Lowell, Portland, Pawtucket, Boston... Wait, how about Greenville?

I read about this Cleveland Indians Around the Horn ticket package over on Ben's Biz Blog (which I love long time). Essentially, the package includes tickets to all of Cleveland's minor league affiliates. AND it includes bleacher seats at Jacobs Field!

If Boston did this, I wonder if they could omit Fenway? At any rate, I think it's a terrific idea. LeLacheur's a nice park... Haddock Field's a little dull. And what can I say about McCoy and its new zillion dollar scoreboard that I already find ostentatious and irritating? DID THE NEW PAWSOX SCOREBOARD SIPHON MONEY OUT OF THE PROMO BUDGET? IS THIS WHY THERE IS NO POSTER NIGHT? I want answers!

I've never seen the Greenville Drive play. And I don't think I want to. I will occasionally go to a Sea Dogs game, but I always feel a little guilty about it. Must. Concentrate. On. Pawtucket.

By the way. I know it's early, but I think I hate Ryan Kalish. But I love Lovullo.

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