed, Gary once again called me after Shipley told him to leave me alone, this time in a better tone than the last one, wanted me to mail it to his hometown of Huntington Beach, CA so he can get it fixed, first I told him why don't I just take him to the local Edison Mall in Fort Myers and get it fixed, he said he brought it for Chiang, let him take care of it. I told him sure, I will get the equipment manager Mike Stelmach to mail it to him since he is the one handling the mails at the Minor League complex, after I told Mike about it, he said no, because Red Sox don't do "this and that" for any of the players. I told Gary I couldn't mail it to him, guess what, he lost his temper again, and now switching back to his bossy mode, even had the audacity of asking me, why don't I just take it to the local post office? Where I don't have transportation. This is one of example where he wanted me to do stuff against organization policy.

#4, One of the player, Yeh had bunch of instant noodles mailed from Taiwan (must been at least 30 cups) to him from his parents, but had to leave for Lowell two weeks later, I told him I will given the rest to the other three players arriving later, which I did. One day, Chiang ate instant noodle for lunch, Gary found out, again he was very furious at me, this time for not being able to take Chiang out for lunch, well...

#1, Chiang never asked me to take him out, Gary said it is my duty to knock on his door everyday, asking him where he wants to go eat, where this kind of special treatment don't go on the other three players.

#2, Chao-Ting Tang who is with the Tigers now, was on his last day of his three day trial in Fort Myers. If I am not wrong, I left the hotel around 11 am that day to help him check in the airport, so I skip lunch, and was not in hotel.

This time, after previously being chewed out on the phone few times prior, I told him to quit acting like my boss, and I work for the team not him. But he said I wouldn't have the job without him, well...who contacted who for help at first? I enjoyed every co-workers I had very much, front office people to the ones stationed in Fort Myers year round, but Gary was the only one who disrespected me very much and made my job tougher.

I decided to quit in July after I couldn't took his garbage anymore, less than five months I start the job, and less than two months from finishing it, the Red Sox went through several more Taiwanese scouts after I resigned until they settle with the current one, Mickey Jiang.

Did I mentioned that once Gary talked to Yeh during practice, and it got Craig Shipley upset because no players should be on the phone during practice/game? Gary just didn't understand what his job really is.

The above are not entirely everything I know about his sketchiness. I have more to whistle-blow, but I don't need to at this moment. By the way, I am sure Gary will see this, just to let him know, just about every co-worker (they might no longer be with the Red Sox now) I knew in Fort Myers also told me you were sketchy, one of them even told me "are you really a doctor" because if you are, you are not the one he would go see if he's sick.

Thanks to everyone who read my rant.

2009/3/21 上午 9:02

Frank's Field of Dreams 提到...

Just to clarify, Tang was at the Red Sox workout after playing the East/West High School All-American game in New Mexico in the summer of 2006, which he already graduated from San Ming High School.

However, people have heard that Gary Chen signed a couple other players early, it is up to the individuals to decide if he did or not.

'Frank' is Frank Lin. I'm guessing Chiang is Chih-Hsien. Right? Geez, and I thought being an interpreter for a baseball player would be a cool job, but not if I'm responsible for like knocking on their door to see what they want for lunch. Damn that Gary Chen!

BUT! Gary Chen responds in the comments!

I can honestly say I did whatever I can to help the Taiwanese players. For anyone interested, feel free to ask Taiwanese players Chih-Hsien Chiang, Chih-Hsiang Huang, Wang-Yi Lin, and Ting-Jen Yeh about what kind of person Frank was and how he performed as an interpreter. They've had several interpreters and the ONLY one that they had issues with was Frank. I didn't need to act as the bad guy if the players didn't have issues with Frank. I do whatever I can to help the players and Taiwanese baseball. Frank, I suggest you look in the mirror and ask yourself how much you did to help the Taiwanese players in their transition to living and working in the U.S. You quit because you knew a replacement was coming in for you because the players just couldn't take it anymore. I highly recommend you speak with the players about their take on you. Also, by the way, Mr. Shipley just invited me over to camp last month. My goal is not to please people, and my goal is to help the Taiwanese players and Taiwanese baseball. I am totally content to piss off and disrespect people that put themselves ahead of Taiwanese baseball and players.

Hmm, okay. Mr Lin's response?

You mean by sending them porn DVDs/passwords because they were bored, or let them view adult videos while you were hosting them at your house while they are still in High School around the age of 16? Or how about when you used Chih-Hsien Chiang's e-mail account to e-mail Mike Stelmach about wanting to order some bats and have them sent to you, trying to impersonate Chiang in the e-mail?

Would you really have "helped" the players if they didn’t give you a portion of their signing bonus?

And it goes on for quite a while. Other items of interest:

1. Frank Lin: "I don’t think a guy who approaches as young as junior high Taiwanese players with promises of playing professional baseball in the US is completely concerned with helping Taiwanese baseball. I think your motivations are clear. Why don’t you just explain to them from the get-go that they will be charged a representation fee, and that you are acting as a player agent? Anyone who claims to hold any respect toward the game of baseball would be a scout when he claims to be a scout, and an agent when he claims to be an agent. Can’t be both. That is called ‘conflict of interest’."

2. Gary Chen: "You have falsely accused me of things and damaged my reputation. I have spoke with the Red Sox front office and the players, who are very supportive of me, and I will be pursuing legal action against you regarding your false accusations. "

3. Lin: "...of course the players will side with you, had they admits your wrongdoing, that basically meant they are guilty in this scandal as well, if anyone go ask Chiang was he signed early, he would say no, he told his coach this while he was still in HS, and he indeed was already signed by you, otherwise the CTBA wouldn't suspended his school."

4. Lin: "All players must be treated equally, that's one of the rules posted on the wall of Fort Myers office, I am sure you missed that while you visited there."

5. Chen: "Getting hated by players is the most damaging thing to one's character/reputation in the Taiwanese baseball community in case you don't know." (Oh, really?)

