Search term Sunday!

This is a new thing. I may or may not ever do it again.

1. "cosmopolitan Indianapolis" (Oh, REALLY?)
2. "curtis thigpen wedding" (you're not invited)
3. "dig your own grave zombie baseball" (This is a real game and I played it.)
4. "cherokee jokes" (Not funny!)
5. "someone who gets bored easily"
6. "virons levitation walk imitation dog doo souvenir" (I hope they found what they were looking for.)
7. "carsenio" ("Red Hot Chili Peppers are in my house!")

And inquiring minds want to know if the following dudes have girlfriends:

Matt Tolbert
Van Every
Wes Whisler
Luke Allen
TJ Large
Mike Rabelo
Sean Danielson
Mike Morse

See you next Sunday!

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