6.6.08 Pawtucket v. Charlotte Knights

7-4 Pawtucket!

Edgar Martinez had little time to prepare for this start, but he did fine. He pitched five innings and gave up two runs. Lincoln Holdzkom, Jon Switzer, and Chris Smith finished the game for him.

Opposing starter Jack Egbert also went five innings, giving up four runs on nine hits. He also struck out eight batters. Hm, weird. Adam Russell, Dewon Day, and Sauerbeck also pitched.

Joe Thurston hit his third home run. He went 3-5 with a pair of RBI. Danny Richar homered for Charlotte.

Charlie Zink was supposed to start tonight, but got held back. He is going to pitch tomorrow. By now everyone knows... he may get a start in Boston because Lester's gotten himself suspended. SO that would be cool.

It's funny... Zink didn't even really want to pitch, especially not the knuckleball. He even asked to be released at one point. But they said, "TOO BAD, KNUCKLEBOY!!!" and made him keep working on it. It's kind of a long shot but it would be cool to see him get a start upstairs.

That's all. I'm tired tonight so this post has 50% less zany. Oh, but wait:

1. Outfielder Dewayne Wise was ejected in the second inning, probably for arguing his called third strike. And then manager Marc Bombard got the boot. So the hitting coach managed the game. Yes, I am talking about the Mighty Super Joe McEwing! Sorry I missed that.

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