6. Lin: "Also, once again, you do not understand that I work for the team, not you, or the players that you spoiled and made lots of promise of extra benefits to, if they disliked me because I wasn't willing to give them extra benefits compare to you, or help them lie to the coaches when they refused to do what the team required and have the team found out in the end which force them to have the coaches let them know if they do it again it will be a $20 fine, then I have no problem of being the guy that's hated. They also hated the long conditioning program Red Sox had compare to Taiwan, should trainers be blamed for it when the players hated their request of running laps and do weights? Shipley told me there was no need for me to run errands on their behalf." (Craig Shipley's coming out smelling like a rose on this one.)

7. Lin: "It is the players' responsibility to follow team rules that I explained to them, if they choose to skip regular English classes in order to chat with Gary on MSN, it is their fault. If they don't tip the hotel drivers when they want to go Wal-Mart, to cause the driver refuse to take them to places, it is their fault. I am not sure what extra stuff you want me to do for the players, but I am certainly sure it is the extra benefits and personal errand runs that Gary wanted me to do, if Chiang is not going to be willing and ask that if I can go to the post office with him, I have no responsibility of go knock on his door and ask, Mr. Chiang, may I take your PSP to the post office by myself, so I can mail it to your friend Gary in California." YEAH! Let Chiang go to the PO himself!

link to all comments

7.21.11 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Buffalo Bisons - At the Hotel

Red Sox win, 4-2. Maybe they weren't so overheated, being by the lake and all.

Before I go any further... Do you love me? Will you love me forever? Sorry. No, what I meant to ask was have you ever heard Che-Hsuan Lin's at-bat song? It's not something I am familiar with, but when I hear it it reminds me of 'Eleanor Rigby'. WICKED BAD.

The starting pitcher and winner for the Pawtucket Red Sox was Matt Fox. Fox went ahead and pitched six innings, giving up two runs on five hits, including a home run by second baseman Luis Hernandez. Fox also struck out six and walked two.

The Buffalo MC was Chris Schwinden. Schwinden got one out in the fifth inning, but since his pitch count was 111, he was replaced by Brian Sweeney. The Mets certainly do work their minor league starters, I've noticed. At least at the triple-A level. And for what?

Pawtucket first attacked Schwinden in the first inning, when hit machine Lin led off with a single. 优秀的! Lin's loving the Rhode Island summer and is now dragging his bat to Buffalo. Please don't let Boston take him away, please!!!

With Lin at first, Lavarnway hit a home run. Like, oh, oops, there it goes. 2-0 PawSox.

In the top of the third, Lin singled with one out. He was driven in by Lavarnway, who doubled to right. I was at the game the other night and before the game, Lavarnway was hugging and high-fiving and chest bumping his teammates. He looked so happy, and why wouldn't he be? Luis Exposito might as well not even exist at this school. Anyway, 3-0 Pawtucket. Or 3-1, because of the Hernandez home run in the bottom half of the inning. Yes, the old 'Hernandez Home Run'. Sounds like one of those fake sex moves.

In the fourth inning, Ronald Bermudez hit a solo home run, his third of the season.

And finally, Val Pascucci hit an RBI double in the sixth to cement the score at 4-2. What, again? Okay, fine, here it is: THE VAL PASCUCCI SONG!!!

Relievers Scott Atchison and Michael Bowden got the last nine outs in tidy, scoreless fashion. They may be southern ladies, but they manhandled that bitch. Well, Atchison may have been tripping balls, because not only did he throw a wild pitch, but he hit two batters. Whatever, it's Buffalotown, baby!

By the way, you know the best way to get everyone in a hotel lobby to turn and look at you? Carry a piping hot pizza toward the elevators! There was a good, good pizza place near my hotel in downtown Buffalo... Open late, too! I SAW MIKE LOWELL REHAB IN BUFFALO! I will never stop talking about it.

no one comes near:
1. Brent Dlugach went 0-4 with three K's.
2. Bubba Bell played in this game as a pinch runner.
3. After Pascucci's RBI double in the sixth, he tried to steal third. It would be the final out of the inning. Dude. Pascucci has not stolen a base since 2009. He is not what you would call a base stealing threat. What was he thinking?
4. Buffalo's Rodney McKissic would like to tell you all about it!
5. Brent Dlugach is back, Matt Sheely's on the DL. Right. Hey, Matt Sheely, Jeff Natale called. He wants his career back. And also, he think he may have left a roach in his locker.
6. This game was three hours and twenty minutes long. I would blame Chris Schwinden's lack of control. Not Atchison, who works faster than nearly anyone I've seen. Bowden's slowish, too...

Tonight! More Buffalo! Duckworth up against Mark Cohoon! Who? JUST SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE RADIOCAST!



7.21.11 But have you ever been to a PawSox game ON POT?

Hideki Okajima LOSES! on an off-night, 5-4.

Alright, shall we? Red Sox starting pitcher was Tony Pena, who went seven innings and gave up two runs on four hits. First run for the IronPigs (sigh) came in the second inning, when Brandon Moss led off with a walk. Back-to-back singles scored Moss for the first run.

Pena's second mistake was giving something good to little Rich Thompson, who hit a solo homer in the fifth. Awww! It was Thompson's third dinger of the season.

Lehigh Valley starter Ryan Feierabend gave up hit after hit and looked to be in line for the loss when he exited the sixth with two outs. The Red Sox got two off Feierabend in the first inning when Ryan Lavarnway hit a two-run homer. Geez, Lavarnway, pace yourself! And the third run during Feierabend's gig came during the sixth, when Luis Exposito hit an RBI single. Awww, look, how cute! The other catcher's trying to get big hits, too!

Hideki Okajima skipped out to the mound in the eighth with the score at 3-2 PawSox. Easy eighth, right? No! It was awful! A bloodbath! Third baseman Kevin Frandsen and his UGLY, red-and-nacho cheese colored cleats singled with one out. Second baseman Pete Orr followed that with a double, putting two runners in scoring position for Brandon Moss,who sac flied to center. Orr scores! And then Delwyn Young, the petite right fielder, took it upon himself to knock it out of the park. Two-run homer! 5-3 Pigs!

