8.26.07 PawSox @ RochWings - lopsidery

Rochester WINS! 4-3 when knucklejunk cannot compete with prospectiness.

Zink (favorite musical artist: Bob Marley) pitched six innings and gave up four runs. He walked three and K'd six. Hansen and Breslow had indentical one-inning lines: no hits, runs, and one K apiece. Perhaps a winnable game.

SuperKev only pitched five. He gave up a run and struck out six. They're saving him up, you know! Jay Sawatski and Bobby Korecky finished off the game... J-Saw gave up the other two Pawtucket runs.

Jed Lowrie (favorite celebrity: Pierce Brosnan) doubled. Bobby Scales tripled, two RBI (not a sentence). Ellsbury stole a base. Junior Spivey made an error. Former slugger Jeff Bailey did nothing and he's down to .238. If not for Kottaras, he'd be the worst!

Matt LeCroy, who I love, homered off Zink. Former S-W/B guy Chris Basak doubled and Trent Oeltjen tripled. Hot hottie McDonald stole two bases. Good game, Rochester!

quickly, there isn't much time:
1. Red Wings manager Stan "Van" Cliburn was ejected by the third base ump. Que pasa? Well, Cliburn says the umpire made a gesture to one of the Red Wings' coaches. He flipped off the coach? Does that happen a lot?
2. McDonald and Ellsbury are TIED in the IL for stolen bases. I wonder if they stare each other down. Did you know that Darnell came from the Nationals system? I didn't.
3. Rochester's playing Buffalo next... they're behind the Bisons a half game for the wild card. Cliburn says he knew this series was going to be meaningful back in the winter of '06. I have to root for the Red Wings here.

I'm off to Norwich for the Defenders game. I couldn't tell you who's playoff bound except for the dominant Trenton Thunder (Yankees). Funky boss, get off my back.

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Jere said...

I haven't been to nearly as many minor league games in my life as I should have, but those Cliburns seem to figure prominently into each one. That's an exaggeration. But still, I recognized them from the pic before I read their name in the post.