Dustin Richardson Chart Observation

from TK's Baseball Blog

"Richardson is a 6-6, 220 pound lefty. The 25 year old has a big frame that can add a little more muscle, but is close to maxed out. He came from an over the top release with some interesting mechanics that are definitely max effort. He has a very exaggerated opening of his shoulder and it looks like his arm is playing catch-up. He lands hard on his front leg and puts all his body weight on this landing leg, likely something that may end up causing injury to that leg. Also has a fairly violent head jerk. His fastball is a pretty straight 4-seam. His change has good fade from righties. His curve is a good looking 11-5 with good late break and slightly above average depth. Should be a solid lefty reliever for a long time, or at least as long that he is healthy."

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