Pawtucket and Buffalo go at it

Pawtucket WINS! 7-6 in glorious walk-off fashion.

RHP D. Pauley v LHP John Koronka

Pauley: 5 IP, 5 hits, 3 runs, 2BB, 4K
Koronka: 6 IP, 8 hits, 3 runs, 1 BB, 2K

Breslow came in after Pauley, got one out, and that was all he had in him, I guess. He got all tense and sweaty and gave up three runs. They had to call Hansen. He did great, getting the next couple of outs and then pitching the seventh. Brian Corey followed and he was like BAM! WHACK! K-K-K in the 8th. Travis Hughes was also like a monster.

So Pawtucket was behind 6-3 in the ninth and I was ready to call it a night but then reliever Mike Koplove blew the save. Bailey singles, Scales singles, and then the normally hopeless Kottaras homered to tie the game. This was just after I asked someone how to say "You Suck" in Greek.

Hughes gets three quick outs top 10th, then Pawtucket. Lowrie doubled, Chris Carter sac'ed him over to third, then Moss singled him in to win the game. Very exciting.

two things:
1. I have taken many, many photographs which I will one day develop and post. Perhaps in the off-season. A photo a day as I cry into my tap water.
2. Chad Spann, do not mess with my antipathy. Some rotten mallratty kid chucked a foul ball onto the field, perhaps aiming at Spann (not a bad idea, really). Spann turned around to see where the ball came from and then got Baseball Player Tough Guy Face (see also: Kason Gabbard). The 5-0 led the poor kid out of McCoy. It was rather funny and I wish I'd taken his picture.
3. Trent Durrington totally blew by the fans on his cell phone after the game. I'd say, you know, what a tool, but in a way I don't blame him. Sometimes you're just ready to go. But... we had signs and everything. Semi-tragic.
4. Pauley signed a few for the kids after the game, further cementing his nice guy rep. All the other PawSoxians slipped out the back, Jack.
5. I felt a little bad for the Bisons, who are reaching for that IL wild card.
6. Tried to keep up with the Boston game by peering into the press box with binoculars. Tough, tough loss.
7. Ryan Mulhern was named team MVP for Buffalo.

I will be at the park tomorrow... but in the barbecue tent!


8.27.07 Pawtucket @ Rochester Red Wings

10-5 Rochester, in a loss so hideous, so disgusting, so depraved that not even pawsox.com can say anything nice about it.

Clay Buchholz only went five 1/3 innings and gave up five runs (only three earned). He walked 3 and K'd five. Edgar Martinez followed and didn't allow further runs in 1 2/3. Then came Alvarez in the 8th. Abe faced four batters but could not get one of them out, giving up four runs in the process. He is in some kind of big trouble, career-wise.

Lincoln Holdzkom finished the job and managed to allow just one last run.

For Rochester, ladies and gentlemen, Brian Duensing! BD gave up three runs in seven innings. Bobby Korecky gave up the other two innings, but I think at that point he was just messing with Pawtucket.

Ellsbury hit a home run. Royce Clayton went 0-5 with three K's.

Denard Span's been hot lately. He was 4-5 with 4 RBI.

1. Bobby Korecky is newsworthy. He has the Red Wings record for saves this season. Manager Stan Cliburn calls him a "top-stepper". I didn't know what that meant until I read a little further. Thus:
2. A "top-stepper" is a pitcher who's pretty good but will occasionally get into trouble and make it interesting. So when he pitches, the manager will be nervously keeping an eye on him from the "top step" of the dugout.
3. Red Wings fans totally turned it out that Monday night, 10,000 strong. Remember last year went I drove out there for a couple of games? That was awesome.

I'll be at the park tonight for the first game of the last homestand. Team T.R.E.N.T. in effect for Buffalo. I'll see you there.

8.27.07 Connecticut Defenders v. New Hampster Fisher Cats

Connecticut gets the walk-off win (3-2) in the ninth! Yeah, Jake Wald (SS)!

Nick Pereira started for the Defenders and went eight. His mother sat behind us. I know this because she was taking endless photos with her giant camera and hollering, "Come on, NICK!" I also sat near the Norwich "cheerleaders", which are a couple of fans who really, REALLY like the Defenders.

Ty Taubenheim started for NH. Taubenheim has pitched for Toronto... not well, though. He is huge and menacing looking.

It was NOT card night in CT. It was bobblenight and no one I'd ever heard of. The park was not even half full, which is their usual draw as far as I can tell. I don't even know who to root for half the time. The AL affiliate?

All in all, with the industrial park setting and the minimal attendance and neither team in any kind of race... kind of an empty experience. Hey, the PawSox are out of town!

Yours very truly.


8.26.07 PawSox @ RochWings - lopsidery

Rochester WINS! 4-3 when knucklejunk cannot compete with prospectiness.

Zink (favorite musical artist: Bob Marley) pitched six innings and gave up four runs. He walked three and K'd six. Hansen and Breslow had indentical one-inning lines: no hits, runs, and one K apiece. Perhaps a winnable game.

SuperKev only pitched five. He gave up a run and struck out six. They're saving him up, you know! Jay Sawatski and Bobby Korecky finished off the game... J-Saw gave up the other two Pawtucket runs.

Jed Lowrie (favorite celebrity: Pierce Brosnan) doubled. Bobby Scales tripled, two RBI (not a sentence). Ellsbury stole a base. Junior Spivey made an error. Former slugger Jeff Bailey did nothing and he's down to .238. If not for Kottaras, he'd be the worst!

Matt LeCroy, who I love, homered off Zink. Former S-W/B guy Chris Basak doubled and Trent Oeltjen tripled. Hot hottie McDonald stole two bases. Good game, Rochester!

quickly, there isn't much time:
1. Red Wings manager Stan "Van" Cliburn was ejected by the third base ump. Que pasa? Well, Cliburn says the umpire made a gesture to one of the Red Wings' coaches. He flipped off the coach? Does that happen a lot?
2. McDonald and Ellsbury are TIED in the IL for stolen bases. I wonder if they stare each other down. Did you know that Darnell came from the Nationals system? I didn't.
3. Rochester's playing Buffalo next... they're behind the Bisons a half game for the wild card. Cliburn says he knew this series was going to be meaningful back in the winter of '06. I have to root for the Red Wings here.

I'm off to Norwich for the Defenders game. I couldn't tell you who's playoff bound except for the dominant Trenton Thunder (Yankees). Funky boss, get off my back.

And you look up to these people?

