Yes, we kicked the shit out of Charlotte Knights, the.

Pawtucket WINS! 8-3

And David Pauley WINS! as well, giving up three runs over six innings and striking out two batters. He did not walk anyone. Newish righty Jose Vaquedano pitched innings seven and eight, no hits and one walk. Eric Hull pitched a scoreless ninth inning. YEAH, ERIC HULL!

Talented righty Lance Broadway started for Charlotte and also pitched six. B'Way gave up four runs on nine hits. He walked four batters and struck out five. Rob Bell, Dewon "Fine" Day, and Ehren Wasserman pitched the seventh, eighth, and ninth respectively. Bell gave up three runs, Day one.

Van Every and Kielty each hit three-run homers. So that was good! Bailey, Lowrie, and Gil Velazquez all doubled. Kottaras came into the game early after Brandon Moss was pulled and went 0-4 with two K's. Moss is going to Boston which is nice. In the game notes, it says Kottaras "Struck out for Moss in the 3rd", as if Moss was going to strike out anyway.

Rob Bell hit Dusty Brown with a pitch in the seventh. Brown made like he was quietly going to first, but suddenly turned and rushed the mound! Yeah! And then Bell threw this big swoopy punch... Brown dodged it deftly and returned the favor, connected. Big pile-up on the mound!

Not really.

Brad Eldred went 2-3 and got his 55th RBI. He is a potential call-up, especially what with the Chicago unrest. And Konerko being hurt.

some sweat when the heat is on:
1. It was 95 degrees in South Carolina where this game was played.
2. I don't approve of Brandon Moss being called up to Boston. I feel as though it is going to interfere with his development as a first baseman.
3. Pauley is now tied for second place in IL wins.
4. Brad Eldred is tied for first place in IL RBIs. He is second in home runs with 20. Jeff Bailey is third (17). Mike Hessman is still in first place with 21.
5. Former PawSox great Abe Alvarez is now playing independent ball. It looks like the Atlantic League's Camden RiverSharks as far as I can tell.

Tomorrow Charlie Zink is facing Jack Egbert. Jack... Egbert? Yeah, he was the White Sox number 3 prospect to kick off 2008. But he's had elbow spurs and has struggled thus far. So if he gets the win, how can I be too angry?

Good night.

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