7.5.2011 Rochester Red Wings left Pawtucket peaceful, warm and tired.

Pawtucket wins 4-2, needs a cigarette. Starting pitcher for the Red Sox was Jeremy Kehrt, who we all learned about the other day. Kehrt pitched 3 1/3 innings, gave up two runs, made way for Hideki Okajima who got the win. Okajima pitched two scoreless. Wonderful.

Rochester slapped a coat of paint on Cole DeVries and made him start game 2. DeVries didn't make it three innings. He gave up eight hits, five of them doubles. And a triple by Lin. Che-Hsuan Lin is a silent angel.

Lavarnway, Anderson and Bermudez all went 3-4. FMK: Lavarnway, Anderson, Bermudez.

Alex Valdez came up from Salem, played short for a concussed Iglesias, hit a double and worked a pair of walks. Lovely debut, Tigre.

Nava and Khoury went 0-4. Hector Luna played third.

For Rochester, Trevor Plouffe hit another home run.

1. Pawtucket scored four runs, but got 13 hits. This would have been infuriating had they lost, but here we go!
2. Michael Bowden and his plummeting stock pitched 1 2/3 innings, giving up a hit and a walk. I am a little disappointed with his eroding control. He'll get it back, right, Mrs. Bowden?
3. Trevor Plouffe is in a band like I'm a freelance sports journalist.

Tonight! Syracuse! Remember all the bad things I said about Syracuse, how I'd never go back? I might go back. Maybe a second chance for Syracuse. I am going to buy a new car so when that happens, if I am not dead, I might go. And you know what? Allentown is just as close. I should go there!

Felix Doubront and JD Martin are tonight's starters. Hector Luna will perhaps play third.

I'm so weak right now.


Jenks said...

F: Bermudez
M: Lavarnway
K: Anderson

Jenks said...

Can I change my answer?

I think i would K Lavarnway and M Anderson, as long as I didn't have to F him.