PawSox 2010 Special Events Schedule (Fireworks!)

Looks like all seats have gone up a dollar, too. (Now $11.00 box/$7.00 general admission).

April 8 7:05 - Opening Night Celebration
April 25 1:05 - STAR WARS DAY!!!
April 30 6:15 - FIREWORKS!!!11!

May 16 1:05 - Principal Family FunFest (after the game)
May 30 6:05 - FIREWORKS!!11!!!

June 18 7:05 - Bat Night, first 4000 (age 14 and under fans). Children must have BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO RECEIVE THE FREE BAT! Please present proof of birth at the gate.
June 30 7:05 - PawSox #1 Foam Finger for the first 3,000 fans age 13 and under. Sorry, 14 year olds!

July 1 6:15 - FIREWORKS!!!!ZOMG!!!1
July 2 6:15 - FIREWORKS GAAAAHHH !!!!

August 18 7:05 - PawSox cheesy notebook (wide rule, of course) (first 3000 fans age 14 and under)

September 5 6:15 - LAST CHANCE FIREWORKS!!!!
September 6 1:05 - Last Regular Season Game celebration

All fireworks begin post-game, natch. No word yet on Poster Night or Legends Night or Latin Night. Oh, wait, that's right! The PawSox don't have Latin Night anymore!

By the way, I was kidding about the birth certificate thing.

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Anonymous said...

just to leave you a lil note....reason they don't have latin night anymore because other nationalities weren't getting the same it's not fare to other races not to have they're own night....if you can put up the money to sponser that type of thing then do so...it cost around $20,000 just to have all other sponsers that pay the bills there to set something up for one night...plus it takes at least 1 season to get the permits to have a special event..the pawsox managment team and Mc Coy stadium owner do not think its fare for the latin heritage to be recognized if they can't recognize the other 100+ nationalities in america....Management