6.28.08 Red Sox @ Red Wings - change 16 to 30!

Oh, girl! Pawtucket tried so hard to come from behind but ultimately lost to Rochester in the tenth inning. 8-6 Wings.

Charlie Zink had it tough, giving up five runs on nine hits. He also walked three batters in his six innings of work. Mike Timlin pitched a scoreless seventh inning while the PawSox were down 5-1. Sheldon pitched 2 1/3 innings of scoreless relief, but Jon Switzer undid the batters' hard work when he gave up a two-run homer to Matt Macri in the tenth.

Rochester reliever Bobby Korecky blew the save when Pawtucket tied the game in the ninth. The Red Sox then pulled ahead in the tenth inning, but yeah.

Gil Velazquez and Van Every each had a home run. Joe Thurston tripled, which is excellent. Thurston wound up going 3-4 last night. Everyone on the team had at least one hit.

Tommy Watkins joined Macri in the home run category. Garrett Jones tripled. I would have loved to have seen that, since he is not what you'd call speedy.

Mule train... YAAH!!
1. Alejandro Machado stepped into this game late as a pinch runner. Jesus Christ, is he ever gonna be an everyday again? I loved him so much in Pawtucket.
2. Have you ever noticed that Keith Ginter is insanely freaking jacked? I'll bet that guy gets mad ladies! He also leads the team with seven errors. I wonder if he is one of those really built up guys who can't reach their wallet in their back pocket.
3. Joe Thurston is currently leading the IL in batting average.

Anyway, it's hot. I'm done for now. I'll get a post in before I head to New York and some of that fine, fine upside-down pizza in Utica.


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