Congratulations to Tim Wakefield for pitching well AND getting the win... a seldom seen duet of events.

6.29.07 PRS v. NT - run the field you play alone

Um, Tides won. 7-0.

RHP David Pauley started for Pawtucket. Pauley pitched 6 2/3 innings, giving up seven hits, six runs, two walks, three Ks. After he gave up a double to that rat bastard hitter JR House in the seventh, he was lifted. A lot of things did not go Pauley's way, I think, and it just started snowballing. He then did the whole morose towel-over-the-head thing in the dugout. We took it hard, too, David.

Barry Hertzler finished off the game, giving up the seventh run. He wasn't really sharp, but whatever. It's not like the game was on the line at that point. Hertzler's head is a little too big for his body.

LHP Garrett Olson started for Norfolk and I knew right away we were screwed. When they announced his name as the starter I thought... I know that name. He's good, right? And yeah, he was. Olson kicked off the game by striking out the first five batters, like that. KKKKK. Ten Ks in seven innings! In the eighth he started walking people and was obviously tired so some crappy pitcher named Victor Moreno finished the game.

Pawtucket O-Fence: David Murphy, Bobby Scales, and Brandon Moss all doubled and then just stood in the infield for a while waiting to be batted in. Bobby Scales has been sizzlin' lately. OWEE! Brandon Moss has the second most doubles in the IL with 27. I'd say "27 doubles on the season", but when people say that it irritates me. ON the season? WHAT? George Kottaras jumped in to PH in the ninth for Cash, which still makes absolutely no sense. Have you seen his OBP? No? Well... I bet it's pretty low!
For the Tides: Mike Cervenak was at it again, hitting yet another home run. Good thing Mike is leaving town tonight. All-Star bruiser JR House went 4-5 with two doubles.

thank god my music's still alive:
1. This game started off pretty exciting. The first three innings, Pauley was really keeping up with Olson with the no-hit thing. Then JR House singled in the fourth and the glory faded.
2. "This is why they're winning. The PawSox are good throwers but bad hitters." - Some kid sitting behind me.
3. Okay, loudmouth idiot sitting behind me? Shouting "swing batta batta" over and over again and saying stuff like, "You can't throw strikes, that's why you SUCK!" does not make you interesting or funny. God damn I wanted to shank that guy.
4. I said I'd never eat the unholy hell that is cheese fries ever again. I lied.
5. Last 2007 matchup with the Norfolk Tides and the series is split. Bye, guys!

I'm back at the park probably Sunday. Have a lovely weekend.

6.28.07 PawSox v. Norfolk Tides - Fly Blue Rental

Pawtucket WINS! 11-5

And how! Devern Hansack is a righty and he is a former lobsterman and he pitched for five innings. He gave up eleven hits and five runs. Not great, but Pawtucket I don't know. Edgar Martinez pitched the sixth and seventh and did a mighty good job. Breslow took over the eighth and worked hard to get out alive. No runs for Martinez and Breslow. And Travis Hughes closed it out, bang.

And look who pitched for the Tides... righty Tim Kester! He was a AAA All-Star when he was with Pawtucket. The year was 2005. I'm sure he wanted to pitch well, but he didn't. Nine hits and seven runs in 2 2/3 innings. Reliever Andy Mitchell gave up the other two runs. Jim Miller and Steve Green also pitched.

Chad Spann hit a home run and many other kids did good. Jacoby Ellsbury worked his ass off out there, going 3-5 with a triple and a couple of stolen bases. You've heard how fast he is... but yeah, he runs very fast. Jeff Bailey also stole a base, in spite of being unfast. Bobby Scales continues to be a slim killer with his hits and RBI. Only George Kottaras did not get a hit. He struck out three times! That is unacceptable! George Kottaras and Craig Hansen ≠ Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe.

For Norfolk, JR House and Mike Cervenak went back-to-back in the third. They were trying to prove once and for all that Mike was taller. Cervenak also homered in the fifth. Cervenak also doubled. He also stopped on the way to the on-deck circle to rescue some kittens from a pine tar fire.

Hooray, the PawSox!
1. The nat'l anth. was sung by a barbershop quartet called the Lincoln Continentals. I was reading something somewhere about Things That Everyone Likes and barbershop quartets was one of them. True!
2. There are some serious honeys on the Tides. What a fine looking team. Hottest visitors so far.
3. It was Fugly Hat Night at McCoy. I also got in for free, thanks to some guy giving out free tickets. But you should have seen the hats that everyone was wearing. Even for free... seriously, seriously ugly.
4. The pitch speed meter was operational!
5. The roster photos for the Tides are weird. They look like Spooky Story Flashlight Faces.
Tonight's trivia question (which I knew the answer to): Who was the winning pitcher in Game 4 of the ALCS in 2004? YES.
7. Tim Kester still looks an awful lot like Chandler Bing.

By the way, if at all possible avoid the Pawtucket Walgreen's on the corner of Goff and Broad. This is the second time in a row I've stopped there and then left without buying anything. The lines are ALWAYS ten people long and it is at least a fifteen-minute wait. Plus crazy people, but crazy people I can handle.

I'll be at the park tomorrow. Bye!


6.27.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Norfolk Tides (BAL) - There's No One Like You

Pawtucket loses AGAIN! 6-3

Holy God, this team is bad right now. I've missed a few days because of work-related work... but can I really say I MISSED them?

LHP Abe Q Alvarez started for Pawtucket. He gave up eight hits and five runs in five innings. Quality start? Maybe if you are the New York Yankees or something. If you are the weak-hitting Pawtucket Red Sox, then you are doomed. Alvarez also walked three guys and gave up a home run to Terry Tiffee. Terry Tiffee! That guy's still plugging away!

Alvarez was relieved by Hansen for two innings. Another run was scored under Craig's watch. He is Bad Craig. Breslow is Good Craig, but Breslow didn't pitch the ninth. It was Brian Corey, who played in Japan for a while. Corey did not allow the Tides to score further, because he is phat like that.

LHP Kurt Birkins started for Norfolk and got the win. 65326. That is, six innings, five hits, three runs, two walks, and six Ks. I may present those stats in zip code form from now on. My idea, don't steal it. Birkins only faltered when he allowed a three-run homer to Mike Tucker.

The fucking huge right-hander Francis Beltran jumped in after Birkins and between him, fastball machine and talented youngster Jim Hoey, and closer Corey Doyne, they kept Pawtucket scoreless the rest of the ride. Yee-haw.

Offense: Tucker hit a three-run home run, which I just told you about. For Norfolk, Adam Stern had three RBI. He played center, if you are curious. He still looks like Adam Sandler.

