Ramp Champ #41: Fred Lynn

Fred Lynn is a center fielder who played 124 games for the Pawtucket Red Sox in 1974. He was 22 years old.

Lynn hit 21 home runs that year and, more importantly, two triples. The home run total placed him at third in the International League. His strikeouts (88), put him fourth.

Two things:
1. Fred Lynn on the All-Star game: "I think it’s sad. ‘I want a rest’ is not good enough for me. It’s not a stressful atmosphere out here. It’s very relaxed. I think you should show up and play if you were voted in by fans." - from Busted Coverage
2. "They’re not Fred Lynn & Jim Rice I know, but this Kalish & Nava are the best two I’ve seen to come up from Pawtucket since the gold-dust twins. Nava & Kalish = Dirt Dog Twins. By that name alone, you know they arent as talented as their Gold Dust brothers, yet they give you great heart & effort with positive results." - from Two Cents from Beantown

Fred Lynn shares his mural with Lynn Swann in the first base tower lobby.

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