The following statement is true.

Picture these guys in Pawtucket next year. Well, in McCoy Stadium, specifically, unless you run into one of them at Luke's Record Exchange or something.

RHP Edwin Moreno (probably the same guy as Enrique Gonzalez)
SS Angel Sanchez (not Angel Chavez)
INF Nate Spears (Played with the I-Cubs last couple of years.)
Boof Bonser, possibly
RHP Ramon Ramirez
LHP Fabio Castro

We were slated to get righty reliever and former Norfolk Tides guy Bob McCrory, but he failed his physical. Meaning... I don't know, maybe he can't raise his right arm above his head. That happens to righty relievers all the time, sweetheart.

Hang on, says here B. McCrory had labrum surgery and his right shoulder hurts and Boston did not dig his MRI results. His family feels bad for him, I bet.

I think Kaveman Gabbard is back, too. Looks like his lobotomy scar is healing nicely.

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