Two things:
1. I will be at the game tonight. Pawtucket WILL win. Hansack is starting. Do you find him attractive at all? Don't answer that.
2. Congratulations to Travis Hughes, Brandon Moss, and Craig Breslow. They are all going to the AAA All-Star Game in Albuquerque. They're pretty lucky, since I've never been to New Mexico. Corey Doyne and JR House of the Tides are also going, so I guess that gives everyone something to talk about during warmups.
3. By the way, the Counting Crows are playing at McCoy some time in August or July. Feel free to attend. Am I going? Are you kidding? I'm only going if Joe McEwing is going. With me after he picks me up at work.
4. Fourth game in a row they've lost!
5. Shea Hillenbrand has been DFA'd. I do not get this guy. He loves animals, has like a rescued animal zoo, takes care of the kids, but on the field is an absolute tool. Must be the steroids.
6. Barry Hertzler is back in Pawtucket. He pitched the other day and it was horseshit. Of course, it's hard to shoot for a win when your starting pitcher is MIKE BURNS. Why did he start? Why anything? I had tickets to that game, I think, but I couldn't go because I was busy being sizzled alive in a Massachusetts parking lot.

Okay, let's roll. See you later on.


6.23.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Louisville Bats - Are you there? Can you pick up?

4-1 Pawtucket :D

RHP Devern Hansack v. RHP Elizardo Ramirez

Hansack pitched eight innings, perfect through seven until ruiner Aaron Herr doubled in the eighth. Bah! Hansack gave up three hits and one run and struck out seven. He threw only 85 pitches and walked NO ONE. Travis Hughes pitched a scoreless ninth. Hansack AND Hughes both had a balk called. Weird, huh?

Elizardo Ramirez pitched 6 2/3, gave up four hits, two runs, and struck out three. Gary Majewski of the Houston Majewskis ran out to the mound and shoved Ramirez into the dirt when he took over. Gary M. pitched 1 1/3 until Kirk Saarloos took over. Wait, Kirk Saarloos? Are you sure? Yes. Kirk Saarloos is in AAA.

Brandon Moss had two RBI and Joe McEwing hit a home run. Michael Tucker doubled off Saarloos. Jeff Bailey stole a base, Jacoby Ellsbury was caught stealing, and Bobby Scales was picked off. Bobby Scales was also HBP.

The Bats had nothing doing offensively. Jesse Gutierrez (first base) batted in the lone run.

Felicidades, PawSox!

Two things:
1. There was an hour and ten minute rain delay in this game. In the cold Kentucky rain!
2. Kirk Saarloos feels as though he threw like three bad innings in Cincinnati and that's why he was sent down there. Well, yeah. The last time he pitched for the big team, he faced seven batters in relief and could not get one of them out. You know what else? He's probably a pain in the ass.
3. The Louisville Courier alleges that Hansack balked because when his perfect game was broken up by Herr, he was flustered and was uncomfortable pitching from the stretch with the runner on.
4. Reds' outfielder Ryan Freel is starting his rehab with the Bats. So check that out! Gary Majewski is also a Reds refugee. He was optioned last month.
5. The Louisville Bats players auctioned off their autographed hats a while back to raise money for Virginia Tech. Homer Bailey's hat raised the second-most amount of money. You know who was first? Mark Bellhorn. Maybe some crazy Kentucky Red Sox fan just had to have it, because Bellhorn over Bailey? That's not even alphabetical!



6.22.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Louisville Bats (CIN)

Louisville! Crushes! Pawtucket! 7-0 (LHP Alvarez v. LHP Bobby Livingston)

Abe Alvarez threw 97 pitches through five innings. He gave up nine hits and five runs. He also walked two and struck out eight. You know, so much emphasis is placed on numbers. I mean, who hasn't had a crappy five inning performance in their lives? The numbers are meaningless!

Mike Burns pitched the next two innings, then big ol' Travis Hughes pitched the eighth. For a second, I was like 'Wait, was there no ninth inning?' before I remembered that the Bats just had to hold Pawtucket in the ninth. Burns and Hughes each gave up a run.

Brandon Moss doubled. Fresh meat Bryan Pritz had a hit in his first Pawtucket game.

Bobby Livingston pitched the whole game and shut out the Red Sox. 103 pitches, four hits, four Ks. Nice work, Bobby!

Louisville's Joey Votto had a nice triple for himself off T. Hughes.

1. Hey, Mark Bellhorn! Bellhorn had two RBI for the Bats.
2. The Louisville Bats play in Slugger Park. Awww!
3. Congratulations to David Murphy on his call-up. And Gabbard. I knew it was going to be these two and I would explain my rationale behind it all but I am bored beyond reason right now.
4. Bobby Livingston pitched the first complete game shutout for Louisville in three years. Jacoby Ellsbury beat out a bunt to first in the sixth inning and then got caught in a rundown. Ellsbury eluded the tag, though. Livingston had this to say: "Jacoby's a fast guy. When I swung the tag he juked me. I tried to dive back and put my glove in front of the bag, but he beat me to it."
Wow, juked by Ellsbury!

Saturday: Hansack and a Pawtucket win. More on THAT later. zzzzzzzzzzzz


6.21.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @Indianapolis Indians

Pawtucket Red Sox take the last of the four games 9-4.

Lefty Kason Gabbard started for Pawtucket and pitched six innings. He gave up five hits and two runs. He walked two and struck out six.

Craig Hansen followed in the seventh. He gave up a pair of home runs, a single, and a walk. It was not a succesful outing for Hansen, who wriggled out of the seventh after 30 pitches. Brian Corey and Craig Breslow took care of the 8th and ninth inning and did not allow further runs.

Lefty Shane Youman started for Indianapolis, giving up eight runs in 4 2/3 innings.

Bobby Scales, Ed Rogers, and Brandon Moss all doubled for Pawtucket. Jacoby Ellsbury and David Murphy had two RBI each. Joe McEwing tripled.

other things:
1. "Everybody hit! WOOHOO!" All the Pawtucket kids got a hit in this game. Yes, even Kottaras.
2. Gabbard plunked two guys on the Indians: Brian Bixler and Brad Eldred. Joe McEwing received the retaliatory HBP from Brian Rogers.

Good to be out of Excitement Field, or wherever the Indians play. I feel as though I never really got to know those guys. Well, maybe next year. Off to Louisville!


in progress

Pawtucket's currently winning right now. That's good. But Gabbard's out and Hansen's in and so far in this inning, Hansen's given up two home runs. Outings like this are a big reason why I hate his guts.

i can't believe the wagon's gone... it's history

Recently I mentioned finding a videotape of the 1993 All-Star Game at a second-hand store and being a bit of a baby about it not working.

I tried it in a different VCR today and it worked! I feel much like Dr. Frankenstein. It took place in the new newness of Oriole Park at Camden Yards and oh lord, the mullets and mustaches abounded. Some all-stars: Gary Sheffield, Barry Bonds, Marquis Grissom, Darren Daulton, Griffey, Kruk, Bobby Bonilla, Randy Johnson, Ripken, Puckett, Larkin, Mussina, Cecil Fielder, Olerud, Ivan Rodriguez, Mark Grace. The AL manager is Toronto's Cito Gaston. For the NL it's... I forgot.

