Scott Patterson is tall and had pneumonia.

Scott Patterson is 30. He's six-and-a-half feet tall. He's a right-handed reliever from Pennsylvania. Patterson was an indie ball guy for years and then the Yankees came calling. Scottie hung out in the New York System for a few years until the Padres claimed him off waivers in '08. Last August, Oakland purchased his contract from San Diego.

1. Patterson has his own website. I watched his little video. I am not convinced that he is not brain damaged.
2. Excerpts from Patterson's Saber Scouting article: "He denies a lot of conventional wisdom and allows most of his weight to come forward and prematurely lifts his rear leg, but what this also allows him to do is release the ball even closer to the plate than he normally could...
..."Even before his front foot is completely planted, Patterson’s hips are beginning to aggressively rotate. Might this be costing him some velocity? He has such exceptionally long, yet fast arm action that it is enough to make up for that lost power in his lower half. What is pivotal for him though is how well he firms up his front leg and uses it to drive over. He does this as aggressively and as violently as anyone you will find in baseball."
3. Patterson was the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference pitcher of the year in 2002. I cannot even make fun of that, because i don't think I've ever won an award in my life.
4. Patterson is a flyball pitcher with long arms and legs and a deceptive delivery.
5. S. Patterson made his major league debut in June 2008 with the Yankees. He pitched 1 1/3, gave up a run, and struck out two batters.
6. Here's a really great profile on SP.
7. "Scott Patterson's delivery is disturbing as it resembles Cosmo Kramer trying to give Manute Bol a high-five." (WasWatching)
8. In 2006, former starter Patterson stubbed his finger on a door and as he healed, his manager asked him to work out of the pen. SUCCESS!
9. While on the Portland Beavers last year, Patterson was selected for the PCL all-star team.
10. Patterson is doing Venezuelan winter ball.

I had to plunge into the unsavory world of Yankees bloggers for a lot of this stuff. I am willing to make those kinds of sacrifices for my art. I am for real.

Oh, and I could not find any good Ryan Patterson shots (too many pictures of an actor with the same name) so please enjoy this enjoyable and pleasurable shot of Fernando Cabrera enjoying himself. Enjoy!

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