Everybody Ray Chang tonight! (sorry)

Ray Chang is a 26-year-old shortstoppy guy who is not a mash machine but he IS a great defensive infielder.

Chang came to be a baseballer when the Padres signed him as an undrafted free agent after an open tryout. He moved around the Padres minors for a while but was released mid-season in 2008. The Pirates snapped him up and he played mostly in double-A Altoona.

let's go:
1. Ray Chang played for the Chinese national team in the 2009 WBC.
2. Watch Chang strike out here. Also note the absence of fans at the Bowie BaySox game.
3. Jiqiu! Leon Xie is the MLB guy in China. You should absolutely read this.
4. Chang is a hitting and fielding instructor in the off-season.
5. Chang is an ABC!
5. Chang played with former PawSox asshole Jeff Corsaletti on the Altoona Curve last summer.
6. Chang also played on the 2008 Olympic baseball team for China.
7. Chang has done some emergency pitching. Like JV!
8. Would we... call Chang a ringer in the WBC?
9. Whoa. "Ray Chang. Why was he so good? because he wanted it more then those CPBL Meat Feet. It's time for Taiwan Baseball players to put up or shut the fuck up. All those "Should have won" Bullshit, and all the blame game. Chinese Taipei Players needs to realize that the game is played on the field, not running your fucking mouth."

Okay, I guess that's all I need. I did all this during VWR time. It's now time to exit my pajamas.

Coming soon: Christian Colonel and Gustavo Molina.


Baby Chris Carter is concerned.

"Thanks to McCoy Stadium's new million dollar scoreboard, the players won't get a per diem increase this year. What the hell!?! Those foot-longs won't be five bucks forever! Maybe I'll send Natale my Ricotti's Sub Club card."

Kelvin Pichardo is not your freaking charity case, man.

New PawSox-type guy Kelvin Pichardo is a 24-year-old righty who, so far, has not pitched above double-A.

Here we go!
1. Pichardo was Giants property when he was suspended 50 games for PEDs. He was on their 40-man roster when it happened.
2. There's a possibility that I saw him pitch with the Connecticut Defenders!
3. Oooh, Pawtucket tie-in: Although Pichardo was originally signed by the Phillies, he was traded to San Francisco for OF Michael Tucker in 2005. Tucker was a PawSox guy in 2007!
4. Pichardo has "a very live arm with huge potential".
5. Please enjoy Pichardo's '07-08 stats. They look like Greek to me.
6. From June 2008: "Pichardo has a big arm that he uses to run fastballs into the mid-90’s and a curveball that can be a plus pitch for him at times. He blew through the lower levels of S-K, Augusta, and San Jose before making it to AA Connecticut in the second half of the ‘07 season. He struggled with control, walking 16 hitters in 21 innings and the Giants left him at AA to start this year. He’s still had some control problems this year — BB% of 12% — and his K% has dropped to 18.8% when it was at a ridiculous 36% in San Jose." (Bay City Ball)
7. Kelvin Pichardo is thickish. Watch him pitch in the AFL here!
8. "San Francisco submit pitcher Kelvin Pichardo on the 60-Day DL with a fortifying spread." Mmmmm... fortifying spread.
9. Picho is the man!
10. When Pichardo returned from his drug suspension, the Giants DFA'd Patrick Misch to open up a roster spot for him. They must have wanted to hang onto Pichardo a little bit, right?
11. Well... about a month later, Pichardo was on the 60-day DL with a right shoulder strain. After that, he was outrighted to the minors and released in November 2009. He is "hoping to be ready for spring training".
12. MLB held Pichardo out of winter ball due to "extreme fatigue". I don't know, maybe your Spanish is better than mine.

A lot of the stuff I found on Pichardo was related to his suspension. I am willing to overlook that and accept him as a Red Sox bullpen member. Also, as a side note, I like getting my information from blogs rather than established news sources.

That's not to say that many blogs aren't established news sources. Furthermore, I avoid local Boston-area Red sox fan blogs and try to get an outsider's perspective.