Some cute things in list form:
1. They booed the hell out of all the Blue Jays players. I thought it was because they'd won the prior World Series, but apparantly everyone was pissed off that Cito Gaston had loaded the reserve players with a bunch of guys on his own Toronto team.
2. Bobby Bonilla was mightily booed. He laughed about it. What did he do? I cannot remember.
3. John Burkett was a reserve player. When the camera hit him, he mouthed, "Hi, Mom." Smiling. He was so happy.
4. Ivan Rodriguez must have been about 19.
5. Freaking Olerud... when they were announcing the AL starting lineup, they get to him and he runs out in that stupid helmet.
6. Camden Yards is ripe for renaming at this point. Maybe not '08, but at least '09. But probably next year. I am telling you.
7. Geddy Lee sang 'O, Canada'. He cannot really sing, I don't think. He also can't pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend.
8. Barry Larkin and Mark Grace both looked so young! So cocky and tightly-pantsed!
9. Darryl Kile was a reserve player.

Can't wait to finish it. But first I have to buy a new VCR.

6.20.07 Blackstone Valley Freeballers - Intramural Game (Team K v. Team P)

Team K WINS! 11-2

Team K was the clear underdog, but Team P's shoddy fielding made the accumulation of runs easier.

Not much else to add. I got on base once and got batted in. I also pitched, played third, caught, and played outfield.

Pitching is exhausting. More than running and fielding and hitting. It is the most strenuous thing for me. And keep in mind I am just lobbing it in there. It would not register on any radar gun.

It was the last game on our field. So again we are a gypsy team.

See you next Wednesday!

shadows of the morning light, shadows of the evening sun

Let's catch up with Pawtucket. Let's eat them up right now. Manny D's gone to California and may never come back. If he goes, we will miss him, a big strong kid.

It pains me to say that Pawtucket has so far lost three of four games to the Indianapolis Indians, who are affiliated with... wait... the Pirates! Pirates and Indians! It's like some lame Halloween Party!

Monday: Hansack starts, pitches six, gives up two runs - leaves game tied 2-2. Hansen comes in, blows save. As he does. How I hate him! He does not get the loss, however. Travis Hughes does!

For Indianapolis, Sean Burnett started, but only pitched three innings. He was followed by Josh Sharpless (who is from Beaver, PA, just like John Burkett!), Brian Rogers, Mark Corey (also from PA), and Juan Perez who got the win. Juan Perez, hey! He pitched in Pawtucket and was always super, super nice.

Aside from Perez, who the hell are these people? Is there a job more anonymous than being a relief pitcher on the Pirates AAA team?

Jeff Bailey homered and Brandon Moss doubled twice. Pawtucket loses 4-3. BLNT.

Tuesday: Sox lose again 4-3 in ten innings. David Pauley v. Marty McLeary. McLeary is adorable. Great baseball name, too. Pauley gave up a home run to Mr. Eldred.

Game was tied at 3, goes to the tenth, Breslow's been pitching a couple of innings but gets messy and gives up the winning run. Indianapolis wins.

Wednesday: Another loss for Pawtucket, 6-3. Universal sadness as the Red Sox' momentum is slipping backwards quickly. Jon Lester give up three runs in five innings. Game's tied until Corey gives up three runs in the eighth and there you have it.

Michael Tejera started for I/I.

Today is Kason Gabbard v. Shane Youman. My prediction? PAIN.


6.19.07 Twins @ NY Mets - Johan Santana y hasta mañana!

Minnesota makes mince meat of Mets, 9-0!

Okay, I was expecting the worst of Shea Stadium, since everyone talks about what a freaking dump it is. So I was surprised to find it not amazing, but not an unflushed toilet of ratshit and puke either. It seemed pretty clean to me. Yes, it's uninteresting, but what the hell? I especially liked the bathrooms.

Jorge Sosa started for the Mets and pitched, what, 3 1/3? Then Aaron Sele (!) came in. He's still employed? Gosh, who else pitched? Guillermo Mota and Scott Schoeneweis, that's who!

I was so excited to discover Santana was pitching for the Twins when I got to the park. He started off mildly sloppy, but then the rest was mayonnaise. Nine shutout innings. He also hit a double, which was funny in a way that people who don't watch baseball and don't care, don't get.

Jason Bartlett was defensively tack-sharp and nearly acrobatic at short for MN. Not too bad for a pear. And you'd think that since they scored nine runs, the Twins whacked the hell out of the ball. NO! You know what? The Mets had FOUR errors! YES! No one hit a home run, which didn't surprise me because it looks like a hard park to knock one out of.

So, yeah, the nine runs were a few scattered hits, walks, and errors and such. Jeff Cirillo had three hits.

I do like the Mets, but I REALLY like the Twins. I was struck by a ketchup packet from behind, possibly tossed at me for openly rooting for MN. But, look... I also cheered for Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado and JULIO FRANCO when he pinch hit.

Two things:
1. Lew Ford was not in the lineup, but I did see him hanging out in the dugout. I have unexplainable love for him.
2. Santana has freakishly football-broad shoulders. It's like he forgot to take the hanger out of his jersey.
3. Michael Cuddyer caught the last out in RF. I saw him give the ball special to Santana during the post-game high-five line.
4. I forgot how much of a hit David Wright is with the ladies. But as a lady, I do not think he's all that. He's blonde and bland.
5. I'm a wicked sucker for the Kiss Cam. I am delighted whenever they show it on the JumboTron. I also try to snuggle in with strange men in the stands in hopes of scoring a smooch. Yay!
6. The food situation at Shea was dismal. DISMAL. I do not expect much from a ballpark, but come on. I had to eat popcorn! Like an animal! And it was $4.25! !!! That is NOT RIGHT! Popcorn costs 25 cents a silo!
7. This is one of my top five MLB games ever attended. By me.
8. I wanted a Mets t-shirt that was Spanish-language oriented. 'Los Mets' would have been sufficient. But no.



Congratulations, Brandon Watson.

Columbus Clippers outfielder Brandon Watson has broken the IL hit streak record. He's hit in 43 games, which breaks the record set in 1912 by Jack Lelivelt (Rochester).

Yay and such!

The very last Richmond Braves game of the year.

And Pawtucket loses! LOSES! 3-1 Your fathers are all DISAPPOINTED in you, SONS!

LHP Abe Alvarez v. RHP Kevin Barry who went to Rider College. Do you know Kevin Barry? I think I do.

Alvarez pitched 6 2/3 innings and gave up two hits and a run. Edgar Martinez came in in the seventh with the bases left loaded by Alvarez and walked in a run. He returned in the eight and allowed another run. Breslow, Craig pitched the ninth and held the Braves scoreless, but the damage was done and the park was filled with Sad Dads. And Edgar Martinez... your father cries for what you could have been.

Kevin Barry pitched seven scoreless innings and struck out six Sox. YEAH, baby! Then Will Startup, whose father Ken was present in the stands behind the visitors' dugout, pitched the eighth. Startup was startled out of his Christian reverie on the mound when Alex Prieto homered off him. Uh-oh! It didn't matter. Manny Acosta came in a little later and was equally hit-stingy
Pawtucket offense was Prieto's home run. No mas, really.

