Brian Shouse's dad was not in the FBI.

Boston has signed ancient lefty reliever Brian Shouse. Shouse looks like the same guy as Javier Lopez, inasmuch as he is a one-out lefty with a sidearm delivery. He does not, however, resemble Jay Leno as much as Lopez did.

Shouse was last spotted as a Ray, where he declined arbitration and became a type B free agent. Tampa Bay is not getting compensation for this because Shouse signed a minor league deal. The fans are not digging any of this.

Brian's House:
1. Shouse has an unofficial fan club. The website has a naked picture of him and it is marvelous.
2. This blogger's opinion was apparently written by a robot.
3. Shouse made the Brewers All-Decade team. He was a cult favorite in Milwaukee... kind of like Curtis Leskanic. (??)
4. Some people think Brian is neat.
5. Other people want to punch him!
6. Shouse tore his left flexor muscle last May and missed some time.
7. Barry Zito WISHES he were Brian Shouse!
8. Shouse puts Christ in front of baseball, possibly behind bacon.

Good work, Over the Monster.

In other news, Charlie Zink's been signed by the Cardinals. Zink seemed like a nice guy, but I am glad he's gone. I had his hat for a little while... his dirty PawSox cap. I wore it now and then even though it was too big for me. Then I gave it away.

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