Jeff Bailey likes sushi, breakfast, avoiding traffic, and money.

Read all about it here. Article also states that Bailey wanted play in Japan and make some bank. Can you imagine?

The article also claims that Bailey was the IL MVP in 1998. The actual year is 2008, but I can see how you'd confuse the two.

Here are some marvelous things I said about Jeff Bailey:
1. "Jeff Bailey went 3-4 with a double. Word on the street is that he is only rehabbing in Pawtucket, although I overheard him say he wasn't exactly sure what was going on. To be fair, though, he also wasn't exactly sure what day it was or where his shoes were."
2. "What I am trying to say is that Hyder sometimes hangs out with Jeff Bailey and listens to the Who and the White Album."
3. "I wish I could erase every bad thing I ever said about Bailey in the past. I know I called him dumb more than once. Hyder asked him post-game about the team's success and he attributed it to the pitching. Because he is humble and ordinary and you totally love him."
4. "Jeff Bailey's not driving the ball. He's hitting worse than Chad Spann and I fear for his life."
5. "Jeff Bailey strapped it on and caught Timlin's warmup tosses. Just like old times."
6. "Jeff Bailey looked bigger. Like he did chin-ups during his break at the Washington paper mill. Unfortunately, he struck out during his only at-bat. I hope he figures everything out and doesn't get K-happy like he did in Pawtucket last year. Also, he has a beard, which does wonders for him."
7. "One of the greatest baseball moments for me in 2007 is Jeff Bailey getting called up to play a weekend in... Chicago, was it? I don't know but he did end up hitting a home run and it was his sole production."
8. "JEFF BAILEY had ten errors and he almost ALWAYS plays first base. There is no way you should have that many errors at first."
9. "Abe Alvarez and Jeff Bailey have switched places. Bailey's now a bored Rastafarian lefty starter and Alvarez is a good-natured first-base lummox." (Bailey had replaced Alvarez on the DL.)

God, ENOUGH! I once said that the thing most etched on my brain from McCoy is Bailey standing on first with this glove out, ready to receive the ball from an infielder after a groundout. He catches it, starts the around the horn. A thousand times.


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