Richmond - Martin Prado and Doug Clark doubled. No Corky today.

I love you, Dad:
1. Kevin Cash was the Pawtucket catcher today, but I think RJ was half in the bag when he had George Kottaras PINCH HIT FOR CASH IN THE NINTH. Maybe he thought, hey, let's get Mr. Walk-Off up in there. But I think the box score says it best: "Kottaras struck out for Cash in the ninth". HA!
2. Here's your lineup:

Ellsbury DH
McEwing 3B
Murphy CF
Tucker LF
Moss RF
Bailey 1B
Scales 2B
Cash C
Prieto SS

I never really thought that RJ would DH Ellsbury, but it did follow since he'd rotated the DH spot amongst the other two outfielders. I alluded to this yesterday because I am wicked smart.

3. Attendence today: 10,770 - quite a crowd for little McCoy.
4. Forgot to mention that the pitch speed displayer in right field is still not working. Also, the Braves did not have photos to put up on the scoreboard. I hope someone loses their job over this!
5. Abe Alvarez was allegedly pitching well.
6. Is it just me, or should they stick Edgar M. back in Portland and let him pitch himself into a semblance of goodness there?

Okay, PawSox gone and not back until June 26 for hot, naked, wet Norfolk Tides action. See you then! And good luck, Corky Miller!


Sox. Braves. McCoy. Awwww, yeaaah.

Pawtucket WINS! 4-3

LHP Kason Gabbard v RHP Blaine Boyer

Gabbard: Six innings, two runs, three walks, four K's. Next up: Hansen in the seventh with a 3-2 Pawtucket lead, which he blew. He may be worse than Mike Burns at this point. Good Ol' Brian Corey pitched 8 & 9. He struck out two and got the win. Good Ol' Brian Corey.

Blaine Boyer: Two innings, five hits, three runs, two walks and a strikeout. Second night in a row the Braves' starter has only pitched two innings. CRAZY! Then Trey Hodges. Then Buddy Hernandez. Then Jeff Bennett. Then Richmond goes back to the Days Inn all sad because they've lost to a shitty team like the PawSox.

Four PawSox players had doubles. Can you guess who? I'll give you the hard one: Michael Tucker. The other three should be easy. Note: Jeff Bailey did not double. God, it's like a Penny Press logic problem! Also, Mabel did not bring cookies on Friday.

George Kottaras hit a solo home run in the ninth which I guess was a walk-off. It's a little unfair, don't you think? That's twice in one week for the Little Catcher That Couldn't. Brandon Moss deserves it more.

David Murphy batted third as usual but he DH'd. They have been messing around with the Three Amigos lately, sticking Moss in left and whatnot. He struck out three times, which is exactly the production you need from your DESIGNATED hitter.

Brayan Pena and Larry Bigbie had an RBI each. Corky Miller had a hit and an error. If you haven't already guessed, I think Miller is sort of interesting. From an anthropological perspective.

don't get mad, get glad:
1. Seriously, what is the deal with Craig Hansen? Wasn't he supposed to be good or something? The man can't even handle AAA hitters. Elbow soreness? Or is it the other thing? He also looks out of shape.
2. Let's hear it for Brian Corey. Yay, Brian. Yay.
3. PawSox source: Ellsbury is getting called up, no doubt, no question, sooner rather than later. By 'source', I of course mean the only other weirdo Pawtucket fan I know.
4. "Blaine Boyer likes to keep the ball low, specializing in a nasty, low-90s sinker and a hard curveball. His stuff gives fits to right-handed hitters. However, he has a tendency to get overexcited on the mound. His arsenal lags after the sinker and curve and left-handed hitters see him too well." (from the Canadians)

Last game of the homestand tomorrow. I will not be attending. Next up: Indianapolis!

6.15.07 PawSox v. R Braves - Let's See if Mike Burns!

Richmond WINS! 3-0 on Visor Night

LHP Jon Lester v. RHP Lance Cormier

Lester pitched seven innings. Eight hits, two runs, one walk, 3 K's. He was followed by Mike "6.97" Burns, who gave up the third run. Manny Delcarmen pitched the ninth. He walked two batters but allowed no runs. He did require a coaching visit to the mound midway through the inning.

Lance Cormier pitched but two innings. He was followed by Ryan Basner, who pitched 4 2/3 innings and got the win. Will Startup finished off the game. Pawtucket was shut out by these guys and they even had a no-hitter going until Moss doubled in the fifth.

The offense pretty much consisted of the aforementioned Brandon Moss double. Jeff Bailey was particularly crappy, striking out twice and grounding into a double play.

Braves' first baseman Graham Koonce knocked in two runs. Corky Miller walked twice. Corky Miller also stole a base, which, come on Pawtucket. Come on.

Visor Night!
1. Yes, the visor was free. No, I did not help myself to a free visor. Come on... would I ever wear a visor?
2. Attendance: 10,600. YES.
3. Have you ever seen Will Startup pitch? It is really fun. His delivery is nuts.
4. Ahem. Guess who is third in the International League for RBI? Did you guess Jeff Bailey? Whatever, stupid. It's George Kottaras!
5. Okay, it's Brandon Moss.
6. Jacoby Ellsbury did not get on base, but I guess that's okay because nobody else did, either. Not even Joe McEwing.
7. Chad Spann is back at third. McEwing has deserted third for his suburban home on second base. I don't think Chad Spann should have come back. Because I hate him.
8. I've been meaning to post line-ups. I mean, I really need to do that. It would be helpful for my many thousands of readers.
9. Okay, here:

Ellsbury CF
McEwing 2B
Murphy RF
Tucker LF
Moss DH
Bailey 1B
Kottaras C
Rogers SS
Spann 3B

10. If you want the Braves line-up, click here.

bye for now

some honest baseball questions

I may have covered this before:

1. When the count goes to 3-0 or 3-1, is it me or does the strike zone suddenly expand? Yeah, it could be that pitchers know the batter will usually take on this count so they throw a strike, but from at home in front of my TV, it seems the borderline calls go for the pitcher in these counts.

2. When a batter gets a mighty hit, the next guy up frequently takes a huge hack at the first pitch. As if he were inspired by the previous batter and wants to pile on. Is this my imagination?

3. Okay, let's say a team... say the Angels... let's say they sign some Name Pitcher in the off-season for a serious contract. Not a superstar, but a key component. And then the guy just cannot get it done. He's not injured, but he can't get anyone out, gives up a lot of hits, doesn't get deep into the game, whatever. And the Angels have this guy in AAA who's a real killer, has great stuff, is just super strong and dominant. Everyone's calling up the radio, why can't the Angels call up Mr Wonderful and get rid of the sucky guy? (Not knowing the finer points of the pitcher's fat contract.)