Recently the Pawtucket Red Sox gave away a FREE card set. Instead of statistics on the back, the players listed their favorite foods, actors, movies, cities, stuff like that. Hey, turns out baseball players almost universally like Jessica Alba, golf, and sushi! Here're some of the best:

Craig Breslow - Favorite Group: Counting Crows. (DEAD to me!)
Kason Gabbard - Favorite Celebrity: Mike Tyson (Sorry, good pitcher, but what a fucking loser.)
Alex Prieto - Favorite Musical Artist: everything (Who was it that said the most weak-ass response to 'what kind of music do you like?' is 'everything except country'?)
Mike Burns - Favorite Hobby: surfing and water-skiing (I do not see 'surfer' when I look at Burns)
Ed Rogers - I cannot find fault with Rogers. He mentions his parents and 'all my teammates' as his best friends in baseball. Ed is currently disabled.
Manny Delcarmen - Favorite Hobby: candlepin bowling (awesome)
Bobby Scales - Favorite Musical Artist: OutKast and Earth, Wind, and Fire (I LOVE EW&F!! See also: my secret obsession with 70's AM music)

And it goes on. I played golf for the first time recently and I absolutely see its appeal. But there's recreational golf and then there's $golf$.

Fine, I'm a sellout.


8.25.07 PawSox @ Rochester Red Wings - you're having the time of my life

And Pawtucket COMES FROM BEHIND TO WIN 9-8. Another magical evening at Frontier Field!

Surf rat Mike Burns pitched 5 1/3, giving up six runs on nine hits. Only four were earned, thanks to new kid Royce Clayton. Royce Clayton is Francis Buxton's seldom-seen cousin. Abe Alvarez pitched a scoreless 1 1/3 in relief whilst walking two. Brian Corey then blew the save in the eighth, as Pawtucket had totally caught up to Rochester after M. Burns hit the showers. Fear not. Pawtucket scored again and the Mighty Travis Hughes pitched the ninth, got two K's and a groundout for the save, then picked up the pitching rubber and ate it.

Dave Gassner pitched a respectable 5 2/3, gave up two runs on five hits, walked one and struck out three. Bo-RING! All his relievers gave up runs, most notably Jerome Williams with four. Jason Miller then gave up two more, then former PawSox great Brad Baker ruined everything when he gave up the game winning run in the ninth by allowing Washington Nationals flotsam Chris Carter to hit a solo home run.

And they were merry...

Bobby Scales also homered (two run shot off Gassner). Royce Clayton atoned for his pair of errors by being relatively productive. He went 3-5 with a double and 2 RBI. Brandon Moss went 2-5 with a double and 2 RBI. Jacoby Ellsbury extended his record-setting hitting streak to 21 games. No pressure, Jake.

Darnell McDonald hit a solo home run off Mike Burns in the first. He had three RBI in all and might be the best looking man on the Red Wings. Matt Tolbert went 3-5. Not a lot of XBH for Rochester, aside from DM. I can't believe Pawtucket didn't lose after being down 6-2.

and I love you much too late:
1. CHAD SPANN?! I just SAW him in New Hampshire and he shows up with Pawtucket like everything's everything? I liked him better from a distance! Why is my life so hard?
2. Former PawSox hitting streak record holders: Dave Stapleton and Dave "Ice" Berg. Berg! What happened to him?
3. Rochester and Buffalo are currently duking it out for the IL wild card. I'm glad Pawtucket won but I would like to see the Red Wings win it. For Lew Ford!
4. Rochester manager Stan Cliburn was PISSED that the R. Wings lost - mostly at the relievers: "The bullpen comes in and doesn’t want to throw strikes. I can’t stomach that. If you’re scared, get a dog." Wow, he WANTS that wild card! But seriously, throw strikes to Pawtucket! God knows they can't hit!
5. You never see Ron Johnson getting all mad, although he did once mention the "Stinko de Mayo" incident, in which relievers Manny Delcarmen and Craig Hansen blew an 8 run lead to Buffalo. Johnson said he "sat both of them down", which in managerial terms means he screamed his head red and repeatedly bitch-slapped them.
6. Rochester catcher Jose Morales leads the International League in batting and superstar pitcher Kevin Slowey leads the IL in ERA. Slowey's getting the call soon, so check that out.
7. Dennis Eckersley will be at Frontier Field today, signing copies of his new book, "That's Kid's Throwing Lightening Out There: A Hall-of-Famer's Guide to Judies, Dribblers, Charlies, and Electric Stuff".
8. Perpetual Red-Winger Garrett Jones got called up.

And that is all. Tomorrow night I'm going to see the CT Defenders play the NH Fisher Cats. I never wanted to be this familiar with the Blue Jays' double-A team.


You just never know. (rosteria)

LHP (do NOT call him a 'lefty specialist') Javier Lopez is back with the big team.

Pawtucket has signed... get this... Royce Clayton. Does that seem strange to you? Does it? I just can't believe it. Imagine... Royce Clayton! In Pawtucket!

Of all people!

8.24.07 New Hampshire Fisher Cats v. Portland Sea Dogs - I love being stuck in traffic.

Portland WINS! 12-6

RHP Chris Smith v. LHP Ricky Romero

Smith pitched six innings and gave up four runs on eight hits. He walked one and struck out five. Lefty Andrew Dobies pitched the seventh and kept the FC's from scoring, but Kyle Jackson in the eighth gave up a two-run homer to Juan Peralta.

Mike James pitched the ninth without further muss.

Ricky Romero struggled v. Portland. He only lasted 2 2/3 innings, giving up eight runs (only five earned...thank Klosterman for that.) Seth Overbey pitched for 2 1/3, but his contribution was not as nice as Sean Stidfole's three innings of scorelessness. Tracy Thorpe tried to keep the game close in the ninth, but after getting two outs he seemed to lose the strike zone and gave up four runs. Jesse Carlosn helpfully got the last out in the ninth, but it was too late. Half the stadium had departed.

Portland first baseman Aaron Bates smashed a three run homer in the first inning. It was earth shattering. Bates had 5 RBI in all, driving the ladies wild. Chad Spann (!) had a pair of doubles going 3-5 and made some nice defensive plays (!!).

For NH, Dustin Majewski, Eric Kratz, and Juan Peralta all homered. Peralta ended up going 3-4.