In the bottom of the eighth, a single by Luis Exposito and a slew of sacrifice-style outs off reliever Sidney Ponson tacked another run onto Pawtucket's score, but alas. It was hopeless. The mini-Phils were just too clever by half. Justin De Fratus came in for the save and got all the outs. No sweep for the Red Sox. Good game, though.

an informal upgrade:
1. I'm sorry, did I say Sidney Ponson? I meant Mike 'Bronko' Zagurski. They look so much alike!
2. Jose Iglesias came back, didn't finish the whole game but baby steps are fine. He got two singles so that was lovely. And he executed a nice, sideways scissoring infield play in the sixth to get Delwyn Young out at first.
3. We've got lots and lots of errors! Shortstop Brian Bocock threw a ball to first and it was wicked high in the first inning. Delwyn Young found his reason to homer in the fourth. And the most ugly one of all: Pete Orr couldn't pick up the ball in the seventh.
4. Clevelan Santeliz pitched the ninth inning. I did see Bowden warming up, prancing around in the bullpen like he was Barry Zito or something. I wonder if the other relievers roll their eyes?
5. Hector Luna hit a double and a triple!
6. Ryan Lavarnway almost hit a second home run in the ninth. It was way! Back! To left by the PawSox bullpen! But then Brandon Moss somehow snapped it up. I can't even be too mad, because Moss is as sweet as they come.
7. I noticed that the visitor's dugout bat boy had to wear a Lehigh Valley jersey. The player? Jason Grilli, who just just got signed by the Pirates. Ha.
8. IronPigs manager Ryne Sandberg could not be there last night due to being inducted into the Hall of Fame! Hitting coach Sal Rende ran the show.
9. Wrong Tony, Staff Report: This article refers to Pena as 'Armas'. Sure.
10. Bacon and Biscuits game story (featuring poll).
11. Attleboro's Peter Gobis talks to Lavarnway and Exposito about being catchers and being hot. "You can't put that as an excuse, you can't bitch about the heat or the cold," sez Exposito. Good stuff, Gobis! What's an ammonia towel?
12. Big star Josh Reddick popped into McCoy on his day off to say 'hi'.
13. It was Hideki Okajima's first loss of the season. Not that he minds.
14. How much B-Mac can you handle?! I saw both guys exiting the park together. Arm in arm. They were wearing aspirational homburgs.
15. Speaking of which, here's a McGair story in which Ryne Sandberg talks about Pedroia and such. It's good stuff, but you would think the accompanying photo would be of Sandberg.

Tonight! Buffalo! Matt Fox @ Chris Schwinden in the Empire State/Canada. Leave now and you will make it.


7.20.2011 Pawtucket Red Sox v Lehigh Valley IronPigs - Too Tight.

2-1 Slater Millsters. Low scoring game that ran over three hours long. But Pawtucket's been hot shit lately, just winning all over the place and creeping up on the Pigs. I'll bet those guys get mad ladies!

Starter for the Red Sox, Kevin Millwood, pitched seven innings, giving up one run on seven hits. Millwood did not get the win; Jeremy Kehrt did.

Durham... No, Lehigh Valley. The IronPigs' starter was Nate Bump, who only gave up one run during six innings. In fact, the game was neatly knotted up until the ninth inning, when reliever Michael Schwimer got down on his knees and blew the game. Nate Spears walked with one out. Exposito singled. Bermudez struck out, but sexy outfielder Che-Hsuan Lin hit a line drive single to right on a full count. Spears ran home and everybody was so happy.

Pawtucket was only 1-9 with runners in scoring position. On the plus side, everybody except Lavarnway and Bermudez got hits. And also, we knocked down the SunSphere. Wait, did I say Lavarnway? I meant Dlugach.

No, I really meant Lavarnway. I had to check like ten times, but he really did not get a hit last night. Except off the crack pipe. No, not really. I'm pretty sure Ryan Lavarnway does not smoke crack. My official position is apologetic.

Okay, I will tell you one bad thing about Lin. He tried to run home from first on a Nava double to center. Lin was thrown out at home by way of a Thompson-Bocock relay. YEAH, BABY! There's a "relay" I could get down with!

But wouldn't that be Arnie Beyeler's fault, what with him being a world-class third base coach (tm Stephen Fife)? Yeah! Screw you, Beyeler!

Anderson La Lin Luna H:
1. Les Walrond also pitched for LV. It was one inning, nothing happened. He needed the money! In fact, Walrond's got a sub-one ERA so he must be doing something right. And this is officially the most attention I will give Les Walrond unless he starts buying my groceries.
2. Che-Hsuan Lin was responsible for both Red Sox RBI. And... there it is. He is officially my favorite. All it took was injuries to Rich Hill and JC Linares.
3. If the IronPigs would like to point fingers at anyone, it should be Kevin Frandsen, who twice made the last out with runners in scoring position. What a pain in the ass typing out 'runners in scoring position'. If only there were some kind of snappy acronym!
4. Take it away, Terry Nau! (includes photo of players throwing water at Nate Spears FAYCE!!!
5. You know if Lavarnway ever got the call to Boston, and he went hitless in his first game, there would be fans yelling, "Who is this fucking Laverne guy? Tito put this bum in the lineup? Trade him for that Blue Jays home run guy!" Anyway, here's a Lavarnway story out of Miami, for some reason.
6. A Lavarnway quote from the aforementioned story: "Trying to play GM is one of the worst things you can do." Okay, maybe. I would say that in many ways, Theo is trying to play Tyra Banks.
7. Attleboro's Peter Gobis talks about Lin Che-Hsuan. Read it, it's very nice indeed!
9. !!!

TONIGHT!!! More Lehigh Valley. Lehigh missed the boat that day he left the shack. Maybe I'll go? Pena's pitching, so that's kind of boring. Ryan Feierabend opposes. should be nice and toasty at McCoy. I hope it gets even hotter!


7.19.2011 Pawtucket Red Sox v Lehigh Valley IronPigs

Like my hair band lineup? Pawtucket wins 7-2. Ryan Lavarnway continues his historical run of SMASH! Yeah, I said historical. Do not even act like it isn't cool. Don't be all like, "Yes, but it's a small sample size and he's got no real position and he's facing AAA pitching NONONO NO!!! Just go to a PawSox game for once in your life.

