6.28.08 Red Sox @ Red Wings - change 16 to 30!

Oh, girl! Pawtucket tried so hard to come from behind but ultimately lost to Rochester in the tenth inning. 8-6 Wings.

Charlie Zink had it tough, giving up five runs on nine hits. He also walked three batters in his six innings of work. Mike Timlin pitched a scoreless seventh inning while the PawSox were down 5-1. Sheldon pitched 2 1/3 innings of scoreless relief, but Jon Switzer undid the batters' hard work when he gave up a two-run homer to Matt Macri in the tenth.

Rochester reliever Bobby Korecky blew the save when Pawtucket tied the game in the ninth. The Red Sox then pulled ahead in the tenth inning, but yeah.

Gil Velazquez and Van Every each had a home run. Joe Thurston tripled, which is excellent. Thurston wound up going 3-4 last night. Everyone on the team had at least one hit.

Tommy Watkins joined Macri in the home run category. Garrett Jones tripled. I would have loved to have seen that, since he is not what you'd call speedy.

Mule train... YAAH!!
1. Alejandro Machado stepped into this game late as a pinch runner. Jesus Christ, is he ever gonna be an everyday again? I loved him so much in Pawtucket.
2. Have you ever noticed that Keith Ginter is insanely freaking jacked? I'll bet that guy gets mad ladies! He also leads the team with seven errors. I wonder if he is one of those really built up guys who can't reach their wallet in their back pocket.
3. Joe Thurston is currently leading the IL in batting average.

Anyway, it's hot. I'm done for now. I'll get a post in before I head to New York and some of that fine, fine upside-down pizza in Utica.

I was at the International supermarket up the street earlier this evening and I noticed they sell a Mexican hair gel called "Gorilla Snot". I swear I am not making this up. It's for "los Punks".

I didn't buy any and I regret it already. Tomorrow. And I'll show you a photo.


I'm never going back! Except in July, I am going back. But after that... NEVER!

Ty Taubenheim used to be on the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. Now he is on the Pittsburgh Pirates. They love him out there. And why not? I love him, too. They sing, "O, Taubenheim' instead of 'O, Tannenbaum'. The Pirates just won in the 13th, a Jason Bay walkoff. Stone. Cold.

The Fisher Cats beat the Rock Cats 3-2. It was Jacoby Ellsbury bobblehead night. I didn't think I'd get one since I was held up in traffic but it rained pretty good and I have one. Want it? Wanna buy it off me?

I thought I could just ride 93 all the way down, through Boston to RI, and make it home lickety-split. WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! I'm never taking 93 through Boston ever again.

I bought my Eastern League All-Star Game tickets. It will be July 17th. The tickets have a big, reflective circle right in the middle of them. Like a little mirror. Maybe so you can gaze at it and imagine YOUR HEAD HERE on the all-star ticket?

I still think those cats are crazy!

Julian Tavarez has refused a minor league assignment by the Milwaukee Brewers and is currently a free agent.

Can we get him back, oh please?

In a related story, Brian Daubach's been on the Boston radio. He doesn't talk much... well, more like he gets talked over... but it's very exciting.

poor rich ones


6.27.08 EDGAH! is having Wings for supper.

Pawtucket wins again! 4-2

Edgar Martinez has had decent success as a starter. Although he's not going deep into games, he's getting outs and that's what matters in ball games. OMG COORS LITE AND LAWN TRACTORS!!!!

Sorry, I was channeling a radio jock. Subsequently, I have ragged on Martinez quite a bit as a reliever. But a five inning scoreless start? I'll take it. And five Ks!

Tejera gave up one run in two innings work. Asencio gave up the second run and Hunter Jones closed it out with a scoreless ninth.

Rochester's Danny Graves gave up nine hits in six innings, but only two runs. William Domingos "Ricky" Barrett pitched two innings and gave up the third run. Carmen Cali and Julio DePaula comprised inning nine. Cali gave up the final run, but that's okay because he has high self-esteem and is pretty and popular.

George Kottaras had a good night, going 3-4 with a double and a home run. God, he is an ANIMAL!! Joe Thurston went 3-5 with a double. Chad Spann? Oh, he went 0-4 with three strikeouts. My man! At least Pritzy only had one K!

Designated hitter Randy Ruiz hit a solo home run off Miguel Asencio.

by the way:
1. I don't feel like making the little lineups with paint. Do you know how much I hate doing that? I really do. So to sum up: Jeff, Joe, Jed... Carter, DH. Kottaras was the catcher. JV is still batting ninth, right after stud third baseman Chad Spann. Stick Pritz and Danielson in there and you've got your nine.
2. Rochester outfield was Darnell McDonald, Pridie, and Denard Span. Not in that order. Velvet Jones practiced his Blue Steel on first base.
3. Ryan Jorgenson was the catcher.
4. As shown in the photo, Denard Span is beside himself with excitement over being named to the US Olympic Trial team.
5. Tonight as in right fucking now the Red Sox are facing righty Kevin Mulvey! Charlie Zink's waxing his head and his surfboard and will also wax those Red Wings batters!!
6. I'm so hungry... like, delirious... dame un burrito, pendejo!
7. Check out Rochester's really great web site. You can watch videos and read a whole lot. I like when Pawtucket plays Rochester because there's so much more coverage of the team than say, Indianapolis or Ottawa.

I gotta go.


2005 Pawtucket Red Sox

1. Abe Alvarez - Playing independent baseball (Atlantic League)

2. Raymond "Chip" Ambres - Playing for the Padres AAA team.

3. Jeff Bailey - Still here!

4. Tim Bausher - Played on and off with the Can-Am League's Nashua Pride. Was resigned in 2008, but does not appear on their roster.

