2012 Granite State Baseball Dinner

Yeah, I don't think so.

Cecil Fielder and Wade Boggs will be there. Of course, Carpenter will be there participating in auctions and being a smug douche all night. And everyone slobbers all over him. Too gross for words.

It costs $80. For charity! I think even if I did want to go, I doubt there would be anyone willing to pony up the dough to come with. I have had a good time in the past but it's just too much money for very little payoff.

Besides, has Chris Carpenter ever conquered the LARGEST CORN MAZE IN VERMONT?!


Jenks said...

That photo is from the Largest Corn Maze in Vermont, which I conquered!!! At night!

Max Tyler said...

I'm sorry but where is the granite there? Anyway, that corn maze is pretty scary.