6.22.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Louisville Bats (CIN)

Louisville! Crushes! Pawtucket! 7-0 (LHP Alvarez v. LHP Bobby Livingston)

Abe Alvarez threw 97 pitches through five innings. He gave up nine hits and five runs. He also walked two and struck out eight. You know, so much emphasis is placed on numbers. I mean, who hasn't had a crappy five inning performance in their lives? The numbers are meaningless!

Mike Burns pitched the next two innings, then big ol' Travis Hughes pitched the eighth. For a second, I was like 'Wait, was there no ninth inning?' before I remembered that the Bats just had to hold Pawtucket in the ninth. Burns and Hughes each gave up a run.

Brandon Moss doubled. Fresh meat Bryan Pritz had a hit in his first Pawtucket game.

Bobby Livingston pitched the whole game and shut out the Red Sox. 103 pitches, four hits, four Ks. Nice work, Bobby!

Louisville's Joey Votto had a nice triple for himself off T. Hughes.

1. Hey, Mark Bellhorn! Bellhorn had two RBI for the Bats.
2. The Louisville Bats play in Slugger Park. Awww!
3. Congratulations to David Murphy on his call-up. And Gabbard. I knew it was going to be these two and I would explain my rationale behind it all but I am bored beyond reason right now.
4. Bobby Livingston pitched the first complete game shutout for Louisville in three years. Jacoby Ellsbury beat out a bunt to first in the sixth inning and then got caught in a rundown. Ellsbury eluded the tag, though. Livingston had this to say: "Jacoby's a fast guy. When I swung the tag he juked me. I tried to dive back and put my glove in front of the bag, but he beat me to it."
Wow, juked by Ellsbury!

Saturday: Hansack and a Pawtucket win. More on THAT later. zzzzzzzzzzzz

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