1. Chad Spann looks so much more comfortable in AA. If I didn't know better, I'd be like, hey, this kid's GOT it!
2. My third and final trip to Manchester this year. It's great to be able to see the Sea Dogs without the long drive to Maine.
3. Nomar Bobble Night! Yes, it's Nomar as a Trenton Thunder. Do you want mine?
4. WTF is that stupid song they've been playing at the park lately with the bass line and the guy singing through a telephone? It's much worse than that deaf guy song. Yet not as bad as "Cotton Eye Joe".
5. Instead of paying 10-15 to park, I parked on the street and paid 3-4 quarters into a meter.
6. Former PawSox employee and gadabout Darryl Jaspers now works at this ill-sponsored park. He is a Director of Relations and Customer Satisficationizing.
7. Manchester is hosting the Eastern League All-Star Game in 2008. I don't know how they're going to de-stink the river for the occasion.
8. I give the concessions at the park a 5 out of 10.
9. I saw Jon Lester before the game. I don't yet understand why he is with Portland as opposed to Pawtucket.

Okay, see you later. I'm not getting cute today, as I suspect my PC has a virus.


8.21.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Syracuse "Sky Chefs" Chiefs

Pawtucket WINS! 9-7 in this creamy, delicious game.

RHP Charlie Zink gave up five runs on eight hits. He walked four and struck out four. Typical Zink performance. I'm inclined to believe that he is a waste of time. And for once, I feel bad saying that because it would have been neat to see Zink step it up and be a key pitcher. I'm not a scout or anything, but I really cannot see it.

LHP Craig Breslow entered the game with a 5-4 lead but blew it when he gave up a pair of runs. Pawtucket got two back in the bottom of the seventh and therefore, Breslow got the win. I'm sure afterward he was all, "I GOT THE WIN, BIATCH! IN YOUR FACE, ZINK!!"

Corey pitched the eighth and then The Mighty Hughes got the save in the ninth. And now Travis Hughes has the single season saves record in Pawtucket with 21. You really should see him pitch.

Jamie Vermilyea only lasted four innings. He gave up five runs. Righty horsewhip Jordan DeJong pitched a couple and gave up two more runs, but struck out seven Sox. Scott Sauerbeck and his ridiculous dye job blew the save.

Brandon Moss hit two home runs! One after the other! In the same at-bat! Bobby Scales also hit a home run. BATS ALIVE! Jed Lowrie doubled and was hit by a pitch. Jeff Bailey was also HBP, which as I've noted happens a lot.

Syracuties Kevin Barker, John-Ford Griffin, and Mike "Michael" Vento all doubled. JFG got his freak on with four RBI.

two things:
1. POSTER NIGHT! Everyone looks larger close up. Especially Lopez, who is a giant. McEwing's table was the last in the circle and there was no line. I felt bad... he was stuck with Paws and Sox. The players are very nice to the kids... if you're an adult, forget it. Brandon Moss and Bobby Scales were probably the friendliest guys that day.
2. We sat right by John Hattig at third and called him "Guam" all night. He had some sweet moves in the field, except that error he had there that time.
3. I poke at Sauerbeck, but the secret truth is I always thought he was hot. Please don't tell anyone.
4. Dusty Brown had only one passed ball. This is my first time seeing him play in Pawtucket and already I like him better than Kottaras.
5. Last game of homestand. One homestand left.

I gotta go.


Alex Prieto - GONE! Released to fly free and possibly do a little water skiing.

Bobby Kielty - GONE! up to Boston and doing fantasy football drafting.

John Barnes - GONE! to AA Portland. I love this idea.

Chris Carter - Welcome to Pawtucket. Please enjoy our many eyebrow threading salons. I BELIEVE.

Dusty Brown - What, did your parents conceive you in the Sears paint department? Welcome to Pawtucket. Check with Carter about the eyebrows thing, Bushy.

All Better Now, THX - Craig Hansen, off the DL.


8.20.07 PawSox v. Syracuse Chiefs - Holy shit, it's August 21st!

RHP Mike Burns v. RHP Jeremy Cummings. Chiefs win finally 8-6.

Pawtucket really slapped together the pitching last night. Let's take a look:
Burns 3 1/3, gave up seven runs. Back to life, back to reality.

Abe "Babe" Alvarez, 3 1/3 (no runs).

Linc Holdzkom, 1 1/3. Gave up run 8.

Javier Lopez, 1/3 (four batters faced, though...gave up a hit and a walk. Effective!)

Edgar Martinez, 2/3. Got out of Lopez' mess.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Cummings pitched 5 1/3 and gave up four runs on ten hits. Nice job, PawSox. Other Chiefs who pitched: Gronkiewicz, Houston, Sauerbeck.

George Kottaras had two solo home runs. This enrages me for some reason. John Hattig and Ryan Roberts each had homers for Syr.

I'm glad I missed this game. It sounds perfectly awful.

I'll be at the park tonight for more Chiefiness and autographs and whatnot.


I was at the Saturday night game at Fenway. Rhode Island Day it was. I seem to recall Chris Berman not working very hard in a typical ugly shirt before the game.

I don't feel as though Rhode Island was adequately represented. As they were announcing the Special Rhode Island Guest, I thought, holy god, if they roll out Buddy Cianci this place is going to go nuts. I'll go nuts. But it was the equally good if not better Kapstein. He is my homeboy. He's also God's homeboy, so if a=b and b=c, then a=c. I am God's homelady.

And sure, we got an Ortiz GS. But I missed something great at McCoy, which was a walk-off RBI by Joe McEwing. It sounds stupid to you, but if I'd been in Pawtucket my night would have been dazzling.

Mike Timlin blurred the years in my mind with his macho pitching performance that night. And maybe again last night, as we all fall in love with Wakefield again.

Mike Lowell is never going to call me.

8.19.07 PawSox v. SyraChiefs - just love yourself like no one else

Pawtucket WINS! 2-1

Hansack had 11 strikeouts in seven innings. He only gave up the one run on three hits and walked three. Nice job, lobsterman! Breslow and Hughes very politely did not allow any more scoring.

Dustin James only gave up one run in five innings, that being Jed Lowrie's solo home run. Matt "Beefa" Roney pitched the next two innings and had a pair of K's. Still tied for Jordan DeJong, who betrayed his brother Dustin and allowed the winning run.

Pawtucket scoring: Lowrie's homer, Ellsbury scampers home in the eighth after a Mike Vento RF fielding error. I didn't see it so I cannot elucidate.

I wish I had attended this game. But it's okay. My sister flew home from Iowa and surprised me.

history at the door, who could ask for more?
1. Tension! Syracuse hitting coach (?) Al Le Boeuf and almost-made-it player John-Ford Griffin were both ejected. I can't for the life of me find out why. How does a hitting coach get ejected? And remember when Ron Jackson went nuts that one time and got ejected? That was awesome.
2. Bobby Kielty did indeed get called up to Boston. I'm sorry I doubted you, Ginger.

That's all. This was Sunday's game. Last night they lost. I may write about it.

PS Jacoby Ellsbury runs fast.

