And you look up to these people?

Recently the Pawtucket Red Sox gave away a FREE card set. Instead of statistics on the back, the players listed their favorite foods, actors, movies, cities, stuff like that. Hey, turns out baseball players almost universally like Jessica Alba, golf, and sushi! Here're some of the best:

Craig Breslow - Favorite Group: Counting Crows. (DEAD to me!)
Kason Gabbard - Favorite Celebrity: Mike Tyson (Sorry, good pitcher, but what a fucking loser.)
Alex Prieto - Favorite Musical Artist: everything (Who was it that said the most weak-ass response to 'what kind of music do you like?' is 'everything except country'?)
Mike Burns - Favorite Hobby: surfing and water-skiing (I do not see 'surfer' when I look at Burns)
Ed Rogers - I cannot find fault with Rogers. He mentions his parents and 'all my teammates' as his best friends in baseball. Ed is currently disabled.
Manny Delcarmen - Favorite Hobby: candlepin bowling (awesome)
Bobby Scales - Favorite Musical Artist: OutKast and Earth, Wind, and Fire (I LOVE EW&F!! See also: my secret obsession with 70's AM music)

And it goes on. I played golf for the first time recently and I absolutely see its appeal. But there's recreational golf and then there's $golf$.

Fine, I'm a sellout.

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Kim said...

I heard the song "September" like 4 times last Saturday. Twice in the car, once at Shaws, and once at the packy.