Suddenly, Name Pitcher goes on the DL. Yup, looks like tendonitis. Who can we call up, let's see... hey, that kid down in AAA is on the 40-man, let's get him up! Woo-hoo!

What I want to know is, what is the conversation the big club has with the Name Pitcher? How do they convince a player who is not injured but is struggling that he needs to go on the DL? What if he doesn't want to? Do they say, hey, just take some time off and work on your mechanics for a while, it'd be best for you and the team? Does he get a 'bonus'? Do they threaten to talk trade with other, shitty teams? Do they have a fake doctor x-ray the pitcher and 'find' some damaged ligaments? I wanna know!

I actually have one more question but it's kind of disgusting so I'll ask a baseball player personally. It involves mitts.


6.14.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Richmond Braves

RHP David Pauley v. LHP Dan Smith, 4-2 Pawtucket on Armed Services Night.

Pauley pitched six innings. Four hits, one run, one walk, 5 Ks. Thanks for a successful outing. I feel as though I have overlooked Pauley because of his AAA-ness. Pawtucket's favorite lefty reliever Craig "T." Breslow followed with a dazzling, solitary inning of run-free dual strikeoutosity. Craig Hansen, who enrages me with his inability to find the strike zone, came next and was ineffective. Of his 24 pitches, nine were strikes. He also allowed a run and walked two. All in one inning! Hansen has been a C-minus student in Pawtucket.

Pawtucket badass Travis Hughes polished off the cake in the ninth. We should bring him up to Boston! If only!

Dan Smith was removed from the game after 5 four-run innings. He was relieved by Brad Nelson, who finished out the game and allowed no additional runs.

Jacoby Ellsbury enjoyed his fourth multiple hit game in a row, with two doubles. He also stole a base. Bobby Scales and David Murphy also doubled. Kevin Cash walked three times.

The Braves had a few scattered hits/walks. The sole creator of a XBH was former Oriole Larry Bigbie, who doubled in the second.

I love you (for sentimental reasons):
1. Bigbie! I loved/hated him in Baltimore, so it was cool to see him minty fresh at McCoy, newly traded from the PCL 51's. The name on his uniform had the high gloss of iron-ons, rather that the stately stitched-on letters.
2. Corky Miller, whose uniform pants defy explanation, worked as first-base coach for a few early innings. I can't help but wonder how huge and hairy his ass is. I don't know why. He chatted it up a lot with first baseman Jeff Bailey, and you just know they spent many a summer evening post-game last year smoking doobs and drinking Coors Lite out on the deck.
3. Richmond reliever Brad Nelson does not mess around. I can't remember ever seeing an IL pitcher working that quickly!
4. It certainly was cold at the park!
5. The Pawtucket bullpen shared a styrofoam toast right before gametime. That would be Brian Corey, Hughes and Hansen, Breslow, Delcarmen, and Burns. I do not know what they drank, but.
6. It still bothers me to see such young veterans, especially the wounded. The term "ultimate sacrifice" disturbs me as well.
7. Iker Franco was Richmond's catcher. Rhymes with 'seeker'. Gregor Blanco played center. Iker and Gregor! I wonder if they are friends in real life?

I was a little under the weather today. Went to the game but I'll get to it tomorrow or something.


Pawtucket Red Sox v. Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs of the Future - Oh. Hi.

Okay, okay! Don't push us when we're HOT! (8-2 PSox)

Nicaraguan man of marvel Devern Hansack went 7+ innings and gave up 2 runs while striking out six Lynxmen. He threw 102 pitches and walked no one. Just when I was babbling about the Pawtucket starters not getting stretched out! Well, it is obviously because he is being showcased. What, trade Hansack? YES. Manny Delcarmen pitched the rest of the game and that is when I realized that Delcarmen has been missing for a while. Was he injured? Was I just not paying attention? The pitch speed indicator sign was not working, but MDC must have been mid-90's, judging by the resounding catcher-mitt thwack. SNAP. SNAP. SNAP. Strike three! Three Ks in 1 2/3 innings for Delcarmen. Everyone was so happy.

Zack Segovia was 1-7 before the game started and now he is 1-8. The Lynx have replaced Pawtucket in the IL cellar and are none too thrilled about it. There were relievers involved in the Ottawa pitching tonight. Just so you know.

Jeff Bailey was an offensive juggernaut tonight! Not juggernaut, that word is so overused. Jeff Bailey was a runaway Conestoga wagon tonight! When he came up to the plate in his second at-bat, I had that funny stomach feeling and sure enough, he cranked one out. Three hits and four RBI in all for JB, who also doubled. He was a triple shy, which is like being a Yahtzee shy.

Joe McEwing got on base a couple of times. He is a total pain in the ass on first, I might add, as he feints and bluffs and skitters around. They were trying to pull off a hit-and-run with Murphy at bat and it worked out pretty well.

Ottawa's offensive star was catcher Jason Jaramillo, who had three hits and knocked in a run.

It's nice to see Pawtucket getting their shit together a little bit. I hope it lasts a while.

Sorry, Lester, we were only kidding!
1. Joe McEwing is my favorite. He just looks so fucking happy to be playing baseball and that in turn makes me happy to watch. I love him like Bob loves David Ortiz.
2. They were giving out "junk balls", which are like souped-up Wiffle balls. Jeff Bailey and Brandon Moss got hold of one and I watched them toss it to each other... that ball is CRAZY!
3. Yes, I put chopped onions on my french fries.
4. David Pauley is a hardcore dugout rat. You know how Tim Wakefield is always present in the dugout, just sitting and leaning with his hands in his pockets? Pauley is like that, except animated to the point of near-nuisance.
5. Lester seems to be in good spirits in spite of the giant Red Sox cocktease. He's shed his Hardship Goatee which makes his melon look less huge. He is pitching on Friday so we'll see how it goes.
6. The outfield has been getting shuffled around lately. Tonight B. Moss played left and did a pretty good job. Ellsbury was back in center. Trade talks heat up. Who stays? Who goes?
7. I would rather sit near the kids' birthday party section at McCoy than near high school youths in Old Navy flip-flops and Hollister hoodies. They are so, so ugly at that age and yet they find themselves to be so entertaining. I really, really hope I wasn't as stupid and mallratty at that age.
8. Alex Prieto playing short? What's next, a talking banana?
9. Runelvys Hernandez is now a Yankee... a Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankee, that is!
10. I may be paranoid, but I swear there is at least one PawSox player that is onto me. Like he knows about my blog and the unflattering things I say. I think I've seen him looking at me with the narrowed eyes of annoyance. Am I being paranoid? I'm being paranoid.

good night.

Lou Collier

Former Pawtucket/Boston dude and AAA All-star Lou Collier has officially retired at 33. Let's all take a moment to reflect.

Okay, I have no specific memories of Collier except that he looked cross-eyed.

my brother's Oakland shotz


Just wanted to give special thanks to Team Trinity, who was out in full force last night and for their niceness and cleanliness and godliness. Perhaps extra special thanks to Eric, who after a few beers will pound the table with his fist when he talks about baseball.