Poster Night 2007

Tonight is Poster Night at McCoy Stadium, which means you get a free team poster which you can then have as many players as you can autograph for you. The guys sit at tables on the warning track in pairs. You only have an hour, so you must prioritize! You cannot get everyone!

Here's who, for me:
1. Joe McEwing and Bobby Scales. If they sat at the same table, that would be great.
2. Charlie Zink, for my brother who is naturally trying to KB it.
3. Brian Corey!
4. Javier Lopez, only because of his relentless handsomeness.

Possibilities: Junior Spivey, Ed Rogers, Hansack.

Had better not cross my path: Kottaras and Hansen.

It is my good fortune that most people will be trying to get Jed Lowrie, Buchholz, Brandon Moss, and Ellsbury. No one appreciates the sweet sweetness of Bobby Scales.


There he goes.

Wily Mo gone? The Nationals had a need for this guy? Ay.

Mirabelli goes down and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Kevin Cash's duffel bags get rerouted. Jeff Bailey will catch once more! DO IT, Jeff!! You know you miss it!

And former PawSox/Boston Dude Willie Harris is having a time for himself in Atlanta with the Braves. I say good for him. He was a wicked nice guy who did a great job. Every day, he's hustlin'.

This Just In: Cash has indeed been called up and is trying real hard to get to Boston from Ottawa. Holy shit, it's just like the Amazing Race!

8.16.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Allentown Lynx - Why Rihanna? Why now?

I am mystified by the popularity of Rihanna. She is everywhere! I never saw such a fuss made over a mediocre singer with lame-ass pop songs. Oh, wait, sorry. That happens quite a bit. Is it because she is leggy?

I'll bet Rihanna does not care for minor league baseball. Ottawa WINS! 4-3.

Charlie Zink (6.16 ERA, awesome!) pitched 7 2/3 innings, giving up three runs on six hits. He walked one and K'd three. He also hit three of the Lynx with his wacky knuckleball. Brian Corey came in with the lead but gave up the tying run. Corey got the first two outs in the bottom of the ninth but ran into a little trouble... enter Craig T. Nelson. Breslow gave up a walk-off single. FIN.

Matt Childers pitched 6 1/3 and gave up three runs on ten hits. Ten hits? Three runs? Come on, PawSox. Come on. Eude Brito and Joe Bisenius were effective in relief, much like Aleve. No further Pawtucket runs and two strikeouts apiece.

SuperJoe was 3-5 and got caught stealing. Random infielder Alex Prieto had a nice double for himself. Kevin Cash was 0-4 with a K. And he got picked off. And he's also fat. He can stand under my umbrella.

For Ottawa, Gookie Dawkins was 2-4 with an RBI. No one else's performance really sticks out. Cheap win, guys.

two things, motherfucker:
1. Junior Spivey batting leadoff! Very nice!
2. Jeff Bailey took some BP and will probably return to the lineup soon.
3. I heard Javier Lopez on the radio yesterday talking about the Pawtucket bullpen love. He mentioned that when the relief corps comes in with runners on base, they take it personally and wanna do good for the other pitchers. Grrrr bullpen. Pawtucket's got a pretty good one. YEAH BRIAN COREY!!!
4. Matt Childers was recently suspended fifty games for violating the drug policy. They never say what kind of drugs. I don't even know what they test for. So it could be anything from marijuana to horse tranquilizers to Dexatrim.
5. This game was attended by 1,386 diehard Lynx fans.
6. Both Zink and Childers threw 102 pitches.
7. It looks like Bobby Kielty will be sticking around awhile. He seems to be under the impression that he has a shot of making Boston.
8. Seperately and unrelatedly, Garrett Jones was called up by the Twins.

PawSox come home tomorrow. Tonight: Ottawa! and new knuckleball guy John Barnes.

I went to a Boston Red Sox game one day.

I was at the game Tuesday night, the Kazmir/Lester game. Yay Mike Lowell and such.

You may not have heard this at home, but Gagne was booed straight off. It's okay, he atoned. And it is painful to watch David Ortiz hobbling around, limping. It's like the look on Richard Dreyfuss's face in The Goodbye Girl after his horrible Shakespeare performance.

I saw Crisp's exit in his superhuge burnt orange Hummer, which reinforces the fact that these guys might be great athletes and assets to your favorite team, but outside the lines they are mostly tools you would never want to hang out with.

So congratulations to Buchholz as well.


8.14.07 PawSox @ Ottawa Lynx

Fifth win in a row for Pawtucket! 5-3

Devern Hansack pitched 6 2/3 innings and gave up all three runs on seven hits. He walked three and struck three out. Hansack then retreated to the clubhouse where he sliced garlic with a razor blade.

Hansack was followed by, oh, everyone. Here: Breslow, 2/3; Corey, 1/3; Lopez, 2/3; and Hughes, 2/3. What, was Martinez getting a pedicure? Nice job not allowing further runs, Craig and Brian and Javier and Travis. (Now, as a lady, which first name sounds most like someone you'd wanna shag? Javier, right? No one good is named Travis.)

AJ Happ pitched six innings and gave up three runs, which pushed Pawtucket past Ottawa by one run. Yoel Hernandez pitched the subsequent two innings and gave up another run. Brian Sanches finished the game and gave up run #5.

Bobby "The Brain" Scales hit a three-run homer off Happy in the sixth. Joe McEwing had a cute little solo shot in the ninth. McEwing also got picked off earlier in the game, along with Spivey. Damn, Happ's a good pick-off guy!

Javon Moran went 0-4 and K'd three times. Not bad for a leadoff hitter, right?

two things:
1. McEwing has been the DH a little bit lately. He must have some kind of soreness/stiffness/achiness thing. Not enough to DL, but enough to warrant a little R&R.
2. Pawtucket is back at .500! And this is their last visit to Ottawa. Forever. Unless baseball returns to Ottawa in IL form in the year 2525. Could it? No, it could not.
3. Pawtucket just won AGAIN as I was typing this. In extra innings. What's next, a talking banana?

I do my best work here during the day. It's night time. No cheesy photos again.

Meeting Millar: a retelling of events by Alicia S. (sister)

"April 2003, my sisters and I headed out to Fenway for opening day. It just so happened that it was Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek’s Birthday as well. My sisters and I cleverly made matching t-shirts that read “Happy Birthday Trot and Varitek!” On the back they read “Opening Day 2003” or something along those lines. We also wore matching Red Sox pullovers that I so generously purchased for my sisters and I. Oh yeah, we were ready.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t. It was rainy and windy and really cold. I remember we each signed up for a credit card just to get a free knit cap to wear. We stood around and waited for a while. All I wanted was for Trot and Varitek to see our shirts and above all I wanted to see Kevin Millar.

