yes, pete, it is.

Charlie Zink rumor: Milwaukee. So he could possibly be reunited with Kottaras. And Chris Smith, I suppose.

Zink finished his year in Pawtucket with these stats:

W-L % .286
ERA 5.59
IP 135

134 hits and 93 walks (WHIP 1.677)
Zink hit 30 batters. Yup.

6.2 BB/9 (Guh.)

Painful memories.

And this may have happened a long time ago, but Trot Nixon has officially retired. And maybe Pokey Reese. Ramiro Mendoza retired a while back. Mirabelli never got another job... and this Padres/Kevin Towers story still cracks me up.

Also on that 2005 Padres team? Dave Roberts, Alan Embree, and Mark Bellhorn.

Next time, I'll start off talking about Bubba Bell and wind up talking about the 2002 Oakland A's 20-game winning streak.

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