Gary Chen is a suspicious character.

I am not sure what to make of this, but it seemed interesting so here you go.

I am quoting from the blog 'Baseball Fly'.

Frank's Field of Dreams 提到...

Gary Chen is someone who I knew through my time as an interpreter for the four Boston Red Sox' minor leaguers they signed in 2006, he's a very suspicious character, mostly being a jerk who likes to boss people around and act like they work under him.

There are plenty of stories I could say about him, but let's just go with a couple right now, I am not someone who is putting up wrong information.

#1, Gary first contacted me through my website, www.franksfieldofdreams.com, all he asked was my AIM screen name, and said he is just a fan wanted to talk about baseball. After talking to him for an hour online, he told me the reason why he contacted me, wanted to see if I would be interested of working as an interpreter. During our first contact, he also told me he is good friend with Tsao, which I seriously doubts now after reading the above.

#2, My University student newspaper and the town's local paper interviewed me after I told one of my former professor of my new job at the time, he found out, and got very upset at me, must have yelled at me on the telephone for about 30 minutes over it, and I was working at the time with players on the field, games going on etc.

#3, Gary called just about everyday to check players' status wants to know every detail that goes on in their life, such as 1 pm, what did they do, 3 pm, what did they do, what kind of food they ate for dinner, how much weights they lifted today, or what kind of conditioning they did after practice today etc., acting like he's their agent, more than just a friend or the scout who discovered them, after I mention it to my real boss, Craig Shipley, he promised that Gary will back off and stop bothering me because Gary, as a scout, is not with the player development.

#3, The highest paid player, Chiang, sort of get special treatment from Gary, he received a PSP from Gary during his time scouting him, when he brought it over to Fort Myers, it wasn't working and needs to be fixed, Gary once again called me after Shipley told him to leave me alone, this time in a better tone than the last one, wanted me to mail it to his hometown of Huntington Beach, CA so he can get it fixed, first I told him why don't I just take him to the local Edison Mall in Fort Myers and get it fixed, he said he brought it for Chiang, let him take care of it. I told him sure, I will get the equipment manager Mike Stelmach to mail it to him since he is the one handling the mails at the Minor League complex, after I told Mike about it, he said no, because Red Sox don't do "this and that" for any of the players. I told Gary I couldn't mail it to him, guess what, he lost his temper again, and now switching back to his bossy mode, even had the audacity of asking me, why don't I just take it to the local post office? Where I don't have transportation. This is one of example where he wanted me to do stuff against organization policy.

#4, One of the player, Yeh had bunch of instant noodles mailed from Taiwan (must been at least 30 cups) to him from his parents, but had to leave for Lowell two weeks later, I told him I will given the rest to the other three players arriving later, which I did. One day, Chiang ate instant noodle for lunch, Gary found out, again he was very furious at me, this time for not being able to take Chiang out for lunch, well...

#1, Chiang never asked me to take him out, Gary said it is my duty to knock on his door everyday, asking him where he wants to go eat, where this kind of special treatment don't go on the other three players.

#2, Chao-Ting Tang who is with the Tigers now, was on his last day of his three day trial in Fort Myers. If I am not wrong, I left the hotel around 11 am that day to help him check in the airport, so I skip lunch, and was not in hotel.

This time, after previously being chewed out on the phone few times prior, I told him to quit acting like my boss, and I work for the team not him. But he said I wouldn't have the job without him, well...who contacted who for help at first? I enjoyed every co-workers I had very much, front office people to the ones stationed in Fort Myers year round, but Gary was the only one who disrespected me very much and made my job tougher.

I decided to quit in July after I couldn't took his garbage anymore, less than five months I start the job, and less than two months from finishing it, the Red Sox went through several more Taiwanese scouts after I resigned until they settle with the current one, Mickey Jiang.

Did I mentioned that once Gary talked to Yeh during practice, and it got Craig Shipley upset because no players should be on the phone during practice/game? Gary just didn't understand what his job really is.

The above are not entirely everything I know about his sketchiness. I have more to whistle-blow, but I don't need to at this moment. By the way, I am sure Gary will see this, just to let him know, just about every co-worker (they might no longer be with the Red Sox now) I knew in Fort Myers also told me you were sketchy, one of them even told me "are you really a doctor" because if you are, you are not the one he would go see if he's sick.

Thanks to everyone who read my rant.

2009/3/21 上午 9:02

Frank's Field of Dreams 提到...

Just to clarify, Tang was at the Red Sox workout after playing the East/West High School All-American game in New Mexico in the summer of 2006, which he already graduated from San Ming High School.