Separate but related thanks to Kyle... the caterer.

6.11.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Ottawa Lynx - one of them will be me as a boy

Pawtucket WINS! 6-5 on a George Kottaras (!) walk-off home run.

LHP Abe Alvarez v. RHP JD Durbin

Okay, wait, didn't Boston pick up Durbin a few weeks ago?

Alvarez went six innings. Seven hits, three runs, one K. He also walked a couple of Lynx. Edgar Martinez followed and pretty much blew it in the eighth. The game'd been tied up by Pawtucket in the seventh but Martinez gave up a pair of runs to make it 5-3 Ottawa. Brian Corey pitched the ninth and got the win.

JD Durbin gave up two runs over six. And seven strikeouts! Stupid Red Sox. Jeff Bailey and Kottaras each struck out twice. Matt Smith was your subsequent pitcher. Then Brian Sanches, who blew the save. Sanches had a post-game hissy, to which he is entitled.

Bobby Scales Superstar knocked in a pair with his wet, naughty two-run homer in the seventh. But it was Kottaras who homered when it counted with his ninth-inning walk-off. I know! I was not even aware at that point that it was the ninth inning and I wondered why he was greeted so warmly at home plate. So it was a nice night for the catcher! Now he can go back to being useless!

Joe McEwing was the third baseman for a few innings until he was ejected. The Lynx were going for the double steal and McEwing TOTALLY tagged Roberson as he slid into third but the ump declared him safe. McEwing went nuts and got right up in the ump's face. RJ came running out and got between Joe and Ump... to no avail. McEwing got the boot. What the hell? The MiLB game log has McEwing playing second after Chad Spann replaces him defensively at third, but I'm pretty sure that is wrong and stupid. And who ejects an infielder? And Joe McEwing, a secret hothead? I hated to see him go but it was entertaining.

these are things I like:
1. I saw Devern Hansack after the game in the parking lot in a social circle with some friends of his. Just hanging. No one looked twice at him, but I did. And I knew.
2. Possibly my favorite PawSox game in the past couple of years. I had a great time. Plus we were on TV!
3. Ken Macha was at the game! I didn't even see him. Also present: my boss. I didn't see him either.
4. New portraits on the twisty walkway: Papelbon, Youkilis, Bronson Arroyo and Freddy Sanchez. When I was a soda jerk at McCoy you could spiral your way up to the top of the park, which is where we used to deposit the grill grease at the end of the day into stinky metal drums. Yucky!
5. Kottaras: "I'm stressed about my batting average."

I'm back at the park tonight for a more subdued evening. MAYBE.


Pawtucket Red Sox v. Ottawa Lynx - What, again?

I did not ever once say, 'Please let Pawtucket win today and I will never make fun of baseball players ever again'. Imagine if I had!

Final score 6-3 Pawtucket. Kason Gabbard goes six innings and gives up five hits and two runs. Gabbard struck out five Lynx...es. Can I say Lynxes? It sounds cute, like I'm in first grade. The box score says he gave up a home run and since when do they use that statistic? Have I never noticed? What does that have to do with anything? Breslow and Hughes pitched the rest of the game. Travis Hughes' ERA is down to .98 but he also drinks domestic beer from cans.

El zurdo Eude Brito started for Ottawa. I've seen him pitch before. The thing I remember most about Brito is how cool his name is. Brito gave up five runs so he didn't get to pitch past the fourth.

That crazy bitch Brandon Moss homered AGAIN! They call him Candle Guy (why because he is on fire). Jacoby Ellsbury doubled and stole two bases. Yes, Ellsbury, we get it. You're speedy. David Murphy tripled and gloated internally. Veteran Presence Michael Tucker also homered.

Kevin Cash was the catcher today. Sometimes when I look over to the Pawtucket bullpen and squint, I think I see Keith Foulke. I smile and raise my hand a little bit like I'm going to wave to my old friend, but then I realize... it's just Kevin Cash. And then I awkwardly put my hand down and glance around to see if anyone noticed. One of these days I am going to abduct K Cash and keep him prisoner in my apartment and beat him and make him underhand baseballs to me while I sweat and cry.

Dusty Wathan was Ottawa's catcher. He vaguely resembles Corey Koskie.

Danny Sandoval hit a two-run homer off Gabbard. It has not yet been determined whether it was majestic.

Two things:
1. Dusty Wathan's hobbies: spending time with his kids. Sure. He also named his son 'Huck'.
2. Okay, seriously, what the hell happened to Keith Foulke? I love how when he retired, it was via a Cleveland official statement. The man himself never said, 'It is with great regret that I have decided to retire from baseball. I will always treasure my time in the majors, especially with the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox.' He just disappeared. No exit interview. Nothing.
3. I was looking for some Ottawa Lynx information via a search engine and I came across some Pawtucket Red Sox... um, how can I put this? Fan fiction, I guess? I'm completely flabbergasted after reading it. I would post it but it seems so lovingly written that I don't want to make fun.
4. The plasma center is only open on Mondays and Tuesdays. And Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays. Saturday and Sunday they're closed.


6.9.07Pawtucket Red Sox v. Ottawa Lynx (PHI)

Ottawa WINS! 6-2

Jon Lester went 2 2/3 innings, giving up five hits and three runs. RJ says he gave him the hook because he knew Lester didn't have it and they are still being somewhat careful with him. Lester does not like being taken out of the game. Burns, Hansen, Corey, Hughes. Burns gives up two runs, Hansen one. God, those guys are the two worst relievers! The amazing T. Hughes' ERA is a paltry 1.02

Lester was opposed by righty Bubba Nelson. Nelson is from Maryland, which is not technically within the boundaries of Bubba Territory, but we'll let it slide because he looks ugly and stupid enough. Bubba only gave up one run through five innings, but he threw like 102 pitches. That means Pawtucket probably left a lot of guys on base. Jason Anderson took over for Nelson. Then Matt Smith. Then A. Garcia. Good job, Lynx bullpen!

Jeff Bailey hit a home run. The media declined his requests for an interview after the game. George Kottaras singled in a run but he also grounded into a double play, which nearly cancels that out.

Jacoby Ellsbury walked in the first.

Lynx shortstop Danny Sandoval had 3 RBI!

Okay, I don't know:
1. Danny Sandoval had problems getting out of Venezuela this spring due to 'mistaken identity' problems. So he was late for Phillies camp. Venezuela sounds crazy!

I'll be at the park Monday and Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday and Thursday! xoxo


6.08.07 PawSox v. Richmond Braves - the wind began to howl

Pawtucket WINS! 7-3

Things looked bad for starter David Pauley when he kicked off the first inning by giving up three runs. But then the good came out and he pitched five solid innings. 73 pitches and out. Manny Delcarmen pitched two scoreless innings after that, giving up a hit and a walk. Then in the ninth inning, conditions got hazardous and the game was called. Lightening, wind and rain and such.