Red Sox starting pitcher was Felix Doubront. Doubront went from throwing like 90-ish pitches in his last couple of starts to 69 last night. He pitched 4 1/3 and gave up one run on three hits.

Scott Atchison, Clevelan Santeliz, and Jason Rice put their magic rings together and transformed into an effective relief corps. Most dramatic transformation goes to Jason Rice, who pitched two hitless, walkless (?) innings and had three K's.

Lehigh Valley starter Brian Bass stretched himself out, pitched seven innings, threw 101 pitches. Bass gave up five runs on six hits, including a home run by Matt Sheely. No, not really. The homer was Lavarnway's, of course.

Bass kept the Red Sox scoreless until the fourth inning, when the talented and lovely Che-Hsuan Lin led off with a single. Lin made it over to second on a pick-off attempt error and then over to third when Nate Spears grounded out. And then Lavarnway doubled. And then Anderson doubled. Hey, didn't that happen on Tuesday, too? Creo que si. 2-1 Pawtucket!

Later on in the sixth inning with the score tied at two, Lin and Spears led off with back-to-back singles. I am going to start a dating service called 'Back-to-Back Singles'. Does that sound porny? Not my intent. I was going to say that Lin must be magic or something, because he scored when Spears singled to third. Turns out that third baseman Kevin Frandsen made an error. And that's when Lavarnway stepped in and hit a home run. It's like science fiction. It's the mysterious work of the FSM.

But Pawtucket was wild and insatiable last night. When Justin De Fratus came in to relieve Bass, the Red Sox reacted with whorish frenzy. Spears got on base again, this time by way of an error. He stole second while Lavarnway was dicking around at the plate, taking pitches, working the count, obtaining a walk. Both runners advanced on a passed ball. Anderson singled to left, scoring Spears. Then Hector Luna, who's been quiet lately. RBI SINGLE HECTOR LUNA!!! 7-2 PawSox!!

Good work, everyone. Who needs Reddick or JC Linares? Or Kalish? Wait, no, we really do need those guys. I'm just worried about Matt Sheely getting released.

backstage pass:
1. Doubront left the game with some kind of leg cramp. He crumpled over on the mound, which you really don't wanna see.
2. Che-Hsuan Lin on his error: "I don't know what happened, I don't even want to think about it." He sounds a little freaked out.
3. Tony Thomas and Luis Exposito both went 0-4 with 2 K's.
4. Pawtucket's creeping up on Lehigh Valley. They are now only two games out of first in the Northern Division. All thanks to Luis Exposito!
5. Through six games at McCoy, the IronPigs are 2-39 with runners in scoring position.
6. Hey, red pinstripes are cooler!

Todaygame! More Pigs, more Lavarnway doing it to them. Kevin Millwood, Nate Bump. Nate Bump? Yes, he is still around.



7.18.11 Pawtucket v Lehigh Valley - Ranking the IronPigs in order of hotness.

Pawtucket wins 4-1. Ryan Lavarnway is less man than raw meat with arms. I have to say that I have never seen anything like it since I started this blog back in 1999. It's nearly supernatural, like the voice of Roxane Coss.

Starting pitcher for the PawSox was Brandon Duckworth on short notice. Duckworth's a good-looking man. Very solid. Seems really normal, like he could be your neighbor. Duckworth pitched five scoreless innings with three strikeouts and a walk. On second thought, can your neighbor do that? Maybe not mine, but he mows a mean lawn.

For the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, we get Scott Mathieson. Mathieson's like the Maryland of state quarters. He didn't work too hard, though, not even getting that crucial last out in the third. Instead, it was lefty Ryan Edell, who's a Massachusetts guy and is effortlessly handsome in a way that makes you hate him. I mean, go take a look at this guy. Super cute.

Edell pitched pitched 4 1/3 innings and gave up two runs. Add that to the two runs given up by back-to-back doubles off Mathieson and you have four runs. I know my gazintas!

Hideki Okajima pitched a couple of scoreless innings, natch. Michael Bowden and his Persistent Itch finished off the game, gave up the only IronPigs run.

Thanks, I'm keeping it brief because it's getting so late.

1. This game is alarmingly like one I attended on June 17th, where I was inspired to describe Edell as 'Dirty. Unkempt. Hot. Erect.' Wow, that is really unlike me. Duckworth also pitched that game AND Lavarnway hit two home runs. That was a pretty good game.
2. The Red Sox made three errors: Duckworth (pickoff error), Lin (fielding), and Exposito (catcher interference).

Tonight! More Pigs at 7. Doubront and Brian Bass will tango under the lights. Ryan Edell will be idle, so if you're into jock c. you might wanna make a run at this guy.


7.17.11 Pawtucket Red Sox v Durham Bulls - Uniform Numbers

Durham Bulls WIN! 13-3.

Some crazy guy I used to work with used to talk about this friend of his, Craig Albernaz, who was in the Rays org. Had I ever heard of him? No. But now, here he is. Pretty sure he is from Somerset, MA.

Starting pitcher for the Red Sox was all-star Matt Fox, who pitched his second bad start in a row. Would we say the last one was bad? I can't remember. Fox gave up seven runs yesterday. And I really don't wanna go through everything like I did yesterday, so I will merely say that I can't wait to see the back of Felipe Lopez, who evidently likes McCoy Stadium. A LOT. Lopez went 3-6 with 5 RBI. Jesus.

Bulls starter Brian Baker pitched five innings and gave up all three Pawtucket runs. Mike Ekstrom and his pals Spinner and Paddlefoot kept the rest of the game scoreless.

Durham slapped some runs up on the scoreboard in the fourth inning, which featured an RBI double by that brat Felipe Lopez and a two-run single by center fielder John Matulia. Ooh, what's prettier than a fresh-cut arrangement of Matulias? Especially this time of year!

Pawtucket got one back in the bottom of the fourth, but a sac fly by Dan Johnson in the fifth added another run to Durham's lead. And in the bottom of the sixth, Pawtucket got their last two runs, thanks to RBI doubles by both Tony Thomas and Ronald Bermudez. I was going to say that Tony Thomas was better than Lars Anderson, but he is not. I looked it up.

