David Pauley Scouting Report (2004)

"Righty with generic but solid stuff across board. Athl. med. build. Long legs, narrow waist, no rear. Frame should hold more muscle. Resembles Jake Peavy. Balanced delivery. Ball comes out of hand with ease. Limited tension in arm. Short circle in back. Throws slightly across body but nothing serious. Hips don't release fully but otherwise he rolls off mound easily.

No deception, slot so consis. almost like a pitching machine. Works around zone with FB. 2 seam has good cut to it. Needs to throw better pitches when ahead in the count. CV is best pitch. Potential plus pitch. 1-7 break. Thrown with + velo and solid command. Falls in love with it @ times. CH is below avg and straight, will never be much better than fringy for me. Control issues are mostly a result of getting too fancy, needs to trust stuff better. Flashes big league control but again consis. will be biggest issue. Has a chance to be a fringe number 5 starter on a 2nd div. team, more likely a long reliever for me."

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