Coming soon: Ray Chang! He was born ready. He's Ray Fucking Chang.


Lowell, Portland, Pawtucket, Boston... Wait, how about Greenville?

I read about this Cleveland Indians Around the Horn ticket package over on Ben's Biz Blog (which I love long time). Essentially, the package includes tickets to all of Cleveland's minor league affiliates. AND it includes bleacher seats at Jacobs Field!

If Boston did this, I wonder if they could omit Fenway? At any rate, I think it's a terrific idea. LeLacheur's a nice park... Haddock Field's a little dull. And what can I say about McCoy and its new zillion dollar scoreboard that I already find ostentatious and irritating? DID THE NEW PAWSOX SCOREBOARD SIPHON MONEY OUT OF THE PROMO BUDGET? IS THIS WHY THERE IS NO POSTER NIGHT? I want answers!

I've never seen the Greenville Drive play. And I don't think I want to. I will occasionally go to a Sea Dogs game, but I always feel a little guilty about it. Must. Concentrate. On. Pawtucket.

By the way. I know it's early, but I think I hate Ryan Kalish. But I love Lovullo.

Bulletin, bored.

Sometimes I like to look back upon these past few years I've spent at McCoy and wonder, hey, whatever happened to guys like Luis Figueroa and Dustin Pedroia?

Well, what about this update: 2005 PawSox outfielder Dave Berg has risen from the dead to play for the Texas Rangers. I know! He is 39 years old. The funny thing is, Berg retired three years ago and was just released from the Rangers system last week. So what is this all about?

According to everyone's transaction list, Berg was released on 1/20 and was reinstated on 1/25.

In a related story, 2009 PawSox outfielder Chris Duncan has been signed to a minor league contract by the Nats. Please read this recycled eulogy.
I barely remember Duncan, since he was only around for a month. He got screwed hard by the Cardinals.

Tonight! UConn! See you there, students.


Scott Patterson is tall and had pneumonia.

Scott Patterson is 30. He's six-and-a-half feet tall. He's a right-handed reliever from Pennsylvania. Patterson was an indie ball guy for years and then the Yankees came calling. Scottie hung out in the New York System for a few years until the Padres claimed him off waivers in '08. Last August, Oakland purchased his contract from San Diego.

1. Patterson has his own website. I watched his little video. I am not convinced that he is not brain damaged.
2. Excerpts from Patterson's Saber Scouting article: "He denies a lot of conventional wisdom and allows most of his weight to come forward and prematurely lifts his rear leg, but what this also allows him to do is release the ball even closer to the plate than he normally could...
..."Even before his front foot is completely planted, Patterson’s hips are beginning to aggressively rotate. Might this be costing him some velocity? He has such exceptionally long, yet fast arm action that it is enough to make up for that lost power in his lower half. What is pivotal for him though is how well he firms up his front leg and uses it to drive over. He does this as aggressively and as violently as anyone you will find in baseball."
3. Patterson was the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference pitcher of the year in 2002. I cannot even make fun of that, because i don't think I've ever won an award in my life.
4. Patterson is a flyball pitcher with long arms and legs and a deceptive delivery.
5. S. Patterson made his major league debut in June 2008 with the Yankees. He pitched 1 1/3, gave up a run, and struck out two batters.
6. Here's a really great profile on SP.
7. "Scott Patterson's delivery is disturbing as it resembles Cosmo Kramer trying to give Manute Bol a high-five." (WasWatching)
8. In 2006, former starter Patterson stubbed his finger on a door and as he healed, his manager asked him to work out of the pen. SUCCESS!
9. While on the Portland Beavers last year, Patterson was selected for the PCL all-star team.
10. Patterson is doing Venezuelan winter ball.

I had to plunge into the unsavory world of Yankees bloggers for a lot of this stuff. I am willing to make those kinds of sacrifices for my art. I am for real.