Innings 7-9 put the Bulls streets ahead of the Red Sox. They scored nine runs altogether off Dennis Neuman and Jeremy Kehrt. Oh, by the way, Dennis Neuman is back with Pawtucket. My goodness, where has he been? Did he get caught in a Narragansett riptide? Was he on Prudence island growing vegetables? If only there were some way of knowing!

neil solondz:
1. Remember Alex Cobb, who pitched Friday? He was hit on the back of the head while playing catch before a game at McCoy. The culprit? FELIPE LOPEZ, who hit a line drive during BP.
2. I just looked at some pictures of Felipe Lopez. Turns out he's kinda foxy. And also, kind of a dick. Whatever, I still don't like that guy.
3. Felipe Lopez was on the Boston Red Sox last year. He played in four games for them last September.

Tonight! Felix Doubront v Scott Mathieson in an IronPigs adventure. Can I go back to bed, now?


Saturday Game, Everybody's Fault

You really have me all wrong.

Durham Bulls win 11-8 in a game that was crap on a spatula. Geez, where do I even start? I should just cut n paste the entire game recap. The good, the bad, and the argyle.

First inning, who's pitching for the Pawtucket Sox? It's Tony Pena (Jr), who gets a K and two groundouts. Clean, real clean. Like my conscience. Bottom of the first, Matt... Matt? Torra? Pitching for the Bulls, not 'Da' Bulls, just some skinny little Rays kidz. Che-Hsuan Lin, or 'Lin Che Hsuan', as he likes to be called, hit a single as did Lavarnway. And yet, Pawtucket did not score.

Inning two: Dan Johnson leads off with a single, Canzler GIDP. And a flyout ends the inning. So far, nothing too exciting. Pawtucket half, Dlugach solo homer. Bermudez and Lin each singled, Lin stole second, but Nava struck out. 1-0 Red Sox.

Top of the third: A single and a walk, but nothing. Bottom half, three outs, but Lavarnway hit a double because there is no possible way this kid can be that good.

Ready for the fourth inning? Take a deep breath. Bulls second baseman Felipe Lopez reached on a Tony Thomas error. Tony, you're a star in nobody's eyes but mine. Strongman Dan Johnson becomes Ropeman when he hits a line drive single to right. Runners at the corners for Russ Canzler, or 'Canz' as Hyder refers to him. Canzler walks, bases loaded, no outs.

Left fielder Leslie Anderson batted next. Did you know that he was Cuban? Anderson hit a line drive double, scoring Lopez and Johnson. Catcher Robinson Chirinos grounded out for the first out of the game, scoring Canz.

Okay, steady as she goes. Tony Pena, still going after it, facing Daniel Mayora. HIT HIM. Ray Olmedo, next guy, line drive double to right fielder Daniel Nava, who usually plays left but Carl Crawford's playing left. Anderson scores. Desmond 'Jones' Jennings doubles, again to right. Minora and Olmedo both score.

Tony Pena, all done. Jason Rice, welcome to the jungle. Rice immediately impresses his teammates by hitting Brandon Guyer with a pitch. Oh, hell. Are we still in the fourth inning? And hey, wait, is that Felipe Lopez, coming around again like Carly Simon? Yup, and he singled to... where? To right field, of course, scoring Jennings. Daniel Nava must have had quite a workout last night, and I don't mean that in a sexy way.

And yet Rice buckled down and managed to get the last couple of outs. The score was 7-1. And then things started getting weird. Run for cover, there's a big one coming.

BOTTOM OF THE FOURTH. This is a song about a superhero named Tony who singled to left to start the inning. Just keeps bouncing like a bouncing ball. Then Brent Dlugach walked. Thunderheads rolled in. Ronald Bermudez hit a single after that, porque los que no se banan tienen suerte. Tony Thomas scored! Then Che-Hsuan Lin, who is like my favorite, singled to left, scoring Dlugach.

Next batter was daniel nava, whose name keeps coming up lower case for me so let's leave it that way. Nava grounded into a force, Lin out at second. So, not an FC, then? Got it. Matt Torra was given the gate in favor of RJ Swindle and his fat-ass pitches.

Swindle faced Carl Crawford, who popped out so softly and slowly. Then Lavarnway, who walked. Lavarnway can do it all. And hey, clutch hitting ain't like going down to the pond chasing blue gills or tommycots. Unless you're Lars Anderson, I guess, who hit a grand slam for now apparent reason. RJ Swindle, what happened?

Hector Luna struck out after that whole thing, but the game was tied at 7.

FIFTH INNING. More Lumberjack Hedgemaze Mayhem! Although Durham went down in order in the top half, the ass half was like the Revenge of Dr. Tongue. Righty reliever Ryan Reid stepped in for Swindle. Tony Thomas, the world's most popular Portland up-and-downer, led off with a double. I really don't need Thomas to return to Maine, you guys. Brent Dlugach, who is not one-dimensional, followed up with a single. Bermudez walked. Bases loaded with no outs? Yes, but nothing happened because baseball is a fuckhead. Except Nate Spears replaced Crawford. One day I will tell you a funny story about Nate Spears, but I have to wait until he leaves the room.

INNING SIX!!! Nava switched to right to take a breather. Jason Rice still in, even though he's been pitching for a million miles. Dan Johnson RBI single is all you need to know.

In the bottom of the sixth Ryan Lavarnway was caught stealing, in case you doubted his mortality.

Between the sixth and seventh, all this happened: Spears came in from right to play third. Matt Sheely played right. Clevelan Santeliz took the hill. Whoa, where the hell has he been? And Hector Luna got ejected for arguing strikes and balls.

Santeliz got everyone out in the top of the seventh, 1-2-3. Rob Delaney mirrored this accomplishment in the bottom half. They're all the same, just part of the machine.

EIGHTH INNING! Scott Atchison is pitching and everything's starting to feel like a fever dream. Desmond Jennings hit a double, but that was all. Pawtucket half - Three quick outs.

