Kevin Youkilis was on the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Chicago says nope to Youk option.

This one time I met his wife. Although I think they are no longer married? It was a work thing. She was cool and direct and although some people might call her a bitch, I like people like that.

Also through work I dealt with Scott Zolak, who is pretty much the same guy in person as he is on the radio. Loud. Abrasive. Reasonably cordial, though.

And media guy Tom Curran. He is tall. That's all I remember.

Walter McCarty, former Celtics dude. Super nice, really friendly, great guy.

Maybe more, I don't know. I know these people are kind of d-list, but so am I.

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Louise C. Redding said...

Nice to know that W.McCarty still has roots in Boston despite me not seeing him in a Celtics jersey for a very long time. He sings soul music. In the current Celtics crew, Rondo and Pierce are still repping Red Sox.