Kevin Millar signed over to the Red Sox that year and ever since Spring Training all I wanted to do was bake that man some cookies. Oh yeah, and watch him play baseball. He was so excited to come to the Red Sox and I was so grateful that he was I thought ‘I should do something nice for him.’ Everyone loves cookies right?

Opening day eventually got rained out and we finally gave up all hope and left the stadium. As we were walking out I noticed this guys shoes in front of me. Black and blue Nike Shocks. I checked out the rest of his outfit and noticed he was wearing a matching track suit. I also noticed that he walking along side some skinny skank who wasn’t his wife for your information! Anyhow, as I was checking out this man he turned around and said something to the affect of “This is crazy!” I saw his face and started to freak out a little. He looked exactly like Kevin Millar. So I asked my sister if she thought he looked like him and she agreed. I wanted to talk to him so bad so I did what anyone would do if they saw someone famous they wanted to meet, I made my sister ask him if he was, in fact, the Kevin Millar….so the conversation went like this:

Vanessa, my sister:“Excuse me, are you Kevin Millar?”

Kevin Millar: “Yes.”

V: “My sister loves you!”

Me, freaking the hell out: “Oh no, I just am really happy to have you on the team!”

KM: “Thanks”

V: “Look we made theses matching t-shirts for the game!”

This is when my sister decided she would flash Kevin Millar because her shirt got stuck to the pullover.

I don’t know what Kevin Millar said or was thinking for that matter but what happened next was one of the most glorious events of my life. He turned and said “Nice to meet you” and I shook his hand and gave him a pat on the back. Then he was off, walking away with that skank and all I could think about is which kind of cookie is his favorite."


8.13.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Syra-Lose Chiefs

Pawtucket wins yet again, 8-6 in ten.

Okay, quickly, for I have very little time. RHP David Pauley, who is allegedly the last nice guy in Pawtucket, gave up six runs on nine hits in five innings. Pauley walked a Chief and K'd three.

Edgar Martinez then pitched two scoreless innings. Abe Alvarez then got a couple of outs and was succeeded by Lincoln Holdzkom. Okay, who names their kid Lincoln? Probably the same people who name their kids Madison. Will 'Washington' and 'Hamilton' kids start showing up at day care centers soon?

More scorelessness from Holdzkom and Hughes. Usually if Pawtucket gives up this many runs, it's tears in the shower. So was their pitching bad?

Answer: I guess so. Righty Mike MacDonald also gave up six runs over five innings. So much for takin' it to the streets. Jordan DeJong then pitched three scoreless. So the game was tied at six. Enter the thuggish Blaine Neal, who is a former Red Sox great. You may remember him from a Tampa Bay Devil Ray brawl starring Trot Nixon. Neal pitched a 1-2-3 ninth, but Junior Spivey proved to be his undoing in the tenth when he doubled in Scales and Kielty. The crazy thing is that Neal WALKED GEORGE KOTTARAS TO GET TO SPIVEY. God, have these people ever heard of advance scouting? George Kottaras is a weak groundout wrapped in a big, shiney bow!

Bobbys Kielty and Scales both homered for Pawtucket. Ellsbury, Lowrie, Kottaras, and Spivey all doubled. Ellsbury stole a base. Kevin Cash pinch ran for GK after he was walked by Neal in the ninth and then stayed in the game.

John-Ford Griffin three-run homered for Syracuse. Chad Mottola had two doubles. Chad Mottola? He's STILL playing!?

being and nothingness:
1. Forgot to mention upwardly mobile Sergio Santos, who won the double-A home run derby earlier this year. Nice work, Serge.
2. The Chiefs once again made many errors... five in this game. Three by first baseman Kevin Barker. Oh, god, he must have been in BIG trouble after the game!
3. The Chiefs' ballpark is beturfed, but it's the last year for it. Come September, it's getting all ripped out and replaced by the real real. So let's all go to Syracuse!

No cheesy photos today. I have to go. Love you!


when i get feeling better, when i'm feeling no pain

Speaking of Sauerbeck, we all remember how awful he was back in '03, even after the Head Shaving Solidarity.

He claims that Boston pretty much forced him to pitch through an injury and he is SO MAD ABOUT THAT.

"Sauerbeck said he still harbors ill will against the Red Sox, for allowing him to pitch while battling the shoulder problems that eventually required surgery.

"I was treated like a piece of meat," Sauerbeck said. "My health was secondary to beating the Yankees and winning the World Series. You’d like to believe in the goodness of people. There, it was win at all costs, even if it costs some lefty his career.

"The Red Sox traded for me to pitch in the playoffs, and the medicine that was given to me was to get me back on the field for the playoffs," Sauerbeck also said. "Here’s what I think about those people — what goes around comes around. They’ll get theirs.”

A lot of people think SS is a DUI asshole and whiney, ineffective lefty. But Boston can be pretty cold and hardcore.

Henceforth and heretoafter, this will be what is known as the Sauerbeck Curse. Scott also used to pee with the door open in the bullpen.

I'll be at Fenway tomorrow!

8.12.07 Pawtucket Red Sox@ Syracuse Chiefs - when I look at you and you hold my hand

Pawtucket WINS! Yay! 6-3 and third straight against Syracuse.

RHP Clay Buchholz gets his first Pawtucket win after going five innings. Jigga what? That's kind of weak, five innings. He gave up two home runs! But he did K nine guys or whatever.

Relievers Breslow, Lopez, and Corey did not allow a run over the next four innings. Brian Corey is so solid. Good work, you guys, esp. Breslow who struck out four over two innings. Breslow has been working very hard this year.

Right-handed sex machine Josh Banks pitched six innings and gave up all six PawSox runs. Extra large reliever Ryan Houston took over in the seventh and eighth and Scott Sauerbeck pitched the ninth. Jigga WHO? Oh, yes, my friend.

Jed Lowrie went 2-4 with a double and two RBI. How can you not love this kid? Joe McEwing went 3-5 with a double and two RBI. INFIELD SMASH!

We already know about the two HR off Buchholz. You'll never guess the parties responsible. Yes, it's John Hattig, the man from Guam, and Sal Fasano, perpetual back-up catcher to the stars.