5. Mark Bellhorn - On the Dodgers AA team in Florida.

6. David Berg - Retired.

7. Ricky Bottalico - Retired.

8. Jim Buckley - Retired.

9. Scott Cassidy - Retired! Wow!

10. John Baptiste "Jack" Cressend III - Retired, doing baseball camps down in the swamp.

11. Manny Delcarmen - YES!

12. Marc Deschenes - Retired, lives in Mass, is a pitching instructor.

13. Lenny Dinardo - Up and down with the Oakland A's.

14. Luis Figueroa - Iowa Cubs, AAA.

15. Geremis Segundo Acosta (Alias Geremi Gonzalez) - Deceased, sadly.

16. Tim Hummel - Retired, I guess. It's so hard to tell.

17. Adam Hyzdu - Played in Japan in 2007. Probably not currently playing. Click link to get to his audio files, which are great.

That's all for now. I just wanted to get to Hyzdu.


Red Sox v. Braves - Jeff, Joe, and Jed.

4-1 Pawtucket!

David Pauley went seven innings deep and in spite of some hits given up in the early innings, he looked pretty good right in the middle there. Yeah. Pauley gave up one run on four hits and struck out nine of those zany Braves hitters. DP has improved his record to 10-2.

Mike Timlin stepped in and very politely got the three batters he faced out. What I also thought was cool was that Timlin sat in the bullpen until he was called in. A lot of rehabbing relievers don't budge from the clubhouse until later in the game. And yes, he was wearing camo under his Pawtucket uni.

The man, the thunder, and the lightening Hunter Q... wait a minute, Hunter Jones is not his real name? Well, Doctor Jones pitched the ninth. He gave up a hit but nothing came of it.

Richmond's Chuck James pitched five innings and kept walking people. He only allowed one run, though. It was three-inning reliever Matt Desalvo's fault! He blew it in the seventh inning when Lowrie hit a two-run double.

Bryan Pritz and Keith Ginter have been surprising me lately. Many baseball players say that hitting is contagious. It is one of those stupid things baseball players say, but maybe. Pritz is currently leading the PawSox with his .319 batting average. He is a feather in the wind.

Joe Thurston walked three times, was picked off and caught stealing. I heard on the radio that he is a big Stevie Wonder fan and went to the concert the other night. I am dumbfounded! I didn't know baseball players listened to anybody good.

Barbaro Canizares got the sole RBI for Richmond.

until the day that you are me and i am you:
1. Chuck James won the Phil Niekro Award, given to the top pitcher in the Braves' minors.
2. Canizares is probably lying about his age. And he has something in common with PawSox lefty Michael Tejera - both are Cuban defectors! And they both love toast and jam!
3. Barbaro C. was also booted off his Cuban team when he was caught trying to defect in Miami in 2004. There's also a weird story about him selling his Cuban jersey to a fan in Cuba, and the fan turned out to be some kinda US Immigration official... I don't know.
4. Jonathan Van Every has ZERO errors thus far.
5. Ron Johnson has done an excellent job working the lineups, getting people work (or LESS work, depending).
6. You know, sometimes an infielder might struggle at their position, so you move that player to first base, which is generally reserved for thick-skulled mashers who don't field good. It really looks bad when you make an error at first right out of the gate. Especially when your BA is below 200 and your OBP is .250. At least the other guy who can't hit for shit is a decent fielder.
7. And way to be a rally killer.

Pawtucket hits the road tonight. I'll catch up to them in Syracuse. Yeah, I got pretty good seats at that park. I'm in the dugout, seat 5, in between Devern Hansack and the giant water dispenser.


is there anybody going to listen to my story?

I take a lot of pictures but I am not really getting any better at it. I'm not trying to be a photographer - I wanna get that straight. I really just want to be able to use my own pictures instead of stealing them, so I'm working on it. Believe me, I'm not taking pictures of Eric Hull because I think he's awesome/hot/talented/lights out/weird looking. I just feel like I need 'file photos'.

So please enjoy beisbol photos of miscellany, presented here today free from commercials.

Portland Sea Dogs last night.

So I went and saw the Sea Dogs last night. I was surprised and very pleased to see Dave Gassner, one of my favorite minor league pitchers. Looks like he's fallen on hard times! What's more, how did I not know he'd been signed by Portland?

Not much to say about the game. The Defenders wailed on Gassner pretty good. The Sea Dogs seem insanely merry. Bubba Bell did not play. It was good to see Sandy Madera.

The Defenders have this guy, Olmo Rosario. You have to meet him.

Also, the visitors' bullpen is oddly constructed. In the latter innings I noticed that someone had written "NEED BEER!!" on the wall of the bullpen in chalk. Two-foot high letters. I am pretty sure the Portland relievers were responsible. I felt a little smug as I drank my own beer. I should have walked over and drank it in front of those bitches.

I think I'm going to Manchester Friday night to see the Fisher Cats and the Rock Cats (AA affiliate of the Twins).

Oh, one last thing: CUTTER. You seriously need to tone it down. Mascots are great when they're kind of strolling around hugging children. But for the love of god, please stop dancing on top of the dugouts during the game. YOU ARE IN EVERYONE'S WAY.

6.25.08 Pawtucket v. Richmond Braves - voracious.

Bryan Pritz WINS! 10-1

Clay Buchholz pitched his way into the seventh inning. Read about it somewhere else.

