It's exactly what I wanted! : Number seven

I told you there'd be more of this! Arizona has also signed Adam LaRoche, who's more likely to play first than J Bailey. Unless Bailey has a monster ST. Jeff is probably so pissed off right now!

Here's what some other kidz are saying about Jeff Bailey:

- "Bailey might have a decent shot of making the Diamondbacks bench in 2010 if he has a strong spring." (generic insight courtesy of Diamondbacks Locker)
- "Like a right handed Whitesell. Walks, homers, strikeouts, the whole package. CHONE was on it quickly, adding him to our team page and updating his projection to .258/.360/.444 For comparison, our 1B hit .228/.321/.396 last year and Allen is projected to hit .256/.317/.441 (14 runs difference)
He’s about average defensively (let’s say a bit below) at first, and can play an OF corner, though my bet is not that well. And if he doesn’t work out, we lost nothing." (comment by 'paqs' on AZ Snakepit)
- I couldn't really find anything else. Looks like Arizona fans are collectively yawning.


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