Oh, and I could not find any good Ryan Patterson shots (too many pictures of an actor with the same name) so please enjoy this enjoyable and pleasurable shot of Fernando Cabrera enjoying himself. Enjoy!


Dustin Richardson Chart Observation

from TK's Baseball Blog

"Richardson is a 6-6, 220 pound lefty. The 25 year old has a big frame that can add a little more muscle, but is close to maxed out. He came from an over the top release with some interesting mechanics that are definitely max effort. He has a very exaggerated opening of his shoulder and it looks like his arm is playing catch-up. He lands hard on his front leg and puts all his body weight on this landing leg, likely something that may end up causing injury to that leg. Also has a fairly violent head jerk. His fastball is a pretty straight 4-seam. His change has good fade from righties. His curve is a good looking 11-5 with good late break and slightly above average depth. Should be a solid lefty reliever for a long time, or at least as long that he is healthy."

Okay, seriously. WHO?

Boston has signed Chad Paronto, Scott Patterson, Kelvin Pichardo, Ray Chang, and Christian Colonel to minor league contracts. Kelvin Pichardo is the only one I think I have heard of.

In very basic terms, "human burrito" Chad Paronto is a big, right-handed 34-year-old reliever. He's been up and down... mostly down these past couple of years, working for the Houston org over there in Round Rock.

no one good is named chad:
1. Paronto is a New Englander! He's from New Hampshire and went to UMass Amherst. Somehow, I doubt he's ever owned a copy of 'Doolittle'.
2. CP has also had jobs with Baltimore and Atlanta. Mexicans have a problem with the way gringos pronounce 'Atlanta' because we do not pronounce the 't'. They have a point.
3. Paronto strained his left hamstring last September. Astros interim manager Dave Clark 5 held him out of the last few games and Paronto was kinda pissed about it.
4. Paronto is a sinker kinda guy and likes to get a lot of work in. Quoth he last Sep: "At the point I am I want to pitch every game until the end of the season. But I've been playing long enough to know what you want doesn't go very far with the trainers."
5. Here's a 2007 interview with CP when he was on the Braves. Paronto talks about Manny, Renteria, Tim Hudson, and Beckett's incredible stuff. He sounds stoned.
6. Chad idolized Larry Bird! His favorite baseball player growing up was Don Mattingly.
7. Check Paronto's Real American/Hulk Hogan clubhouse act. Yeesh.
8. CP's scouting report from TK's Baseball Blog: "Paronto is a 6-5, 285 pound righty. The 34 year old righty has a big frame that is maxed out with quite a bit of bad weight and he has a gut. He probably needs to get his weight down to about 270. He came from a high 3/4 release working predominately from the stretch with solid mechanics. His fastball has some run in on righties and some sink. His slider is a 2-7 with a hint of bite. His change has some fade from lefties and a little sink. 4-A pitcher at best."
9. Paronto made the PCL's all-star team last year but did not play because his shoulder hurt.

Okay. I cannot take any more Chad Paronto. He's starting to look more and more like former surfer/substitute teacher Mike Burns.

Coming soon: Scott Patterson!


for free

I got to see Randor Bierd today. He seems to think he is gangsta. It's all in his jaunty gangsta cap. But I like him a lot. He said he was surprised when the Orioles traded him. He thought he was doing a good job.

Yeah, Randor, they always pull the rug out from under you!

In my free issue of (respected baseball periodical), there was a ranking of each team's best and worst prospects of the decade. Boston's worst prospect? CRAIG HANSEN! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

McCoy Stadium is going to have a new scoreboard. This was mentioned repeatedly. Do they think this is a reason people go to baseball games? Because of high tech scoreboards? Are they trying to hype it? I do not know.

And that was the Hot Stove Party. See you all next year!




I'm shocked and hurt that I was not invited to the PawSox media event today. Whatever. I'm way more interesting than Junichi Tazawa and I'm much more fascinating than Brendan McGair. At least I know how to spell Zach Daeges' name.


That's what I get for being irreverent and edgy. I started something more than a faded sticker on a skateboard.

