Where the hell is Mike Lockwood?

Mike Lockwood was a PawSox outfielder in 2005. He blacked out one of his teeth for the team photo that year. It was funny.

Half the time when I say, 'No problem!', I am doing an impression of Mike Lockwood. No one realizes this except me. And yet I cannot help but do it.

So what happened to this guy? I guess I could ask Ron Johnson or Jeff Bailey, but I'll try to track him through the internet.

Last year, he was in the Atlantic League, playing for the Somerset Patriots. He also played for the Lancaster Barnstormers in 2007.

In June of 2006, Lockwood was signed by the China Trust Whales of the Chinese Professional League. There's also a team in the CPL called the 'Brother Elephants'. I can't believe it! Could there also be a team called 'The Empathetic Gibbons'?

This past February, it was rumored that Mike was going to be signed by the Italian team 'De Angelis Godo'. At the time, Lockwood was signed by the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, another Atlantic League team. If you look at the rosters of the Atlantic League teams, you'll find a LOT of former major leaguers.

Coaches at the Max Sports Center in Ohio. Lives in Columbus in the offseason with his wife, Mica, and his son, Caden.

I cannot find anything else. See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

He is actually playing in Italy. He is batting .306 (.433/.449) with 14 runs and 12 RBI in 98 AB.

Jenks said...

Awesome, thank you!

Pso said...

hes my batting coach

Anonymous said...

He is giving lessons in Dublin Ohio - http://www.grandslaminfo.com/grand-slam/bio.php?id=3