Paul and Tracey:
1. Chiefs manager Doug Davis was ejected AGAIN for arguing a call at first. Geez!
2. Joe McEwing is 7-8 versus Josh Banks. Banks lives in fear of the friendly, fair-haired veteran.
3. Josh Banks does not think it is his fault that the team lost. "I thought I located the ball well," he said. "I just didn't get many calls on the inside part of the plate."
4. Charlie Zink won the game before this one, but not because he's some kind of dazzling pitcher. It's because Syracuse made costly errors.
5. John Hattig has been around AAA forever. And he is from Guam. He must be a national hero. I mean, come on... Guam!
6. I would like to go to Syracuse and hang out for a while. See a couple of games. Buy things made of hemp and an Orange bumper sticker. Summer's ending, you know.

Last game in Syr. tonight. Pauley. Then CANADA!


David Pauley Scouting Report (2004)

"Righty with generic but solid stuff across board. Athl. med. build. Long legs, narrow waist, no rear. Frame should hold more muscle. Resembles Jake Peavy. Balanced delivery. Ball comes out of hand with ease. Limited tension in arm. Short circle in back. Throws slightly across body but nothing serious. Hips don't release fully but otherwise he rolls off mound easily.

No deception, slot so consis. almost like a pitching machine. Works around zone with FB. 2 seam has good cut to it. Needs to throw better pitches when ahead in the count. CV is best pitch. Potential plus pitch. 1-7 break. Thrown with + velo and solid command. Falls in love with it @ times. CH is below avg and straight, will never be much better than fringy for me. Control issues are mostly a result of getting too fancy, needs to trust stuff better. Flashes big league control but again consis. will be biggest issue. Has a chance to be a fringe number 5 starter on a 2nd div. team, more likely a long reliever for me."


Pawtucket Red Sox @ Syracuse Sky Chiefs

The Red Sox finally win after losing five straight, 11-3.

Mike Burns pitched the whole game, the first PawSox pitcher in '07 to do so. Of all people! That was really nice of him since the entire staff must have been wiped out after losing two double-headers in one series. So Mike Burns... some (but not all) is forgiven. And thank you.

Mark Redman started for Syracuse. He only pitched four and 2/3 innings, possibly because he gave up ten runs. Justin Q. James pitched the next three and gave up the eleventh run. Way to go, Justin. Way to extinguish all hope for Chiefs fans tonight.

Big ol' Ryan Houston pitched the remainder of the game and did not allow further runs. Houston was all smug afterward and Redman was not too downtrodden to glare menacingly at him for at least ten seconds.

Bobby Kielty homered and McEwing smacked two doubles. Ellsbury, Cash and Lowrie also doubled. All the XBH stars of this game then formed a secret club.

Russ Adams and Kevin Barker went back-to-back in the first inning which must have made all the PawSox fans in attendance a little nervous.

Sky Chefs:
1. Syracuse manager Doug Davis was ejected by the first base umpire for arguing a close call at the bag.
2. Crisp game considering eleven or so runs were scored. 2:18. Snappy!
3. Abe Alvarez and Jeff Bailey have switched places. Bailey's now a bored Rastafarian lefty starter and Alvarez is a good-natured first-base lummox. Only kidding. Alvarez is off the DL and Bailey is on it.

I know you want more but I am so tired.

8.9.07 Pawtucket @ S-W/B - i see the way it's got to end

I can't wait for Allentown '08. No more typing out "Scranton/Wilkes-Barre". Allentown Yankees win again and sweep Pawtucket, 3-2.

Breslow started and went three innings, giving up three hits and a run. He walked a guy and struck out four. Not bad for a reliever. He was followed by Holdzkom, Corey and Hughes. Holdzkom and Hughes each gave up a run and Hughes got the loss.

Manning pitched the first three innings for Allentown. He was followed by Ohlendorf, Veras, Britton and Beam. Ohlendorf gave up the Pawtucket pair of runs.

Kielty, Ellsbury, and Spivey all doubled. Kevin Cash homered. Hey, KC... how's the Sunshine Band?

The Yankees' hits were all little single-y shit. Chip, chip, chip.

two things:
1. Erubial Durazo! SHUT UP! I totally forgot about that guy. I will always remember him from that 2003 ALDS. One day I will talk about 2003, but I'm still suffering a little.
2. This was game 2, I think, of the second double-header with Allentown. Pawtucket didn't win any of the four or five games against the Yankees.
3. Hansen update: the Providence Journal is reporting that Hansen has a bruised forearm from an off-the-field incident. Sheisty!
4. Jeff Bailey has a sore neck and Kottaras has a sore knee. McEwing was not in the lineup either. No wonder they lost.

Pawtucket starts a series versus the Syracuse Chiefs tonight. Come on, guys!

Edit: Once again, I made a franchise mistake. It's the Ottawa Lynx that are moving to Allentown. There's no escaping Scranton/Wilkes-Barre!

Craig Hansen on the DL

Hansen on DL with right forearm strain. Some have speculated that this is a precursor to TJ surgery. I prefer to think of it as the result of Travis Hughes wailing on him in Pennsylvania, twisting his arm behind his back and stealing his beer.

I'd say I hope he gets well soon if I liked Hansen even a little.



Mike Tucker, or M-Tuck, or Tuckster, or whatever you call him, has called it a damn day already and left Pawtucket. Well, wasn't that nice? Good luck to you, sir.

Here's my tribute to Tucker: Thanks, Tucker!


not a cab dispatcher

Jason Varitek has 48 RBI thus far. He is batting .233 with RISP and .182 RISP, 2 out. Dustin Pedroia is batting .237 with RISP, 2 out.

Julio. Lugo. Is batting .250 with RISP and .273 with RISP, two out. Julio Lugo IS MORE CLUTCH THAN JASON VARITEK. Lugo has 49 RBI.

So, you know, can we talk about this? Why didn't the Red Sox do something about the catching situation? Who do we have in the organization? The ongoing shitty performance by Kottaras has left me concerned (.154 RISP). I was under the impression that we got good with George. But we got bad, probably.

I know everyone loves Tek. But he looks like shit this year and everyone's been piling on Lugo... maybe we should get a closer look at our beloved catcher.

By the way, I would like to apologize once again to the people behind the PawSox official website. It's great. I hated it before but I was so stupid then. It's been a great tool for me these past months.

8.5.07 PawSox v. Red Wings - what i wouldn't give for only one night


RHP Clay Buchholz v. RHP Kevin Slowey

Buchholz pitched great. So it was disgusting to see Edgar Martinez blow it. I knew as soon as I saw him trotting out from the bullpen out in left field. I knew the game'd be fucked. I left during Martinez' debacle because I wanted to watch the Boston game, but maybe I would have left anyway. He gave up four or five runs, then Lincoln Hodzkom came in and maybe gave up another, I don't know. I was gathering my belongings and trying not to slip on the damp stairs/concourse.

Slowey is big-league bound but he didn't pitch all that well. I know he only gave up one run, but a better team would have scored more. Seven runners LOB.

