6.15.07 PawSox v. R Braves - Let's See if Mike Burns!

Richmond WINS! 3-0 on Visor Night

LHP Jon Lester v. RHP Lance Cormier

Lester pitched seven innings. Eight hits, two runs, one walk, 3 K's. He was followed by Mike "6.97" Burns, who gave up the third run. Manny Delcarmen pitched the ninth. He walked two batters but allowed no runs. He did require a coaching visit to the mound midway through the inning.

Lance Cormier pitched but two innings. He was followed by Ryan Basner, who pitched 4 2/3 innings and got the win. Will Startup finished off the game. Pawtucket was shut out by these guys and they even had a no-hitter going until Moss doubled in the fifth.

The offense pretty much consisted of the aforementioned Brandon Moss double. Jeff Bailey was particularly crappy, striking out twice and grounding into a double play.

Braves' first baseman Graham Koonce knocked in two runs. Corky Miller walked twice. Corky Miller also stole a base, which, come on Pawtucket. Come on.

Visor Night!
1. Yes, the visor was free. No, I did not help myself to a free visor. Come on... would I ever wear a visor?
2. Attendance: 10,600. YES.
3. Have you ever seen Will Startup pitch? It is really fun. His delivery is nuts.
4. Ahem. Guess who is third in the International League for RBI? Did you guess Jeff Bailey? Whatever, stupid. It's George Kottaras!
5. Okay, it's Brandon Moss.
6. Jacoby Ellsbury did not get on base, but I guess that's okay because nobody else did, either. Not even Joe McEwing.
7. Chad Spann is back at third. McEwing has deserted third for his suburban home on second base. I don't think Chad Spann should have come back. Because I hate him.
8. I've been meaning to post line-ups. I mean, I really need to do that. It would be helpful for my many thousands of readers.
9. Okay, here:

Ellsbury CF
McEwing 2B
Murphy RF
Tucker LF
Moss DH
Bailey 1B
Kottaras C
Rogers SS
Spann 3B

10. If you want the Braves line-up, click here.

bye for now

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