And at last, the ninth inning like a sandy beach, like a glass of lemonade. Felipe Lopez... Let's face it, how much does anyone know about his cat? No one seemed to notice how he was different, but I did. And I knew. Lopez doubled, is what I am trying to say. I would help him count the papers.

JJ Furmaniak came in to replace Lopez as a pinch runner. Atchison got Johnson to K, but Canz singled to right, scoring Furmaniak.

Home run Leslie Anderson. Two more runs. 11-7.

Ryan Lavarnway... Solo home run in the bottom of the ninth. Like everything's everything.

Thanks, I'm finished. I never want to read this again.


7.15.11 Get in Shape the Lavarn Way!

Let's bang this out. Pawtucket wins 3-2 after being steered through six innings than none other than Kevin Millwood, because Kevin Millwood pitches for the PawSox.

So who pitched for Durham? Only everybody: Alexander Torres, Lance Cormier, Rob Delaney, Jay Buente, and Dane De La Rosa. Cormier took the loss.

Pawtucket scored first, first inning. Che-Hsuan Lin reached second on an error by shortstop Ray Olmedo, then advanced to third on a wild pitch. Nava singled, then Carl Crawford singled, scoring Lin. 1-0 Red Sox.

Durham tied the game in the third inning. Center fielder Brandon Guyer singled with one out. Guyer advanced to third on a wild pitch and a missed catch by Dlugach. Uh, oops. Millwood responded to this by issuing two consecutive walks. And then when Russ Canzler took an opportunity to ground out, Guyer scored. 1-1!

In the bottom of the fifth, Ryan Lavarnway hit a two-run homer. I mean, I could have just written that and called it a damn day. But I am committed to providing excellence at no cost to you, but at a substantial cost to me. I kinda thought that Lavarnway would have cooled off by now, but he is an animal. IN BED.

The Bulls scored a second run off Jeremy Kehrt in the seventh inning, mostly due to Ray Olmedo's double, but they left a couple of runners at the corners when first baseman Dan Johnson flew out to center. Dan Johnson is still kicking around.

Handsome Randy Williams got the save, getting the last out in the eighth with the bases loaded and then pitching a heavenly ninth. Williams struck out three batters during his brief appearance. Looks like Randy Williams is also an animal. But not in bed. Randy is a gentle and sensitive lover.

i ain't never gonna love nobody but carl crawford:
1. Read this thing about Carl Crawford. Isn't that what you're really here for?
2. Terry Nau, breakin' it down for the Woonsocket paper, which is the same as the Pawtucket paper.
3. How high was Peter Gobis when he wrote this? It's called a period, dude.

I think it is a REAL SHAME that sportswriters are overlooking Randy Williams' remarkable save last night. Well, some things are left up to the little guy and this is one of those instances. : )

One last thing: Brendan McGair should totally have tried to do a story on Andy Sonnanstine. I'll bet Sonnanstine would have been really receptive to that. I'm sure he would have been really accessible after the game. What? That would have been a great story and looked terrific in a portfolio! DON'T YOU WANNA GET THE HECK OUT OF PAWTUCKET, MCGAIR?

TONIGHT! More Durham Bulls and Tony Pena Jr, who really should behave himself better at home. Matt Torra with no record goes for the North Carolina team. I can't go, but thanks for asking.



7.14.11 The Durham Bulls are an annual pleasure.

Brandon Duckworth WINS! 3-2. And the Durham Bulls are in town for their seasonal visit to Pawtucket! Well, they come in October, too, but that's just to look at the foliage and drink cider and go on hay rides.

Duckworth traipsed his way through 6 2/3 innings, giving up two runs on seven hits. Bulls DH Felipe Lopez hit a two-run homer in the second inning, accounting for all Durham's runs last night. Duckworth threw 99 pitches, struck out five and walked zero. Excellent.

Righty Alex Cobb started for Durham and gave up a couple of hits and a walk, but no runs. Leave that to Andy Sonnanstine, who's been demoted to get more playing time. Officially. Unofficially... I don't know, but let the record show that I am making the drinky-drinky motion. Sonnanstine pitched the meat of the game, giving up three runs through four innings and taking the loss for the sweet baby Rays.

All of Pawtucket's runs came off Sonnanstine in the fourth inning. Daniel Nava and catcher Ryan Lavarnway led the inning off with back-to-back singles. Lars Anderson saw meat on the bags and hit a line drive double to right, scoring D Nava. A sac fly to right by veteran Hector Luna scored Lavarnway to tie the game at 2. Next guy, Nate Spears. Spears popped up to third... ???... for a single. What was third baseman Daniel Mayora doing? And where was he? It wasn't an error, so it must have been a very, very lucky hit that fell in just the right spot. Or Mayora was lost in reverie. Or... Most likely the infield was pulled in for defensive purposes. But that's much less interesting.

Spears' hit scored Luna, and the Red Sox pulled ahead for good. Relievers Atchison and Bowden wrapped things up nicely, keeping the game a hair below 2.5 hours, but not before Bowden walked a couple of guys in the ninth. With a one-run lead. Yeah, that sounds about right.

1. "Sonnanstine, 28, was said by several teammates to be upset by the move after spending all last season (except for a weeklong paper demotion) in the majors. The clubhouse was kept closed following Saturday's game until he left." - They probably kept it closed because Sonnanstine was going gorilla, smashing stuff and yelling. I know how these jockos operate.
2. Mike Eckstrom and RJ Swindle each pitched an inning for Durham. Swindle did it better.
3. Russ Canzler had the only other extra base hit for Durham, hitting a ground-rule double off Duckworth in the seventh.
4. And for Pawtucket, Hector Luna had the only other XBH: A double off Sonnastine.
5. Hey, look, Tony Thomas is back! Good FSU-style article here.
6. Alex Cobb has had a couple of starts in the big leagues. They were not stellar, but disastrous. Part of the problem may have been that he was tipping his pitches.
7. Brandon Duckworth works out, drinks green tea, maximizes his stamina.

TONIGHT! Carl Crawford is coming! Kevin Millwood gets the start for the PawSox, Alexander Torres goes for the Durham Bulls. I can't go. Why don't you? yeah, you go, take notes, then report back to me. There's a popsicle in it for you if you do it right.

