it's exactly what i wanted!

Here's what the other side has to say about the recent Pawtucket detritus:

1. Charlie Zink
- "Don’t expect much if anything out of Zink in 2010." - Cardinals Locker
- "...I think mediocre pitchers are generally more interesting as relievers than starters, and I think that's especially true of the ones who throw a single pitch. That is currently an unusual plan for a knuckleball pitcher, but given the Cardinals' current unusual bullpen construction, I think they're exactly the team to try it." - Viva El Birdos
- "A lot of teams like to try and take these high ERA specialty pitchers, fine tune them and have them become the great guy in the pen. It hardly ever works. I suppose it's worth a shot though." - from the Cardinals forum at GoTeamsGo
- "I think Zink could make an nice find as a 5th starter. He was very solid for the Red Sox in AAA over his career and never really got a shot. Have to feel bad for some of the AAA lifers in their system -- Jeff Bailey, Zink, etc. all deserved better shots then they received. " Holy crap, I could have written that. But no, it's 'GW2380' at stltoday.com's sports forum.
- "FWIW, while the article only points out his poor 2009 season, they don't mention that in 2008, also pitching for Pawtucket, Zink went 14-6 with a 2.84 ERA and only 49 walks in 174 1/3 IP. He's been pitching professionally since 2001...Of course, the big question is whether Yadi can catch the knuckler." - from GatewayRedbirds.com
- " Possible bad news for the Reds, the Cardinals have signed Charlie Zink." - C. Trent Rosencrans

More to come... I love you.

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