Eric Hull pitched 1 1/3 innings and did not allow a run. Neither did Lincoln Holdzkom. It was great.

Richmond starter Jerome Gamble did not last long. He gave up two runs in the second inning and five more in the fourth before getting escorted off the mound. I guess he was not prepared for the UNHOLY TERROR OF BRYAN PRITZ AND HIS TWO DOUBLES.

Braves relievers Zach Schreiber, Jeff Ridgway, Jorge Julio, and Andy Shibilo chipped away at the rest of the game.

So, yeah, Bryan Pritz went 3-4 with 3 RBI. He is so hot right now. Catcher George Kottaras hit two home runs of the solo variety. Which was nice. Chris Carter also went 3-4, with two RBI. Smokin' Joe Thurston stole two bases.

For Richmond, Barbaro Canizares (great name, by the way) hit a solo home run to put the Braves in the "1" column.

these are things i like:
1. One fan's account of his visit to Pawtucket: "McCoy has a pretty field, with lots of foul territory, which is one of its chief liabilities—the fans are too far from the action. Then again, the PawSox do nothing to take advantage of that space to make it a fun, family friendly experience. Other than the mascot once, power shooting soft baseballs into the stands, there were absolutely no between innings experiences. No kids on the field racing or wearing costumes or involved in guessing games. Nothing, nada, zilch."
Wow, I guess that's why the PawSox are so unpopular and have such low attendance figures and the management gets absolutely no respect... oh, wait.

Tonight it looks like Mike Timlin's going to rehab pitch at McCoy. It is also the last game of the homestand (they're heading to Rochester/Syracuse). I think you should go to this game. I'll be there, and what's better than that?



6.24.08 Pawtucket Red Sox win again@!$%&*!!!

Fifth game in a row.6-1.

I'm going to do this as quickly as possible and I am going to STOP! when the time comes because I have to get ready and go. GO!

Devern Hansack had another strong start, pitching eight scoreless innings, giving up two hitsand striking out four batters. He did not walk anyone. Wow, that certainly came from out of nowhere!

Jose Vaquedano kicked off the ninth inning with a pair of singles and a walk. And then he hit the next batter, Jason Perry, which brought the run home. It must have been pretty jarring to be cruising through eight innings and then next thing you know, your reliever has the bases loaded and looks like crap out there. Vaquedano needed 28 pitches to get that final out, but all's well that ends well and everyone went home happy.

Richmond countered with lefty Jonathon Roewenhorst. JR only lasted 3 1/3 before getting pulled in favor of reliever Chris Resop. 'Resop' is 'poser' spelled backward!

Former PawSox great Andy 'Andrew' Shibilo pitched the remainder of the game.

Jed Lowrie hit a home run and Dusty Brown went 2-3 with THREE RBI! Brownie also hit a ball way out into right field but Jason Perry REALLY lost track of it and it fell in about 18 feet behind him, close to the corner. How embarrassing! Everything was coming up Dusty last night. George Kottaras turned to Jonathan Van Every in the dugout and said, "It's funny how you can be surrounded by hundreds of people and still feel so alone."

1. Roewnhaus or whatever has a crazy-ass delivery!

TIME. Pencils down. BYE!!!


Does he have a daughter named 'Scyst'?

You know, every day I have people coming up to me asking, "Hey, Jen... whatever happened to Runelvys Hernandez? We loved him at McCoy!"

Runelvys Hernandez was in the Astros minor league system and he has just been called up. Yes, he is in the rotation in favor of Shawn Chacon, who's been sent to the pen.

In other news, hey, did Doug Mirabelli just quit after he was released? Did he just say, aw, screw it, I'm done? As far as I can tell he's not working.

Wikipedia says he has a son named 'Boyle'. Come on, white people. That's just irresponsible.

Brockton Rox v. Les Capitales de Quebec

Brockton WINS! 6-3

I know most people don't care about Can-Am baseball, but I always enjoy myself immensely. Campanelli Stadium is great. I had so much fun last night.

At any rate, not much to say about the game except an outfielder named Tony Gonzalez pinch hit for long-time Roxer Eugene Julien and knocked in his first home run of the year. Gonzalez was invited to spring training by the San Diego Padres this year, but it looks like it didn't work out for him. Also it must be noted that he may be the hottest minor league baseball player I've ever seen in my life. We ran into him at the souvenir shop after the game, still halfway in his uniform with his damn cleats on. I got his autograph on my scorebook. I don't know how that happened, I must have blacked out! Some ladies waited for him outside and shouted, "TONY!" and took his picture. Tony Gonzalez is the Andy Gibb of the Brockton Rox.

So I may have to check out a few more Rox games this summer. I'll try and get a photo of this guy. For purely professional purposes.

PS I have a photo of former PawSox great Lenny Dinardo from poster night '05. Or '06? Whatever year Adam Hyzdu was there. At any rate, there's a woman standing in line wearing a t-shirt that says "LENNY IS A BABE". It just kills me every time because, jesus christ. In a million years I would never go there.


6.23.08 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Richmond Braves - Summer Crush

Pawtucket WINS! 7-6 in ten innings.

Charlie Zink pitched 8 1/3 innings, getting all stretched out by throwing 108 pitches. Whoa! CZ gave up five runs (four earned) on five hits (two homers) and struck out ten batters. He also walked four batters. After Zink walked Derrick Arnold in the ninth, Jon Switzer jumped in with his muscley paper boy left arm and got the last two outs.

At the top of the tenth, largish first baseman Scott(y) Thorman homered to make the score 6-5. But it's okay, Pawtucket had a woolly bottom of the tenth.

