Lou Merloni is naked. Here's his home address. And his secret scouting reports.

On Sunday, June 8th, you can check out old-time baseball at McCoy Stadium. Or base ball, I guess they called it. They're using 1884 National League rules which means no gloves, no steroids, and plenty of wife-beatin' slave owners! LOL.

But seriously, it's the Providence Grays versus the Rhode Island Game Hens and it all starts at 11:00. Don't take your kids because they'll be more bored than if you took them to Sturbridge Village or Plymouth (Plimoth?) Plantation.

Have fun, guys! GO GRAYS!!!

The following day, Monday, is Legends Night feat. Ludacris, Tommy Harper, and Lou Merloni. They're signing autographs and whatnot. Tommy Harper is probably a lot more interesting, but you wouldn't know it by my blog statistics. It seems more people find this blog because they're doing Lou Merloni searches than anything else. Personally, I think it is LOU MERLONI HIMSELF that's doing it!

K, bye.

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