6.6.07 Pawtucket @ Richmond Braves - Let's Get Back to the Countdown

Pawtucket! Wins! Again! 5-3

Lefty Abe ALvarez v. Righty and AAA lifer Kevin Barry.

Alvarez pitched a little over 6 innings and got the win. He struck out six people! What? Vintage! Abe left the game after being hit in the arm by a line drive. He is allegedly fine. Edgar Martinez and Breslow finished off the game, but not without giving up a pair of runs when Carlos Mendez homered with a player on base. Martinez? No, Breslow! It must have been Backwards Day!

K. Barry was less fortunate. He's also fat. He pitched three-ish innings and then Rich Scalamandre took over. I only mention this because I wish my last name were Scalamandre. R-Scal is from Brooklyn like John Halama.

Home runs by David Murphy, Michael Tucker, and Brandon Moss. Don Orsillo would call Moss 'outstanding' and so would I. He also doubled in this game.

George Kottaras is doing nothing with the bat. He is also listed as 'Kottaras,G' which they usually only do if there's another player with the same last name. Is there another Kottaras somewhere in the minors? Can we check on that? Batting average is considered a nearly useless statistic, but .190 is .190.

Beloved minor leaguer and former PawSox catcher Corky Miller was HBP twice. Once by Alvarez, once by Martinez. Is that sort of like slapping an old friend on the back? A Love Plunk? Poor guy, but that must have been funny. We all loved Miller.

simultaneous lovin':
1. Braves Shortstop Brent Lillibridge... just look at his picture. It's really not funny. At all.
2. Corky Miller's name is Abraham, which means last year there were two Abrahams on the PawSox.
3. Remember Brandon Watson on the Clippers and his hitting streak? Extended to 33 games. I'm excited for him and so are you.
4. Guess what International League team is number one in attendance? Never guess! No, not horse tranquilizers... the Louisville Bats!
5. No pictures, only error messages.

***!!NEW FEATURE!! !! WOW!! !LQQK!***
One of my very first cassettes was Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits and oh, did I play the hell out of it. Yes, I am a member of the Cassette Generation. I taped songs off the radio! I thought the dual-cassette stereos were an amazing invention! So easy to copy tapes!

So, yeah, Kenny's a little weird these days, but I still love him and his appearance on Reno 911! was a real thrill for me.

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