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I got to see Randor Bierd today. He seems to think he is gangsta. It's all in his jaunty gangsta cap. But I like him a lot. He said he was surprised when the Orioles traded him. He thought he was doing a good job.

Yeah, Randor, they always pull the rug out from under you!

In my free issue of (respected baseball periodical), there was a ranking of each team's best and worst prospects of the decade. Boston's worst prospect? CRAIG HANSEN! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

McCoy Stadium is going to have a new scoreboard. This was mentioned repeatedly. Do they think this is a reason people go to baseball games? Because of high tech scoreboards? Are they trying to hype it? I do not know.

And that was the Hot Stove Party. See you all next year!


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