This is all gonna be so killer this summer. I am confident. Baseball Heavy is gonna hit the heights. And oh, what heights we'll hit!

It's exactly what I wanted! : Number seven

I told you there'd be more of this! Arizona has also signed Adam LaRoche, who's more likely to play first than J Bailey. Unless Bailey has a monster ST. Jeff is probably so pissed off right now!

Here's what some other kidz are saying about Jeff Bailey:

- "Bailey might have a decent shot of making the Diamondbacks bench in 2010 if he has a strong spring." (generic insight courtesy of Diamondbacks Locker)
- "Like a right handed Whitesell. Walks, homers, strikeouts, the whole package. CHONE was on it quickly, adding him to our team page and updating his projection to .258/.360/.444 For comparison, our 1B hit .228/.321/.396 last year and Allen is projected to hit .256/.317/.441 (14 runs difference)
He’s about average defensively (let’s say a bit below) at first, and can play an OF corner, though my bet is not that well. And if he doesn’t work out, we lost nothing." (comment by 'paqs' on AZ Snakepit)
- I couldn't really find anything else. Looks like Arizona fans are collectively yawning.


2010 Pawtucket Red Sox Hot Stove Party

Ryan Westmoreland is NOT going to be there. This is because he would likely be stampeded and hogged up by tangential acquaintances. You can see guys like Casey Kelly, Felix Doubront, Kyle Weiland, Josh Reddick, Ryan Westmoreland... whoops! I meant Ryan Kalish.

I am not going for any of these guys, although YOU might be. I want to see the new manager and also Randor Bierd. And Jeff Natale, perhaps. And the sawhorse people!

It will not be the same without Ron Johnson. I heard he was marvelous at the baseball writers' dinner.

It seems like a lot of these guys 'get recreational' before they start signing for the masses. I do not blame them one bit.


Search term Sunday!

This is a new thing. I may or may not ever do it again.

1. "cosmopolitan Indianapolis" (Oh, REALLY?)
2. "curtis thigpen wedding" (you're not invited)
3. "dig your own grave zombie baseball" (This is a real game and I played it.)
4. "cherokee jokes" (Not funny!)
5. "someone who gets bored easily"
6. "virons levitation walk imitation dog doo souvenir" (I hope they found what they were looking for.)
7. "carsenio" ("Red Hot Chili Peppers are in my house!")

And inquiring minds want to know if the following dudes have girlfriends:

Matt Tolbert
Van Every
Wes Whisler
Luke Allen
TJ Large
Mike Rabelo
Sean Danielson
Mike Morse

See you next Sunday!


it's exactly what i wanted!

Here's what the other side has to say about the recent Pawtucket detritus:

1. Charlie Zink
- "Don’t expect much if anything out of Zink in 2010." - Cardinals Locker
- "...I think mediocre pitchers are generally more interesting as relievers than starters, and I think that's especially true of the ones who throw a single pitch. That is currently an unusual plan for a knuckleball pitcher, but given the Cardinals' current unusual bullpen construction, I think they're exactly the team to try it." - Viva El Birdos
- "A lot of teams like to try and take these high ERA specialty pitchers, fine tune them and have them become the great guy in the pen. It hardly ever works. I suppose it's worth a shot though." - from the Cardinals forum at GoTeamsGo
- "I think Zink could make an nice find as a 5th starter. He was very solid for the Red Sox in AAA over his career and never really got a shot. Have to feel bad for some of the AAA lifers in their system -- Jeff Bailey, Zink, etc. all deserved better shots then they received. " Holy crap, I could have written that. But no, it's 'GW2380' at stltoday.com's sports forum.
- "FWIW, while the article only points out his poor 2009 season, they don't mention that in 2008, also pitching for Pawtucket, Zink went 14-6 with a 2.84 ERA and only 49 walks in 174 1/3 IP. He's been pitching professionally since 2001...Of course, the big question is whether Yadi can catch the knuckler." - from GatewayRedbirds.com
- " Possible bad news for the Reds, the Cardinals have signed Charlie Zink." - C. Trent Rosencrans

More to come... I love you.

