Who is longtime Providence attorney Jim Skeffington?

I mean, who is this guy?

He's 72 years old and lives in Barrington. Wow, he's going to be 80 in 8 years. By the time the ballpark is completed, he'll be like 75.

And Barrington? Small, wealthy town on the bay. I'll bet he's a Rumstick resident. I was once at a supermarket in Barrington and someone had a Rumstick vanity plate. I'll bet it was Skeffington!

From Ted Nesi's article on 2/24: "If the big money is moving, Jim Skeffington will be there,” Providence Journal columnist Peter Phipps remarked in 1995. “It’s his specialty.”

You should really read the entire article.

Also: "He is the godfather of moral obligation bonds."  So I'm now reading about moral obligation bonds, which is fascinating! (NOT.)

Skeffington's probably bros with Jerry Kapstein, right? He's a "special counsel" to the Boston Red Sox.

Okay, I'll be back.

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