The woman on the last page.

I was flipping through a book about exciting finishes in Boston sports and I saw this picture on the last page:

The book was called Something Something Fat Lady, so I see why they closed with this shot.

This picture comes from the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox Rolling Rally Parade Explosion Party Featuring Euclides Rojas and Pokey Reese. But I didn't need to read the caption to tell me that, because this woman WAS DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM ME ON THE BRIDGE NEAR THE SCIENCE MUSEUM!!! And she was awesome and unforgettable in her fat suit! Crazy to think that was eight years ago. I slept over in Boston that night and woke up before the sun to stake out a spot on the route and I sure got a good one, even though it was at the tail end. And I never forgot Miss Fat Lady across from me.

REMEMBER? They had a map of the parade route and then they decided to extend it due to massive interest!

Anyone, this woman's name is Laura Lavallee so if you know her please thank her for me.


Doin' it with Dan Butler

Beefy sex machine Dan Butler has strapped on his catching gear in the DR with the Toros del Este. World's Biggest Reliever Jose Diaz is on the same team, so Butler gets to catch him. Other teammates include IL guys Josh Outman, Yohan Flande, Jairo Asencio, Winston Abreu and Wilkin Ramirez.

Who else is playing winter ball?

1. Bryce Brentz - Big star in the AFL, named to the Rising Stars game on November third. In theory, I am very excited about this.

2. Others. Sorry, my interest in this just dropped precipitously. I think I just wanted to mention Dan Butler.

The Giants won the World Series. Sergio Romo was my favorite, although I experienced curious feelings toward Bruce Bochy. He's probably going to call me any day now. Him and Mike Lowell.

Here's a jack-o-lantern I carved! It's the second one from the left, the only freehand pumpkin. I wanted it to look like it was singing, but that didn't happen.


Kevin Youkilis was on the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Chicago says nope to Youk option.

This one time I met his wife. Although I think they are no longer married? It was a work thing. She was cool and direct and although some people might call her a bitch, I like people like that.

Also through work I dealt with Scott Zolak, who is pretty much the same guy in person as he is on the radio. Loud. Abrasive. Reasonably cordial, though.

And media guy Tom Curran. He is tall. That's all I remember.

Walter McCarty, former Celtics dude. Super nice, really friendly, great guy.

Maybe more, I don't know. I know these people are kind of d-list, but so am I.

Tornado warnings for the Durham area almost ruined my trip.

Bryce Brentz played right like he was five beers deep. However, he made one decent third-out catch and seemed pretty pleased with himself as he ran off the field. I know I was pleased.

My sister and I thought this guy was cute. Something George. That's the story behind this picture. As you can see, our seats were right behind the Aces bullpen.

"Blah blah rain yee-haw! Beer huntin' tits! Dude! Porn hotsauce LIFTWEIGHTS."

Grounds crew meeting! Looks like a real sausage fest.

Love the cas guy in the background.


Chris Hernandez is tangentially involved in a conversation.

Classic Kroenke!

Andy LaRoche and some other guys. Nate Spears is number 3.

All I can see is hair.

Outside the DBAP. Some woman behind us in line talked about the concession stands in great detail, describing what each one sold and rating the deliciousness. Since I am not Southern, I just kept waiting for her to stop talking. She didn't so I just walked away eventually... "Oops, line's moving!"

Also, behind us in the beer line was a couple and the dude was originally from Pawtucket! So that was cool.

Here's a picture from the Triple-A Championship Game in Durham, NC.

I had to get a picture of man-about-town Rick Medeiros. He's talking to Alex Wilson, probably about that election rigging article.

I think I'll just put all my pictures up. I am no one's photographer, so I'm sorry... NO I AM NOT SORRY. I TAKE CANDID PICTURES THAT ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL QUALITY, OH MY GOD, SUE ME!!!

2012 Granite State Baseball Dinner

Yeah, I don't think so.

Cecil Fielder and Wade Boggs will be there. Of course, Carpenter will be there participating in auctions and being a smug douche all night. And everyone slobbers all over him. Too gross for words.

It costs $80. For charity! I think even if I did want to go, I doubt there would be anyone willing to pony up the dough to come with. I have had a good time in the past but it's just too much money for very little payoff.

Besides, has Chris Carpenter ever conquered the LARGEST CORN MAZE IN VERMONT?!