Pawtucket has certainly had its share of visitors.

Some more International League roster filling who we'll probably see at McCoy:

1. Frighteningly wild and gigantic male model/former O's pitcher Daniel Cabrera will probably be on the Charlotte Knights.
2. Freddie fucking Bynum: Syracuse Chiefs.
3. DJ Carrasco (zzzzzz)
4. Mark Grudzielanek (Columbus Clippers)
5. Pitcher Bobby Livingston (Buffalo Bisons)
6. Mike Maroth (Rochester Red Wings)
7. Mike Cervenak, AGAIN??!!? (Buffalo)
8. Russ Adams (Buffalo)
9. Former Pawtucket asshole JV (Indianapolis Indians)
10. 2009 IL home run leader Shelley Duncan (Columbus Clippers)
11. Former Minnesota Twins closer Eddie Guardado! (Syracuse Chiefs)
12. Former Pawtucket shining star Joe Thurston (Gwinnett Braves)

And in a long shot so incredible and unspeakable that I almost can't mention it: AROLDIS CHAPMAN, LOUISVILLE BATS!!! That potential homestand would be June 12-15th. That would bring down the g.d. house. It would be like heroin.


Baby Chris Carter is giddy.

"Carlos Beltran is a class act and great player and competitor. That being said, CRISITUNITY!

I'll bet you forgot I was on the Mets, didn't you?"


Brian Shouse's dad was not in the FBI.

Boston has signed ancient lefty reliever Brian Shouse. Shouse looks like the same guy as Javier Lopez, inasmuch as he is a one-out lefty with a sidearm delivery. He does not, however, resemble Jay Leno as much as Lopez did.

Shouse was last spotted as a Ray, where he declined arbitration and became a type B free agent. Tampa Bay is not getting compensation for this because Shouse signed a minor league deal. The fans are not digging any of this.

Brian's House:
1. Shouse has an unofficial fan club. The website has a naked picture of him and it is marvelous.
2. This blogger's opinion was apparently written by a robot.
3. Shouse made the Brewers All-Decade team. He was a cult favorite in Milwaukee... kind of like Curtis Leskanic. (??)
4. Some people think Brian is neat.
5. Other people want to punch him!
6. Shouse tore his left flexor muscle last May and missed some time.
7. Barry Zito WISHES he were Brian Shouse!
8. Shouse puts Christ in front of baseball, possibly behind bacon.

Good work, Over the Monster.

In other news, Charlie Zink's been signed by the Cardinals. Zink seemed like a nice guy, but I am glad he's gone. I had his hat for a little while... his dirty PawSox cap. I wore it now and then even though it was too big for me. Then I gave it away.

Pawtucket Red Sox Latino Night

In May of 2007, the PawSox hosted a Latino Night. I have no evidence of this happening either before or after that date. There was dancing and music and Rhode Island's first all-Hispanic Boy Scout Troop (from Central Falls!).

I wish they would bring it back, because it was so cool. I get the feeling that it wasn't a well-attended thing so they didn't repeat it. I'm not implying xenophobia or anything.

The Pawtucket Red Sox should try this again. They should have done it last year, what with Carlos Maldonado and his posse. Maldonado was THE KING! Or 'El Rey', if you will. But yeah, they could probably throw something together this summer. I would seriously love that.

Click here to read a very dry and boring article about the effects of promotional events on baseball attendance.

2010 PawSox schedule: August with a chance of September.

I probably should have done one big post, but I like to BREAK ALL THE RULES!!!!

The September home games are as follows:

9/1 Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs at 7:05
9/2 Iron Pigs at 7:05
9/5 Syracuse Chiefs at 6:05
9/6 (Labor Day) Syracuse at 1:05. Last game unless they make the playoffs.