Jed Lowrie continues to have that High-Pro Glow! He's got a nine game hit streak going. Joe McEwing made some great defensive plays at third base. George Kottaras got bowled over at home by Tommy Watkins and was laid out for a few minutes, but strapped his gear back on. Damn it. I wanted him to leave the game.

Darnell McDonald went 3-5 for Rochester. I saw him getting stretched out before the game and it was mesmerizing.

a little relief in sight?
1. This game was gross. For once I'd like to see Pawtucket "come from behind" by "scratching out a few runs". Once the PawSox are down by a run or two, they're done. Defeated. It didn't help that Boston lost, too. Or that the disgusting Yankees won.
2. Legends Night! The park must have been sold out... Pesky and Malzone were there signing autographs. Before the anthem, Pesky walked out to Jed Lowrie and they hugged each other. It was great. Malzone hung out with McEwing at third. Joe was a lovely hostess to his legendary guest.
3. The employees of the New Britain Rock Cats (Twins AA) were there, and one woman came and sat behind us in the later innings. And she was screaming her head off. When people turned to look at her, she said, "I know some of these guys personally!" Okay, that's nice, but no one screams that loud for ANYONE. Denard Span's MOM does not even behave that way. Garrett Jones' wife may merely clap politely. What you are doing, Miss, is drawing attention to yourself. So shut up, name-dropper!
4. Junior Spivey comes up to bat and I cannot help but mentally sing, "You remember... Junior Spivey! He contracted... poison ivy!" Spivey is cool. I hope he sticks around.
5. One of the PawSox' little boys has been around before the game, playing warm-up catch with some of the players. He's probably four or five but already looks like a little baseball freak kid. Whose kid is this? He is cute.

PawSox have hit the road and will be back the 18th. They are off tonight but start a series v. the Yankees tomorrow night. Until then.


Last night, I saw a player in the bullpen with an unassigned number (28). He is not on the roster and I have no idea who he is. It could be Adam Bernero, if he is emerging from the DL. If not, who is he and why?

Back in Pawtucket: Javier Lopez, who is not at all happy. Over t'California: Brandon Moss, who looks bigger on TV, muscles-wise.

Matt Sheely has been sent back to Greenville. Aw. Bobby Kielty is a Pawsox player for probably about a week. Jacoby Ellsbury is off the DL.


8.3.07 PawSox v. Red Wings - Game 2

Pawtucket WINS! 7-2 with both teams having similar lineups.

RHP and (converted) knuckleballer John Barnes pitched a complete seven-inning game. He kicked off the first inning by not really throwing strikes, which made me uneasy. I hate shaky first innings. I also hate it when people say, "I hate (something obvious)", such as , "God, I HATE getting stuck in traffic!" I mean, oh, do you? Because I find it precious!

This was the closest I'd come to watching a knuckleball in action and it looks so soft and floaty! Barnes gave up two hits and two runs and walked five. He struck out four RW's. It must be so hard to throw a knuckleball for strikes. Kevin Cash handled receiving duties, which is just as well because Kottaras can barely handle more conventional pitches.

Swizzle stick lefty Ryan Mullins started for Rochester but only lasted 2 1/3. He gave up five runs. Woo-hoo! Lefty Jason Miller finished off the game and gave up the other two runs.

Jedediah Lowrie homered and doubled, going 2-4 in this game as well. And everyone is so happy. Spanking new center fielder Matt Sheely went 2-3.

Third baseman Tommy Watkins hit a solo shot off Barnes in the fifth.

two things:
1. Matt Sheely is adorable. I love him already. He looks maybe 15. He had a couple of hits, but maybe that was because he swings at 'most everything. I love him.
2. Brady Clark's gone back home to Oregon to 'mull his future'. I am not kidding.
3. I found out today why hitting coach Mark Budaska has not been the first base coach lately: the organization decided the players would be better off if he stayed in the dugout. So an assortment of players have been 1B coaching, which tells me it can't be too hard. (No offense, Bill Haselman.)
4. Today was the Season Ticket Holder Cookout Jamboree Fest. They gave us a bunch of free crap and then RJ did a Q&A. I failed to ask him a Q. I'm not much of a journalist, am I?
5. Tonight we are holding an outdoor cinema viewing of Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS, in which Boston advances to the World Series. It is not supposed to rain. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome. I mean it!

Tonight's game is SRO. I may return to the park Monday night. Malzone and Pesky will be in the house. Bye!

Cyndi Lauper's still alive?

Junior Spivey has just joined the PawSox. It feels like 1999!

8.3.07 PawSox v. Rochester Red Wings - Game one


Your heavenly starting pitcher would be Mister Devern Hansack! His opposition was Ryan Blackburn! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Hansack (five innings) gave up one run on four hits. He walked four and struck out four. Then Travis Hughes took over and everything went black. I think Jose Morales was the batter... G. Jones was on base. Morales hits the ball a long way but foul and the umps do the Home Run Finger Spin. Ed Rogers gets feisty! Meow! Jed Lowrie also argues... in fact, half the team was up in there. First baseman Jeff Bailey says, "I saw it from here!" Call is rightfully reversed. But like it mattered because Rochester scored five runs anyway. Hughes was all over the place. Another call was argued (misplaced home plate tag by GK) but nothing happened, no ejections in spite of prolonged bitching.

New guy Lincoln Holdzkom shakily finished the sixth and then pitched the seventh.

Blackburn pitched three innings. Julio DePaula took over and got the win. Carmen Cali and Bobby Korecky also pitched.

Jeff Bailey and Ed Rogers both homered. Lowrie's doing well, he went 2-4 in this matchup. He's handy with the glove as well.

Gil Velazquez tripled for Rochester.

Seven innings and done!
1. Matt LeCroy has gray hair. LeCroy! Damn! I still love that guy. He got all fired up when the umps reversed the HR call.
2. I never really gave much thought to D. McDonald until this evening. He looks like a male model or something. Except better, because male models look kind of dumb and McDonald is a sexy man.
3. I spied Charlie Zink in the dugout. Welcome back to Pawtucket, Cubic.
4. Bobby Scales went to see his wife graduate. She got her PhD, I think. So he didn't play.


Billy McKinley Was Here

2008 will be the 125th anniversary of the International League, the second oldest league in professional baseball. Second only to MLB's National League.

They had some kind of shindig in Rochester yesterday to talk about the upcoming festivities that will be going on throughout the league. From Toledo to Syracuse, from Charlotte to Buffalo, from Pawtucket to Allentown. There'll be a whole lot of logoing going on, along with a travelling exhibit and a Hall of Fame revival.