However, people have heard that Gary Chen signed a couple other players early, it is up to the individuals to decide if he did or not.

'Frank' is Frank Lin. I'm guessing Chiang is Chih-Hsien. Right? Geez, and I thought being an interpreter for a baseball player would be a cool job, but not if I'm responsible for like knocking on their door to see what they want for lunch. Damn that Gary Chen!

BUT! Gary Chen responds in the comments!

I can honestly say I did whatever I can to help the Taiwanese players. For anyone interested, feel free to ask Taiwanese players Chih-Hsien Chiang, Chih-Hsiang Huang, Wang-Yi Lin, and Ting-Jen Yeh about what kind of person Frank was and how he performed as an interpreter. They've had several interpreters and the ONLY one that they had issues with was Frank. I didn't need to act as the bad guy if the players didn't have issues with Frank. I do whatever I can to help the players and Taiwanese baseball. Frank, I suggest you look in the mirror and ask yourself how much you did to help the Taiwanese players in their transition to living and working in the U.S. You quit because you knew a replacement was coming in for you because the players just couldn't take it anymore. I highly recommend you speak with the players about their take on you. Also, by the way, Mr. Shipley just invited me over to camp last month. My goal is not to please people, and my goal is to help the Taiwanese players and Taiwanese baseball. I am totally content to piss off and disrespect people that put themselves ahead of Taiwanese baseball and players.

Hmm, okay. Mr Lin's response?

You mean by sending them porn DVDs/passwords because they were bored, or let them view adult videos while you were hosting them at your house while they are still in High School around the age of 16? Or how about when you used Chih-Hsien Chiang's e-mail account to e-mail Mike Stelmach about wanting to order some bats and have them sent to you, trying to impersonate Chiang in the e-mail?

Would you really have "helped" the players if they didn’t give you a portion of their signing bonus?

And it goes on for quite a while. Other items of interest:

1. Frank Lin: "I don’t think a guy who approaches as young as junior high Taiwanese players with promises of playing professional baseball in the US is completely concerned with helping Taiwanese baseball. I think your motivations are clear. Why don’t you just explain to them from the get-go that they will be charged a representation fee, and that you are acting as a player agent? Anyone who claims to hold any respect toward the game of baseball would be a scout when he claims to be a scout, and an agent when he claims to be an agent. Can’t be both. That is called ‘conflict of interest’."

2. Gary Chen: "You have falsely accused me of things and damaged my reputation. I have spoke with the Red Sox front office and the players, who are very supportive of me, and I will be pursuing legal action against you regarding your false accusations. "

3. Lin: "...of course the players will side with you, had they admits your wrongdoing, that basically meant they are guilty in this scandal as well, if anyone go ask Chiang was he signed early, he would say no, he told his coach this while he was still in HS, and he indeed was already signed by you, otherwise the CTBA wouldn't suspended his school."

4. Lin: "All players must be treated equally, that's one of the rules posted on the wall of Fort Myers office, I am sure you missed that while you visited there."

5. Chen: "Getting hated by players is the most damaging thing to one's character/reputation in the Taiwanese baseball community in case you don't know." (Oh, really?)

6. Lin: "Also, once again, you do not understand that I work for the team, not you, or the players that you spoiled and made lots of promise of extra benefits to, if they disliked me because I wasn't willing to give them extra benefits compare to you, or help them lie to the coaches when they refused to do what the team required and have the team found out in the end which force them to have the coaches let them know if they do it again it will be a $20 fine, then I have no problem of being the guy that's hated. They also hated the long conditioning program Red Sox had compare to Taiwan, should trainers be blamed for it when the players hated their request of running laps and do weights? Shipley told me there was no need for me to run errands on their behalf." (Craig Shipley's coming out smelling like a rose on this one.)

7. Lin: "It is the players' responsibility to follow team rules that I explained to them, if they choose to skip regular English classes in order to chat with Gary on MSN, it is their fault. If they don't tip the hotel drivers when they want to go Wal-Mart, to cause the driver refuse to take them to places, it is their fault. I am not sure what extra stuff you want me to do for the players, but I am certainly sure it is the extra benefits and personal errand runs that Gary wanted me to do, if Chiang is not going to be willing and ask that if I can go to the post office with him, I have no responsibility of go knock on his door and ask, Mr. Chiang, may I take your PSP to the post office by myself, so I can mail it to your friend Gary in California." YEAH! Let Chiang go to the PO himself!

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