I'm so glad you asked what happened! Jorge Julio came in to pitch for Richmond. Chris Carter grounded out. Keith Ginter lined out to center, which he does all the time. Catcher George Kottaras came in and singled... it's funny how oddly clutch he can be at times. Then Bryan Pritz stepped in with two outs and singled!

So Chad Spann pinch runs for Kottaras at second base (This is so dumb. You cannot tell me that Spann is THAT much faster than GK... unless you take into account that Kottaras has caught the entire freaking game and his legs must be fatigued. Then okay, maybe). Dusty Brown pinch hits for Sean Danielson and gets hit by a pitch, loading the bases. Jorge Julio is freaking out. Van Every, IL BATTER OF THE WEEK, is up next... and he reaches on a fielding error, bringing home the tying run.

Then Jeff Bailey's up and he draws a walk. PawSox win. Yeah, that's it. No walk-off granny for Bailey, but you should still buy him a beer. He went 3-4 with two doubles and three RBI.

Many different things happened with Richmond, which you can read about elsewhere.

20 Questions:
1. What is up with this Richmond Braves roster? I have not heard of most of these guys.
2. When did I start approving of guys like Bryan Pritz and Sean Danielson? Especially Danielson, with those insane outfield assists.
3. Has Keith Ginter gotten a free pass because Chad Spann is an even crappier third baseman/misc. infielder?
4. Can we get a little love for hard-working metrosexual Jon Switzer?
5. Does Bailey deliberately lean into pitches? He was pegged again tonight.
6. How many more times do I have to hear Tedy Bruschi say, "Believe me, nothing hits harder than life."?
7. WHY is Bryan Pritz's at-bat song the theme from Inspector Gadget? Is that some kind of in-joke?

I'm on vacation this week! See you at the park Thursday night. I'm so excited.


6.22.08 PRS V. CC - "Excuse me, could you tell me whereSCREEEEEECHH!!!!!!!!!!!"

Pawtucket WINS! 8-6 in ten innings thanks to a Jonathan Van Every walkoff. It was so awesome I almost grabbed my coat and headed down to the park to catch the late innings!

So Edgar Martinez started and guess what? He did pretty well, going 5 2/3 and giving up a two-run homer to Alex Escobar in the sixth. But that was all, even though Escobar tied the game right there. Martinez struck out seven batters and walked two. And that was it for the most handsome man on the PawSox.

Miguel Asencio appeared next and ran into some trouble in the seventh inning... he loaded the bases with a single, a walk, and a hit batsman. So Michael Tejera cam in and gave up a grand slam to first baseman Larry Broadway! Yikes! That GS tied the damn game for the next three innings, but the Clippers could not score. So next time you see Lincoln Holdzkom and Hunter Jones, embrace them warmly and thank them and buy them coffee. Especially Holdzkom, who pitched two-plus scoreless innings.

Baby boy Shairon Martis started for Columbus and pitched five innings, giving up four runs on seven hits while striking out 8. Zechry Zinicola and Jim Ed Warden both pitched for a little while, but it was Mike Bacsik in the tenth that Van Every homered off.

You know what, this game was better seen/listened to than written about. It's just not happening for me this way. Go read the box score or better yet, watch the game in archives. I guess you have to have the capacity to be excited by a Pawtucket Red Sox game. Trust me, it was great.

Sorry. GO PAWSOX!!!

6.21.08 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Columbus Clippers - TV Casualties

6-2 Pawtucket!

I watched this on television and it was terrific. The best part was fast-forwarding through Chad Spam's at-bats. LOL!

Right-handed starter David Wayne Pauley unleashed his six-gun on the Clippers for seven innings of EXTREME STRIKEOUTERY!!! Okay, so it was five K's. Pauley chucked 100 pitches and gave up two runs and two walks. Good work, kid.

Michael Tejera and Eric Hull pitched the eighth and ninth respectively. Both pitchers went 1-2-3 with a strikeout. They're old friends and sit on the park bench like bookends.

Dennis Tankersley, usually a reliever, pitched 4 1/3 innings and gave up four runs on seven hits. Two of those runs were of the home variety. Which was nice. Levale Speigner took over and pitched 2 2/3. Then this poor kid, lefty Tim Bittner, just up from double-A, comes in and gives up a two-run homer to Van Every. Yeah, so that was about it for Columbus.

Home runs: Bailey, Carter, and Van Every. Joe Thurston continues to be a cool dude in a loose mood - two for four with a double and a sweet, sweet bunt single.

Columbus right fielder Tommy Murphy went 2-4. Let me tell you something: no one good is named Tommy Murphy. NO. ONE.

christmas cards:
1. Bryan Pritz had an RBI, which he needed. Sometimes people call him Bryan "Spitz", which is close, but not really correct. KEN RYAN.
2. Also, I noticed that while they were talking about David Pauley's performance, they kept showing Jonathan Van Every sitting in the dugout. They even captioned JV 'David Pauley'. I never thought they really looked alike, but WDIK.
3. Someone managed to make this game all about Jed Lowrie. I suppose that's okay, since I'm endlessly hyping Jeff Bailey. But really, now.
4. Pawtucket's in first place in the Northern Division and they also have the best record in the IL. This is all too weird. And to think, it's all being done without Bobby Kielty!
5. There are 27 bones in the human hand.

Right now, Edgar Martinez is pitching against new kid Shairon Martis. EL GUAPO!!!!


6.20.08 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Columbus Clippers

Pawtucket WINS! 5-2

Clay Buchholz pitched five heavenly, scoreless innings. He only gave up one hit and didn't walk anyone. Buchholz struck out five batters.