Lefty Dan Smith pitched for the Braves (4IP, 7hits, 4runs). He left the game when he was hit in the elbow by a Kevin Cash hit. Then came Buddy Hernandez, Jeff Bennett, and some Miller guy who threw ten pitches and gave up a hit before he was struck by lightening on the mound. The skin on his pitching arm looks like black powder! Hernandez first name is not really 'Buddy'. Bennett's first name is not really 'Jeff' (it's Dave).

Brandon Moss homered and doubled. Kevin Cash and Jeff Bailey also doubled, while George Kottaras tripled. What? Oh, I'm sorry, I meant Jacoby Ellsbury. Kottaras wasn't even in the game. Maybe HE should be backing up K. Cash! Ooooh! Brandon Moss is an RBI MACHINE! (44 so far!) Joe McEwing had a couple of hits and a couple RBI and stole a base. He's a veteran and could be dogging it Enrique Wilson style, but this guy busts his ass out there. No wonder everyone loves him.

The PawSox are back in town and they are down at Dino's Bar and Grill! Lester goes again versus Bubba Nelson! Ottawa Lynx!

I drink three six-packs just so I can look at your face:
1. I like how they call sheets of visible electricity 'lightening'. They should call the wind 'blowerating'. Thunder could be 'boomiation'.
2. Richmond Braves manager Dave Brundage was ejected in this game
3. The Braves almost got swept... I mean, almost. They only won the other day like 2-1
4. The Richmond Braves official website is a cluttered mess.
5. Michael Tucker was hit in the ass by David "Jeff" Bennett, who said, "It's just part of the game. I've been playing for a long time, and you protect your players. As you watch the game, things happen. We had a lot of guys get hit in this series. You have to make sure you go out and do your job." Yes, a lot of people DID get hit. Michael Tucker then slid hard into second, where SS Brent Lillibridge was covering, and like damn near wiped him out. Lillibridge is on the small side. The Braves manager argued for interference and that's when he got the boot.
6. Some of the Braves players started yelling at each other in the dugout. It's so frustrating to lose!
7. Oh, snap! I just found out the guy who pitched a little for the Braves in the 9th was Corky Miller! SHUT UP! How could I have not attended this glorious series?

Okay, I seriously have to go. I almost fell asleep writing this because it was so boring, but then I got all excited. Have a good weekend!


6.6.07 Pawtucket @ Richmond Braves - Let's Get Back to the Countdown

Pawtucket! Wins! Again! 5-3

Lefty Abe ALvarez v. Righty and AAA lifer Kevin Barry.

Alvarez pitched a little over 6 innings and got the win. He struck out six people! What? Vintage! Abe left the game after being hit in the arm by a line drive. He is allegedly fine. Edgar Martinez and Breslow finished off the game, but not without giving up a pair of runs when Carlos Mendez homered with a player on base. Martinez? No, Breslow! It must have been Backwards Day!

K. Barry was less fortunate. He's also fat. He pitched three-ish innings and then Rich Scalamandre took over. I only mention this because I wish my last name were Scalamandre. R-Scal is from Brooklyn like John Halama.

Home runs by David Murphy, Michael Tucker, and Brandon Moss. Don Orsillo would call Moss 'outstanding' and so would I. He also doubled in this game.

George Kottaras is doing nothing with the bat. He is also listed as 'Kottaras,G' which they usually only do if there's another player with the same last name. Is there another Kottaras somewhere in the minors? Can we check on that? Batting average is considered a nearly useless statistic, but .190 is .190.

Beloved minor leaguer and former PawSox catcher Corky Miller was HBP twice. Once by Alvarez, once by Martinez. Is that sort of like slapping an old friend on the back? A Love Plunk? Poor guy, but that must have been funny. We all loved Miller.

simultaneous lovin':
1. Braves Shortstop Brent Lillibridge... just look at his picture. It's really not funny. At all.
2. Corky Miller's name is Abraham, which means last year there were two Abrahams on the PawSox.
3. Remember Brandon Watson on the Clippers and his hitting streak? Extended to 33 games. I'm excited for him and so are you.
4. Guess what International League team is number one in attendance? Never guess! No, not horse tranquilizers... the Louisville Bats!
5. No pictures, only error messages.

***!!NEW FEATURE!! !! WOW!! !LQQK!***
One of my very first cassettes was Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits and oh, did I play the hell out of it. Yes, I am a member of the Cassette Generation. I taped songs off the radio! I thought the dual-cassette stereos were an amazing invention! So easy to copy tapes!

So, yeah, Kenny's a little weird these days, but I still love him and his appearance on Reno 911! was a real thrill for me.

my dear diary... it's just you and me tonight.

It looks like the 'Talkin Paw Sox' blog has fizzled out. I took another look at it and you cannot convince me that it wasn't someone within the organization. It's just awfully dry for a blog.

Okay, I just looked up 'Gary Arruda' and he works at a radio station. So maybe not.
Maybe he just found out that YOU CANNOT JUST START A PAWSOX BLOG AND BE HALF-ASSED ABOUT IT. It takes a lot of time and effort and crystal meth.

I started out blogging about miscellaneous things, even personal stuff, but the focus gradually became the Pawtucket Red Sox. It's just better that way. But even if I'm just writing about baseball, it IS personal and that cannot be helped. If the text wasn't suffused with a human element, then you might as well have been reading Arruda's blog. Or a newspaper. Because I don't play that shit. The last thing I want to do is be a baseball smarty-pants and take myself too seriously. What's more unfun than that?

------ Speaking of radio, there's a commercial I've been hearing for Rio Roses that consists of one guy asking another guy if he wants to go to "the game" with him. And Guy #2 says, wow, I'd love to but my wife won't let me. So Guy #1 says his wife used to be the same way, but now he gets her a bouquet and she's much more permissive. Wow, says Guy #2, thanks for the tip!

And then the commercial goes on to say that Rio Roses will get your wife to let you go fishing or play golf or whatever.

This has got to be one of the most insulting and offensive commercials I have ever heard. Fuck Rio Roses. Don't go there. Assholes.

Pawtucket Slaterettes Girls' and Womens' Baseball

The Slaterettes have been around since 1973, which makes them the oldest women's baseball club in America. I had heard a thing or two about them but only yesterday did I really check it out. And then I wanted to join REALLY bad but it's too late and I have to wait unitl 2008.

There's nothing more I can add that can't be found on their web site. Except that I do not know how to play softball so this works out for me.

I thought it was interesting that they have a women's baseball league in Korea.


CSI: Pawtucket

the intersection of eastern religion and the mlb profit machine

Lowell Spinners and Boston Red Sox

Lowell Spinners tickets are harder to get than Boston Red Sox tickets. I really mean it! The Spinners just bought a new base for their park. A first base. Yeah, so? Well, it was the one from Yankee Stadium during Game 6 of the ALCS in 2004. Where the Rodriguez v. Arroyo thing went down. And then the SWAT team was on the field. That was crazy!