8.2.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Buffalo Bisons (CLE)


Pauley pitched 5 2/3 innings and gave up three runs on nine hits and struck out six. Holdzkom pitched 1 1/3 innings and walked three Bisons but gave up no further runs. If you want to blame someone for the loss, you might as well blame Edgar Martinez who gave up the other four runs. Or you could blame George Kottaras for his ninth inning throwing error which caused Ryan Mulhern to score from first. Or you could blame the Pawtucket offense for being anemic as usual. Or you could just realize that when you point the finger at someone, you're also pointing three fingers back at yourself.

John Koronka pitched six innings and gave up three runs, only one of which was earned. He walked two and struck out four. Juan Lara pitched the next two innings and got the win. Some Koplove guy pitched the ninth.

Jeff Bailey was HBP. Wow, he must be setting some kind of a record. He doesn't come off as a jerk, but maybe he secretly is. Maybe he's a real dick. Ed Rogers hit a fruitless double off Koplove.

Van Every doubled and homered.

Go get 'em tomorrow, guys:
1. It has been revealed that Brandon Moss played first base as an 'experiment'. Moss said that when the first inning was over, the first base coach for the Bisons asked him if it was his first time at first. When Brandon M asked how he knew, the guy said, "I could see your glove shaking."
2. Okay, his name is Mike Koplove and he's a sidearmer and he writes a really boring blog for a website called "Zonecoach.com: Official Web Site of S.C.O.R.E. Performance Systems". Excerpt: "Anyway, the lesson learned here is that one of the fastest ways I have found to get myself out of The Zone is to recognize that I am in it in the first place, and then to start desiring certain results as opposed to simply staying with my specific task. Attaching myself to the situation was a sure fire Zone Breaker. After the walk I stepped off the back of the mound and told myself to just be aggressive and not worry about the result. The funny part of it all is that because I put myself back into The Zone I struck out the next batter anyway."
3. The Bisons were bitching about the strike zone last night and one of 'em got ejected. Then Prieto dropped his bat after he was called out later in the game and he got the boot. All he did was drop the bat! Kevin Cash had to stop catching and play third base after Ed Rogers moved over to second for Prieto.
4. New kid pitcher John Barnes is a knuckleballer. Wow, move over Charlie Zink!
5. David Murphy? Hasn't left Pawtucket yet. He's stamping his feet! No, it's his wife. She's about to have a baby so he wanted to wait for that to happen. Pfft. Wusses.
6. Heard that most PawSox players have been elusive lately, avoiding the autograph hounds and the kids and everything. So if you're looking for hot, wet, naked autograph action... prepare for mild disappointment.

I didn't go to this game today because it was a day game. Sorry.

Please Welcome Our New Staff Members

Some Pawtucket (night) moves:

Joel Pineiro - GONE! and I never got to see him pitch out in the backseat of my '60 Chevy.
David Murphy - Maybe the Rangers don't seem so bad since he is a Texan himself.
Kason Gabbard - Adios. I heard he was emotional when he left. I never had a good thing to say about him personally but he did pitch well. We weren't in love. Oh no, far from it.
Zach Borowiak - back to Portland and working on mysteries without any clues.
Jacony Ellsbury - Possibly still tending to his groin on the disabled list. Woke last night to the sound of thunder.
Abe Alvarez - Seven-day DL with a strained oblique.

Jed Lowrie - Called up from Portland. One of the more well-known AA kids. He's trying to make some front-page drive-in news.
Lincoln Holdzkom - RHP who has to wear long sleeves at all times to cover his ink-stained forearms. Like, even in the shower and stuff.
Aaron Reza - Infielder called up from Lowell. Hey, I just saw that guy! He was a little too tall, could have used a few pounds.
John Barnes - Righty pitcher from Lancaster Jet Hawks.
Matt Sheely - Outfielder from Greenville Drive. We'd steal away every chance we could.

It's crazy that we've got these kids up in Rhode Island from low-A teams and whatnot. So my cat and I are pretty excited.


7.30.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Columbus Clippers (WAS) - The Chronic

Pawtucket takes it 3-1.

Righty Mike Burns started for Pawtucket. I don't this whole leaving him in the rotation thing. Burns pitched six four hit innings, giving up a run. He walked two and struck out four. Craig Hansen pitched the mext two innings and didn't allow any further runs to score. He gave up three hits and struck out five Clippers. Travis Hughes got the save in the ninth.

Lefty Chris Michalak started for the bus that crossed the ocean. He gave up all three runs in seven innings. Arnie Munoz pitched the rest of the game, keeping Pawtucket scoreless. Arnie also took one hell of a piss.

Hey, lookit! Jed Lowrie's been called up to Pawtucket! Lowrie hit a double. George Kottaras hit a three run homer which provided all the runs needed to win. I feel as though Kottaras' future in MLB is bleak. Alex Prieto also had a couple of hits. That scoundrel! He played second base so Lowrie could be shortstop. The infield is slowly changing...

For Columbus, former Twins dude Mike Restovich provided serious offense, doubling and hitting a home run. So, a solo shot, then? M.R. is a mountainous fellow who's been around a bit and has probably slept with a lady. Bernie Castro also doubled and probably waited a real long time to be batted in and it never happened. Second base can be so lonely and desolate. Second baseman are not the social, chatty types like the guys who play first. Ask Scott Hatteberg! You have to be a little mean at second because the runners are ALWAYS looking to wipe you out.

two things:
1. In all seriousness, David Murphy did a great job in Pawtucket and seemed like a super swell guy. I'm sure his teammates will miss him. But he really had to have known this was coming.
2. I've been to Columbus, Ohio! I liked it, it was neat!
3. PawSox are back in town tonight. I will have to miss it but I'll probably go tomorrow night. Tonight is replica jersey night, if you're interested.
4. Brandon Moss playing first base? Shut up! What happened to Bailey?

So that's it. This game was the one right before Schilling's final rehab start. I hate when major league guys rehab in Pawtucket because it overshadows everyone else's performance and the story becomes just about them. For most people, it's great. Not me. So I'm not talking about that game except to say that Pawtucket won.

hope you find your paradise

Imagine my shock today when I heard we'd lost a family member in a trade with the Rangers. You get to know these guys. You root for them and hope for them. And then one day, blammo, gone.

So goodbye, Engel Beltre. Eric Gagne has some giant, clown-like shoes to fill. And our hearts are that much heavier.

In other news, uncontroversial and therefore uninteresting outfielder David Murphy has been traded for a Canuck reliever. Lobotomy recipient and lefty starter Kason Gabbard has also been reported to be part of the deal.