Jon Switzer took care of the sixth and seventh inning. He ran into some trouble in the seventh when he gave up three straight singles to load the bases, but Switzer is big and studly and way macho and he got the next three batters out (two K's and a pop-up).

Vaquedano attempted to pitch the eighth inning but he could not get anyone out. He gave up the only two runs Columbus would get. Hunter Jones had to swoop in with his enormous rec specs and save his ass. Good work, Jonesy. Jones wound up getting the save.

Right-handed slimster Tyler Clippard pitched six innings for Columbus and was responsible for all the Pawtucket runs. Zechry Zinicola.... yes, that is his name... nailed down the seventh perfectly and lefty Mike Bacsik also had a perfect inning, but what did it matter?

Chris Carter hit a three-run homer and masterful catcher Dusty Brown hit a double that brought home a pair of runs. Good work, you guys.

Alex Escobar and Larry Broadway had an RBI apiece for Columbus.

two things:
1. Former PawSox great Ed Rogers started in this game, but was hit by a pitch and wound up being replaced by Jemel Spearman. Way to go, BUCHHOLZ!
2. Larry Broadway's a pretty big dude. I wonder if he is related to Lance Broadway? The world may never know.
3. On the radio they were talking about Mike Bacsik and how when he first started playing in triple-A, he'd look at the guys in their thirties and think, 'I am never gonna be one of those guys'. Well, guess what? He is one of those guys.
4. Triple-A is really depressing. Unless you're Chris Carter or something, nutting all over the place with every win. I'm sure Keith Ginter is wondering where he went wrong.
5. I'm a little tardy with this awesome RJ quote: "I tore (the sushi) up, man. I ate it like I was going to the electric chair.” That's in reference to the post-game spread that Daisuke Matsuzaka bought for the team. It's a tradition for the rehabbing major leaguer to buy an extravagant dinner for the rest of the team. I am the last person on earth to find out about this.
6. Catcher Dusty Brown noted on the post-game show that all Buchholz's pitches were working.
7. Also a little late: Collin Balester is patient.

Tomorrow's starting pitcher will be David Pauley. So for all you Pauley fans... what a treat! Opposing will be Dennis Tankersley. Should be pretty exciting.


6.19.08 Devern Hansack (PAW) v. Collin Balester (COL) - when friendship reared its ugly head

Columbus Clippers win 4-3.

AND GOD DAMN IT!!! Devern Hansack actually pitched a good game, which was nice. Hansack pitched six scoreless innings. He gave up four hits and two walks. He also struck out seven batters. It was most pleasing.

So then came Holdzkom. L. Holdzkom gave up all four runs in the seventh. I don't know, maybe Jorge Padilla reached on a Velazquez error? Gil Velazquez had a really bad night, I think.

New kid Miguel Asencio pitched a scoreless eighth and ninth. Ta-dah!

Collin Balester is awesome. Balester struck out five batters through six innings. He allowed two runs on six hits. Upon being yanked from the game in the seventh inning after allowing back-to-back singles, Balester exclaimed, 'Phooey'! Wait... no, what he really said was, "FUCKING BULLSHIT!!"

Then, you know, Steven Shell pitched a little... and this Schroder guy, Chris Schroder. At the bottom of the ninth, George Kottaras stepped in and hit a single to right. Then Bryan Pritz (SANCHO!!) hit a single himself. Velazquez tried to bunt... but instead popped the ball way up and the catcher grabbed it. D'oh! Velazquez smashed his bat on the ground in frustration.

Jonathan Van Every was next. JV had struck out three times (SEE?!) already in the game, but this time he walked. And the bases were loaded! Jeff Bailey came in and Columbus switched relievers. Jim Ed Warden came in and this guy is like 6'7". Real scary.. plus he's from Tennessee, where there's a real problem with toxic waste cannibal rednecks.

So then guess what happened? Warden threw a wild pitch and George Kottaras scampered home from third. The other runners advanced as well. And THAT left first base open! So they of course intentionally walked Bailey. And even that wasn't too bad because Thurston was next and he was a home run shy of the cycle.

But Joe Thurston popped up and Lowrie popped up and the bases were left loaded and the Clippers won. Consarn it!

Anyway, Thurston singled, doubled and tripled and Bailey hit his 19th home run. Thurston also looked great on D at second base.

shorty you don't believe me, then call me tonight:
1. "I have no fear. I will challenge anybody. I'm not afraid to fail. Failure is not a thing I'm scared of," Balester said. "I will challenge a guy inside. I'm just not afraid. I pitch to contact. I'm not trying to strike out anybody. I'm trying to keep my pitch count low and go deep into the ballgame and help my team to win." You hear that? HE HAS NO FEAR.
2. The Nationals short-A team is the Vermont Lake Monsters. I've been to Vermont many times, but I've never seen a single ballpark.
3. Pokey Reese is on the Columbus Clippers, but he is on the DL. It's good to know he didn't leave baseball forever.
4. You can look at this game like, hey, the Clippers had some good pitching! It was wicked hard to score runs! Or you could pin the blame on Lincoln Holdzkom because he is ineffective and undeserving of his bullpen role in AAA.
5. Kyle Snyder is hanging out in Pawtucket, rehabbing or whatever. He usually meanders out into the dugout in the later innings.
6. Some real lookers on the Columbus Clippers!