2010 Pawtucket Red Sox Schedule: JULY

This is when you can go see fireworks. I already told you when, so go look it up. This is exactly why I hate you sometimes.

SWB - Yankees
LVY - Phillies
ROC - Twins
SYR - Nationals. What, again?
TOL - Detroit Tigers
COL - Cleveland Indians
DUR - Tampa Bay Lucifer Rays

By the way, don't go for the Ellsbury bobblehead on the 31st. Go for the Durham Bulls, who are always an exciting team and only come once a year. Like Latin Night! Oh, whoops, that's right. Pawtucket doesn't do that anymore.

Plus bobbleheads are worthless and stupid.

2010 PawSox schedule - JUNE!!!

CHA - White Sox
LOU - Cincinnati Reds
IND - Pirates
COL - Cleveland
SWB - Yankees
SYR - Nationals

Gee, I hope it doesn't rain too much in June. The Yankees ballpark isn't man enough to handle all that moisture.

2010 Pawtucket Red Sox Schedule - May!

GWI - Braves
CHA - White Sox
SYR - Nationals (Strasburg watch)
NOR - Orioles
DUR - Tampa Bay Satan Rays

Things they have at the Family Funfest: free hot dogs, pitch speed things, face painting, that kind of crap. Promo giveaways. I think you get a player or two.

PawSox 2010 Schedule - APRIL!!!

Home games are in yellow. Not red. OKAY?

Last year my schedule looked like FREIGHT TRAIN V MOTHRA!!! So please enjoy this cleaner version. Not as cute as I would have liked it to be, but dig my grave.

ROC - Minnesota Twins
LVY - Phillies
BUF - Mets
IND - Pirates! Should be a good team this year.


PawSox 2010 Special Events Schedule (Fireworks!)

Looks like all seats have gone up a dollar, too. (Now $11.00 box/$7.00 general admission).

April 8 7:05 - Opening Night Celebration
April 25 1:05 - STAR WARS DAY!!!
April 30 6:15 - FIREWORKS!!!11!

May 16 1:05 - Principal Family FunFest (after the game)
May 30 6:05 - FIREWORKS!!11!!!

June 18 7:05 - Bat Night, first 4000 (age 14 and under fans). Children must have BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO RECEIVE THE FREE BAT! Please present proof of birth at the gate.
June 30 7:05 - PawSox #1 Foam Finger for the first 3,000 fans age 13 and under. Sorry, 14 year olds!

July 1 6:15 - FIREWORKS!!!!ZOMG!!!1
July 2 6:15 - FIREWORKS GAAAAHHH !!!!

August 18 7:05 - PawSox cheesy notebook (wide rule, of course) (first 3000 fans age 14 and under)

September 5 6:15 - LAST CHANCE FIREWORKS!!!!
September 6 1:05 - Last Regular Season Game celebration

All fireworks begin post-game, natch. No word yet on Poster Night or Legends Night or Latin Night. Oh, wait, that's right! The PawSox don't have Latin Night anymore!

By the way, I was kidding about the birth certificate thing.


yes, pete, it is.

Charlie Zink rumor: Milwaukee. So he could possibly be reunited with Kottaras. And Chris Smith, I suppose.

Zink finished his year in Pawtucket with these stats:

W-L % .286
ERA 5.59
IP 135

134 hits and 93 walks (WHIP 1.677)
Zink hit 30 batters. Yup.

6.2 BB/9 (Guh.)

Painful memories.

And this may have happened a long time ago, but Trot Nixon has officially retired. And maybe Pokey Reese. Ramiro Mendoza retired a while back. Mirabelli never got another job... and this Padres/Kevin Towers story still cracks me up.

Also on that 2005 Padres team? Dave Roberts, Alan Embree, and Mark Bellhorn.

Next time, I'll start off talking about Bubba Bell and wind up talking about the 2002 Oakland A's 20-game winning streak.

Jeff Bailey likes sushi, breakfast, avoiding traffic, and money.

Read all about it here. Article also states that Bailey wanted play in Japan and make some bank. Can you imagine?