Please give. $$$


Baby hit with ball, yes.

So I have essentially confirmed that on July 3rd at McCoy Stadium, during a PawSox game, a baby girl was hit by a ball. Possibly in the head. A commenter stated that the baby is in ICU.

Sad. Let's all hope she recovers.

Ramp Champ #41: Fred Lynn

Fred Lynn is a center fielder who played 124 games for the Pawtucket Red Sox in 1974. He was 22 years old.

Lynn hit 21 home runs that year and, more importantly, two triples. The home run total placed him at third in the International League. His strikeouts (88), put him fourth.

Two things:
1. Fred Lynn on the All-Star game: "I think it’s sad. ‘I want a rest’ is not good enough for me. It’s not a stressful atmosphere out here. It’s very relaxed. I think you should show up and play if you were voted in by fans." - from Busted Coverage
2. "They’re not Fred Lynn & Jim Rice I know, but this Kalish & Nava are the best two I’ve seen to come up from Pawtucket since the gold-dust twins. Nava & Kalish = Dirt Dog Twins. By that name alone, you know they arent as talented as their Gold Dust brothers, yet they give you great heart & effort with positive results." - from Two Cents from Beantown

Fred Lynn shares his mural with Lynn Swann in the first base tower lobby.


Brendan McGair texts and drives.

Just saw BM in the downtown/East Ave/bridge construction area. I tried to get his attention, kinda, but I stopped short of honking my horn or slamming on my brakes (he was behind me).

What a pimp.

How to get into McCoy Stadium without paying.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was at a Pawtucket hotel, possibly trying to get to Neil Walker or whatever, and ran into one of the PawSox players. This player was living at the hotel and had no car. Strange, especially considering the guy had played in the majors.

Anyway, the player had been walking to the park every day. So my friend offered to give the guy a ride. Out of gratitude, the player left a couple of free tickets at will-call for my friend.

That man was Jon Lester. Okay, not really. But my point is this: Even though they installed hardcore blockades at the top of the entrance ramps, you can still get into McCoy without paying.

Here are a few examples:
1. Read the Pawtucket paper. Sometimes they have this promotion with local businesses where the businesses will give away general admission tix if you show up in person.
2. Show up a little late. As in, sixth inning late. At that point you should be able to just drift in through the turnstiles.
3. Or just wait at one of the alternate ramps, wait for someone to exit, then slip in. Again, you'd probably need to wait until the later innings. By the way, this is probably illegal and I certainly would not advise anyone to do it.
4. Donate blood! Sometimes there's a bloodmobile parked out front. It only hurts a little. And that blood pressure cuff, ugh. And the squeezing and pumping, ew. Sometimes you break out into a cold sweat, too... Sometimes the needle goes right through your vein! You should see the extensive bruising when that happens!
5. Get a job at the park! You probably won't get electrocuted. LIKE I DID.
6. Be a kid! If you go to public school, camp, are a scout, or go to the library (unless you live in CF, then you're out of luck because THEY CLOSED THE G.D. LIBRARY), then it's a done deal.

What about me? Oh, I get free tickets all the time. The PawSox staff always takes time to tell me how much they enjoy Baseball Heavy. And they're so grateful for the attention I draw to the team and the park. I can't tell you how warm and accepting everyone has been down at HQ.



Red Sox v Bisons - Okay, see you guys later.

Pawtucket wins, 4-3. Matt Fox struck out seven and kept Buffalo to two hits, two runs and went home happily with the win. It was carefully wrapped in a pair of shorts and packed into his duffel bag.

Bisons starter Dylan Owen was the losing pitcher. Owen threw 76 pitches through five innings, three of which were taken deep for homers. Owen was responsible for all four Pawtucket runs. After the game, Owen sat and smoked against the wall, drank a beer, felt the chill of fall.

Pawtucket got one the board first in the fourth inning, when DH Ryan Lavarnway hit a fly ball to left... Way back! Outta here. That would be Lavarnway's sixth home run since emerging from Portland's birth canal on June 13th. And Hector Luna took it upon himself to homer as well in the fourth. Tenth home run for Luna. Only Brent Dlugach has more... No, not really. Josh Reddick still leads the team in that category, with Luna in second place.

In the top of the fifth inning, Matt Fox walked Bubba Bell. Bell stole second and dashed home on a single by center fielder Jesus Feliciano. 2-1 PawSox. But not for long! Lavarnway struck again in the bottom of the inning, hitting a two-run homer. Get the fuck outta here. Yes, Matt Sheely had been on base because he was hit by a pitch... Just like Jeff Natale!

Things got spaceship-weird in the sixth. Bisons mgr Tim Teufel got ejected by the third base umpire. I will try to sort that out later. And then with one out, Matt Fox hit DH Fernando Martinez. Maybe this was because Owen hit Luna and Sheely, who knows. Whatever, Fox was done for the day after that. Jason Rice came out from the bullpen to see what was what. Then what happened? Pascucci singled, Jason Botts doubled. Pascucci scored. Luis Hernandez hit a sac fly, scoring left fielder Botts.

Rice walked Bubba Bell and the Red Sox lead seemed imperiled, but catcher Raul Chavez grounded out to end the inning. Rice went on to pitch another couple of innings and did not allow further Mets scoring. Randy Williams pitched the ninth and got the save. Good talk, Russ.

i'd be like my dog and never give up:
1. Jason Rice has disappointed me so far. Perhaps my expectations were set too high.
2. Pawtucket's been very good lately, winning seven of their last ten games. And still 3 1/2 behind the IronPhils.
3. So... was Sheely really hit by a pitch? I think that call was questioned.
4. "Fox will depart for Utah on Monday and has finger's crossed he can provide the International League squad with at least one inning." - Ahem. MCGAIR.
5. This past January, Dylan Owen threw a seven-inning no-hitter in Puerto Rico.

Tonight! There is no tonight, there is only Thursday. But the Durham Bulls are making their annual trip to Rhode island, probably because they heard about this place. I'll be around, I promise.



