6.29.07 PRS v. NT - run the field you play alone

Um, Tides won. 7-0.

RHP David Pauley started for Pawtucket. Pauley pitched 6 2/3 innings, giving up seven hits, six runs, two walks, three Ks. After he gave up a double to that rat bastard hitter JR House in the seventh, he was lifted. A lot of things did not go Pauley's way, I think, and it just started snowballing. He then did the whole morose towel-over-the-head thing in the dugout. We took it hard, too, David.

Barry Hertzler finished off the game, giving up the seventh run. He wasn't really sharp, but whatever. It's not like the game was on the line at that point. Hertzler's head is a little too big for his body.

LHP Garrett Olson started for Norfolk and I knew right away we were screwed. When they announced his name as the starter I thought... I know that name. He's good, right? And yeah, he was. Olson kicked off the game by striking out the first five batters, like that. KKKKK. Ten Ks in seven innings! In the eighth he started walking people and was obviously tired so some crappy pitcher named Victor Moreno finished the game.

Pawtucket O-Fence: David Murphy, Bobby Scales, and Brandon Moss all doubled and then just stood in the infield for a while waiting to be batted in. Bobby Scales has been sizzlin' lately. OWEE! Brandon Moss has the second most doubles in the IL with 27. I'd say "27 doubles on the season", but when people say that it irritates me. ON the season? WHAT? George Kottaras jumped in to PH in the ninth for Cash, which still makes absolutely no sense. Have you seen his OBP? No? Well... I bet it's pretty low!
For the Tides: Mike Cervenak was at it again, hitting yet another home run. Good thing Mike is leaving town tonight. All-Star bruiser JR House went 4-5 with two doubles.

thank god my music's still alive:
1. This game started off pretty exciting. The first three innings, Pauley was really keeping up with Olson with the no-hit thing. Then JR House singled in the fourth and the glory faded.
2. "This is why they're winning. The PawSox are good throwers but bad hitters." - Some kid sitting behind me.
3. Okay, loudmouth idiot sitting behind me? Shouting "swing batta batta" over and over again and saying stuff like, "You can't throw strikes, that's why you SUCK!" does not make you interesting or funny. God damn I wanted to shank that guy.
4. I said I'd never eat the unholy hell that is cheese fries ever again. I lied.
5. Last 2007 matchup with the Norfolk Tides and the series is split. Bye, guys!

I'm back at the park probably Sunday. Have a lovely weekend.

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