So, encouraging start by Hansack, disappointing finish. Good night. Tomorrow's matchup is Clay Buchholz and Tyler Clippard.


i can't do everything, but i'd do anything for you

Pawtucket's season is half through. They are a potential playoff contender. The agony of it all is that September call-ups can blow it all to hell.

Someone asked me if the big club would take their potential run at the Governor's Cup into consideration or would they just rob all the good guys? Sadly, it's not going to matter - Boston will cram their fat, dirty hand into the Pawtucket cookie jar and hog up guys like Thurston, Carter, Bailey, Van Every, Chris Smith, whatever.

Of course, maybe everything falls apart and none of this matters. Sometimes baseball is a perfect example of entropic disaster.

Chris Smith wears ugly flip-flops.

Chris Smith has been called up again. Maybe this time he'll get to pitch... when he's not hitting the GB with Lester.

6.17.08 Pawtucket completes four-game sweep of Iron Pigs!

5-1 Pawtucket! Everything here is so real, you can feel it.

Charlie Zink is having a great year, isn't he? Zink pitched seven innings and allowed only one run on four hits. He only threw 88 pitches. CRAZY. Everyone is excited about him. I can't wait to see what happens, myself.

Hunter Jones and Jose Vaquedano polished off the game and very thoughtfully did not allow any further runs. I may start calling Vaquedano, 'Crapedano'. Not in a malicious way... I also use the word 'Crapelbon', which is equally undeserved. Like 'Jerk-oby Ellsbury'. Or Ken 'Suckaby'. Except Huckaby WAS pretty awful. Remember how I hated him?

The wicked tall and skinny lefty JA Happ started for Lehigh Valley. Happy gave up three runs in six innings. His teammate Gary Knotts allowed the other three runs to score. It must have been pretty uncomfortable in the clubhouse after this game. Those poor Phillies prospects.

Jonathan Van Every homered. Bryan Pritz smacked a pair of doubles. I'll bet that guy gets mad ladies!

Offense for Lehigh Valley=a double for Andy Tracy and some scattered singles.

one more son:
1. JA Happ has or HAD a blog. It's called 'What's HAPPening'. No, really. Happ is also second in the International League for strikeouts with 87.
2. Charlie Zink's arm is a music box. It probably plays 'Somewhere, My Love'.

No IL games are scheduled for today. Pawtucket is tied for first place in their division! Tomorrow the Red Sox are back in town, kicking off their homestand with four games against the Columbus Clippers (WAS). It's gonna be so great.



Joe Thurston went 4-5 with THREE! doubles. Daisuke brought his massage therapist, translator, and personal trainer. You can read about his outing anywhere.... I'm gonna lay the good stuff on you instead.

So Pawtucket won it 9-6. And then....

1. Sean Danielson batted leadoff.
2. Ginter, Kottaras, and Van Every each hit a home run.
3. Iron Pigs first baseman Andy Tracy hit a home run. He looks a lot like Jim Thome.
4. Zzzzzzzzz....

I'm tired, yet I persevere. See you tomorrow.


after ten years in the American League

Trot Nixon is a Met. It's weird. But do you know what's maybe weirder? Marlon Anderson is their center fielder.

I'm glad I can watch these games.

Joe Thurston smells like teen spirit.

Congratulations to Joe Thurston, who is the International League's PLAYER OF THE WEEK! Well-deserved, may I add.

Also congratulations to Jeff Bailey for sustained excellence. Bailey is still leading the IL in slugging (.637) and OPS (1.049)

The Toledo Mud Hens Brent Clevlen is number one in OBP (.417). Bailey is in second place with an OBP of .412. But check this out... Clevlen has 64 K's and Bailey has 53. So whatever, there you go, Bailey might have more productive outs.

Jonathan Van Every is doing pretty well, but he has 78 strikeouts. That is THIRD in the IL! God, I'll never bitch about him batting ninth again.

Chris Carter is edging up the charts a little, but he's pretty boring so I'll save it for another time.


6.15.08 Red Sox @ Iron Pigs

3-2 Pawtucket!

David Pauley started for Pawtucket. He only gave up ten hits in seven innings! Well, it was only two runs, and Pauley left the game with the score tied at 2.

Lincoln Holdzkom pitched a mildly shaky eighth inning, giving up a walk and a hit but no runs. I would have been dying during this inning, with the game tied and Holdzkom pitching. At any rate, he got the win. Jon Switzer handled the ninth inning rather well, striking out Brennan King to end the game. Good work, relievers.

The undeniably sexy Steve Green started for L. Valley. Green pitched four scoreless innings and struck out six Pawtucket batters. Damn! Let's see, he only threw 65 pitches, so I guess he's rehabbing or something?

Lefty Robert Swindle jumped into the game for three innings, allowing one run. Swindle walked one and struck out four. Jason Anderson blew the save in the ninth inning... with two outs, George Kottaras pinch hit for Gil Velazquez. Kottaras walked. Van Every comes up... and singles! Kottaras to third base! Chad Spann pinch runs! Jeff Bailey gets an infield single and Chad Spann scores!

All of this would have been awesome if it were a home game. But Lehigh Valley had to finish off the ninth with some anti-climactic groundouts.

No one got any extra base hits for Pawtucket. It was all small ball, Paul. Jeff Bailey went 3-4 and got the game-winning RBI.