The article also claims that Bailey was the IL MVP in 1998. The actual year is 2008, but I can see how you'd confuse the two.

Here are some marvelous things I said about Jeff Bailey:
1. "Jeff Bailey went 3-4 with a double. Word on the street is that he is only rehabbing in Pawtucket, although I overheard him say he wasn't exactly sure what was going on. To be fair, though, he also wasn't exactly sure what day it was or where his shoes were."
2. "What I am trying to say is that Hyder sometimes hangs out with Jeff Bailey and listens to the Who and the White Album."
3. "I wish I could erase every bad thing I ever said about Bailey in the past. I know I called him dumb more than once. Hyder asked him post-game about the team's success and he attributed it to the pitching. Because he is humble and ordinary and you totally love him."
4. "Jeff Bailey's not driving the ball. He's hitting worse than Chad Spann and I fear for his life."
5. "Jeff Bailey strapped it on and caught Timlin's warmup tosses. Just like old times."
6. "Jeff Bailey looked bigger. Like he did chin-ups during his break at the Washington paper mill. Unfortunately, he struck out during his only at-bat. I hope he figures everything out and doesn't get K-happy like he did in Pawtucket last year. Also, he has a beard, which does wonders for him."
7. "One of the greatest baseball moments for me in 2007 is Jeff Bailey getting called up to play a weekend in... Chicago, was it? I don't know but he did end up hitting a home run and it was his sole production."
8. "JEFF BAILEY had ten errors and he almost ALWAYS plays first base. There is no way you should have that many errors at first."
9. "Abe Alvarez and Jeff Bailey have switched places. Bailey's now a bored Rastafarian lefty starter and Alvarez is a good-natured first-base lummox." (Bailey had replaced Alvarez on the DL.)

God, ENOUGH! I once said that the thing most etched on my brain from McCoy is Bailey standing on first with this glove out, ready to receive the ball from an infielder after a groundout. He catches it, starts the around the horn. A thousand times.


Jim Martin, private investigator.

I have a different car now that has radio only. Sometimes I listen to Bruins games.

Recently I wondered if the Bruins' PA guy was the same guy who did it at McCoy. It was hard to look up without a name and I found nothing.

Turns out I was right! It IS the same guy and his name is Jim Martin. And all I can think is, how come Pawtucket does not put him in their annual program? I mean, they have 'Assistant Trainer to the Visiting Clubhouse Manager' and 'Vice President of Bullpen Cleaning Services'. Put the PA guy in there! He's earned it!

Martin got to do the PA at the recent Winter Classic.

By the way, the official scorer is Bruce Guindon.


The following statement is true.

Picture these guys in Pawtucket next year. Well, in McCoy Stadium, specifically, unless you run into one of them at Luke's Record Exchange or something.

RHP Edwin Moreno (probably the same guy as Enrique Gonzalez)
SS Angel Sanchez (not Angel Chavez)
INF Nate Spears (Played with the I-Cubs last couple of years.)
Boof Bonser, possibly
RHP Ramon Ramirez
LHP Fabio Castro

We were slated to get righty reliever and former Norfolk Tides guy Bob McCrory, but he failed his physical. Meaning... I don't know, maybe he can't raise his right arm above his head. That happens to righty relievers all the time, sweetheart.

Hang on, says here B. McCrory had labrum surgery and his right shoulder hurts and Boston did not dig his MRI results. His family feels bad for him, I bet.

I think Kaveman Gabbard is back, too. Looks like his lobotomy scar is healing nicely.

Alejandro fits right in with hallelujah.

Alejandro Machado played a great deal of second base and a little short when he was in Pawtucket in 2005.

He was with the Twins org after that, and then I lost track of him. I saw him at McCoy on occasion with visiting teams, and he would walk up to season ticket holders in the stands and say hi and stuff. Wicked nice guy and adorable-ish.

Machado has been signed by the Mets to a minor league contract, so he'll be back at the park with the Bisons.