Buffalo Bisons ride into Pawtucket

The Pawtucket Red Sox win, 2-0, in spite of Lars Anderson evidently being too stoned to catch the ball. Winning pitcher for the Red Sox was the sadly neglected Tony Pena, who acted like a man and pitched five scoreless innings. Pena gave up two hits and a walk and struck out four.

: )

You remember Pat Misch, right? Lefty? Great dancer? Smells like desert rain? Misch didn't do too badly, but Pawtucket scored the only two runs of the game under his watch, so he's the one who took the golden L, in the tan van, and gave it to Dan who took it to Fran.

So what happened? Hector Luna doubled to left to lead off the second inning. Exposito grounded out. And then Nate Spears, who... Is back, doubled to right. And the weird thing is that Luna stopped at third. I don't get it! I would say if you're on second base, and the batter doubles to right, shouldn't you make it home pretty easily? Standard baseball stuff. And Luna's not, like, wicked slow. He steals bases! What happened? Who can I call about this?

The next batter, Bermudez, struck out. And then Alex Valdez reached on an error by first baseman Zach Lutz, allowing Luna and Spears to score. And that was it, all the scoring for the game. Tommy Hottovy and Randy Williams wrangled the last four innings out of the hands and bats of Buffalo. RAWHIDE!!!!!

just like me, only beautiful:
1. The Red Sox had two errors, both on Anderson, both listed as 'dropped ball'. And that makes him sound incompetent. But what happened in the seventh inning was that beloved right fielder Fernando Martinez got on base when Anderson dropped the ball. And then Val Pascucci, who's a super big, big ox of a man, collided with Anderson in the first base area. Anderson dropped that ball, too, but I don't think it's because he was Buffaloed by Pascucci. It looks to me like he just dropped it.
2. And now I know what happened with Luna at second! I guess when Spears hit the ball to right, Martinez kinda flubbed the catch a little on the warning track. "Luna was tagging up at second base on the play to advance once the ball was caught, so he only advanced to third on the two-base error that put Spears at second." The source for 1 and 2 is right here, no author credited. However, the official minor league site credits Spears with a double and no error, so now down is up and I don't know what to think. I should go to church.
3. Hey, look, Bubba Bell's on the Bisons!
4. Guess who pitched after Pat Misch? Big League bon vivant Miguel Batista! Batista was just signed by the Mets a few days ago.
5. Pat Misch is freaky. (with visual aids) (NSFW)
6. Lavarnway hit a double, but you are probably tired of hearing about him being good.
7. Once again, I have an excuse to play the Japanese Val Pascucci chant. It is very, very exciting. CHIBA LOTTE!

TODAY! Kyle Weiland's in Boston. I'm excited and nervous for him. In Pawtucket it's Matt Fox and Dylan Owen. You mean I can't have both?

See you soon.


7.8.2011 Hang on, let me check... Yes, still Syracuse.

Pawtucket comes from behind to win 5-4. How did they do it?

Kevin Millwood pitched five innings for Pawtucket. He didn't give up any runs until the fifth inning, when he led it off by giving up three consecutive singles, which allowed Syracuse to score their first run. A sac bunt by center fielder Gregor Blanco moved everyone over like teddy bears. And the Steve Lombardozzi, second baseman, hit a two-run single. Seth Bynum subsequently homered, but Lombardozzi never made it home, because he'd been picked off by Millwood. Oooh, bad luck!

Chiefs starter Craig Stammen pitched six innings, and gave up three runs, one unearned. Pawtucket scored first in the first inning. Che Hsuan Lin got on first with a single, and then with two outs Lars Anderson drove him in with a single. Alex Valdez hit a solo home run in the top of the fifth to make the score 2-0. But then came Millwood's aforementioned messy half, which put the Red Sox behind 4-2.

INNING SEVEN. Stammen was still pitching, but got the hook after he walked Khoury to lead things off. Colin Balestar jumped into the fire, got Bermudez out but walked Valdez. A passed ball by catcher Jhonatan Solano moved the runners up for Lin, who grounded out to third. Khoury scored and it was 4-3 Chiefs!

Have we ever really gotten to know lefty Lee Hyde? Hyde came in to start the eighth inning, ostensibly to get left-handed hitter Lars Anderson out. Anderson did not comply, deciding to double to right instead. Hyde was done for the night. Jeff Mandel was next in line. Mandel got a couple of outs, but then faced Mighty Mouse and his little cape and his little cleats. Yes, it's Ryan Khoury, who... Please don't make me say good things about him. Ugh. Okay, Khoury tripled, and I love triples, so even though I cannot explain how that happened, I'm glad it did. Anderson scored. And then Bermudez reached first on an error from third baseman Tug Hulett. Khoury scored. 5-4 PawSox. Remarkable.

Michael Bowden pitched the eighth and ninth, earning himself a save. That's more like it, Bowden. Hideki Okajima also pitched tow scoreless innings, no surprise there. Okajima's too good for triple-A. Poor kid.

Two things:
1. Lars Anderson went 3-5 with a double and an RBI.
2. "Millwood should really get into watercolors when he does retire." - Game summary, with video, and some mangled pronunciations.
3. Seth Bynum on his home run: "Guess that's kind of cool. Those guys know how to pitch for sure." Bynum later stated, "Millwood is real nice. I like his hat. We have a soda machine in the clubhouse."
4. "What does Syracuse reliver Lee Hyde do after he warms up, but before his first pitch?" - How have I never come across this blog before?
5. Also found on the blog: Some snapshots of Dan Hoard, h(o)ard at work in Syracuse.
6. Short story on Craig Stammen here, with steely-eyed pictures. Stammen's kinda... Um, he's very... Hello, nurse!
7. Craig Stammen audio. What's with the background noise? It sounds like he's at a St Patrick's Day parade.

TONIGHT. Pawtucket returns home. It's Jeremy Kehrt or Tony Pena v Buffalo's Pat Misch. Game's at six. What, me? Dude, you know I don't go to weekend PawSox games. Too crowded.

By the way, the accompanying Syracuse ballpark photo is all mine. I hope you see the reason I don't take many pictures.