Everybody Ray Chang tonight! (sorry)

Ray Chang is a 26-year-old shortstoppy guy who is not a mash machine but he IS a great defensive infielder.

Chang came to be a baseballer when the Padres signed him as an undrafted free agent after an open tryout. He moved around the Padres minors for a while but was released mid-season in 2008. The Pirates snapped him up and he played mostly in double-A Altoona.

let's go:
1. Ray Chang played for the Chinese national team in the 2009 WBC.
2. Watch Chang strike out here. Also note the absence of fans at the Bowie BaySox game.
3. Jiqiu! Leon Xie is the MLB guy in China. You should absolutely read this.
4. Chang is a hitting and fielding instructor in the off-season.
5. Chang is an ABC!
5. Chang played with former PawSox asshole Jeff Corsaletti on the Altoona Curve last summer.
6. Chang also played on the 2008 Olympic baseball team for China.
7. Chang has done some emergency pitching. Like JV!
8. Would we... call Chang a ringer in the WBC?
9. Whoa. "Ray Chang. Why was he so good? because he wanted it more then those CPBL Meat Feet. It's time for Taiwan Baseball players to put up or shut the fuck up. All those "Should have won" Bullshit, and all the blame game. Chinese Taipei Players needs to realize that the game is played on the field, not running your fucking mouth."

Okay, I guess that's all I need. I did all this during VWR time. It's now time to exit my pajamas.

Coming soon: Christian Colonel and Gustavo Molina.

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i got the blue cheese and safe smokes,new wallpaper,and all that shit your now selling on you blog
but i wont help haiti they have zombies to clean up there mess
praise jebus!