For Lehigh Valley, second baseman Oscar Robles homered off Pauley in the seventh inning. Aside from that, all singles. Ten of 'em.

so and so from wherever, wherever:
1. Oh, I get it... Steve Green is a relief pitcher. Well, nice job, Steve!
2. Embarrassing: "Two costly base-running mistakes doomed Lehigh Valley in the game. Rich Thompson looked to be on his way to scoring in the 1st on a single by Mike Cervenak but he fell down as he rounded third base. Thompson got up and headed for home where he was tagged out by Brown on a great throw by Pawtucket CF Jonathan Van Every.
Then in the 6th, Lehigh Valley had Thompson on second and Cervenak at first with nobody out when both were put in motion with Andy Tracy at the dish. Both runners were sent in motion but Thompson stopped halfway between second and third and Cervenak did not notice and both runners were converging on the second base bag. Cervenak then began to retreat back to first and was tagged out by Bailey."
3. David Pauley is now 8-2 in 13 games.

Good game, everyone. Wait... not you, Keith Ginter.


The Volcano

Trot Nixon signed by the Mets? Excellent. Can't wait to watch a few Mets games this summer! YEAH, BITCHES!!!

6.14.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs - DOSE CLAY BUCHOLZ HAVE A GIRLDFRIEND?

5-1 Pawtucket!

Clay Buchholz started for Pawtucket and pitched six innings. He gave up one run on six hits. Buchholz also walked a pair of batters and struck out eight.

Hunter Jones pitched two innings and gave up three hits but did not allow any runners to score. Chris Smith pitched a scoreless ninth inning.

The left-handed Okie Les Walrond started for the Iron Pigs. Walrond gave up all five runs (two unearned) in his six innings. Two runs scored in the second inning due to Walrond's throwing error. He also walked six batters while striking out eight. John Ennis and Jason Anderson comprised the game's relief corps.

Jonathan Van Every cranked out his thirteenth home run of the year.

Wonder twins Chris Carter and George Kottaras both went 0-5 with two strikeouts. It's okay, the team won, no big deal.

Respect my prioritahs!
1. The big news over there in Allentown is that Daisuke Matsuzaka is going to rehab-pitch for Pawtucket tomorrow. It has eclipsed practically all other game coverage. Thanks a lot, news sources!
2. Big giant Iron Pigs clubber Val Pascucci was released by the team back in April, due to lack of clobbering. He's since been signed by the Mets and is playing for the New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA). His swing has reheated in the PCL.

See you tomorrow.


Where the hell is Mike Lockwood?

Mike Lockwood was a PawSox outfielder in 2005. He blacked out one of his teeth for the team photo that year. It was funny.

Half the time when I say, 'No problem!', I am doing an impression of Mike Lockwood. No one realizes this except me. And yet I cannot help but do it.

So what happened to this guy? I guess I could ask Ron Johnson or Jeff Bailey, but I'll try to track him through the internet.

Last year, he was in the Atlantic League, playing for the Somerset Patriots. He also played for the Lancaster Barnstormers in 2007.

In June of 2006, Lockwood was signed by the China Trust Whales of the Chinese Professional League. There's also a team in the CPL called the 'Brother Elephants'. I can't believe it! Could there also be a team called 'The Empathetic Gibbons'?

This past February, it was rumored that Mike was going to be signed by the Italian team 'De Angelis Godo'. At the time, Lockwood was signed by the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, another Atlantic League team. If you look at the rosters of the Atlantic League teams, you'll find a LOT of former major leaguers.

Coaches at the Max Sports Center in Ohio. Lives in Columbus in the offseason with his wife, Mica, and his son, Caden.

I cannot find anything else. See you tomorrow.

6.13.08 PawSox v. Bats

9-7 Louisville

Devern Hansack continues to struggle. He gave up six runs in six innings (three earned), walked five batters, and struck out eight. Hansack threw 105 pitches before being replaced by Mike Tejera, who blew the tied game. Chris Smith gave up a solo home run, which brings his ERA up to a crazy 1.59.

Eric Hull pitched a third of an inning, but no one really cared at that point. Sorry.

Big lefty Matt Maloney got the start. He went five innings and gave up five runs. Marcus MacBeth eventually blew the save. Matt Melisle got the win and Modd Moffey got the save.

Catcher du jour Dusty Brown homered, as did DH George Kottaras, who also walked THREE TIMES. Chris Carter went yard and doubled. He is hotter than the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory!

Bailey and Van Every each hit doubles. Jed Lowrie sadly went 0-6.

For the L-Bats, anonymous hit machine Luis Bolivar tripled off Hansack and homered off Smith. Longtime triple-A'er Kevin Barker homered as well. Bolivar had five RBI for the night. Damn, kid!

Jeff Bailey was hit by a pitch. He leads the team with eight such walks. Too bad they don't hand out prizes for that!

quickly, before he hears:
1. Attendance for this game was listed at 10,775. Can you even fit that many people into the park? I guess if you include the BBQ tent and whatnot.
2. Jed Lowrie and Devern Hansack each made an error. Bryan Pritz had his first two-hit game.

David Pauley is pitching tonight in Lehigh Valley. Allentown, I think. Okay? Are we done here? LET'S PARTY!!!


6.12.08 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Louisville Bats

Pawtucket WINS! in 13 innings.

Charlie Zink gave up one run in 7 2/3 innings. He left the game with a 3-1 lead, but it was the kind of lead you don't feel good about.

Louisville starter Justin Mallett was pretty impressive and Pawtucket was just not getting hits off him. The only thing that went Pawtucket's way was the third inning. Van Every hit a double and Mallett seemed uncomfortable with runners on base. He then allowed a walk to Bailey. Joe Thurston batted next and hit a home run. And that was it... all the scoring came in the third inning. Mallett wound up going 5 2/3 and striking out 8.

