Who is longtime Providence attorney Jim Skeffington?

I mean, who is this guy?

He's 72 years old and lives in Barrington. Wow, he's going to be 80 in 8 years. By the time the ballpark is completed, he'll be like 75.

And Barrington? Small, wealthy town on the bay. I'll bet he's a Rumstick resident. I was once at a supermarket in Barrington and someone had a Rumstick vanity plate. I'll bet it was Skeffington!

From Ted Nesi's article on 2/24: "If the big money is moving, Jim Skeffington will be there,” Providence Journal columnist Peter Phipps remarked in 1995. “It’s his specialty.”

You should really read the entire article.

Also: "He is the godfather of moral obligation bonds."  So I'm now reading about moral obligation bonds, which is fascinating! (NOT.)

Skeffington's probably bros with Jerry Kapstein, right? He's a "special counsel" to the Boston Red Sox.

Okay, I'll be back.


I hate the ProvSox.

So this is enough to wake the dead, evidently. After so many years of rage and delight and boredom and irritation and elucidation IT HAS COME TO THIS.

Does anyone remember my dealbreaker? Lou Scwechheimer does because I told him personally.


Can I list the reasons why this is a terrible idea? You know how much I love to do this.


1. Everybody hates this plan. No one is behind it. Everyone is angry. This is a small state and people hold grudges.

2. NO ONE ASKED FOR A NEW BALLPARK. Everyone liked McCoy Stadium. It was perfectly functional and accessible. AFFORDABLE.


3. We will all end up paying for a stadium we don't really want. Fact.

4. If you park over by Corliss Point, the odds are good that your car will be broken into. I know people who this has happened to. One night I was walking over to the HC and I passed a string of cars with smashed in windows. It's a problem down there.

5. People who live in Massachusetts will not want to go to Providence. People in Massachusetts can't even be bothered to visit RI already. You know what they think of Providence? That's it a ghetto city with confusing roads and no place to park.

People from Woonsocket or Chepachet or East Providence or Johnston or Cumberland will go to Pawtucket. They will not go to Providence.

I'll be back Thursday. I need to do some research. I should start by looking at the Charlotte Knights' move from Fort Mill, SC, to Charlotte.

I hope Lucchino's prepared to deal with Rhode Island officials. This state is not known for its smooth approach to new business.