So you might want to check that out, if you can get tickets. Also, hook me up with that shit!

Lenny DiNardo? Come on! Did you see how high his pants were hiked up? Hello, Pépère! I think he wouldn't have walked as many people if he hadn't had to face Ortiz. Because I can read pitchers' minds through my TV set and when Ortiz was in the box in the first inning, DiNardo was thinking "FUCKING SHIT I HAVE TO PITCH TO DAVID ORTIZ!!" Which would probably fluster anyone, but none more than a stuffless lefty.

Javier Lopez' dad is in the FBI. Ooooooooooh!

6.5.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Richmond Braves

Final score 10-3 Pawtucket!

Kason Gabbard faced Trey Hodges in this surprise win. Pawtucket offense? No way!

Gabbard, an unattractive yet effective lefty, pitched seven eight-hit innings. He walked two guys and struck out five. He gave up a solo HR to itty-bitty Lillibridge (the kid's first!). Left the game after 97 pitches. He was relieved by Craig Hansen and Mike Burns, who just HAD to give up a run.

Trey Hodges pitched 2 2/3 innings but got yanked after giving up a mere seven runs. Four other pitchers finished the game for him, including Will "Hint Hint" Startup.

Joe McEwing did the right thing immediately in the first and took a pitch on the head to get on base. Scuffed the dang paint on his helmet! He also homered. From first base. It was amazing. Okay, not really, but he did hit a solo home run and he doubled and stuff. He then devised a more effective way to distribute sunflower seeds amongst the team based on projected stats.

Brandon Moss had four RBI. Chad Spann had three. POW!

Jacoby Ellsbury was not in the lineup for this game. He spent some time getting iced by a trainer and then he played Grand Theft Auto for a couple of hours.

1. Pawtucket went 8-0 against the Braves last year. Let's go back, Jack, do it again.
2. Kason Gabbard was the first PawSox pitcher this year to go seven innings. This occured on May 4th. The opposing teams' starters seem to go deeper in the game than Pawtucket ever does. This is driving me nuts. WHAT IS THE DEAL?
3. So Runelvys Hernandez blew town. Says he's had "a few offers". Yeah, okay. I remember this happening last year with another Pawtucket pitcher, Matt Ginter. Ginter once played the banjo on the radio. He is currently playing AAA ball with the Memphis Redbirds (STL)and possibly loving it.
4. Bruce R. Wells of the Providence paper referred to Jeff Bailey as "Bob". Bob Bailey! Somehow, it's a better baseball name.

***NEW FEATURE !!WOW!! !!LQQK!! ***
They opened an arepa place up the road called "La Arepa". Name says it all, I guess! It's in Pawtucket. I am going to have to go there and see what's what. I almost never eat arepas, since they're pretty bland.


more of my amazing photography

Pedroia the Destroia

major league baseball

Last night's game was really good. Yes, Boston lost, but wasn't that a good game? Was anyone awake for the whole thing? Oh, the A's and their little white sneakers! I miss Ken Macha.

Jason Kendall has the lowest OBP in the majors. Don Orsillo told me so.

I love how during Sunday Night Baseball, there was SO much talk about ARod and how he was holding up and how his busted affair was affecting the team... and P Gammons was all, "He is in good spirits" etc. Not ONCE did anyone address the fact that WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG. You know, I am so glad that ARod's in good spirits. But, hello, he is an adulterer... what about his wife, his wife's family? You're not supposed to have a secret girlfriend, ALEX. I may have mentioned something like this in a Derek Lowe-style topic.

During the White Sox game last night, Rick Sutcliffe was talking a little bit about how ARod sort of sucked the life out of the Mariners and Rangers. It was rather awesome. He did not bring up George Clooney, however.

Got my Mets tickets yesterday. Still don't have an official second. I may have to take my stupid cousin after all.

6.4.07 Pawtucket R. Sox @ Norfolk Tides - Plug One. Plug Two.

Both games of this double header TAKEN by Pawtucket! Whoo! YEAH. Whoo! YEAH.

I'm skipping the first game because Lester pitched and when that happens, suddenly the media is interested in the PawSox. So of course, you've heard about it.

(They used to be called the Tidewater Tides. When did that change?)

The Pawtucket pitching for this game was all sorts of patched together. As in, guess who started? That's right, Mike Timlin. Timlin has allegedly been a real grouch about his stint in Rhode Island. To some degree, I get it. But mostly, please get over yourself. Timlin pitched two scoreless and struck out two. He gave up one hit to Jason Dubois.

Timlin passes the dutchie to Manny DelC, who got the win. MDC pitched 2 1/3 and struck out two. Did not allow a run.

Delcarmen passes the mic to Corey for 1 2/3. Corey explodes on sight... he's like Jimmy Walker, he's DY-NO-MITE! Still no runs given up. Ace reliever Travis Hughes comes in and he is the man responsible for the run. Yes. But as Morrissey said, What difference does it make?

Norfolk's starter, Garrett "Nellie" Olson, did the unthinkable and pitched all seven innings of this game. He got the loss when two unlikely Red Sox players went back-to-back in the second inning. Yes, I speak of Michael Tucker and Chad Spann.

Jacoby Ellsbury was hit by a pitch in this game and made an error. So put that in your giant notebook.

Two things:
1. I was looking for some Pawtucket stuff on a Do-It-Yourself type video website yesterday and I found a bunch of videos by "FansOfAdam". Wow, those kids were hardcore. At first I felt kind of bad for them, but then I thought, hey, I'm probably a much worse McCoy creep than they could ever aspire to be. So I would watch those videos because that, my friend, is dedication.
2. What I meant to add is that they were an Adam Stern Fan Posse and they made t-shirts and such. I may know a thing or two about that!
3. I dug around a little bit on the PawSox website and I have to amend my prior statements. I like it now. It's the only AAA page I've ever seen that isn't assembled by MLB. There's plenty of good stuff on that site... you just have to look harder. As a dial-up user, I also appreciate the absence of ridiculous graphics, like that little video screen or the "news" slideshow.
4. Cesar Crespo is in the Baltimore system. Wow. Remember that guy? How I hated him! I wonder if he keeps in touch with Andy Abad and Trace Coquillette and Anton French?

***NEW FEATURE*** - WOW! LQQK! ****
A key rack is a terrible gift. How often does anyone ever need a new key rack? Look at the one you have now. How long have you had it? Forever, right? Any plans on shopping around for a newer, sleeker model? If you got one as a gift, what would you do? Take down your old one? NO! You would never do that!

A key rack is a terrible gift.


2007 Eastern League All-Star Game

I got the tickets today and they are glorious.

The gates open the day of the game at 2:30pm. Then BP. During BP, it'll be happy hour in the Tiki Hut area... only select people may attend this shindig.

Autograph session takes place at 5pm. You have one hour to get autographs from all players, who will be seated on the field.

Home Run Derby at 6pm. First pitch 7:30. Post-game fireworks and some kind of tent party after that. It's supposed to be pretty wild...