So Jose Vaquedano comes in for the eighth inning and gets the last out. The ninth inning did not go nearly as well. He hits the first batter with a pitch, gives up a pair of singles, walks a guy, and leaves the mound with the game tied. Jon Switzer came in and left-fielder Drew Anderson bunted in the game tying single. Drew Anderson has absolutely no neck, people.

Switzer went on to pitch 2 1/3 innings of relief. He really did a great job, I have to say. He worked his ass off. I saw Lincoln Holdzkom warming up and I thought, Christ, we've pretty much conceded at this point.

Holdzkom pitched the 12th and 13th inning. He allowed two hits but no runs. It was nice to see him do well, especially in a game that seemed so important. I thought he was going to blow it, for sure.

Chris Carter went 0-6 with two strikeouts. Jeff Bailey went 0-5 with a walk. As the game wore on, it became clear that the lefty slugger and the righty slugger were not going to make it happen. In fact, Jonathan Van Every was intentionally walked in the 10th inning to get to Bailey. It had to be one of the other guys: Ginter or Velazquez or Danielson. Maybe Bryan Pritz, who subbed for Ginter in the 10th. And I don't know about you, but I was just not seeing any of those guys being the hero.

But in the 13th inning, Joe Thurston led off with a perfect, perfect bunt up the first base side. I mean it. This bunt was beautiful. I hope someone recorded it for posterity. My eyes, they welled up. Sometimes a good bunt does that to me. Jed Lowrie singled, then Carter gets on base while forcing out Lowrie. Thurston's on third base with one out. And George Kottaras, that skinny bitch, flips a ball through between second and first and that was it. Can we go home now?

That is one nutty hospital:
1. Another strong performance by Zink... unfortunately, Holdzkom got the win due to Vaquedano's mess. I noticed Vaquedano's pitches to right-handed batters were VERY low and outside. Since I have all the qualifications of a pitching coach, I am going to help him pitch to righties.
2. Wow, home plate umpire David Uyl was universally bitched at the whole game. He made a lot of weird-ass calls. Really all over the place.
3. There wasn't really anyone left in the park by the 12th and 13th innings. You could hear more chatter from the players than from the stands. At one point, someone shouted from the home dugout in the middle of Tyler Pelland's pitch... like a distraction scream. It was pretty funny. And then when Vazquez came in at the very tail end, he balked. David Uyl missed the call but no one in the dugout did.
4. Aforementioned neckless outfielder DREW T ANDERSON apparently pissed off at least one PawSox member, who said menacing things to him as he ran in from left field. Ooooh, fight!!
5. Check out Mike Scandura's take on last night's game. That guy is awesome.

Tonight's the last game of the home stand, then off to Lehigh Valley! Wooo! Devern Hansack faces lefty Matt Maloney. Let's see if Hansack can get his act together a little bit.



It's so great to be rich!

I have another vacation coming up, so here are some potential road trips, depending on how much money I have.

1. Syracuse! Pawtucket will be in Syracuse June 30th and July 1st. You know what they say about Syracuse: It's Not As Far As Rochester.

2. Brockton! I wish I'd attended at least one Can-Am game last year, but the Rox are up and at 'em as of May 24th. They'll be playing Les Capitales de Quebec June 23-26th. Oh my god, I cannot miss this.

3. Norwich, CT! The Portland Sea Dogs return to Dodd Stadium June 23-26th.

I really hope I get the chance to visit Syracuse. Five hours is not bad. Good thing gas is so affordable!

6.11.08 "It's not over, Hunter Jones. It's far from OVAH!"

11-3! Pawtucket! And it's not hot anymore!

The Cast (in order of appearance): Edgar Martinez - 4 2/3 innings, five hits, one run, three walks and four strikeouts. Not bad!

Hunter Jones - 1 1/3, three hits, two runs, one walk and one K. Jones was yanked in the seventh after walking Andy Green and allowing a single to Drew Anderson.

Eric Hull - One inning, one hit. That's it.

Chris Smith - Two innings, one hit, one strikeout. Chris Smith continues to be a dream reliever. I believe he can get me through the night.

Mabel Martinez started for Louisville. Oops, I mean Ramon Ramirez. And he started off pretty tuff, allowing no hits through the first four innings. Then he gets to the fifth and all sorts of hits start happening, the most exciting being a Van Every triple. It was totally JV's birthday yesterday, figuratively speaking. I'm reposting the terrific photo I took of him in Buffalo. What a cool kid.

Matt Belisle took over from there and helpfully allowed a couple more runs. Marcus MacBeth pitched a memorable third of an inning... he's the guy Dusty B. hit a grand slam off. Mysterious reliever Camilo Vazquez finished off the game and did a great job, but it was pretty much too late. Sorry, Tennessee!

Hit after hit: You love Joe Thurston. You love his pants. You loved his three-run homer last night! He shared his four RBI night with catcher Dusty Brown, who hit a grand slam. Oh, Dusty!

Ginter, Bailey, and Lowrie all doubled. As I mentioned earlier, Van Every hit a triple... but really, even better was his outfield assist. He threw the ball a million miles in to Brownie and got the runner out at the plate to end the inning. It was so great. Everyone was so happy.

Chris Carter and Gil Velazquez had tough nights, going 0-4. Velazquez made a sweet defensive play at second base that I cannot really describe. You had to be there eating peanuts like I was. While you were painting the garage or something.

Bats shortstop Adam Rosales hit a solo home run. Old-skool AAA guy Kevin Barker hit a double.

fate up against your will:
1. I have nothing more to say.

See you tonight. Charlie Zink v. Mr. Mallett. Good luck, Chuck!